ayu's DIARY: 28/07/2009 - 29/07/2009

Get started!!!
7-28-2009 15h27

This is the fifth concert in Osaka! ♪
Are you ready to start? ♪


6th concert in Osaka!!!
7-29-2009 15h46

It was great yesterday!!!
Even before the curtain rose, we ruled that a strange warmth had arisen behind the stage! (^_-) ♪
Wow! Osaka power! lol
Today is our last day in Osaka!!
We will make this a great concert, for we will laugh, cry, sing, and dance together! ☆
Again, are you ready to start?
Ah, yesterday, I was looking for something. In fact, it was not one thing. I couldn't find it, I couldn't find it, I was so worried, worried... I almost gave up.
But, I found it, at the end of ends.
I was ashamed to have doubted, even for a moment.
I swear that I will not lose like this!
I firmly believe this!

Japanese-French translation by cy@AyuAngel.com
French-English translation by polka-dot-jewel@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 26/07/2009

Looks like...
7-26-2009 23h58

...the rumor that says I cannot lie seems true. Today, I saw a person whom I have loved since I was a little schoolgirl, and if I had decided to keep a poker face, here is what my head would have looked like if I had the time!

It shows how much I love it!
No, seriously, it's a great look...
I am sure...
the injury to my hand is fully healed.
Yesterday, I did something I could not do at the end of last year...
What emotion! (T_T)

Yeah! ♪
I do not want words that are said one day and forgotten the next day.
I did that quite a bit, more than usual.
If it is not safe, simply look for another time.

Japanese-French translation by cy@AyuAngel.com
French-English translation by polka-dot-jewel@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 27/07/2009

Ah! More to post!
7-27-2009 0h10

Tomorrow I'm going to Osaka! ♪
To all of you who have waited for this postponed concert, thank you so much! We will finally see each other! (*^_^*)
Two dates in Osaka, right before a-nation. All of us here are very pumped, and we will cheer together, okay? ☆
And as for something special...???
Today, I drank three glasses of tea-momi in style!


The short summer...
7-27-2009 15h20

...begins ♪
How many memories can we make together? ♪
...I'm in good shape, while drinking my tea-momi. Hello! (Drink with me, too?)
Ah, tonight, we will start in Osaka! ☆
I fear that I will be exactly on time, with just enough time to catch the last flight...
As for Itami, it is not too late.
The heat is so much that, if it is true, that even though I am pleased we are there together, please pay attention to your health, remember to drink, do not wait too long outside, because I want to greet you with big smiles, ok?!!
Now I begin to play the mother hen lol.
Say, you do not want to light fireworks?
It will be fine... ok?
We WILL!!!!!
Ah, I finished my glass.

Japanese-French translation by cy@AyuAngel.com
French-English translation by polka-dot-jewel@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 25/07/2009

It does not end... (part 4)
7-25-2009 0h52

I returned safely from the dress rehersal (`_')>
While keeping a high concentration level, I think we've all come together as a coherent group.
I briefly saw a real a-nation!
You will enjoy!!!!!
I am continuing, for I have a lot of strength, so much that I can make long sentences!
The fingers that are touching this keyboard are numb!
Jack is amazing.
It has been on for 24 hours!
Oh, about the time when we finished the entire PV, I was very touched by seeing the vast applause by the staff, who had dark circles under their eyes, like pandas!
It is like saying, I love making these things!
And I love all of you ☆ who read what I write!


Ah, want???
7-25-2009 15h35

On my message yesterday afternoon, I wrote:

It appears you all had very different interpretations (^_^
It's probably my fault, it was confusing.
I received lots of messages like, "You have a new love? Bravo!" lol
If I have one, I will tell you, I promise!
What I meant is that I want to see you all, the public, whatever.
During the setup of the PV, seeing your eyes to all that glitter, your looks seemed super serious, and I had tears in my eyes.
My life, which, for a time, is at rest, has a lack of your smiling faces.
I will not cry again, Osaka! lol!
If I saw you now, I will weep...? I will??? lol
Tomorrow, go to all those places I see in Odaiba, and we'll be in good shape, okay? ♪ ♪ ♪
The power of TA has surprised the NHK staff, who are part of the staff at FujiTV, who will provided even more of a great spirit for our group, ok? ♪ ♪ ♪
Now, I will have my second glass of tea for today - Momi!

See you later! (^_-)- ☆

Japanese-French translation by cy@AyuAngel.com
French-English translation by polka-dot-jewel@AHS

SCawaii September Cover!

Creds: Taki@AHS

Sunrise/Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ CM

Ayu's a-nation09 goods + beryktad tracklist.

Ayu's dansare Subaru verkar på sin blogg ha avslöjats årets tracklist för a-nation. Bara framtiden kommer att avslöja om denna lista är sann eller inte. ;)

06-Boys & Girls
07-Blue Bird
08-Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~

Credit: Ayumiko @ AHS Forum

Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ är tie-in i ett kommande nytt CM! LUMIX FX60

浜崎あゆみ / Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~
♪歌い出し:もっと 側に居て もっと 信じさせて ちょっと
★Panasonic「LUMIX FX60」CMソング / 「music.jp」CMソング

Vi kan alltså snart höra en preview av sunset inom en snart framtid! Spännande!
Detta är nog dessutom ännu en strålande promotion för nya singeln.
Promotionen allt som allt är:
*300 fans som är med i sunrise's PV och endel av dem lär köpa singeln.
*Tie-in i en drama.
*Tie-in till LUMIX.
*Kommande a-nation.

Source: http://m-karaoke.yahoo.co.jp/4/9531/

Creds: truehappiness@AHS

Nytt tema på TA's hemsida!

Supersnyggt om ni frågar mig. ^^

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

Ayu som ny talesman för RIMMEL Asia.

Ayumi Hamasaki as the new face of BRITISH no. 1 Make Up Brand

Singer, Ayumi Hamasaki has been appointed as the number one make up brand from UK "RIMMEL" (RINMERU) new image for the ASIA region. It's said that the brand will expand to the countries in Asia and the promotion will be started in September.



Credit: ggihggih @ AyuChina
Original source: News 24 | Sanspo
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ayu's DIARY: 23/07/2009

It does not end ... 
24-07-2009 05H02

Must deliver the PV before the end of the morning! 
It still works § 
Directed to me through the whole staff "images", everybody is doing its best to offer you an even better work, even the best one! 
Aah, the dawn arrives ... Wait two seconds. 
Oh, this morning I found this in san Choko position.Genre, there seems to swim ... 
Genre, the tabs are not folded in reverse? 
Is it therefore onfortable for him, this position ...?

Bon, allez, a last effort! ! !
But today is also the general buttie a-nation ...
Finally ...

It does not end (part 2)
24-07-2009 07h01

Yes. Just. I am still.
Apart from the fact that I feel my brain react a little slower, so good. Finally, I think.
Courage us! ! ! ! ! ! !
In fact, I have a lot of time waiting.
Hey, you're awake ☆ come play with Chon chan ...!
CALL ME ....!
or by mail as well.

It does not end (part 3)
24-07-2009 15h24

... yeah, it's not funny.
it becomes serious. (sweat)
If I relache even a second, I think my eyelids stick to one another without effort.
At this moment: "Ayu san, Ayu san!"
a voice name is magic and wakes me up! lol
Good! The screen begins to blur m'apparaître, sucks ... lol
Anyway, with a staff that makes so many so much effort and without taking rest or sleep, I want to give me the best way! !
I have the impression that it was still less than an hour ...
Well, I go directly to the dress rehearsal (^ 0 ^;)
Not worry, I'm still young in their thirties! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


As I no longer have any concerns, hesitations, suspicion or fear ...
I just think about it, so pure.
And I believe that this is not one.
Yet, I like a shadow that hangs in my heart ...


Credit: Cy @ AyuAngel
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ayu's DIARY: 18/07/2009 - 23/07/2009

Några inlägg har redan lagts upp men då bättre översättningar har tillkommit väljer jag att uppdatera ett par äldre och en hel del nya inlägg är på sin plats oxå! ^^

Being in a whirlwind
18 July 2009 5:11 AM

It seems those two are happy about it---!(^_^)!
Sure it's surprising, but I'm not wrong (lol)
Hey, when it gets right down to it, this team here is the best!!!
Well, we're having a meeting now, so. lol
One observation of note, we agreed on the Welcome. lol
Well hey, that's important!
If I'm the only one in charge, it'd be wrong to say that that's fine, but the things I like most are all still definitely wonderful things, I think.
As for me, after this change, I still have alot of work to do. Not especially promising.
This is a challenge---...
I digress saying that, but still, the work never ends!
Boing..... wheeeeee--------.

Oh, that reminds me, today, at a major intersection, this guy on a bike took off his helmet & leaned his bike against a wall, and he did a great big huge yawn & stretch, but he was covered in sweat. It was weird, seeing that, he seemed very free & kinda vulnerable.
When I saw it, I couldn't help but watch in fascination.
It's not like it was an amazing spectacle, but it came across as really dazzling, to me anyway.
I even felt some pain in my chest... 
I thought about how there are things that we've lost & can never have again.
Of course, I chose this way of living, so there are absolutely tonnnss and tons of things that I CAN have.
Among other things, getting to see all of you is way up there.
I can say that for sure. (*^_^*)
So anyway, I feel the manager behind me looking over here, so (lol)
I need to get back to work here.
I look forward to getting together with everyone today~o/~
TA is the strongest! o/~ o/~ o/~

Everything was shining, and nothing was scary
But back then I was only chasing beautiful dreams
The wind that cut through was too gentle,
I remember tears rolling down my cheeks
In the process of growing up, there are things I lost.
But, you see, there are... people who can never be replaced. 
The wind that cut through was too gentle.
This time tomorrow, I'll still be loving you...

This morning,
18 July 2009 6:25 PM

my message kinda sounded like a love confession, didn't it? I only had a minute to send it you know. lol
I'm still getting messages. lol
Hey, am I being attacked here?!
So amusing~. rofl
But you know, I was saying that I loved all of you guys!!!
Because whether you stay by my side or not, you're still reflected in my eyes. (^_-)-*
PV editing has been difficult~~~~~~~~~

I changed my phone for the summer o/~

18 July 2009 10:42 PM

I'm still getting messages. lol
Our eyes can play tricks on us, and you might not see the feelings that are really being shown, which is unfortunate, so please seriously read everything carefully! I'm desperate. lol
But yeah, really, there's been alot of messages.
We're not really sure but it seems that a bunch of you are playing along together.
I say there are many tens of thousands of people simultaneously playing. lol
That's the internet for ya.
But if you can do that, then it'd be necessary for everyone gathering at Tokyo Dome to play together! XD
TA, you guys are my bestest friends in all of asia! (*^_^*)

So here's this. Chon-san, taken with her phone just now.

This may be more difficult than I thought.

Whatever, it's probably cuz I was wearing such sparkly sunglasses.
You know, I really shouldn't wear such novel fashions.
Looks like the flash was completely useless, huh?

Here's this, just so you can see the sunglasses I'm wearing↓

Living just for myself
How boring.

...while writing this, I got even more messages. LOL

2009/07/20 3:13 AM

while we were going down Route 246, I couldn't help but think how this street always changes.
"What's up (・o・)? What's up (・o・)???" I looked around, and on both sides, the people on the sidewalk all stopped & looked up in the same direction, I noticed.
My goodness, was it a bizarre scene!
I was totally thinking that like, a UFO had showed up. LOL
But no, it was just a rainbow. A big huge rainbow right in the middle of the city o/~
I tried to hurry to take a photo of it with my phone, but I didn't make it in time. lol
But seriously, it's like there's nothing separating the street & the sky.

The sky is beautiful, it got this girl oddly excited↓

Nah, before this spontaneous shot, this girl was pretty useless actually.
I love being somewhere where I'm surrounded by mother nature, but I guess seeing nature being able to break through this city's gray buildings was really moving.☆

Well, changing the subject, today's last task was rehearsal.
After the end of it, I took pictures secretly in the studio.

From left: Waaay in the back is Suba-sama, wearing a bright yellow knit hat is the ever-cute Maro-chan, the knapsacked back belongs to Zin-san, the left hand belongs to Rocky who's watching a video, the one who seemed to be watching the video but isn't is Niiyan, and then Kaz-Max.
My secret photographing has been discovered!!! ^^;;

Yeah, so from left in this one: Maro chan in his bright yellow knit hat & flip-flops, Zin-san returning the cell phone photo, and then Kaz-Max who's lookin' like Crayon Shin-Chan, making his way in the photo unexpectedly.
And at the end of the day I took a magnificently special photo.

Aki glaring at Midoring, & Midoring being very self-conscious.

Nnaaaaaa~ so simple! \(__)

So so, everyone coming to see me at NHK, I'll see you there! o/~
Please be sure to come! o/~ o/~ o/~

21 July 2009 2:10 AM

The title doesn't really mean anything. lol

Well now, today, I woke up really quickly unexpectedly, with "Need to Drink Momi Tea Syndrome", bothering everyone since the early hours with "MOMI TEA! MOMI TEA!"


(Well, to be more accurate, the one who actually went to go GET it was Gyou-chan.)

After this, I had a cigarette in celebration, but because of that, inside this Momi-girl's throat, it was like BAM and it became hard to breathe. So I stopped smoking the cigarette.
I was sure to put the cigarettes somewhere far away from me.
I'm starting to rethink that decision.
One outfit for today's TV live~o/~

Recording went off without a hitch.
Neeexxxtt up~~~~!
Second out fit is greeeee~~~~~eeen.

I changed the flowers to pink ones, too☆
To everyone who came to watch, you were totally super-genki!
It was so much fun, thank you!(*^_^*)

Yup, the second taping went well too~(^_^)v
Now I have to head off to my next task~~~~~~~~~.
I'm sleepy...
I'M SO SLEEPY----------(=_=)

But I hafta keep holding on!

The day still has awhile to go before it's over~.

*"Midori" means Green, and ayu calls her dancer Midori Saito "Midoring." Hahaha. :)

"Momi Tea" is...
22 July 2009 2:42 AM

a drink from Hawaii. "Momi" means "pearl" in Hawaiian.☆
I think it's usually called "Black Pearl Tea" in English*, in mainland America, but that way of saying it makes it harder to order than saying "Momi Tea". ♪
In Japan, you can usually get it at Hawaiian food places~.
If any of you are interested, you really should try it out. (^_-)-☆
The tapioca is very different, it's deeper in the cup.
So anyway, I'm being careful not to smoke too much!! lol
Don't read too much into that - today most of the questions that rushed in were people asking me to explain Momi Tea~♪
I'm wary of the PV's due date, so since it's giving me a nosebleed I'm ninja-vanishing out of here today...
I have time to show you guys a photo but I don't have any today, so I'm gonna upload one of my Mop-chan.

This is such a perfect smile, lol.
That was princess Cocoa~ (^^) smooch!

*Or bubble tea, or boba tea... I've personally only heard those two, never "black pearl tea", but it's all the same thing.

It's official...
22 July 2009 11:37 AM

It's gotten too cloudy!!!
Awww.... the eclipse (T_T)

I SAW IT!!!!!!!
22 July 2009 12:03

But I had to nearly break my neck to see it, lol.
I just keeeppppptt looking up at the sky, waiting for a gap in the clouds.
AND I GOT TO SEE IT! (。) So exciting!!

23 July 2009 2:39 AM

That's what I've been up to. (^_^;)

First up, band rehearsal.
Peco-san's blog covers it too, but basically I thought we were seriously rocking, but then suddenly we all turned into an army of silly people.
How very grown-up!
I took cell phone photo then, and the whole crew stuck together & did peace signs.
Here they are, these "grown-ups."

Teeheehee. (^_^)v
So then, next up, I went to the studio for Dance rehearsal~. It was far away, which sucked. lol
Right away they were taking video and I looked it over, holy crap, they were all so serious!!!!!
During actual rehearsal, the number of people dancing seemed to increase over the span of one song, it looked like their level went up as I watched. (too late)
The two on my side are interesting.
They're arguing about something.

Then it changed.

What. The heck.
The owner of this fine Maro-Shuu photo is Zin-san.

Oh, and in 26 years, I want us to watch the next solar eclipse together!~(*^_^*)
Let's do it.

And for a-nation, it'll be Erorin on drums. o/~

Credit: Gaijin Kanpai's blog + tasking @ AHS Forum

Ayu's kläder inför tvinspelningar.

Dessa bilder är alltså tagna innan Ayu går ut på scen och ska framträda sina nya singel i tvinspelningar. Ser vi ett tema möjligtvis? ;)

Credit: walking.proud @ AHS Forum
Shared by Ayu's Story

Översättning. ViVi September 2009.

“Because we’re in this kind of era, I want to send out sparkling, cheerful and powerful things. I believe that’s my duty.”

Dressed in an flashy eighties dress, Ayu smiles, “I feel happy when I’m dressed like this”. She confidently says that her music, fashion etc. express her real essence. “If I wear basic clothes, it’ll certainly calm my mood, but if I’m not allowed to do different things, it’s just uninteresting, right? If you’re only defensive, you won’t be able to create new things.”

From the 20th century to the 21st century, in those ten years, Ayu has been leading the girls of those centuries. Whilst always showing precise answers to the doubts and problems of girls from this era, now, in her 11th year, Ayu is focusing on the tastes of certain people.

“I love the fashion of the eighties. Back then, that kind of strongly and boldly coloured patterns were widespread. Because there were no personal computers in that age, it took much time and trouble for people to make things. Now, you can easily make anything, right? For example, if it’s difficult to express one emotion with words, we convey it using pictographs, just like that right?--- But with things created in the eighties, you can feel the energy and enthusiasm of the people who made them. I think that’s a great thing.”

“When I first thought about the concept for this year’s NEXT LEVEL tour, I wanted to convey the power which people hold. That idea suddenly popped into my head.”

“When I think about organisation, up 'till now, rather than a live performance, I wanted to create an entertaining stage. But, this year, while leaving the show-like part behind, the power of the band’s performance, the liveliness of the dancers, the team, my lyrics; all those things---, I wanted to let hear and show the things which can’t be turned into machines, things which only humans can do. That feeling was very strong.”

As for this year’s 10th anniversary tour, concerning both Ayu and fans; a “thank you for these ten years” feeling of gratitude was exchanged. A feeling like some kind of ceremony beyond time. That was this year’s tour. “The people who came, laughing and crying, made me very happy; it’s a very strong feeling,” Ayu said.

A live performance with nothing but fun, happens often, but a live performance that shakes the heart, happens rarely. During the NEXT LEVEL tour, the words which Ayu created one by one, putting her entire heart into them, carried the rhythms and melodies. Especially ballads like Days became songs from the soul, as if penetrating the cells of the audience one by one. A very pure feeling.

“Lately, things like lyrics make me happy. I’m often told that it looks as if I’m pursuing a goal. I’m not conscious of it to that extent, but I can recall one thing: when I sang my lyrics in January this year, ----how should I say..?---- I can’t find a proper way to say this, but there’s a “I can do this” kind of feeling. Until now, since I’m weak in vocal range and chords, everything would disappear unnoticed----. Somehow, I feel it turned into ???. So, if it’s like that, desires will also steadily come out.”

On the 12th of August, the double A single [Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~/Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~] will be released. It’s Ayu’s new experiment, consisting of one melody but two different lyrics and arrangements.

“Sunrise is a summery, happy pop-tune, but whilst writing the lyrics I thought, “it would be nice if I turned it into a ballad, right?”. In that way, the ballad Sunset, glowing with the melancholy of the end of summer, was born.”

“The subject of Sunrise is “you”, and that of Sunset is “me”. As for Sunset; I wondered if girls can sympathize with it more easily. But because I feel both songs have become each other’s ‘answer song’, I feel people can sympathize with both songs.”

“Because I also wrote the songs with the theme ‘father & daughter love’ in mind, it’s not only about romantic love, but about family love and friendship as well. I wrote the songs to fit different kinds of love.
Though I didn’t create them this way from the start, I can’t imagine them as separate anymore; both songs respond to each other.”

Ayu said, “I want to take good care of my present self”. Music, fashion, love; everything concerning Ayu is the present.
Everything continues to move forward and continues to change ---.

Creds: tenshi no hane @ AHS

ViVI September Scans!

ViVi Deji Deji

Credit: as tagged + Tsubasa2591 @ AHS Forum
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ayu's DIARY: 17&18/07/2009

Too much sleep ...
17-07-2009 08h38

I no longer sleep ...(^ 0 ^
Well, Chon san you found something.
Two new blogs of my dancers ♪ ♪
First, and it is rather rare (?) For dancers to home, a man who has in him a strong part of femininity, a face very pure: Kazuma's blog, which is part of the youngest ↓
No Kazufis Bløf
Voilààà ∈ ∋ 0 ^ ^
As for the other ...
Goku or Gohan ga naru hi made ...
This is the blog of Ariri, which made my inner dance ☆
On the Tour, as he danced for the last song, and it appears in the PV ausi of new titles.
Both are young men full of potential they have yet to reveal ♪
I think the monitor to see how they go forward.
BUT FIRST, IT'S THE ATTACK! We will make them feel the ability to keep a promise and energy of the "TA", right?
Good going, that's enough really like that, I really need me to get some sleep.
I'll tell you later .... (^ x ^)

Uh ...
17-07-2009 18:10

... the rule attacks ...(> all y <) ♪ Enormes! lol How you all for having so much ^ go? lol It géaaaaaaaaant! ! ! I adoooooore! ! ! I'm more physically broken but mentally, you are serious I am good, I'm going to break! So, a few attacks? MDR! It seems ...
18-07-2009 05h11

they are very happy both !(^^)!
I bet they have been surprised (lol), but, well, our team is a little rasemblement members who think "I'm the best! ! ! lol
This is the way to welcome to be wary lol
That said, it's true that this is important.
I am not saying that we think is the only asset is a good thing, but I think it'sa great thing to love oneself greatly.
Me to that side, it is not really yet.
It's a bit my fault ...
Well, I change the subject, but I have not finished my work.
Pyon! pfffffff ......
Here I think, today, to a large intersection, there was a young man on a motorcycle, he takes off his helmet to yawn to drop the jaw and pushed his bike against a wall, it is supported above and made a pose, while dripping with sweat.

I do not know how to say, he seemed so free, without any consideration for the eyes of others. I remained in awe of him.
I know this is unspectale nothing extraordinary, but to me it seemed like an illumination.
I even felt something painful in my chest ...
I said, it must be that what is lost and quel'on know that we never found twice.
Of course, there are many things that I have lived, precisely because I chose my own path.
And for me the most important is my meeting with you.
that I can truly proclaim loudly (*^_^*)
Good going, I feel my back in the black eyes of my manager (lol), I think I will stop and return to work! ☆
It was nice today to be with you and joke. It's super vaiment, the "TA" ... ♪ ♪ ♪
When everything was shining, there was nothing that was afraid,
This time I was only continuing a wonderful dream ...
As if the wind was blowing gently too soft,
tears that I can remember running along my cheek.
By becoming an adult, there are things that I lost.
But today, there is a unique being who I am ...
As if the wind blows gently was too soft.
Tomorrow at the same time, I love you still ....

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel
Rough english translation by Ayu's Story

ayu's DIARY: 18/07/2009

Since early this morning ...
18-07-2009 18h25

I get all the minutes of messages that look really declarations of love ... lol
Even now it continues lol.

Uh? My would be the target of an attack? !

true, it's too funny mdr!
But you know, me too I love you! ! !
Whether you're here or not, in my mirror, your image is reflected! (^_-)- ☆
I am in full assembly of PV, it beforehand ....

I changed my laptop in "Summer" ♪

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel
Rough english translation by Ayu's Story

ayu's DIARY: 17/07/2009

Yesterday ... well, this morning?
17-07-2009 06h12

after I moved in my last message screaming meaningless,
I received number of messages asking me: "Rocky made you something?" I love the humor you all of the "TA"! lol
Well. Today was day of registration of a variety show.
It was the first time I sang Sunrise in this context there, and it went very well! ! ! ! !

This is not true I lied.

Incredible, Chon san was wrong three times in a row ...
it was good to finally take the 4th ...
I swear, this is something very rare for Chon san who normally once always enough.
It was a day that made me feel good that I'm actually tired.
Aah! I am really sorry for all those who worked there. And really thank you for staying so good until the end <(_ _)>.
Oh, and then ...
in your posts, there were things that seemed unclear, so I checked ...
Maro's blog chan, huh? lol
c'est pas moi qui a mag tuna, or salsify sobáš! lol
Well, finally, the costume of the day which earned me compliments from Zin san ...

Today, July 17, the receipt of Zacci New! ♪
But in fact, before anyone else, I went Featured! ♪
When Mr. Takahashi and I began to talk interior decoration, it is manic to the point that it becomes crazy (lol), and so this time it's a New Zacci has not only changed, but also of Deco! ! !
We are super excited! It sounds too good (*^_^*) I want in! lol
I hope you also come many! ♪ ♪ ♪

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel
Rough english translation by Ayu's Story

Sunrise/Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ covers



Creds: AHS

ayu's DIARY: 16/07/2009

Limit ... 
16-07-2009 04h21

... I'm still alive (-_-;) 
By the concert that was postponed in Osaka at the end of the month, JETRO things to finish. (What is this?). No, sorry. "I have too." 
May, if I resist that, we all have many more good memories this summer! ! 
I take a lot of nice photos for magazines ♪ 
I will participate in a lot of TV variety ♪ 
The artwork on the cover is almost finished, I hope you are eager ♪ 
In addition, the orchestra rehearsing and choré for a nation have begun long ago ♪ 
and me who have not even been able to attend ♪ 
but since we decided to programming and the set list, while the world made great efforts for us ... ♪ 
At the back of me, I'm quiet! ♪ 
Ah! tomorrow I have the recording of a TV ... palteau (sweat) 
Uh ..! ! until just now, was shooting for an ad .. (I sleep) 
ça va pas! I write more sentences that endless! lol 
Princess freaks ... And withdrew ...! 
See you tomorrow! !

Biz ☆

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel
Rough english translation by Ayu's Story

ayu's DIARY: 14/07/2009

14-07-2009 04h03

has successfully finished the entire shooting! ! ! 
All those of "TA" who participated today and remained until the end, all those of "TA" which could not have participated, but we thought about not stopping to contemplate the sky. 
It is thanks to you all. 
Really, really, thank you. 
The sunset is Ryu of Staff who has photographed:

When I sang with the sunset in the background, I could not retain my tears ran down my nose as he could, it was a disaster ...! 

Ah! Niiyan finally updated blog! lol

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel
Rough english translation by Ayu's Story

ayu's DIARY: 13/07/2009

13-07-2009 05h34 

... made a "teruterubôzu" especially frightening, it's all ask him not to do! 
Of course, he had ÁüÇÑ bad intent, it seems only he is not very good at that. 
Finally ... seriously ... 
I feel it's going to be GOOD! ! ! ! 
Anyone from "TA" which unfortunately can not come, all of which TA will come, all the dancers, the entire staff, everyone has only one hope! ! ! 
All my treasures to me ... They hear it's going to do it! (*^_^*) 


Indeed ... 
13-07-2009 07h08

... here there is a person who was involved too nervously and that is still all returned. 
Since last night I scarcely closed my eyes. 
But it is somewhere normal. 
I have not even finished doing my job yesterday ... Huh? ? 
pfff ... I kind laughing. 
Genre ... but I absolutely must finish what I have to do. 
That's why today, for many reasons, for the team Ayu and I understood, I think the tension is particularly high! lol 

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel
Rough english translation by Ayu's Story

ayu's DIARY: 11/07/2009

You know me ... 
11-07-2009 04h21

I do something or I do nothing, in any case is subject to controversy, and is it unfortunate? I am accustomed. And every time you agitated on forecasts or mere rumors, I say aah, when I reached well below the point where I could never go back, because every time I took my responsibilities and I have always argued right before me. 
With reason, thinking that I am alone and have to know my own truth. 
It's the same thing for the future. 
Whatever happens, with regard to my own life and my own choices, I want to say, full of confidence in me. 
For 13, it appears that the risk of rain getting smaller, and I also know what are the expectations of all members of the "TA" (*^_^*) 
I was well broadcast the fact that you sent me many "teruterubôzu" (a kind of small lucky to keep the bad weather) (T_T) 
So we too, we decided to put all that and we also manufacture. 
I believe in destiny. 
Not escape the inevitable, but we can influence its fate. 
The energy of "TA3 reach to the heavens. Sure! 
I may be selfish, but I decided that I, I live forever contemplating EVEN IN THE LANDSCAPE AND LOOKING AT THE SAME SPEED.

With our hands held not ever split ...

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel
Rough english translation by Ayu's Story

ayu's DIARY: 07/07/2009 - 10/07/2009

At work ... 
07-07-2009 21:51

Bancho took pictures for fans of "TA"


Yes, we are still in Tokyo.

08-07-2009 01h52

That was yesterday. 
If one of your wishes could come true 
If one of your wishes could come true 
What would you 
That ask you to heaven ... 
And you, what do you want? 
Me .... shh, it'sa secret! 
All Orihime, you met your Hikoboshi you? 
All Hikoboshi, you met your Orihime to you? 
Me .... 
Ah, why the festival of Tanabata is so beautiful and so fleeting? 
When you are alone an evening like this, even seems to breathe quietly difficult ... 

Starting tomorrow, the 2 days in Nagoya! The 3rd landing! ! 
The Nagoya powa, seriously! ! ! It is such, that tonight I quickly take my bath and I'm sleeping! Yeah, it's decided! 
Ladies and gentlemen of Nagoya, we also we are doing up the pressure! 
It was a duel ...? 
Well, finally, the case of PV. 
Without shaking, I promise you that we will do the best anyway, full of hope for all. 
Full of messages I have received from you, but I too am part of those whose heart has been saved by reading the blog Zin san. 
Thank you san Zin! 
Thank you for thinking of everything that is my little treasure to me. 
Thank you all for your messages that warm the heart. 

09-07-2009 12:55

6th representation, this is the last! ! ! ! ! 
I will donnéee! ♪ 
You believe me, do you think is up to you to see ☆ 
Even today, I bombe chest, I recovered the head, and I sing with my whole body!

I missed ... 

my Shinkansen. 
Aaaaaaaaaaah! ! ! ! ! ! ! 
I could not see you ... 
I am sorry ... 
I wanted to see ... (v_v) 
Vriment forgiveness to all those who expected 
Chonsan went by car to Tokyo. 
BUT! ! ! 
Nagoya ..... Enorme! 
The grand finale was so strong, this Tour is over or what? 
It was so hard that I really asked the question! 
Not really, so I laughed, I cried so much too. 
Sorry to be so changeable mood ... 
Well, finally ... 
Dinner tonight

Of ayu (*). 
When Minazo, next to me, to hide his face than I do not know why, I was a little swollen. lol

Credit:  cy @ AyuAngel.com 
Rough english translation by Ayu's Story

ayu's DIARY: 06/07/2009

Tell ... 
06-07-2009 10:35

YOU NOT FIND it rains a little too? LOL 

(v_v) ... 
06-07-2009 22h10

The shooting today has been canceled ... 
When I arrived, the rain fell hard, but it gradually became more refined, and by the time we even saw that the clouds differed somewhat ... 
But basically, looks like the sky ...

Flooded with clouds. 
A rain to stop and re-rain. Ever ... 
Much has been discussed between us, we decided to wait. But with the problem of nightfall, and then all of the decor which was also soaked and we could not do anything, it is with many tears we decided to cancel ... 
All staff who had the hardware store ... 
All were gloomy ...

And at the same time, Kaz and staff Ayu went forward the announcement of the cancellation to all the 300 people of the "TA" to patients in another location a little far ... 
You were all pretty disappointed (v_v) 
I was told that a big silence hit you ... 
Me first, but the dancers, the entire staff, the whole crew, everybody was so excited with the desire to prepare everything before you arrive all! ! It was all left without a word to say (v_v). 
But hey, that's really anyone's fault, we can not do anything about it ... 
We will try again next week. This is our last chance. Of course, it may be impossible for all these 300 people to return them all, with no missing person. 
You all have a job or school. 
We can not leave like this so often ... 
And since we had not chosen the people of Kanto, but from across Japan in a random way, there are probably some among you who live far away and came to express ... 
That is what I hope most ... 
I pray we can still all meet again next week. 
Under a bright sun ... 
Once you know the details (date of report, or if it reopens applications), it will be published on the site. 
Excuse us. 
And to all those who came today, thank you from my heart. 
To all those TA who came for the shooting and expressed concern for us, really thank you.

Urgent! ! ! 
06-07-2009 23h47

The date of report of the shooting has fallen! 


So, all those present today, if you redo your application you will be listed first. 
Sorry to bother you with that, but those who think they can come back, send us your request again <(_ _)> 
So, as we reopen the claims, all those who say, if it is next Monday, so here I can! ! please send your application! <(_ _)> 
Very quickly, the application forms will be mailed by Mr Kaz! ! ! ! ! ! ! 
That is all I could tell you my level!

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel.com
Rough english translation by Ayu's Story

TA photos #626-638!

Photo No. 626: Arrival ...

at Itami Airport (Osaka).
Touuuuus these people, so alignééééés, they all greeted me outside when they should be so hot! (T.T)
Chonchan could see them one by one and talk with everyone.
I vividly remember the face of each! (*^_^*)

Photo No. 627: I got ...

shake hands full! ☆
Full smile! ♪

Photo No. 628: The Tail ...

never ceases to continue! ♪
Look at those smiles gift flourished ☆
C'est magnifique! (*^_^*)
And I know that during concerts, while the public always look at me with those eyes that shine in the same way! ☆ ☆ ☆

Photo No. 629: The girls ...

I remember they were saying be sisters ♪
and the eldest was his birthday,
and the younger ... look! look!
She had her hair braided in the form of "A" (^_-)

Photo No. 630: Together ...

we find ourselves in the slle together, ok? ♪

Photo No. 631: Next ...

Itami but it is always to return. ♪
That day also had a lot of people.
And since the start, then obviously a lot of tears ...
I know everything, even those who have made every effort to retain them.
Do not worry!

Photo No. 632: When I close ...

from the gate, I have a pinch in the heart ...
But seeing your smiles, I too can not help but do the same (*^_^*)

Photo No. 633: In crying too ...

some could even talk.
But you know I have listened carefully!
I heard everything.
I remember even that had given Kitty chan on the day of my arrival! (*^_^*)

Photo No. 634: Hey! all!

I will return soon! ! ! ! ! !

Photo No. 635: Arrival ...

to Haneda!
As you saw from afar all aligned and looking to another exit door, I was soothed hearts ☆

Photo No. 636: The Kanto ...

was also all smiles! (*^_^*)(*^_^*)(*^_^*)

Photo No. 637: Aaaah ...

Release it soon ...
I would stay longer with you! (T.T)

Photo No. 638: Bonus

After the last concert, we went dinner and Chon san puts them full throughout it! Seeing this, Bancho gave me an apron.
I'm a slightly embarrassed ...! Lol

Creds: ayuangel.com & identity@AHS

Ayu på en Dandy Daddy? promotionevent.

Ayu surprise the cast of 「ダンディ・ダディ?~恋愛小説家・伊崎龍之介~」when she turn up unexpectedly at their media conference.
Ayu had not met the actor, 舘ひろし for 11 years.

Ayu is very interested in the pork soup that the crew prepared

When the conference start with the melody of 「Sunrise~LOVE is ALL~」, Ayu appear suddenly, carrying a bouquet of flowers with chocolate.
All actor and actoress are shocked by ayu's sudden appearance.

Actoress 野際陽子 even exclaimed, 'Is this the REAL Ayu?'

舘ひろし told ayu, 'it's been a long time since i last saw you.' Ayu was so happy, 'You remember me?'
Ayu last met with 舘ひろし 11 years ago, before her debut, for a meal. 舘ひろし said 'Back then, we were having a gathering with 4 or 5 people, and i told ayu that she have a pair of gorgeous eyes, she will be a superstar one day, and i'm right with my judgement afterall!'
Ayu said, 'even my mum likes 舘ひろし, i had read his books when i was young'

舘ひろし prepare some tepanyaki beef for ayu, and some pork soup. Ayu said,' 舘ひろし taught me the right way to eat and help me place onto a plate. I heard he's a great cook too!'

舘ひろし was happy to hear ayu's compliment.

ayu's DIARY entries for 7/5/09

After this,
2009/07/05 12:28 AM | ayu

There'll be a Today's Photo uploaded of my arrival at Haneda Airport
after the recent shows in Osaka.☆
As usual, there were so many of your sparkling smiling faces☆

For various reasons, I can't seem to get back to my usual self today.
I've become a lost child....
I don't know where to go.
It seems I've lost sight of it.... (v_v)
Maybe I'll get my usual smile back tomorrow.
What if it doesn't come back?
Come back!!!
Just for today, I give up.
I feel alone in this.

It's true!!
2009/07/05 4:35 AM | ayu

If it's all the same, I'd rather laugh than cry! ♪
I myself said that.*
I read so many messages from everyone, and it helped me realize that.
It hit me like a flash of bright light.
Trouble's been brewing lately.
Maybe with recording... maybe with concerts...
Why am I so worried about this sort of thing? I'm attacking all my obstacles.
So, it seems I was just getting tired.
So I couldn't see the most pure & special things, but they're visible now.

I'll never be defeated.
I will absolutely not run away.

Everyone, thank you....

LOVE is ALL...

Creds: Delirium-Zero&tasking@AHS

ayu's DIARY entries for 7/04/09

2009/07/04 3:02 AM | ayu

Today was the announcement of our selection of which applicants get to
participate in the video shoot.
The number of applications was crazy!!!
It was seriously more than 10,000 people!!!!!
Thank you so much everyone (>_<)
Only 300 people could be chosen, so there are probably alot of people
who are going to be disappointed, but...
I was hoping that everyone could take part, but then we got this many
applications. Hopefully everyone in TA who got rejected can handle it
with a level-head and feel better knowing that everyone in the PV will
deliver a great performance!!
I'm looking forward to its completion!
And all of you TA members who were chosen, please wear colorful
clothes on the shooting day.☆
Oh, and this is from the office people. They'll have told you by the
time we shoot, but as for bathing suits, that's NG for both men and
women, thanks for your cooperation. m(__)m and above all...
Let's all have looootttttttsss of fun! (^_-)-☆

Let's meet in our dreams. Right...?

What the heck...
2009/07/04 6:40 AM | ayu

I'm so freaking tired, but I can't get to sleep at all.
...came back online to say that.
Starting tomorrow, the PV DANCE REHEARSALS
are starting again, so I really need to hurry up and get some rest!
Just thinking about sleeping isn't gonna make it happen.

I uh...
I made a verrry verrryy big decision today.
I honestly don't know if it's the right decision or not.
But I've definitely chosen this.
I stressed and I stressed.... and I decided.
It's best to resolve to do something, and then get acceptance for it later.
So it's okay.
Definitely okay.


yume ni mita shiawase wa
tsukamu made ga ichiban ii
te ni irete shimaeba kondo wa
ushinau kowasa osou kara...
dakaratte warikireru kurai
ningen tte kantan demo nai...*

*These are lyrics from Ayu's 1998 single "For My Dear...":

"Things are better in the time before
we reach the happiness we've dreamed of,
Because once we finally reach it,
We're so afraid of letting it go...
Even so, humans aren't simple enough
to detach cleanly from that idea..."

No, wrong! Wrong!!

2009/07/04 1:47 PM | ayu

I got alot of supportive
messages from everyone regarding
my posting this morning.
Mostly these three reactions↓

If I had this sort of happy news,
I'd have told everyone ages ago!

I am a girl so of course the desire for marriage is there.... there's
just the matter of a partner.

This would be a big decision too, wouldn't it~?
But that's not it!!!!! If I stopped singing, I wouldn't have anything.

So there you go, it's not anything like those.
If my entry was confusing, I apologize.

Creds: Delirium-Zero&tasking@AHS

ayu's DIARY entries for 7/3/09

2009-07-03 4:39 PM | ayu

Day 2 was once again totally great~♪
In those two days, we were able to have a fantastic time together, and
I'm really happy!♪
I'll be coming back to Osaka at the end of this month, so everyone
please look forward to it!~ (*^_^*)

Last night, the Ayu team went to one of Stan's old hometowns for a
Yakiniku dinner.

Chonchan had Oolong tea because she felt tired. lol

Chonsan did a good job of holding the meat in her stomach like a
school of fish. lol
Maybe now it's still in a group. lol

So today, after this, I'm gonna go meet up with friends in Osaka.
It'll probably be late at night before I go back home to Tokyo~.
If at all possible, I'll go back to my not-at-all-gloomy house.
What a nice kid. (?)
Yeah, no good at explaining that.
I'm just useless in this state...
But making the distinction is very important.

After I post this,
2009-07-03 6:40 PM | ayu

I'll be on my way back to Tokyo (`_´)>

Creds: Delirium-Zero&tasking@AHS

[YouTube] 1:24 Sunrise~LOVE is ALL~ preview!

Preview från Dandy Daddy?


ayu's DIARY: 02/07/2009

As expected,
2009/07/02 4:11 PM

Everyone in Osaka, Reaction King*!!!!!!! lol
Wasn't it fun?-----∈^0^∋ o/~
From the very beginning, nothing could hamper your energy.
You guys gave off so much power! (*^_^*)
All of us who were there, we each did our absolute best to deliver you
an endless dream, and we enjoyed it immensely.
Let's go, day 2------------------!! (^_-)-*

note from Deli:*REACTION-Oh is an improv game done on some japanese TV shows where contestants are given a certain scenario to act out, for example, "Your reaction when the water in the shower turns suddenly freezing
cold." Whoever does the best job acting out their "Reaction" scenario wins. Not sure why Ayu made the reference to it though, since I wasn't at the Osaka show.

credit: Delirium-Zer0 & tasking@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 01/07/2009

2009/07/01 10:42 AM

After this, I'm packi~ing!!!!!!!

Maybe I'll elaborate at lunchtime. o/~

Let's go! Osaka, day one--------!!!

Everyone fighting with us today, I reeeaallly look forward to us all
yelling out together-----! (^_-)-*

Just to give you an idea of our high spirits:

Well then, seeya later~ o/~

Credit: Delirium-Zer0 & tasking@AHS

ayu's DIARY; 30/06/2009

If it comes at all; 2009/06/30 7:26 PM

the last flight really doesn't look like it'll be on time.

There is seriously not enough time for this~ (x_x)

Everyone's doing an awful lot of waiting.

I'm so sorry!!!!!!!

Chon-chan is doing everything she can to get to Itami Airport by tomorrow.

That's all for my quick report.

Creds: Delirium-Zer0 & tasking@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 29/06/2009

But hey; 2009/06/30 02:59

I did not return home from where I was。


Yes、it's the second time in Bali.

I、in the flight to come back、there's was also delay toget aboard, and to kill the time Chon-san、and Banchou、we went to the Starbucks of the airport。

I ordered a Green Tea Frappuchino。

This is。

It's the usually look of a Green Tea Frappuchino?

But、the perfect flavour could have been vanilla。

I convinced that this is the color。(Laughs)

Oh、I also ordered one of this。

A Blueberry Muffin。

This is.



This is a grotesc muffin!!!

I have courageeeeeeeeeeeee。(Explosion)

Chon-san、the Tea from Starbucks、because it was the first time、was super excited、that I sinked。(Laughs)

Yes、such a feeling、as if it wher a lie from the morning I retured home、I've been working all day in Tokyo、and I'm on the way、now discouraged in the car moving。

At this moment、I've a small age object。

A ribbon、so cute〜♪ age〜♪(←simple。)

Yet, let's work!!!!!!!

But、there's not enough time。。。

Tomorrow will start the last minute course in the last flight。。。


Tomorrow, will do all (come on, this, lol) of what I said,

I will start the concentration (^_-)-☆

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

ayu's Diary: 6/29/2009

06-29-2009 10h15

Imambooooo! ヽ(^0^)ノ
As usual, here I am, instantly teleported back to Tokyo.
People were there to greet me at Narita... incredible!!
You know...
I was very happy to see you (*^_^*)
Okay, let's go to work!!!
Have a nice day (^_-)-☆

Creds: polka-dot-jewel@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 28/06/2009

That's a foolish question; 2009/06/28 21:58

Yeah, that was a foolish question.

We are born alone, and we're going to die alone.

These are facts that will not change.

But, the fact of living alone can not be good

After all, 「I wasn't alone」.

We can not continue in the past moments, present is now,

now to the future.

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 2009/06/28

Ayu's newest entry; 2009/06/28 19:38


Because the photography was finished early today, everyone went to the beach ♪

As a team, we all acted like kids today (?)

We had so much fun today and did so many things that I got tan,

Well, the other members got red

Oh, an elephant stepped on my foot *laughs* (?)

The adult team had such a good feeling/waited for such a good feeling (?)

Kanako is also tan/brown

With a Mohito. (After, she drank it all. *laughs*)



(I think those are lyrics, and I don't want to translate those because I don't want to mess them up. haha--if they're not lyrics then, meh.)

Ah, now it's dinner team for Ayu's team ☆

Creds: tokyoxjapanxfan@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 2009/06/28

Ayu's new entry; 2009/06/28 01:58

I forgot (^_^; )

I posted something awhile ago but i forgot to attach the pictures, so I'm writing it again.

I was sleepy because it was early this morning. (or I'm sleepy because I've been up since early this morning, not sure.)

Let's sleeeeeeep.

Because it was really hot and sweaty today, these things were must haves!!!

Mineral water.

Isn't this drink holder cute? (*^_^*)

It prevented slippage and I was able to carry it all day ♪

And, Bancho and I had matching folding fans ♪ (?)

There was a really good smell of insense when I looked up and I felt good (healed?)

I'm getting a massage and doing some stretching then going to sleep.

Everyone, please try to stretch before you go to sleep too.

When I have company, the feelings of getting up and down are different (talking about the stretching?)

Good night.

CAZAL vintage sunglasses ☆ (CAZAL being the brand name)

Creds: tokyoxjapanxfan@AHS

Today's Photo 615-625

#625 ~ Come now!!!

Kobe Airport ♪

Before going in, and I'm looking for everyone at Haneda ∈^0^∋

#616~ Today...

Everybody's fine ~ ♪

chon-san, as the recording went well

Flights on time, time with your ♪

It's simple. . .

#617~ And so someone thought,

After this, a nightmare...


and wanted to sound.

"Pin Con"

I hate the sound. (-_-)

#618~ Kobe Airport ♪

Everyone, he came to greet us was filled ♪

Thanks (*^_^*)

#619~ Jump to

Getting a nervous tension, chon-san.


I was, surprisingly simplicity. (Laughs)

#620~ Red-chan

Residence is absolute (*^_^*)

nemunemu-chan is kawaii (*^_^*)

#621 What is it,

but Kobe Airport back ♪

People praying for a free minute! ! ! ! ! ! !

And, everyone is lined with beautiful small presents! ! !

I ~ was busy. (Laughs)

#622 Also,

there were a lot of children crying. . .

I appreciate that. . .

Also, I dress quickly (*^_^*)

#623~ All in Kobe

Thaaaaaaaaaanks! ! ! ! ! !

#624~ I'm at

hoooooomeeee♪ ♪ ♪

Kanto team, many, waiting for me at Haneda ∈ ^ 0 ^ ∋

#625~ Everybody's

smiles and tears, and so, from various locations,
can be touched in various forms, and always,
I think it's absolutely natural.

Are all unique, it's an important moment.

Always. Ever.

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ [drama tie in]

Ayu kommer att för första gången sen år 2003 (forgiveness) att ha en tie-in i en drama som börjar sändas denna sommar.
Draman heter "Dandy Daddy?" och börjar sändas den 9:e Juli.Detta betyder att vi då kommer att ha en preview av låten då. ;)

Än så länge finns det folk som har lyckats lyssna endel under ett nyhetsprogram.

もっと大きな声で もっと大きな愛を
もっと大きな声で もっと大きな愛を叫ぶから

Translation from TakaSama:
"With a louder voice, a greater love
Will reach you
I always want it to ring in my heart
because a louder voice will bring forth greater love"

Creds: truehappiness & TakaSama@AHS

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