Oricon Poll : who would you want to become?

Oricons veckomagasin gjorde en poll där läsarna fick rösta om vem de ville bli. Namie Amuro fick en förstaplats men Ayumi en värdig andraplats.

Men’s Category
  1. Masaharu Fukuyama
  2. Hiro Mizushima
  3. Takuya Kimura
  4. Koshi Inaba
  5. Kazutoshi Sakurai
  6. Hiroshi Tamaki
  7. Hiroshi Abe
  8. Tsuyoshi Domoto
  9. Shun Oguri
  10. Joe Odagiri

Women’s Category
  1. Namie Amuro
  2. ayumi hamasaki
  3. Aoi Miyazaki
  4. ayaka
  5. Becky
  6. Haruka Ayase
  7. Yui Aragaki
  8. Maki Horikita
  9. Kou Shibasaki
  10. YUKI

Source - http://www.oricon.co.jp/news/ranking/66411/full/

TA Message 546

Nagoya 2nd
No 546 05-28-2009 14h10

Let's make this concert even more bigger than yesterday's! (ˆ_ˆ)v
I expect you all to be pumped! ♪

Nagoya, 4th concert.... Let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Creds: cy@AyuAngel.com & polka-dot-jewel@AHS

TA Message 545

No 545 27-05-2009 02h11

Today, the work we had done before leaving was delayed, and because the risk of missing the last Shinkansen was increasing, we urgently asked for our motor-home and left the Aoyama center, we finally arrived here at Nagoya.

Raa, it was long...

But... at the Tokyo station, or that of Nagoya, many of you waited, is it not true... (>_<)

I also wanted to see you... (T.T)

Your letters and gifts were given to me by my staff ☆
I promise to read everything carefully! (ˆ_-)-☆

Good! In this tour, this is the second time in Nagoya!!!!!!!!!!!!

I, too, feel the energy begin to rise ♪

Do not believe that I will be beaten by the public of Nagoya! ♪♪♪

Tomorrow is the big dayl!!!!! ヽ(ˆ0ˆ)ノ

Creds: cy@AyuAngel.com & polka-dot-jewel@AHS

Ayumi firar sin kompis födelsedag i Roppongi

Nyligen var Ayu ute i Roppongi för att fira sin kompis, Natsuki's, födelsedag. Ayu gav henne vackra solrosor som är gjorda av Ayus mamma Mariko Hamasaki som äger affären "hanaBI".

Creds: Maxker @ AHS & Ayu.no

Off shot

I brist på andra nyheter då Ayu är ute på sin tour så postar jag en video från PCDL-DVD'n in the making of PCDL. Som vi minns så föll Ayu i sin trappa och skadade sin hand riktigt illa i julas men hon bestämde sig för att framföra PCDL ändå. Som vanligt jobbade hon duktigt för sina fans skull.

TA Message 544

Goda nyheter efter allt trubbel. ARENA TOUR ska få komma till Osaka trots allt. ^^

Thanks! ! !

No.544 2009 Sunday, May 24 23:35

Osaka performance, an alternative day has been officially decided time ago! ! ! ! ! ! !
The suspension has finished(>_<)! ! ! ! ! ! !

More details tomorrow, and will be announced officially.

As I promised, I'll go to meet you (*^_^*)

And, before that, also Nagoya's next performance is today, I'm running.

Because the day is long from Nagoya. Laughs

Tomorrow, and the day after, I run daily.

Coming power-up (^_-)- ☆

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

TA Messages 541-542-543

No. 541 23-05-2009 11:40

I post the following pictures!
Those concerns my return to the airport to Hiroshima and Haneda

In fact, today it's super beautiful! (*_*)
That's why just now, on the terrace, I played in the swing with my dogs!
Well, be that my body is rust, I'm going to run!
And if you cross me, please, do not "Wooooooooow!!"
It hurts my modesty! lol
Come on, that is also a day full of love! (_-)- ☆

My PC ...
No. 542 23-05-2009 13h25

... does not do well, I can not post ...
Give me a little time siouplaît ... > _ <...

Yeeeeeeah! ! !
No. 543 23-05-2009 19h20

My PC is fully repaired!
Excuse me for the repeated phone calls, I'm really too ignorant! > Dear Apple employee.

Come on, I post photos of jooooour! (_) V ♪

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com & C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS

Today's photo 591-597

Photo No. 591: Hiroshima Airport

All this world come join me! (*_*)
Mercii! ♪

Photo No. 592: Kitty ..

Enoooorme! ! !
For me, it's full of Kitty! Y has an entire room reserved for them!
But each was chosen by you thinking Chon san, so they are all special to me! ☆

Photo No. 593: Woow!

Again! ♪
It will be reviewed soon huh? ♪ ♪ ♪

Photo No. 594: Arrival at Haneda

I talk with the regulars who come regularly!
Well, there were the other passengers on the flight from Hiroshima, huh? ? ?
I still do not know how I deal with these people in such moments.
I'm still a little embarrassed. Why? lol

Photo No. 595: Ca! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

That is something very precious.
Well, this is just a paper bag, but you give me each time so many gifts and letters, I do not know how to wear them.
But I did not want to confide in someone, I would keep myself.
On the other hand, I do not want to risk dropping parterre.
And then I want to shake hands.
But lately, in these times, someone hands me a regular paper bag.
Mercii! (*_*)

Photo No. 596: Bonus 1

This morning, I wrote about my dogs, I received lots of messages saying that you want to see them! ♪
The first photo is Choco kun.
The other is Purin san (blank in Japanese)

Photo No. 597: Bonus 2

Today also very wise, it's Brown.
And the other is Cocoa, which seems to have learned the art of sleeping in the building in its coverage.

Creds: identity @ AHS & Incognito@AyuAngel.com

Today's photo 584-590

Photo No. 584: Uh ...

I think it is difficult to see, but the man with the yellow T-shirt is the owner of the property called "Hakka".
It's been years that Ayu's go Team! ☆
Everything is very good, but I recommend the watercress sea urchins! ♪
So in essence it is not or poorly, there Minazo and Bancho, Chon san SOU Gori, Domo-kun,-chan Okei, Akira and RUSH!
And before, in fact there is also Armageddon, Koichi, Takashi, Kome, and even the team managers! ☆

Photo No. 585: The athlete Minazo

... is so high in the figure of stunned that I chose this picture! It is for that reason.
When suddenly I realized that even in the "village", in another restaurant near us, there were the dancers! !
And then Chon Chan plays with Maro-chan!

Photo No. 586: More ...

San Chon who plays with Maro chan.
Behind, the "Oriental Beauty", I appointed Midoringu. She smiles as if she watched sympathetically as children we are. A true goddess.
The second photo, Maro chan who tries to find the best pose to eat skewered octopus!
That? lol

Photo No. 587: The big sisters ...

... are also here! ♪
Here is big sister and Kayanocchi Aki.
Another photo, from left to right, Takashi, Armageddon, and Koichi Bancho ☆

Photos No 588: With Midoringu ...

... a photo every two 0 ∈ ∋ ♪
Finally it was previously thought. But it seems that in our back, there is a slight effervescence ...
The second picture is when we have again a picture every two only ...

Photos No 589: No maaaaais! ! !

Y en a plein behind us!
They are too funny, everyone! Lol

Photo No. 590: Finally ...

we managed a photo to both! ♪
Well, I stop on this truly joyful smile Chon san! ☆
Next, the views of airports and Haneda Hiroshima! (_) V

Creds: identity @ AHS & Incognito@AyuAngel.com

Today's photo 580-583

Photos No 580: First ...

Haneda Airport (Tokyo).
That day I had the impression that there were more people than usual came to me.
Y a pas à dire, ça fait plaisir ...!
These are precious moment (*_*).

Photo No. 581: So many people ...

that! (*_*)
When they line up as well, it's a hell indeed! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Photo No. 582: At the airport in Hiroshima

Is the arrival ♪
And again, thank you to all those who came to me very many (*_*)
I was so happy to be able to shake hands full!

Photo No. 583: Bonus

SOU and Armageddon
Oh the dirty they head! lol
next is that Gori is pleased to have received a T-shirt from SOU!

Creds: identity @ AHS & Incognito@AyuAngel.com

TA Message 538-539-540

Towards morning,
No.538 2009 Thursday, May 21 11:59

Before I went to sleep, when I was reading SOU's blog... what could I say... I cried, and when I woke up, it was the Chonchan whose eyes turned into 3s.


As my eyes are like the number 3, I want to keep getting one ups.

Please look forward to it!! (^_-)- ☆

No.539 2009 Friday, May 22 2:59

Today coming the continuation of 1 up! ! !

This time, I prefer village part ☆

Also today
No.540 2009 Friday, May 22 6:43

About Osaka alternative performance, I have had the dabte with adults.

Osakajo Hall problem is the space itself, in a hurry, and an adjustement of the schedule will have to be done, for many staff, band members and dancers...

We have to clear, but there are still a huge heap of problems.

However, I state it.

Absolutely, the show is all right.

To go and meet everyone.

I won't never give up.

Never never, I don't let me finish or stop.

So, I do not worry about.

Fine. I'm fine.

I can smile again.

Good night ☆

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

TA Message 537

Let me ...
No. 537 21-05-2009 02h37

... I will bring you here for an explanation, importent first explanation, and I don't think it's useful. However, I will concern me back to you.

Following the cancellation of performances in Osaka, dancers, musicians, people from the staff (the people I know, but also a lot that I don't know I think), many have expressed their feelings in their respective blogs.

Words are something very difficult to use. Also for me, who for 11 years, have had to face these words, I think I know something, I know even have some really enough. To express what is in your heart with words is very difficult. To the point that I even feel that the term "very difficult" is too simple.

I would even say that, in my opinion, even if there are "words" among the existing ones to better express what we have at heart, I think it's impossible to transmit this 100% to another person.

Therefore, don't you want to "believe"?
Without abandoning efforts to "understand", don't you want to try?
To believe even more in people. In things. In the facts of life.

Because I wanted to put words on what happened this time, there seems to be the same people with whom again have caused a misunderstanding, but these people, probably had somthing on the heart they wanted to express in their own way.

Because, with what happened this time, there is probably not a person who did not receive a shock. Not a person.

There is not a person.

I was talking alone ...

Creds: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com & Maxker @ AHS

Ayumi och Avex går igenom en polisundersökning

Singer Ayumi Hamasaki (30) 7. April last month used the streets outside Shibuya '109' without permission for her book-release event, surrounding the Shibuya Station area in Tokyo.

At this event, the book "Ayu Diary of DEJIDEJI 2000-2009A" (Kodansha) was promoted. To commemorate the launch of the book in front of the "109" building, without notice, Hamasaki appeared in front of nearly 8,000 people and fans making a huge fuss.

Also, shortly before the book lanch event, Hamasaki visited TSUTAYA, HMV, Tower Records and other large CD stores in the area. In a surprise of this event, crazy energized fans were going to chase Hamasaki from shop to shop, which led to wild conditions in the streets.

According to Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Hamasaki did not get permission to use the roads in the area, and is now being investigated for violating the Road Traffic Law in the metropol. According to Japanese law, the penalty for this type of offenses are fines and in the worst case, prison sentence.

Passages of buses and other modes of transport had to stop for a time. Fans tear down the stage, the stage and the sidewalk into the fence have been knocked down, and the scene was very chaotic and frightening for random bypassers, including several children.

As a result of this, Hamasaki was asked by reporters from the magazine "FRIDAY" in connection with the accusation. Sunday, she attended a event held in Tokyo, but was surprised by the prosecution against her. "I thought this issue was cleared in advance", while she smiles watching her staff. "In Shibuya? Heehaw. I should be allowed to move where I want, without having to submit an application specifically for this," she said, smiling.

ViVi Deji Deji vol.106

Se se se! Ayu håller Maro's hand istället för Shu-ya's på tredje bilden. ^^ Mkt nöjd!

Creds: Luna62@AHS

A COMPLETE ~ALL SINGLES~ har äntligen sålt över 850k!

34th Week
Position: #223
Sales: 610
Total Sales: 850,255

Efter 34 veckor på listan med dramatik som att ha åkt ut listan men sedan sålt så pass mycket att den har kommit in igen har A COMPLETE äntligen officiellt sålt över 850k ex!

GRATTIS säger vi till det! ^^

TA Message 536

Ayu skriver ut ang avbokningarna i Osaka. Hon är så mån om sina fans att hon planerar ombokningar till Osaka så de ska få gå på konserten på något sätt. Cute huh? ^^


No.536 20th May 2009 (Wed) 3.39pm

What can I probably convey, what do I want to convey? I’ve been thinking really really hard about this.

Thinking and thinking, all the way since dawn, and even past the afternoon.

Maybe, somehow, we must stick to those things which seem impossible till the very very end. Anyway, sometimes, to achieve the desired results, a decision has to be made to cancel things. I think that, of course, many staff members are really understanding about my views on these impossible things. Here, I dare not say what it is that is impossible.

Still, as usual, the stage is ever on the move, now from Hiroshima to Osaka, where it is assembled. And shortly after that, we learnt that we will not use it. Even now, I go to bed feeling so much regret, just like all those who worked to make this possible, all the Tour staff.

To my band members and dancers, in these days of hardship, we must use our hearts, our bodies, our entire beings to face the challenge of these 2 days at Osaka Jyou with all our concentration.

To all ayu staff, to continue to receive the never-ending, never-fading dream, we must think again of Hiroshima, what we learnt there, how we cried together, and became so so much more bonded in the end.

As the leader, thinking of everyone's feelings is saddening. But I must get rid of all these negative feelings.

But, in the end, the most saddening thing, is that everyone, who were supposed to come with a smiling face, cannot come anymore.

This is because I understand how everyone has been waiting patiently just to have a good time.

This is because I understand that no one can be blamed for this.

Now, I only have one wish.

I wish that we can continue on and extend our stay here, so we can have a replacement performance.

I’ll work hard for that.

Creds: walking.proud & Misa-chan @ AHS

Avbokningar i Osaka p.g.a. svininfluensan

Precis som det låter.
Igår skickade Avex Trax ut ett pressmeddelande om att alla konserter som deras artister ska hålla i Osaka har blivit inställda. Detta för att svininfluensanrisken är som störst i Osaka i hela Japan och de vill inte orsaka stora folkmässor som helt klart kan sprida vidare smittan. Detta påverkar fans för Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi och Ai Otsuka.

För vidare info se pressmedelande. (På japanska)

TA Message 534-535

Ayu fortsätter sin tour och allt verkar bara gå väl. Hon är då FYLLD med energi! Härligt att höra! ^^

You know,
No. 534 17-05-2009 03h18

... Tomorrow the Hiroshima Green Arena is going to collapse. lol

No seriously, it sucks.

The public Hiroshima ....... chaaaaud too! !

In Hiroshima, there is such energy, so I have fun, it's huge, but Chon chan wondered if it really is better to strengthen the walls!

go to demaaaain! (_-)- ☆

Thank you
No. 535 18-05-2009 02h39

To all of you whom I met in this room, Hiroshima, thank you from my heart.

Thank you very much for staying until after the end without wanting to end this time.

Thank you very much for having the strength to sing until the end without wanting to end this time.

And me, without stopping, I still give all my strength in the two concerts to come, those in Osaka! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com & C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story

Today's photo 569-579

No. 569: Getting Started ...

It's arrival at Tokyo Station ♪
Thank you for coming so many of his departure for me! (*_*)
And thank you for all these letters full of emotion.
These are my my little treasures to me ☆

No. 570: A lot ...

... were still present! (*_*)

No. 571: On a...

strolled and talked together! ♪

No. 572: I climb ...

... aboard the Shinkansen.
rooo everyone is aligned so nicely!
Who has the best place? lol

No. 573: Arrival ...

Sendai! ! ! ! !
They were also very likely to me at the station in Sendai! (*_*)
Finally, it was seen !(*_*)

No. 574: I you ...

... everyone loves ...
And of course, all those who can not come to the station or the airport ...
I love you so much! ! (*_*)

No. 575: Dinner with ...

Mama! ♪
And then we went with the "Tour Staff" and the musicians in a place where we go whenever we are in Sendai, from the very first tour! Tight as sardines! ♪
This year, there were the dancers! ♪
Finally, I, as I was with Mom, I was in fashion girl (*_*) laughing all the time!

No. 576: It's not ...

Shu-cha! It Minazo who claims to have made the cut cheveus Shu-cha! lol

No. 577: Back to the Sendai station

I returned to Tokyo! (_-)- ☆
Thank you for coming once again so many! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

No. 578: To all ...

to bientooooooooot (ˆ・ˆ) Bisou

No. 579: Arrival ...

to Tokyo Station.
I am glad I was able to talk much with all those from me! Smile miss!
Between bath and evening crowds with Team Ayu, Ayumi no shortage of good company:

Creds: zoomzoom@AHS

TA Messages 531-532-533

No. 531 15-05-2009 02h21

... ma (mbo!) (I'm back!)

Well, I am repeating myself, but seriously, this energy increases with certainty to each concert, one of these four, there is a room that will actually collapse! lol

Ben .. Sendai! ! ! What is this enormous energy! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
C'tait super nice, the Sendai Live! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Thank you for this beautiful day.

I promise to return! (*_*)

And then it's Hiroshima! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Finally, then ... I go back tomorrow around noon lol
Huh? As I have just returned ...

A real gale lol

That's because tomorrow, I think there is a place where I want to go.
For years, when the concerts in Hiroshima are completed, there is a place where I always go on foot. But this year I want to go while he is still day.

That is why the time of transfer is different from usual.

Hiroshima All of you, you are ready for two days supeeeeeer? ?

Expect moooooooooi! (_) V ☆

PS! !
No. 532 15-05-2009 02h23

I post "Photos of the day"! ♪

No. 533 15-05-2009 13h18

It was delayed in the work ahead, and the aircraft that would take, we have missed (TT)
And the next one could be reserved for the whole team, only the evening flight ...


We can do nothing, we are many ...

Come on, we find the moral, this evening we arrived in Hiroshima! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Sorry ... if it rains lol

Creds: zoomzoom@AHS

Ayu i Sou's blog

Sou har nu alltiså postat Ayu på sin blogg där hon håller i en tallrik med friterad fisk och han i sitt paket cigaretter. Så enkelt var det.

Creds: zoomzoom@AHS

Ayu i svenska nyhetstidningen VK

Idag fick Ayu träda fram i svenskt, ume-anskt tryck för vad jag vet, första gången. En musikbloggare hade skrivit en liten krönika om insperation och där tog Ayu givet en plats. Roligt säger jag!

Creds: Neyvaa aka. Linn

Ayu krönad som bästa popartist i Shojo Beat.

Shojo Beat är en nordamerikansk mangatidning som i Februaris nummer startade den fjärde årliga "SB Music Awards". Amerikaner fick rösta på sina favorit och Ayu vann. Men hon vann inte bara utan hon vann stort!

Creds: taskinillusion@AHS

TA Messages 528-529-530

Today ...
No. 528 10-05-2009 03h01

... I was super motivated, but at the time of departure, there was something that should not occur before a live, car Chon-san suddenly broke down, and it was the race up to the Yokohama Arena. (I find that I am often required to run these days lol)

But if the Live began in strange circumstances, all that faded in an instant, when I heard the screams of all! (_) V

Aaaaaaaaah the warmth of the audience today ... énoooorme!ヽ(0)ノ

The room there was a particular form, with great depth, and what is the bottom bleachers or behind the pit, is the distance with the scene, we can not hear very well sometimes.

But seriously, it was .... nothing to do that! ! ! ! ! lol

Enormes, the clamor ♪ shouting encouragement applause ♪ ♪
So much so that Chon-san, at times, it got even sing! lol

Aaaaaaah, thank you very much for this great moment (*_*)

Tomorrow, we put the fire with the energy received today huh? ∈ ∋ 0

Go, team 2nd day at the Yokohama Arena, we'll all cry, laugh, sing and dance, follow me with all your might to the end, ok? 0 ∈ ∋ ∈ 0 ∋ 0 ∋ ∈

Aaah ... Cheri .... Maro-chan ...
You are super! (laugh)

I forgot! !
No. 529 10-05-2009 03h23

You know, today, just before I return to the first song of the recall, there was a huge "Ayu call" which began ...

I stand by behind the scenes in this state ... → → (>_<) (/_(/_(/_ Aaaah.

Huge. All the spectators were more than a voice ... (*_*)

No. 530 12-05-2009 04h29

The second day in Yokohama, even more energy! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

It was huge, what did the public Kanto! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I wonder how it will happen for the rest of this Tour ...
A seriously almost wonder if something will not break because of this energy to the public, as it increases ...

My team and I also will require that progress every day to not be left behind ... (`_')>

No, really, it was huge.

Well yes, it lasted almost 3 hours! lol
I believe that is the record length so far!

Well, it's true that if it has lasted so long, it is Maro-chan who is the cause ... lol

Come on, once again, we are traveling back into!

Tomorrow, we start to Sendai ♪

All of you in Sendai, may we cross together ......! NEXT LEVEL ☆

It was Chon-chan, whose screen of the laptop is Midoringu! Chargé ↑ ↑ ↑

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com & C+R+E+AYUMI
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story

Mer videos från AT09

Ojojoj ser inte skärmarna helt fantastiska ut?! ^^

For My Dear...


Bridge to the Sky (och lite från NEXT LEVEL)

TA Message 525-526-527

Convince ...
No. 525 07-05-2009 17h32

... that all goes well and show our smiling face as we know so well done.

Not something that starts like that, but the feeling that has really changed.

If I hid my shaking hands , it's because friendship is too cold.

I watched myself with warmth but without conviction it does not heat. Except that it does not look at me at all.

Until I fall and disappears without a trace.

I no longer want to hear or say nice words.

The pain is increasing, then support it as possible.

An air that is too pure has proved to be the calm before the storm.

All these people who seem so nice, what do they really know?

Beyond a look that seems friendly, he is hiding a blade that is called perfidious curiosity .

But what do you want?

But what do you want then?

But where do you want to go?

And with whom do you get it?

This is the first and last time that you will be able to live as you.

After unfolded a large map, you can draw what will be your own way.

Taking care that I drew does not melt and does not trouble because of rain, being careful, I return to my work ...


Go! !
No. 526 08-05-2009 02h09

In search of a Next Level even better, we held a summit meeting.

Hmmm, the second round will be so good...! (_-)- ☆

Well, the prototype of the Live DVD PCDL is finished , Chon-san will make a quick check.


I am ...
No. 527 09-05-2009 02h19

... ready (_) v! ! !

You can come, Round 2! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I will live each moment with most attention!
I remember all the details and locking in my heart.

And I change the subject, but just now I went to jogging.

History to climb up my heartbeats.

Then a man screamed at me completely drunk with a huge voice:


That is what he screamed.

And obviously, everyone who is walking quietly there have heard everything ...
Small panic! lol

Well, the "AYUUUU!!" I can understand. Yes, since I am ... Ayu!
As against the "WOOOOOOOW!!!" ... Believe that? It is a bit limited, no? lol

Finally, it is tomorrow (Ayu said tomorrow because she has posted before going to sleep even if the message is dated 9/05 ...) to Yokohama Arenaaaaa! ♪

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com & Ayu_Ready@AHS
Posted by Ayu's Story

Bilder från Ayumi's lägenhet i Shibuya!

På Ayu.no har det kommit upp bilder från en av Ayu's lägenheter. Denna ligger i shoppingdistriktet Hiroo i Shibuya, Tokyo. Ayu har (inte helt otippat ;) ) fler boenden i Japan, bland annat i Osaka, Fukuoka och Tokyo.

Creds: Ayu.no & Rody!@AHS

Today's pictures 563-568

Photo No. 563: On arrival ...

... of course, here I come!
At Yama-chan.
I went even when I lived in Fukuoka, you think ...
It's a long story of love!
On the right is the boss!
Ah! can be seen better on the second photo.
Thank you for everything, boss! (*_*)

Photo No. 564: So, first ...

A picture proves that Chon-san is very focused when she eats!
Of course, SOU and Minazô are there.
Gori ... is not there, victim of the "flu Gori!

You know what? Bancho to drink a glass of Shochu (alcohol) on the rocks as big as my glass of tea Woolong! Long live Bancho! ! !

Photos No 565: Next ...

... is the great debate about what we eat! lol
Like: "Go, eat your gingko nuts!"
After that, Minazô and SOU have swallowed 10 or 11 bowls of ramen Tonkotsu "(specialty of Fukuoka), Bancho eat a 3 ...

Are they okayyyyyyyyyyyyy? lol

As we left, shaking hands with the boss: "See you soon! ♪"

Photo No. 566: What is long ..

This table!
That is the sushi restaurant where we all went to the team in full, after the second representation.
It comes every year.
And the second photo, right, you see AKIRA who joined us on this tour as a new member is lining my dance! 23 years ... youuuuuuuung it is! lol

Very courageous, so sweet, if you see it, try talking to him!

Too shy, I am sure he will not answer and run! lol

Photo No. 567: Outside ...

This sushi restaurant on the pier across the river ... the crowd (◎ - ◎! !
Since the door of the restaurant to ... at the end of the river, a world waouuuuuuuuuuuuuh! ! ! ! !
And although they are so far, I have made a show of hands, they all answer me! ♪

Photos No 568: In Return ...

... the airport in Fukuoka is overheating! ! ! ! !
How many hundreds were they?
Seriously, it was greaaaaat!
I'm glad I was able to shake many hands!
See you soon! (*_*)

Creds: PinkShinigami & Ayu_Ready@AHS

TA Message 523-524

No. 523 06-05-2009 01h07

... these days should be devoted to the filming of a new CM (happy? ♪), but the Prince, he spoke too much birch, or he felt that was too noticeable birch and that shots were impossible in these conditions (I would rather for it lol)

in fact I do not know why ...

but just tell me:

"The shooting was postponed to next week ♪"

I thought "the Prince is an angel!" lol

So today, I went to massage and then in a "ganbanyoku" (spa with hot stone).
What is unfortunate is that it was raining and I could not walk me.

When, suddenly: "If we shoot next week, it does not lead to a very very busy timetable?" I touched upon this question, but I decided not to think now!

Oh, if I went in Zin's band?

Uh ...
No. 524 06-05-2009 02h05

... I just received an sms on my mobile that I do not know if it is through sympathy or if we make fun of me ... "you have made a spelling mistake"


birch → ×

job → ○

No no no ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♪

Creds: Ayu_Ready@AHS

TA Message 522

No 522 05-05-2009 10h50
I don’t know why…

…but it’s impossible to sleep. Chon-san is always awake.

The dawn has passed, this is a normal morning! lol
Well, that’s enough, go to bed! lol

Even Linda, my housemaid, has already arrived and is all over the place working ♪ Linda only speaks English, and she is basically full of energy!

And when she has too much energy, she begins to speak a weird form of Japanese…!

I love you, Lin chan!!!!! ← this is what I call her.

Well, I’ll change the subject, I once heard that if you eat a lot of lettuce, you’ll sleep well.
So last night, I ate lettuce like a madman…

This is the result.

This is the kind of morning! Lol

Well, I have nothing to do, so I prepared breakfast with Lin chan…! ♪

TA Message 521

First round ...
No. 521 05-05-2009 01h06
... done!

Finally, it's time for my impression of this tour.

Hmmm .... Fukuoka Saitama, it was a succession of such days of tidal waves ...
And icing on the cake, the atmosphere in Fukuoka has been enormous, almost unbelievable, so that for 1 second, I wondered if this was not the last concert of the tour!

When they attend my show, the people of Hakata (_-)- ☆ they do not half-measures!

Really thank you for these moments, perhaps the best of recent times! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

For the second performance in Fukuoka, my city, while I sang the last song, the emotion was a bit overwhelming for me...

For musicians and dancers, too, every day, every day, can be a battle with ourself.

We are all human beings, then it is normal we also have ups and downs depending on the day and the mood.

But it should never be on stage, or spectators, and days where it would feel even a little, while the dream collapse immediately into a loud crash.

That is what I hate most on stage.
I repeat often, but each performance is not "1 date among 35" is indeed "1 single representation of that day, there can have these 2. In other words, I think that each performance can only be "1 on 1 date."

But this does't mean that therefore everyone needs to fight for perfection, this means that everyone is every day the best of himself.
Uh ... what it takes for Chon-san to tell stuff like that? lol

Bah, as the tour is long, at times I think back of all the desire in this way. I firmly believe that it is for me to be the leader that motivates others.

And you know, for my technical staff of the Tour, the work does not stop at night without sleep, food, and then after the show, the need to take down this huge scene, and move it to annother city. And yet again, to the show, and dismount the matching city. These are the kinds of activities they repeat endlessly.

I have a really deep respect for them.

Get all the technical staff, the second round again at the "Ari Yoko (Yokohama Arena), I pray that you can even just rest your mind and your body ... ☆

And while I was making this prayer, I do not know why, Chon-san was walking!

And then, quite naturally, I got lost ...! lol

And looking carefully around me, I realized that I was near my 'home'! lol

Ah .. but the breeze was nice, I felt happy, I walked a lot today...

The people I met, I think they stared at me twice, o_o shocked. lol

Well, I will work with all my strength and I will distract me from all my strength!

Thinking as well (but what this thought? Lol) Chon san returned home ...

Come on, just now, I will soon post photos of the day! (_) V ♪

Creds: PinkShinigami@AHS

PCDL promo video

En liten teaser inför DVD'n. ^^

ARENA TOUR 2009 NEXT LEVEL 2 videos!

Nu har det börjat ploppa upp videos från de olika konserterna. Spana in scenen bara, med alla dess färger och videoskärmar. Åh coola grejor verkligen! Och ja, ljudet är risigt men men.

Bridge to the Sky och Rule.


TA Message 519-520

No. 519 03-05-2009 08h44

It me 'Chon-san', who goes to bed late and get up early!
Wooooooooooow was enormous, the "Hakatakko Powaa" ( "children of Hakata, the local name of Ayu's hometown Fukuoka) ☆
I was so nervous, that I actually speaked the local accent! lol

Come on, this evening, return fire huh! ! ! ! ! ! (_-)- ☆

uh ... no.

What a crowd! !
No. 520 03-05-2009 13h43

Ah, but normal, today is Sunday. I'm still in Hakata!

I do remember that Sunday was so gay in Hakata, to the point where I was really surprised! lol

Seriously, the entire city of Hakata shines. Or spark?

That's huge on Sundays!

But ...

it can not peg the Marine Messe!

To me, Fukuoka, 2nd day! !

Creds: PinkShinigami@AHS

Today's Photo 555-562

Objective 3Km

Around, everybody is looking freaking. laughs

Objective 5Km

Except SOU and me, nobody spoke. Laughs

Kouchi felt from the machine. Laughs

Gori is no longer, and is walking. Laughs

Chon Chin, continued running hilariously. Laughs

Me, I'm fine.

This day, were moved to Shizuoke, an end in about 1 hour.

What is mor, upper photo, the sit-up event.

In the middle, Banchou proclaimed herself a cheerleader.

Bottom photo, the back tournement.

Gori in the front.... are you ok??? Laughs

And, moving in Shin-Osaka Station in a hurry ♪

Everyone, finnaly it was possible (*^_^*)


For Shizuoka!!

By the way, Bancho ended up surrounded by lots of people who told her "kawaii, kawaii" (cute, cute), and at that moment, one (older) man who knew nothing exclaimed,

「But who is this person?」. A great moment. Laughs

Like 「Well, she is Bancho!」. Laughs

See you ♪ ~

And, from the bullet train, the last greeting to all ♪ ♪ ♪


thankyoouu ~(*^_^*)(*^_^*)(*^_^*)


that's imitation of my smileys!

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

TA Message 514-515

The other day,
No.514 2009 years Tuesday, April 28 0:36

Armageddon and Kouichi participated in the 2 photos of the gym, I was going up ... (sweat)

Slightly, ('s help (and I), (hen coming up to you ♪

Going to upload the photos of we together.

Tomorrow's Fukui (^_-)- ☆

(takes breath.....)

No.515 2009 years Tuesday, April 28 21:38 (Sämre översättning med Google).

Bata-Bata, everyone was looking for me to come to Haneda, many who have talked to, I, 前NOMERI want to trot over the cartoons, total daily I did not become a natural conversation >_<

Really, and sorry! ! ! ! !

I can hear the matter and tell you.

You handcuffs, it's, before boarding, and in the case of staff time to read error, one of whom also come as a welcome by the time he is worth another hot sweat Then I, 居TA and I Banchou, leave it for a long, even longer, Banchou

"By running `_'/!!!!!!!"

And, CM UIDA to reproduce the real, the dashes OMOTESANDO seriously cool while sweating out in two large, I guess it's suddenly going ,",,, why? "It is laughs The board also spread like wildfire praying I've waited in a taxi stopped in front of you, I could almost飛BI出from a nearly opposite, a big laugh.

In taxi, 前NOMERI terrible, sitting in the two. Laughs

Banchou mobile is ringing and the first contact from the staff in color-I, about 30 times "So, himself I I I'm in a taxi heading to the airport! " What is the end, I cry a little while. Laughs

I was next to it, and the driver "I live now, I can not乗RI遅RE and emphasized that the absolute or !!!". Is that not true now, it was live tomorrow. Laughs

I, 伝ETARA the time the driver of a plane,

"Ayu-chan, for example, de ska'm aware of time ◎ - ◎ ;??? I hang in OJISAN, that thing, I'm a hopeless time. Traffic and I. "

For it, I.

"Meaning things like that, her uncle T_T T_T T_T"

And, 達SHITARASHIKU overconfidence at the height of heaven, standard dry up.

Do I know.

Homeland, her uncle, running mean.

And, I did not time it.
The moment I saw the terminal, the car, we'll give you a strange sound of joy, 3. Laughs

I, get off at the taxi, high-touch real emotional uncle. Laughs

And, I was also fleeting UKARE.

He was waiting KOUICHI, to come running up in the ultra-serious face "hot." And word.

Oh,,, I did it.

We, only, not just oil - and I arrived at the airport, and yet the plane did not catch.

Dash `_'/! resume ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

And everyone I've come to the table, time to talk and as usual he is not clear, a letter in your hand you受KE取RITAI! ! I, KOSO or trot like mud, or run backwards, and is a shame that some terrible things to demonstrate his MAKUTTA not very IKE laughs It was hard , Please do not overlook. Laughs

After this, at center baggage, the outbreak of the incident once again! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

This is, so seriously depressed, so unamusing書KIMASEN. . .

What is important important important, I've lost. . .

What's lost? /_;

As found, praying for everyone TT

Oh, I was ever so long, calm. I switched.

Tomorrow, I need it wise to wait, all of Fukui! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I promise you the best time ^_-- ☆

会ETA everyone at the airport Komatsu, full smile, Thank you *^_^*

Hand shake, I Love You *^_^**^_^**^_^*

Not-oil, ? landed safely on Fukui, Chon Chan did.

From all power of free minute praying Fukui, but fun.

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

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