Rule i topp i USEN!

Rule ligger i topp i USEN's lista! Detta betyder alltså att Rule är den mest efterfrågade låten på radio och tv denna vecka. ^^  Go Ayu go!!

Today's photos 471 ~ 484

No. 471: The first part of our stay in L.A.

The photos that I haven't had time to publish during the first part of the journey, I will post them now!

First arrival at the studio. I'm greeted by "Prince".
Then a smile because I'm going to sing again and again! Motivation to the top!

No. 472: Which vocal ...

... approach can I do ? I'm in full reflexion.
But ultimately, we made several attempts, and one time were like, "that's it! this is it! ! ! ! !" But in the end we still couldn't find the right one!
Afterward, we concentrated until we were satisfied with the result.
Don't deviate.

No. 473: "Fashion check"

The military jacket, found at Fred Segal. I wanted to wear a loose-fitting coat, so I took it from a male mannequin.
Also I love the slogan on the back ♪
The scarf is from McQueen.
This isn't the silk one that I often wear these days. It's the one that really helps fight against the cold! lol
I have pink and white.
The dress shirt is from Tsubi ... I think? lol
The shoes are Balenciaga.

No. 474: Next ...

I'm thinking about the direction that to give the arrangements.
This is a moment that I love, but my head doesn't work with the same efficiency as usual.
But I don't give up!

No. 475: The Promise

That is what is up your alley! lol
The days when I succeed to sing like I want, I strike the pose !
This is a studio. We believe that it really hides a sound monster.
That's my impression.

No. 476: No error ...

... it isn't easy to walk with, but without error, they are too cute! ! ! ! !
Huhuhu (*_*)

No. 477: So...

It's the first stay in LA, and the last day of recording.
Today I'm full of energy, too! ♪ cute, right? ♪
Ah, of course, even if the work begins, I'm simply saying that I must not forget to indulge myself ... right?

No. 478: "Fashion Check"

It seems that you like this item so I will try to persevere!
This tweed jacket with some small tape on its sleeves that is too cute is a "Chaneko" (Chanel).
The mid-leg black trousers... it's "Mom" who gave it to me, of course it's a PJ! (*_*)
It's very easy to wear! ! !
The shoe is Balenciaga. Yellow "gladiators"

No. 479: Nobita-kun ...

played on the piano.
It's irresistible !!!
It's beautiful !!

No. 480: Too beautiful

I don't want to lose face at the piano live. I sing with all my depth. I put in all that's in my heart.

No. 481: Regardless ...

There have been off-days. Days when it didn't work.
I was so disappointed, so disappointed.
I returned to the hotel and cried all I could.

No. 482: In my dressing room

as you can see, always discreetly the Record Plant family drops off messages for me, warm messages and chocolate that I love.
Thank you very much.

No. 483: On the plane

That's how I've prepared! ♪
And then through this master plan, you discover during the travel, Chon-chan's room!

No. 484: The egg's shell was broken

From the outside, Chon-chan is in a place that looks like the inside of an egg.
Here, I'm writing my posts.
It's so spacious that my feet don't reach the footrest.
It's also true that I changed my style and hair color.

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

TA Message 458+459

I forgot ...
No. 458 20-02-2009 21h21

to tell you something very important.

The music that accompanies the Panasonic CM is the title of the main song of the album this year.


When you have time, go read the lyrics.

This is a song I wrote, under the skies of Hawaii, thinking very deeply in my heart on all that I shared with you, with certitude, members of the "TA".

This is a song where we can go together to the next stage.
This is a song where you can walk.

That's all ! (*^_^*)

No.459 20/02/2009 21h22

To the next stage, which begins to move,
we continue to walk together.

This only road never ends,
we continue to illuminate it.

How will we take
this fresh start that,
once again, presents itself here?

While looking at the sky, my face was lit by a gentle smile
I heard "Don't be afraid, everything is fine"
While looking at the sky, a small tear flowed
Even the scars left by the past seem sweet today.

The sign tells us that a vibrant future, makes our looks meet each other.

Our hearts are beating so strong,
What will they choose and represent?
What is the map that will take shape?

If you feel the wind, grip our hands strongly
Because we don't need many words to understand each other
If you feel the wind, begin to walk with conviction and with the same speed we will see the same landscape

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

TA Message 455- 456 - 457

Pfffffff ...
No. 455 20-02-2009 12:35

I can't fly today, either.

In Los Angeles, Stan-chan and Luis await my arrival with the rest of the crew...

The crew is composed of the best technicians in New York or L.A
Such work... it's obvious that I want to do iiiit !

Whatever happens tomorrow, if I don't leave Japan, it's "time out."

Game over.

I'm motivated to go to Narita even if I don't have a ticket yet!

Do you want to join me in waiting for a cancellation? lol

No. 456 20-02-2009 12:48

I almost forgot! On the Panasonic website, as I told you some time ago, you may see the ads that I share with Pecoburi-sama and the dancers!

If there are those among you who have not seen it yet, I urge you to see it!

No. 457 20-02-2009 20h49

...I'll go.

I'll go, but...

... my ticket ...

I got iiiiiiiiiiit ! ! ! ! !

Finally. To be more precise, of course it wasn't me who bought it.

It was in fact our Prince, who showed how imperative it was that I travel tomorrow.

And if I tell you how I'm going to go to L.A ...

First, I go from Narita to San Francisco.

And then from San Francisco to L.A we rented a private jet.

You know, I'm writing this with a nonchalant attitude...

but for many reasons, it's increeeeedible!

So I'll go?

I'll goooo ! ! ! ! !

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

TA Message 452 - 453 - 454

No. 452 18-02-2009 14h52

... or not. Perhaps this morning??? I have the impression that I came back home as a zombie.

I took a bath with Cocoa... and I can't remember anything else! lol

The only thing I know is that I have a somewhat limited PV

About that, remember that the director is Shimoko...

Enough to understand why the PV is limited, isn't it? lol

Today I'm busy shooting for covers and magazines.

Hmmm, I think I survive with my will! lol

Aaaah, my computer is still full of photos that could be published in "Today's Photos". I'll try to find time to see to it.

Yea, tomorrow, for me it's the computer...!

No. 453 18-02-2009 23h17

Time is short.

Tomorrow may not be the moment to use the computer.

postponed to after tomorrow ....

Byyyye !

So, then,
No. 454 20-02-2009 01h49

For the 10th year... uh no, it's already the 11th...

... I'll confront a crazy schedule that must be the three busiest ones!
I think I'm going to turn into a wax statue...

It was in this atmosphere that we completed the final audition selection of the dancers for this year's tour.

The women's team consists of four people, and they haven't changed: All my "big sisters" are there.

The team of men, though, will be composed of Gomi, Shuchi, Suba-sama, Maro-chan, Zin-san as well as three new members.

Concerning these three, I will present them to you later.

Anyway, of course the first test is to know if the person is able to dance or not, but I decided to choose those who feared nothing in the result, those who gave their all having no regrets, who put aside their pride with a total commitment to the body and soul, and, in short, those who have demonstrated full commitment.

Yes, that's right.

It's "passion."

With a new wind blowing on her, with a new power, Ayu, and her team, will go to meet all of Japan! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I promise you that the scene this year will be exceptional. No, seriously!

You can really believe me! ! ! ! ! ! !

And you must wonder when I will do "it" with the computer ?

When I make a good break in my schedule.

When? Impossible to say.

Indeed, nothing is sure today.


Well, I do what I....?

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

ViVi Deji Deji Vol 103 ~ Making of Rule PV

Creds: babamon@AHS

Rule/Sparkle 1st press posters + promo poster

1st press posters:

Promo poster:

Creds: ~angel*ayumi~@AHS

Rule/Sparkle [NINKI]

Ayu's NINKI för Rule/Sparkle är 126.20

01 126.20 浜崎あゆみ - Rule/Sparkle
02 84.80 flumpool - 星に願いを
04 70.10 小田和正 - さよならは 言わない
05 56.20 湘南乃風 - 親友よ
06 55.70 新垣結衣 - piece
07 45.90 abingdon boys school - STRENGTH
08 40.80 大塚愛 - バイバイ
10 34.50 すぎもとまさと - 曙橋 ~路地裏の少年~
Days/GREEN = 150.80
Mirrorcle World = 84.00
talkin' 2 myself = 127.90
glitter/fated = 154.70

Ja NIKI är ju bara en ungefärlig uträkning på hur de tror att säljes när de väll släpps på marknaden. Hur som, nummrerna ser ut att bli lika till t2m's siffror. Spännande att se hur det går.

Panasonic LUMIX FX40 CM!

Och i bakgrunden kan vi höra nya låten NEXT LEVEL!. ^^
Påminner lite om GREEN imo. Låter som en galet sockersöt låt. :)

15s Version

30s Version


TA Message 446 - 447 - 448 - 449

Ja nu hamnade jag i lite osynk. Nåväl, hehe, nedanför detta inlägg finns det nyare inlägg från Ayus TA blogg. ;) Don't miss them out!

At this moment ...
No. 446 14-02-2009 23h17

while I'm on my computer, I'm packing my luggage.

With other things going on, like the casting to do for the dancers for the tour, I have to come back to Japan.

And then I bought gifts in Hawaii, but I was so busy everywhere that I missed! lol

Do something! m(__)m KAZ!

Oh, if I post a today's photo ...
Can I do it?
My departure is in 4 hours ...
Come on, I'll try!

A false history.
No. 447 15-02-2009 05h17

... or rather, a story that I want to be false.

So! To all those who have noticed that something was wrong... here's the answer.

Yes: I shouldn't be able to write you a message right now!
I should be in the aircraft.

We missed the flight...(-_-)
We were stuck in a giant traffic jam .(-_-)

Here I'm back with all my baggage that I had carefully made.

Tell me... seriously... what can we do here?

With this, our planning is garbage!
Seriously, I don't want to laugh ...

A nightmare? A bad nightmare?

Well ...
No. 448 16-02-2009 02h12

Here, the nonsense story continues.

Chon-chan is still stuck in L.A.

This time, we can't find a free seat on any airplanes. They are all occupied ...

If things went normally, today, at this time, I would have been in the middle of a slap-bang shooting for a new PV in Tokyo.

My heart is starting to pain me ...(>_<)

Climb aboard!
No. 449 16-02-2009 17h58

finally I could board!
And there, we just got out of Narita airport.

When at the LAX airport, there were places that opened up. Hashimoto Prince called us with strength: "I have them !!!"

And when I heard that, I didn't know what was the matter. I ordered food through room service.
No comment.

So we can say I returned safely.

For my luggage, I recognized that I put in a hurry what I kept on hand so I don't quite know what's inside! lol

I left 90% of my stuff at the hotel lol
I think it's Stan-chan and Louise who will take care of that.

I'm driving to the film set of the nextPV!
I will do it with the strength of my will!
And to all those who came to greet me in Narita, really thank you very much! (**)

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

TA Message 450 - 451

Man får veta vem regissören till ett nytt PV är och det är Kazuyoshi Shimomura, samma man som gjorde Mirrorcle World och GREEN. Ärligt det gör mig besviken, hans PV's är aldrig lika underbara som Ishii, eller ens bra? Wellwell, hope he will prove me wrong.

I'm finally ...
No. 450 17-02-2009 04h35

... back.

I've finally come back to my home.

The shooting went went rather well today.

Come on. I'll start with a good bath ...

No. 451 17-02-2009 09h39

... it's the continuation of the yesterday's shooting.

I sing, taking stupid and strange pauses, but when I do exactly what Shimoko, who directs, wants, it's always that! lol

Come on. Today, I will be transformed into a strange, soft creature, and I'll go for it! Be brave!!!!!

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

Today's photos 466-467-468-469-470

No. 466: And then ...

Slap-bang mix.
They all want to really make the sound alive. Of course it sometimes becomes difficult.
They all work at least 12 hours in a row. It takes a great concentration!

No. 467 in the right direction ...

I'm full of doubt.

Nobita also.

No. 468: Meanwhile ...

JK-san works on another song in another studio
JK-san of course gives his best! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I think the silhouette of a person who fights giving everything is really beautiful.

No. 469 : Well

So? ? ?
We're all super involved.
Come on, last doiiiiing!

No. 470: MIX

that's it, it's finish ! ! ! ! !
Frankly, it's very classy!

All their efforts, the Ayu staff, JK-san, Nobita-kun, aren't half-measures.

I can't find words to express my gratitude to see them support me with all of their strength.

Ah, the tears are coming as I write. I think I'll to stop.

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

Today's photos 461-462-463-464-465

Photos No 461: In the Studio...

... on each door the names of artists, directors, producers are displayed... the corridor is verrrryyyy classssyyy! ! !
In the photos, here is the Chon-chan version! ♪

Photos No 462: Super cool ...

the sound we got!
Finished work for today! ♪
Ayu returns home. "Otsukaresama deshitaaa!" ☆

Photo No. 463: The "special" day! !

That's our Gyo-chan !
When I returned, he wore it on his head! lol

No. 464: It begins!

So first, the lunch for yesterday.
It was at Fred Segal cafe.
We often go here.
Stan-chan always takes a steak.
Heavily from the P.M. ... lol

No. 465: Fashion check

The bag's Chanel.
Instead of vertical form, it's funny and cute.
The sweater and the scarf is from "Thomas Wylde"
The pullover contains "trinal" rhiestone manufactured. It's rock!

Second photo. The Boyfriend Denim is the same brand as the one I wore in Hawaii. It's a "CURRENT / ELLIOTT"
This is a version without "Dammage"

Sandals, they are "Silver x gold" from Lanvin.

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

TA Message 442+443+444+445

Again ...
No. 442 13-02-2009 21h11

I will try to publish my "video journal"

I'll come back lateeeeer! ♪

vroouuum ..! f (ー;

Aaah ...
No. 443 13-02-2009 21h56

This time, the camera man is Cho-chan. In my opinion it wasn’t quite that ... (ゞ
The next time I'll aim slightly higher.

By the way, Morimoto-san took images of great quality! ! ! !
I would show you aaaaalll !!

But they are so funny, it's almost dangerous (lol)

Well, I feel that I can’t write my sentences correctly. I will turn to the today’s photo ...

Bye !

Not one photo ...
No. 444 14-02-2009 06h48

... but how many photos of the day?

I will post them, ok? ♪

You know, here, today, it rained!

And if I tell you how busy we are every day, well, I remember yesterday night JK-san played the guitar while we couldn't distinguish the white of his eyes! lol

7 today's photos
No. 445 14-02-2009 08h34

It’s in the process of publishing!

it takes a little time, but KAZ said it will be finished very soon.

By the way, you will understand how we are tremendously busy, watching that the blog by JK-san hasn’t been updated with a post ...! lol

To all of you to "TA," when you get a moment, you know, if you could send a message of encouragement, I'm sure when he sees it, he will be very happy! (*_*)

... ah, I have not finished writing, but it seems like the photos are ready! !

Bye …

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

Special packetering av NEXT LEVEL

[2CD + DVD]
※ Special Edition Package: Color Case Spec.: Rosa

[CD + DVD]
※ Special Edition Package: Color Case Spec.: Blå

※ Special Edition Package: Color Case Spec.: Grön

[USB Memory]
※ Special Edition Package: Color Case Spec.: Gul

Source: Official Website

Panasonic LUMIX FX-40

Nytt CM. ^^
Eller hittills är det bara en bild från den men då kommer den snart. Ska vi våga hoppas på en ny sång till CM'et? ^^ 

På bilden ser vi Ayu och hennes staff!! Minns ni när Ayu skrev om "the girly day"...? Det torde vara detta iaf. :)

Det är:
övre raden: Ayu, *okänd*, princess, peco
nedre raden: kayanocchi, midoring, aki, chisa.

Offical FX40 website

[Max Matsuura's Blogg] (9/02/2009)

that day was jan 1st 1999,first ayumi hamasaki album ....
on the stores we rallied the girls who promoted album by puttin on ayu's staff clothes....
in the shibuya music stores we're spreedin stamp form,provided that geeting those stamp in some stores you'd get a swepstakes to attend ayumi first live.....
also in d front of hachikou statue,on 3 giant tv played ayu's cm and pv.
i wasn't able to stay calm,i rent a car which has a tremendous sound system from ma friend....stuckin all ayu's poster,playin d music with full volume,and i drive it all alone n non-stop roving shibuya....
on d way near from d hachikou statue,stopped a missionaries car ,becaouse of it prevented d sound which out froum d monitor,directly i asked them to move their car (on the other day i become a friend of them,this matter i'll tell u latter)

some time latter,they begin d shermon ,n i asked them with all my might to move to the other place...
n i my self couldnt believe it,they moved,may be theye were touched by my veracity....

back again within a month,that time i made an ayu chat on ayu's website,i called some teens which has a great relationship with me to home,let them to hear ayu's album that just finished,then i asked their opinion.then we did karaoke.the main thing was anything i could do i had to do.

those teens,some of them now workin at avex.

on music industry,artist called as hamasaki ayumi ever been judged that she'll never success.
and we had to do anything we can..
i will never forget this spirit memory forever








ハチ公前の3つの大ビジョンすべてを浜崎あゆみのPVとアルバム告知を流すということもやった 。




















Bloggen: Max's blogg
Creds: a_kingdom21@AHS

Sparkle [full song]

Galet annorlunda. Väldigt mkt madonna, men men. Texten är även den helt annorlunda.

Artikel om Ayu's steg mot digital musik.

Ayu takes digital music to the "Next Level"

Ayumi Hamasaki's tenth original album, "NEXT LEVEL," marks a new stage in the era of digital music. With the industry gradually shifting away from CDs, Hamasaki has decided to make the album available to fans on a USB flash drive.

USB distribution has been tried by indies artists before, but this is a first for a major label in Japan. The USB album will be released in limited quantity on the same day as the regular CD version on March 25. "NEXT LEVEL" will be released in a total of 4 different packages, including a CD+DVD combination. The USB edition will include all 13 tracks from the regular CD, 6 music videos, and a lyric booklet.

The USB flash drive itself will have a capacity of 2 GB. The album will take up about 800 MB, while the remaining 1.2 GB of space is free to use. At a price of 6,800 yen, the USB version is said to be a bargain, as typical USB drives reportedly sell for around 4,000 to 5,000 yen.
The USB will be packaged in a case the same size as a normal CD case, making it easy to display in stores. Oricon will apparently include the USB drive version in its sales tracking.

Hamasaki explained, "As the way we listen to music changes from day to day, I looked at things from the listener's perspective and decided to sell it this way."

Creds: freedreamer@AHS

Today's photos 454-455-456-457-458-459-460

No. 454: I got it!


I succeeded to photograph him while he working in his training lair (lol)

Second photo.
Ah! He sees meeeee! ! ! ! !
He has really bad expression huh? (lol)
But in reality, you know, he’s very nice and very funny! ☆

No. 455: This is the famous ...


If I tell you what is great about him, is that once he went to the hotel to work ... but soon he came back to the studio, saying: "I felt a little sad ..."!

And then in the studio, he resumed his work in the Game Center.

No. 456: Yesterday ...

We had lunch on the terrace.
A magnificent view you know ...
Because it was beautiful, I thought to write my lyrics on the terrace, but when I brought my computer, the wind was too strong and got the better of him.

No. 457: These days ...




.... I'm slap-bang in these three.
First photo, sunglasses, scarf, the riders, the whole of MQUEEN! ♪ ♪ ♪
And the another, look at the design of the lining of the riders. It isn’t beautiful? ☆

No. 458: So

is it like if I sing in my little corner? lol
Here is a hypeeeeeeeer known Studio. It’s always attended by many artists who come here!
I love this great space and sound it offers ☆

No. 459: There he is!

It’s the Poe's is the Super (?) which is currently in vogue.

The leather jacket and scarf are from MQUEEN.
The yellow bag that I carry is a sling from Chanel.
And then, these gladiator sandals from Balenciaga... so cute! ☆

No. 460: come back to the studio ...

We check the records that we just make and confirm what we have planned for tomorrow...

Ah! Kome’s crest is quite damaged!

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

TA Message 439

Quite frankly
No 439 12-09-2009 03h22

... we stopped in the middle of the "Today’s photo" lol!
It seems that it wasn’t possible to do more lol!

let’s go, pull ourselves together and keep doing it! (^_-)- ☆

(soba tea ...)

Ayus videoblogg 2 från L.A.

Ah ! dreary atmosphere...

Are you alive there ?

Ah ! here is someone that I couldn't film yesterday

It's Kome chan !

there! it's the bonus take !

Good cheer everyone !

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

Ayus videoblogg från L.A.

No. 441 12-02-2009 22h20

For once, I'll post my video blog!

Kaz edit it next to me ♪

The cameraman is ...

Chon-chaaaan! (^_^) v

Hello everyone, good evening, hello !

It's Stan chan hiiii !

and it's dark !

There are Morimoto san and Nobita kun !

Come on, tell me something !

What do you want we tell you ?

Yea, everyone !

Nobita kun, tell something !

huumm...I'm Nobita kun !

Hey, He hasn't a cold hum ?

Ahhh ! He's here !! undergoing training !!

Yes, I Learn !

Aaaah, But Wait ! with this stuff behind, he has a zebra-striped face! He learn !

He's JK san !

Yes I Learn

Tell me something please, a comment

huumm, as I'm undergoing training...

Ahhh he's pale-faced !

Wait...Ah ! it's better

So, I'm CMJK

It's me who is called the fuddy-duddy !

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

10th album [NEXT LEVEL] ute 25 Mars!!!

Yesbox! Nya albumets namn är ute. NEXT LEVEL. Den kommer att säljas i flera olika versioner. 2CD+DVD, CD+DVD och CD. I 2CD+DVD-versionen kommer i finna utvalda mp3-låtar från PCDL! ^^ Och längst ner på bilden kommer ni ser världens sötaste USB-minne som kommer vara en extra gåva för de som lyckas skaffa limited edition. ^^ Galet sött!

Så nu väntar vi på en tracklist och covers! :D

TA Message 438: Ayu möter ett kinesiskt fan i L.A.

Here ...
No. 438 11-02-2009 21h25

... it's 4 a.m.

The whole Ayu-team is always at work.

In fact, just now, there was a break and I went to the supermarket nearby.
We went to buy our snacks!

Stan-chan and Gyo-chan were wisely at the checkout.
I walked around the surrounding area in the meantime.

Then behind me I hear, "'Scuse me please!"

Surely it was hesitant, but it was Japanese that I heard.

So naturally, I turned around.

And then:

"Booooooooooooooooo (0)ノ!!!!"

he said with a huge smile!

My reaction ↓

_ ",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?????( ○ ○ )?????"

And he added without hesitation:


And then, I understood.

In fact, what he said was "bankeibooo" (my name pronounced in Chinese).

I don't know why he retained my name in Chinese.
But it's true, I thought Chon-chan should get used to the "boooo" or "bouuuu" ...

Ah! ! ! ! Chon-chan, she succeeded!
When necessary, I know how to cling on eh?

I managed to photograph JK-san and Nobita-kun, and they didn't realize!

Soon I will put it in "Today's photo"! Curious to see? (*_*)

Byyyyyye !!!

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

Bilder från inspelning i L.A.

Creds: Ayumiko@AHS

TA Message 435+436+437

Ah! I was wrong!
No. 435 10-02-2009 11:32

Resumption of training!

Resumption of training!

Resumption of training!

(repeat )

That's right!

Today's photos
No. 436 10-02-2009 17h27

I'm posting theemmm ♪

Helloow !
No. 437 11-02-2009 06h10

Here it's 1 p.m. in the afternoon!

Today I woke up at 11 a.m. Hmm, I feel that here in Los Angeles, I will not be subject to jet lag. ☆

Yesterday, finally, we worked almost until daybreak... in fact we keep the same pace as in Tokyo.

Oh, JK-san has arrived this morning without incident.
And he immediately set to work.

With the famous portable.
Just now, I take a photo in his knowledge! lol

Currently, there is another arrangement, which I call Nobita-kun, well this Nobita-kun is currently in the main studio and is recording a lot of different instruments.

Sounds that are only born in the air in LA ☆

The sounds of instruments in this song, I should be recording them in this studio in L.A ! ! That's what I thought, and I can't wait to hear the result! ♪

Today too, in the morning, everyone -- Kome, Morimoto-san, JK-san, Nobita-kun, all those of Ayu management staff and also Stan-chan -- is active!

I also took all the photographs without their knowledge, and I'll put in the "Today's Photos," ok? (_-)- ☆

Come on! Attack me, new song!


Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

Today's photos 448-449-450-451-452-453 : Pics of Los Angeles

Photo No. 448: Arrival at Narita

On the far right there's a man talking on the phone jammed between his head and shoulder. On the right is a man who always travels with a lot of baggage using "hands-free."

He's called Boomerangblue.

Photo No 449: Today

It's during extreme cold weather. The smiling faces of all those who gave me lots of things.

Thaaaaanks huh?

Photo No. 450: Computeeeer

With such a blue sky, a violent wind rose suddenly, and he even had a big shower!

We found Stan without problem

Photo No. 451: Stan-chan

We were so hungry that we turned into wax statues.

First it was a lunch with everyone.

Chon-chan stared at the waiter (why?)

Today, it's Cuban cuisine!

We love Cuban cuisineeeee!

Photo No 452: After ...

A kind person who must choose between eating and talking!

Another photo: A kind person who takes too much food into her mouth and gets embarrassed!

What? In fact, the explanation that surfaced is that Chon-chan was the most hungry! lol

Go! Good cheer for registration!

Photo No 453: On Tokyo ...

It was sent by calculating of the time of my return!

A kitty-chan all shiny! (*^_^*)

Too cuuuuuuuuute ! !

So cute that I can’t use it ! ! !

But, finally I'll use it lol!

Thank you very much! ! ♪

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

TA Message 432+433+434

No. 432 .09-02-2009 01h21

... it's time to go back on the computer? ? ?

This is the kind of feeling that glides in the air.

Today, right now, I’m in Tokyo?

In any case, all I can say clearly is

JK-san, pack and go!

Ciao !

Right now,
No. 433 09-02-2009 12:10

I'll cross through the door to go somewhere.

And even though I’m leaving in a very short time, I haven’t even packed my bags!

What could I taaaaaake?

Byyyyyyyye !!!

No. 434 10-01-2009 11:26

I'm in L.A.!

The moment the plane I took was put in landing mode, I heard one big thud. And wondering what it could be, I realized that it was rain. A ton of it. A real joke! It's as if my power to make rain was strangely globalized.

KAZ took full pictures, even at the airport, I will send "Photos of the day" ☆

JK-san, on our side, we are ready!

We waiting for yoooou !!!

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

TA Message 431 + Today's photo 447 : Dentist's story

Ayu besöker alltså tandläkaren och postar även en bild därifrån.

It's really ...

No. 431 08-02-2009 00h33

... tawdry for a new layout, huh?
Not bad, eh?

I'll go! ! ! ! ! ! !

That is what inspires it, right?

Even if my poses are without explanation, they had to be inspired by the universality of the meeting of these basic colors.

I'm changing the subject, but now, between two sessions, I went to the dentist.

And then they put in my mouth a little thing like what you'd give to baby. How would you say it... a kind of pacifier, pretty much.

But it seems that this accessory was too big. I thought it made my jaw drop, and I felt like my mouth was glued to my eyes ... (what does that mean? lol). And the nurse noted, "It's too large, isn't it?" and she had it exchanged with another one.

Then the dentist told the nurse something that worried me.

"You know, let's use the child-sized one."'s like this...??? lol

He's good, the doc. It was exactly the right size... lol

It's true that, for shoes, I do 36**

Well, I'll send the photo of the day !

**No idea what this means.

No 447

"This is the child-sized model.
By the way, for adults, this accessory is red. And it is true that yellow is particularly ... !!!

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

Nytt album i Mars!!!

Yesbox, i Avex's kartalrapport avslöjas alla album som släppts/släpps detta kvartal (jan-mars). Och där minsan finer man:

 1月発売倖田來未「TRICK」
 3月発売東方神起「The Secret Code」
 3月発売BoA 「BEST&USA 」
 3月発売浜崎あゆみ「未定」

"CD Album Release Plans"

Last one listed, March. Hamasaki Ayumi. No title yet.

Wohooooo!! Mars är ju så snart! Tagga! :D
Detta betyder ungefär 7 nya låtar till oss fans! Tjoho!!

Rule PV

Ah - Rule PV
Uploaded by Gkone

Ayu's official site uppdaterad!

Frän va? Besök den själv. ^^ CM'et syns :D

B3 posters med Rule/Sparkle first press bonus!

Vad vi vet än så länge gäller detta bara hos CDJapan och inte YesAsia tyvärr. Hos CDJ ska de skicka ut 2 olika posters som skickas ut slumpmässigt så har man beställt två skivor kan man råka få samma poster.

Hur som, för de som vill beställa från CDJ kommer länkar. ^^
CD/DVD Jacket A
CD Jacket B
CD Jacket C

Rule på SSTV

Jajjemen! I veckan kommer Rule PV att sändas! :D

Mer preview av Rule PV!

OOoh lookie lookie. Mer dans från Ayus sida OCH hon har en stoooor tatuering på ryggen. Cool stuff!

TA's sida uppdaterad med Rule!

Inte hennes officiella ännu utan hittills bara TeamAyu's hemsida. Snygg va? ;)

AT2008 Ayupans hos YesAsia!

Nu finns de att beställa, som vanligt med ett slumpmässigt urval av alla 7 så dubletter kan hända.
Men vem kan motstå de små raringarna? ^^
Inte jag!

Dragonball Evolution International trailer

Förmodligen kommer vi i Sverige få ta del av denna version i framtiden. ^^ Lite längre än den franska med mer av Ayu's Rule.

GREEN nominerad för bästa scenografi

Green är nominerad i Space Shower TV's Music Video Awards. ^^
Lycka till!

Creds: pommy408@AHS

Today's Photo No 442+443+444+445+446

No 442:
Ayumi säger att det alltid är så mörkt varje morgon hon ska iväg till studion och ibland även kallt så de tar bilen. Här står hon och väntar på Stan's bil.

No 443:
Här intar hon en pose och säger "Aloha" men det var innan hon insåg att dörren var låst vilket var lite problematiskt.

No 444:
Bilder från studion medan hon sjunger, barfota igen. (Någon som börjar förstå flygplansvaktens förfrågan om alla barnkläder?) ;)

No 445:
En till bild från studion.

No 446:
Ayumi la till en bild lite senare med kommentaren: "I'm hungry! I want to eat a Green Curry !"

Creds: Incognito-ayu@AHS

Today's Photo No 438+439+440+441

Snabb översättning:

No 438:
Ayumi tyckte vädret var så fint med skinade sol så hon gick till studion denna morgon.

No 439:
Hon påpekar att hennes mun är öppen för att hon sjunger.

No: 440
Bilden i studion lyckades kameran fånga precis när alla sa "Finish yeaaaah"!

No 441:
I den sista bilden skriver Ayu om mannen brevid henne som ska vara mästaren på frisyrer, Kome. ^^

Creds: Incognito-ayu@AHS

Unik present till TA medlemmar och beställer Rule/Sparkle.

De Team Ayu Medlemmar som beställer Rule/Sparkle över mu-mo verkar få en liten extra present.
En notebook eller något liknande.

Rule CD's covers!

Och här de alla samlade. Groovy ey? ;P

CD/DVD Jacket A

CD Jacket B

CD Jacket C

TA Message 422 + 423 + 424

Ayu fortsätter att spela in. Jag vill då tro att det är ett nytt album på gång med all denna inspelning!

No. 422 01-02-2009 03h17

Today I woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning.

It was all black, and I had a reasonable fear lol

In fact, if I were in Tokyo, this would be a time when I'm still working... that's what I thought while eating tacos in pajamas. Unknown meaning lol.

Well, of course, today I go to the studio, but even though it's already 8 o'clock, it's still too cold outside. I can't go out lol

I'm wrapped in a bathrobe, barefoot.

Come on, starting in a few moments ...? ♪

Hmm I have to think about gifts for all of you "TA"....

See yaaaa !

No. 423 02-02-2009 13h39

The sun has just gone down, and we're in full "magic hour".

And I think it's a real luxury for me to write you a message while I contemplate such great landscape.

We ended up to mixing a song. Tomorrow we will work on a new song.

Really, thank you to all my staff who, day after day, adapt to my pace of life in full jet lag, and accept to work hard even in the very early morning.

For February, the Ayu team has a busy schedule.

But I'm sure that with such team, we can do everything.

Given everything that's happened, I realize this every day from my work as well.

Ah ... it's dark now.

I'll come back later!

Wish strongly, so strongly
And everything will start
To believe, that is,
Nothing but to wish *

I'll c u soon .....

* WE WISH lyrics

No. 424 03-02-2009 15h26

I haven't posted messages" or "today's photo". Sooryyy (>_<)! !

Hmm, the Ayu team has less and less free time... lol

Whenever I can, I send a picture of the day (← it's idle huh?)

Well, 4 lines... and I go away! lol

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

TA Message 421 + Today's photo 432-433-434-435-336-337

En heeeel del bilder. Men inte oss emot. ^^ Här får vi följa Ayus dagar på Hawaii, någon som vill byta? :P

Now ...

No. 421 31-01-2009 15:18

KAZ will post "today's photos"! ♪

Today there are a lot !!!

Have fun!

No. 432: Today,

... I arrived at the studio while it was still very dark.
This is the "Honolulu Avex Studio".
Today it was a bit fresh, so I'm wearing sheepskin.
My bag is a Balenciaga Navy.

No. 433: And then ...

I siiiiiing! ♪
Very concentrated!
And barefoot of course!

No. 434: The studio ... very wide as you see.
But I sang in a little corner lol
Yea, otherwise I don't feel at ease.

The second photo shows Kome, famous for his crest. Beside him is CMJK-san who made the arrangements.
In the foreground is Morimoto-san!

No. 435: A North Shore

Admiring endless sea, contemplating the sky,
It almost made me cry lol

No. 436: This is ...

our place for lunch.
Well no need to emphasize that we have ordered too much lol
And there is the face that people realized that these dishes are super spicy! lol

No. 437: The last of the days

At Matsumoto Shave Ice, I got some clothes and a cap.
And more clothes for my dogs! ♪
Pattern with sweets are so cute! ☆
On the right is a denizen met by chance.

But no! This is Stan-chan, come on! lol
But what are you dooiiinng... lol

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

Rule PV preview!

Var är allt dansande hon har skrivit så mkt om? ;P

Rule i officiell fransk Dragonball trailer.

Let's watch!

Hoppas vi får en engelsk version i våra tv-apparater här hemma oxå. ^^

TA Message 419

Today ...
No. 419 31-01-2009 02h02

... I woke up at 5 am.

I will soon go to the recording ♪

By the way, here it is 7 o'clock in the morning.

I contemplate the sky, and I tell myself I have no reason to be sad.

Although I'm far, we are connected, aren't we?

I don't make mistakes thinking this, right?

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

TA Message 418

a little while ago...
No 418 30-01-2009 6h31

... Chon-chan of the day has been photographed with "kira kira ban", so I put the photos in "today's photo" !(^_-)- ☆

In fact, we are fully jet-lagged, and we start recording from 7 o'clock in the morning! lol

Unthinkable in Tokyo! lol

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

First press info!

Rule/Sparkle kommer släppas i en first press edition och det är de med de målade skivorna av Mr. Toriyama (Dragonballs originalmålare). Bilder på de vanliga versionerna kommer vid skivsläpp.

Order away:

CD/DVD Jacket A
CD Jacket B
CD Jacket C

Bilder! Ayupans AT08

Söta va? ^^

Rule/Sparkle Cover!

Bild från Rule/Sparkle cd. Nu vet vi inte vilken version denna bild är till men hey, vi har en bild! Och får jag säga att jag älskar den. Sådär härligt firece i ögonen och själva stilen med håruppsättning påminner så starkt om 02-03-04's Ayumi så jag blir helt lycklig i kroppen.  ^^

Bilderna på skivorna ska vara målade av Akira Toriyama.


10th Anniversary DOCUMENT BOOK hos YesAsia

Så nu ger YA oss chansen att köpa in denna photobook, för dyrt för min smak men jag hoppas den är i galet bra kvalitet för det priset!

ayumi hamasaki Asia Tour 2008 10th Anniversary DOCUMENT BOOK (Limited Edition / w DVD)
US$122.99 = 952 svenska kronor.

ayumi hamasaki Asia Tour 2008 10th Anniversary DOCUMENT BOOK (Normal Edition)
US$59.99 = 465 svenska kronor.

Ny tacklista tille Rule/Sparkle

Länge sen sist man fick se fler än en remix på Ayus singlel. Jag klagar inte alls. ^^ Då väntar vi bara på att singelns olika covers ska komma!


- CD

01. Rule (Original mix)
02. Sparkle (Original mix)
03. Rule (80kidz's "No More Rule" mix)
04. Rule (Remo-con "tech dance" remix)
05. Rule (Original mix -Instrumental-)
06. Sparkle (Original mix -Instrumental-)


1. Rule (Music Clip)
2. Rule (Making Clip)

<CD Version A>

01. Rule (Original mix)
02. Sparkle (Original mix)
03. Days (8-bits of tears YMCK remix)
04. Days (Acoustic Orchestra version)
05. Rule (80kidz's "No More Rule" mix)
06. Rule (Remo-con "tech dance" remix)
07. Rule (Original mix -Instrumental-)
08. Sparkle (Original mix -Instrumental-)

<CD Version B>

01. Rule (Original mix)
02. Sparkle (Original mix)
03. GREEN (CMJK Spring Storm mix)
04. GREEN (Acoustic Orchestra version)
05. Rule (80kidz's "No More Rule" mix)
06. Rule (Remo-con "tech dance" remix)
07. Rule (Original mix -Instrumental-)
08. Sparkle (Original mix -Instrumental-)


Översättningar av Rule och Sparkle

All creds till Maikaru @ AHS som så snällt översatte dessa texter efter bästa förmåga.


*Rules decided for us by someone else,
They aren't necessary,
Because we are the Rules,
And we can't give that part up.

In this era, they ask where the hell is hope?
They ask can we believe in something that we cannot feel or touch?
I am silent, and with a nod silently close my eyes.

Because now, we can feel like we certainly are connected so clearly.

*Rules decided for us by someone else,
They aren't necessary,
Because we are the Rules,
And we can't give that part up.

This world is not yet the thing that we abandoned.
Everything is cloudy.
Even though it's whatever kind of darkness, The confidence only to believe someone is enough,
I give a deep breath, and scream loudly.

Because, I was taught that everything is not by accident, but it's all inevitable by you one day.

The boring Rules that were settled upon,
I don't want to be forced to follow them.
First off, you and I are the rules,
Let's start to crush them.

From the moment that strength turns into kindness,
And kindness turns into strengh,
There won't been any thing to be scared of..
I get that feeling..

*Rules decided for us by someone else,
They aren't necessary,
Because we are the Rules,
And we can't give that part up.

The boring Rules that were settled upon,
I don't want to be forced to follow them.
First off, you and I are the rules,
Let's start to crush them.


It won't start just by staring at it,
And it won't become your's.
Until when do you plan on doing that,
And sucking your thumb?

The thing you started to say one day,
I will always think about it.
I couldn't seriously turn my eyes away from that face.
With something that I will say sometime,
Believe that something will change for me.

It won't start just by staring at it,
And it won't become your's.
Until when do you plan on doing that,
And sucking your thumb?

Even though these are days where I come to not understand if this is a dream or reality,
I must not forget to look forward.
Because the answer is supposed to lie within me.

With just believing it, it's boring.
There's no expectation of being rewarded,
From when are You doing this,
While You're just standing there still?

If you feel boredom in these days that just repeat themselves,
Then try to look forward just once,
And something should change from there.

It won't start just by staring at it,
And it won't become your's.
Until when do you plan on doing that,
And sucking your thumb?

With just believing it, it's boring.
There's no expectation of being rewarded,
From when are You doing this,
While You're just standing there still?

Today's photo 429-430-431

Bilder från inspelnignarna på Hawaii och Ayu ser lika fantastisk ut som vanligt! Luktar vi ny singel eller ett album? Hon ska ju trots allt ut på en tour snart igen. Kanske kanske det är ett album på g igen?! :D
Och vem vill inte ha ehnnes dögulliga nya laptop som finnes i första bilden (429)..?!?!

- NEW!!

Here's a new and small "whim"
Well, it's quite nice, but is too decorated, baybe a little heavy! lol

430 - Here's..

... where I go walking, the recording studio!

At that time, the sun wasn't yet fully lifted, so it's quite dark lol

It's a life completely opposite to Tokio's life!

About the right photo, is the bag that I have! It's made of the same materias of the sweat, is light and very practical.

431 - I'm gonna siiiiiing!

I don't know why, but if I'm with make up.. I am not fine.
It's as if I can't concentrate.

For the same reasons that during the rehearsals for the Tour, I'm without makeup.

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