Ayu's setlist på a-nation som visas på WOWOW TV den 26/09.

Wow, de har petat in ALLA Ayu's framträdanden. Inget från BoA eller alan tyvärr men när jag var på showen den 23/8 så kan jag meddela att BoA gjorde riktigt bra ifrån sig! ^^

Break Down : AAA
Delightful : 鈴木亜美
Be your wings : GIRL NEXT DOOR
最後のGAME : Do As Infinity
バイバイ : 大塚愛
未来タクシー : 大塚愛
Dear My Friend : Every Little Thing
DREAM GOES ON : Every Little Thing
FACE : globe
Lick me : 倖田來未
ECSTASY : 倖田來未
Stand by U : 東方神起
Survivor : 東方神起
寒い夜だから・・・ : TRF
Rule : 浜崎あゆみ
A Song for xx : 浜崎あゆみ
BLUE BIRD : 浜崎あゆみ
Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ : 浜崎あゆみ
TO BE : 浜崎あゆみ
Boys & Girls : 浜崎あゆみ
Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ : 浜崎あゆみ
July 1st : 浜崎あゆみ

Source: http://www.wowow.co.jp/pg/detail/051288001/index.php

Översättning från ViVi Maj 2009

Ayu in Hawaii

In a state of recreational relaxing, Ayu talks about her present and future.

“Certainly there are no problems,” Ayu has always showing her unmovable determination from her bottom of her heart using this sentence.

After finishing her 10th year anniversary countdown live concert tour, Ayu goes to Hawaii.

While sunbathing and enjoying the refreshing breeze, Ayu recharges and recuperates herself, for her continuity and confirmation of her “Next Level”.

[2nd Page]

The charisma will get more level ups when under the sun! Wear the white cotton dress!

On the sunny and sandy beaches, the best fashion to match the scenery would be a white dress! The cotton gives a comfortable feeling and is full of this year’s latest style. The main point would be its perfect hand-made cutting.

White cotton dress and Hawaiian carpet – Personal items.

[3rd page]

Street Style means having a hand-woven cape as a cover of your swim suit!

Simply adding a denim short pants with your swimsuit will greatly ease up your movements and activities, and Ayu’s style is to match the short pants with a hand-woven webbing, making it more street-friendly.

About the accessories, just use those rainbow-colored items that has strong Hawaiian influenced-design to shone yourself.

All fashion worn were Ayu’s personal items.

[4th page]Use the Hawaiian-feeling long T-shirt as a dress for multiple mix and matches!

This T-shirt was prepared exclusively for the Hawaii shooting. The pink long T-shirt was used as a dress for multiple mix and matches. Notice that the A of the word “Hawaii” was the Ayu sign formed using the Swarovski crystal beads.

The smiling arm band and ear ring, sandals were Ayumi’s personal items.

[5th page]

If I do not go all out on my career, it wouldn’t be me anymore.

Ayumi stands on Hawaiian soil, with a sense of changing inside her. This place is where her current 10 year old career ends and where the future lies in front of her. While recuperating at there and looking back, she had two paths to choose which desperately needed her attention.

It has been a decade of her brilliant career. Ayu was caught between the wanting of go back to all she had started and review it, or just move on to continue evolve her achievements. “If I do not go all out on my career, it wouldn’t be me anymore,” was her conclusion. As soon as she decided what she is going to do, new inspiration of her upcoming album’s songs kept popping out inside her mind.

The new album “Next Level” has several innovations in terms of music styles, performances’ presentation methods and even lyrics, which filled the entire album with a futuristic feeling.

“No matter how I write my lyrics, I would somehow thought about things about current issues. I don’t like it when everybody was talking about the worst recession ever in 100 years; they lost their sensibilities of hopes and wishes. I wanted to say that, even in times like this, there must be some hopes and dreams left in peoples’ hearts. I would felt this is my duty to remind people of such, and that’s why the cover for Next Level had also used bright colors.”

The lyrics were very gentle even though the music used were powerful and glares into people’s ears. In the feature song “Next Level”, Ayu sang the word “no problem” (daijoubu) in the song, it must have been a good motivator for anyone who wanted to move towards the realization their personal goals.

“For me, I don’t like to say “daijoubu” (no problem) all the time. Even now, this word wasn’t being said for the sake of calming me down. By saying the phrase “ We are surely going to be fine” right after the end of the 10th anniversary Concert Tour would as if spawn a kind of belief that phrase was really going to come true.

“To me, my fellow fans are like wartime buddies who have stood and fought beside me, where there were a lot of connections or link between me and them. Maybe it is up to you to believe it or not, since you can’t possibly see our hearts and minds are linked together per se, but to me, I do believe that our hearts are connected to each other. After the series of activities in last year’s 10th anniversary concert tour, I have gained a lot of energy from people around me, and I am going to show that in my next album record.”

And because of this, to Ayumi, the album of “Next Level” literally meant that, from “present”, it is the stepping stone to reach the “future”, or it as a vow, which has gathered a lot of “determination”.

“I would always make sure I am in the best condition whenever it comes to recording. I used to have a bad habit of recording my songs before totally memorizing the lyrics and melodies. I would just sing and adjust the song simply according on my mood. But this time, a lot of tracks were successfully recorded after only two attempts! Am I possessed?”

Most of the songs in this album were composed in Hawaii. I was quite pleased to discover that the sounds made by the coconut tree leaves were greatly affected by how hard does the wind blows. I felt like I have been liberated since it has been a long, long time from my last catch-up with the Mother Nature.

“I took a lot of photos in Hawaii, for my upcoming Deji Diary contents. But because of gloomy weather that day, my expressions were undeniably matching the weather. But this time’s shootings for the ViVi magazine, I had that same set of expressions even though it is a sunny day, right?”

I still managed to update my blog even when I am in Hawaii, because it is a message dedicated to my fans in Japan that, even we are an ocean apart, we are still under the same sky.

In this era which is full of uncertainties, Ayu can only focus on marching forward and shine herself into the future…

Translated by Isaac Hiew
Translated from ViVi May 2009

ayu's DIARY: 23/09/2009

Ayu lider av lite sömnbrist i vanlig ordning...

At this moment...
23-09-2009 8.53 AM

..I weak up very early...!
Even the time I go to bed never change, I'm often tired on the end of the afternoon.
If I continue not to sleep, it's going to be not cool at all, if someone know what must I do to sleep more, I really want advices...!
Just for know, I asked Gori.
"If you totally breathe 3 times, at the second you must be sleeping" he answered. But I think just him can do this.
What do you think? lol

Creds: Ayu_Ready@AHS

Ayu's "hemlighet" offentlighetsgörs.

Ayu skrev i sin DIARY den 22'a September att hon hade en hemlighet som mot veckans slut skulle avslöjas till alla fans. Nu har hemligheten alltså kommit ut till sist efter många spekulationer om vad det kunde gälla. Skulle Ayu komma ut som homosexuell eller skulle hon avslöja att hon hade ett barn eller skulle en ny singel komma?

Nej inget av detta utan det var helt enkelt att Ayu har gjort ett sammarbete med Satsuki Hiraoka (samma person som har pimat Ayu's dator m.m. och ska börja sälja "neck straps" som är häligt uppimpade med glitterstenar. Dessa är ganska limited, säljes i två versioner till TA-medlemmar och en sista version ska säljas tillsammans med AT09's goods. Dessa kommer dock att kosta en 71$-77$ = runt 500 SEK! Nog för att jag gillar att samla på Ayu's goods m.m. men 500 SEK för en liten strap är nog lite väl magstarkt imo. Söta är de hur som iaf. ^^

Yesterday, Ayumi made mad everyone with the announcement of a secret unveiled soon, and that's what would be the pathetic results! Totally obsessed with the work of Satsuki Hiraoka, responsible for decorating his computer or his cell phone, now she works with for the last Avex goodies stamped Ayumi Hamasaki: the "neck strap" for cell phone. Two of them will be Put on sale for members of Team Ayu only (71 $), and one will be available on tour in limited edition for the exorbitant price of 77 $ . Team Ayu web site says that goodies was the resultat of many many request of fan when they saw them on ayu's DIARY.

(AT09 Goods)

(Endast för TA-medlemmar)

(Endast för TA-medlemmar)

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 22/09/2009

Snabbt meddelande: Jag håller på att göra om bloggen lite och detta medför lite störningar i systemet tydligen. 3 stycken blogginlägg som skrevs för över ett halvår sen har hamnat längst upp på sidan av någon anledning. Men men hoppas det inte stör alltför mycket. :)

Ayu har en överaskning på G!I det andra inlägget lägger hon av en mer deppig ton men avslutar med hopp i orden! ^^

By super-express mail ...
22-09-2009 01h47

Here is what I come! ! ! ! ! ! !
Yes, from Satsuki chan ♡

Here is the side facing ♡

She changed the face of my phone, which had been release in autumn-winter version ♡
I was a little upset these days with something very private, Satsuki chan, in perfect timing, sent me this hope that shines with all its lights!
And little zoom on the message that accompanied ...

"Go go until Fukuoka!"
By the end of the Silver Week (succession of holidays in Japan in September), something that was kept secret will be officially announced, so I can not say too much until then ...
Sarsuki chan, you and all of its staff, which you have worked for me without even count your work hours and taking on your sleep ... ♡
You can be you too hopeful! ! ! ! ! !

Say, you can forget you dream a little
You know, you know that miracles do not exist ...

Since long
22-09-2009 06h43

... good or bad, I really was not my own, the weight of what I wore, namely the importance of what I wore, my own freedom coming only second, the consequences of this and my responsibility, I am aware of that, I have chosen, and walked straight ahead.
So I have 11 years of road behind me. I was young, I was ignorantly afraid of nothing, and today I realize that I am 31 years old. But it's obvious I know, I am not God, I'm not perfect, I'm ultimately a simple woman, and if as "Ayumi Hamasaki" I'm the one who all its treasures she wants to defend that which is right and strong, without fear, come what may, in private, I have often thought of wanting to be just a normal young woman.
But I realize I've become someone who can not even cry when she is sad.
Look strong, that I know how to do better than anyone.
But it makes me sad.
"The miracle will happen!" You sent me lots of messages and written, I suppose it's following words I wrote at the end of my previous message.
Thank you!
Thank you for understanding me, since I do not always find the right words to express myself. It is not my work, it does not concern the "TA". But it is true that, even if it's extremely private, I sometimes face a real wall. There are times when I do not know how to get out of the darkness.
Yes, it's about love.
But it's like all of you, like everyone else, is it not ...?
Hmmm, if I read it when I woke up in the morning, do I not regret it?
Anyway, we are here with you all the "TA", so it's good, right?
It's me, as I am really at this moment, not very pretty ... you accept me anyway?
Surely, if I sleep and when I woke up, I again want to laugh.
And I will continue to write my "Journal of Vegas"!
I met you ... I understand what it meant to love someone ...
But yes, I know better than anyone that happy ending does not suit me well
I am too negative lol
Go, sleep, sleep! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Creds: AyuAngel & identity@AHS

TA Message 442+443+444+445

Again ...
No. 442 13-02-2009 21h11

I will try to publish my "video journal"

I'll come back lateeeeer! ♪

vroouuum ..! f (ー;

Aaah ...
No. 443 13-02-2009 21h56

This time, the camera man is Cho-chan. In my opinion it wasn’t quite that ... (ゞ
The next time I'll aim slightly higher.

By the way, Morimoto-san took images of great quality! ! ! !
I would show you aaaaalll !!

But they are so funny, it's almost dangerous (lol)

Well, I feel that I can’t write my sentences correctly. I will turn to the today’s photo ...

Bye !

Not one photo ...
No. 444 14-02-2009 06h48

... but how many photos of the day?

I will post them, ok? ♪

You know, here, today, it rained!

And if I tell you how busy we are every day, well, I remember yesterday night JK-san played the guitar while we couldn't distinguish the white of his eyes! lol

Bea's up April Cover!

Sött va?
Jag skulle kunna döda för den där klänningen!

TA Message 561

Long live ...
No. 561 20-06-2009 02h14

... members of the "TA"! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
What a great cohesion in the team! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
What wonderful spirit! (lol)

I love you aaaaaall! \ (^ O ^) / ♪

Well yes, 2-Yan, it's still not back! (explosion)

God that is fuuuuuunny! (> y <) ♪

Well, including top level members of "TA", tomorrow,
after tomorrow we will break eeeverything! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Tomorrow break the floor!

And after tomorrow, it is the roof that will be off!

It is a foregone conclusion!

I look forward (> y <)

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 20/09/2009 - 21/09/2009

Vad god notera att detta är en översättning med google translations så ibland blir det en aning svårt att förstå men men. Bättre än inget!

Intended WOWOW ...
20-09-2009 08h51

... assembling images of a Direct 09-nation announcing, or rather through him, not knowing if I still have jet lag or if I'm back to my usual life, I l impression that I regained my normal pace (well, normal for me ...!).
I always fit! ! ! ! ! ! !
Yeah, because all the songs will be released ☆ ♪ ♪ ♪
Well, I change the subject, but here I went to watch the live Peco Sensei! ! ! ! ! !
At first I was very moved to the kindness of Peco Sensei who has made entry bouquet of flowers I sent him for the occasion ♡ I selected both thinking the image Peco theme at its Live this time.

And at the entrance, there was this ... ☆

If we approach ... ☆

Seeing the name of Peco Sensei head, and seeing all the glorious names of my elders in the world of music, I confess that I was very excited and raises my blood.
And when I'm sitting, and that songs and music reached my ears and my eyes, I could not hold back my tears.
I can not explain why, but the chest swollen with emotion, feeling so much from Peco Sensei, I could even move.

Tell Minazô between the camera and me, there is an arm holding a glass ...
In this regard, what Minazô drink is a delicious cocktail in limited quantities Peco san! ! !

In return, we were so excited, we took a few pictures ...
In addition, Zin san joined us along the way with Princess at the end of his rehearsals, but I do not know why Princess is not on the picture ... As boss what! lol

Just after our youth shouted famine were all embedded in my car to go eat lol. And now the delighted faces of Gori and SOU to their glass of beer if they are big fans lol.

Then Minazô has shown its great capacity devourer of food, but sorry, I was so surprised that I forgot to take pictures lol
Come on, wait until the next! ☆
Well, I go back to editing ♪
And I have not forgot to continue my "diary Vegas, a little patience! ♡
The saddest thing is to give up.
Because I know how hard it is painful to try to renew hands that are remote.
That is why I will never stop believing.
I have perhaps done wrong. I have perhaps lost all hope.
Perhaps you do not want to see my face.
But if our hands are not united, I have no meaning or value.
It is you who give me strength to live.
Someone taught me it was better to live believing rather than doubting.
If it is that you did never fear, I will be transformed into what you want.
I cried while reading the blog of Su san ...

This morning ...
20-09-2009 22h08

... I told you, so I continue my "diary Vegas, en route to the Part 3 ☆
I'm really motivated because I received lots of messages from you telling me you wanted to know more.
So come to our homes, everyone was saved and joined his room, and above all, change of clothes ♪
Because punishment has arrived, is the sight that awaited us ↓

Yes, after so many years, and many times you've seen a show that is always on top: it's "O"! ! ! ! ! !
Go, depart for the theater!
Well, it does not forget to take a family picture!

With Kanako in the limo ... ♪

In fact, we started d "ja at the time of being prone to jet lag, we took what the bear.
But to me ho do not support much caffeine, it has an effect of thunder lol.
Put through it, while all the eyes that were beginning to be vague, I have fully enjoyed the show until the end! ☆
Super happy! ☆ Super emotions! ☆ And now the team that went asleep dinner ...

Actually, I do not remember too much from this dinner ... lol
I think we did not even talk too much lol
Then! ! !
End of day! And sleep.
The second day, return to a more normal face, and lunch!
Of course, lunch Japanese (miso soup came so fast, I drank a ton lol) ( "fast" ... to appreciate this aspect of things, "this proves is that many Japanese, us. ..)

Even in a japanese restaurant, he orders the meat is well Stan Chan ♡ Y no, he is American!

Then, as we had a little time to show, we wondered what we could do ...
Well, we had to have strong emotions! ! ! It is all gone here ↓

This tower, where the top floor, pile of sacred machines ...!
Kanako and Chon without air strolling naive.
Without knowing the terror that awaited us later ...

Following the next episode! ☆

Thank you all for your messages full of warmth! !
And to those I have annoyed ... sorry! !
But also thank you.



Thank you for looking and right in the eye! !
Although it will take time, I will never abandon you until we understand completely! !

Hello! ♪

I put these words I have received, and good morning made me upset the heart ...

There was beautiful scenery.
From what perspective is it the best
my eyes? I tried ...
But it was not that
What mattered was not what place
but that ...

Creds: AyuAngel & identity@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 18/09/2009

Again and again ...
18-09-2009 07h12

... Chon-san is disrupted by jet lag, ☆ so why not continue the "newspaper of Vegas"? As before Part 2 ☆
Then, the terminal reserved for private jets, here we boarded our plane, the voltage is high enough! Then the flight was uneventful, in a joyful atmosphere ♪
Hmm? ! ? ! ? !
Found a person who is a little pale lol
It is in the foreground of this picture, it does not move lol.

Yes, SOU chan, he suffers from vertigo ...! And each time the plane looks or moves it a little, it emits a sound we had never heard until now lol.
For his part, Chon san has acquired a new camera, I spend my time filming and photographing everything and anything.

For example, I even photographed it ↓

And why deal with and the flight seemed to us particularly short ♪
Reunion with Stan Chan ♡

pui, with the camcorder to Maroni, when I was concentrated to these photos, now that Kanako Bancho said:
"It looks like the mother of Maro. A load rule lol.

Yes, it's not fake lol
Then, at the initiative of Stan chan, we took a souvenir photo of the group.
Maroni, it was a bit off lol

From there, transfer to hotel ♪
It is, as always, the Bellagio.
Below are a boy who moved into the limo! ! !

Other boys are in another limo! ! !

And you, which do you prefer? ♡
and then by dropping suddenly to "kyaa!" and "kyooo!" seeing the city, we have arrived at the hotel.
Forced march down long hallways!

I found the apartment you will occupy ♪

Paspourquoi I know, we went right on the terrace where pool and Jacuzzi. Super sunny.

That is, if it turns, you see our apartment. wait a minute ...
Oh on the left, there Mr. class lol ↓

In fact, the apartment just to Chon san and Kanako ♡ No doubt the conversations between girls will be animated!
Meanwhile, Parkway Drive ♪ ♪

Well, more later. Z'êtes impatient eh? ☆
I will treat my jet lag with Prison Break!
Scofiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiield ♡
Uh ... Mahone looks like Enrique san ..
I knew the only one thinking that? ? ?

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story

ayu's DIARY: 16/09/2009 - 17/09/2009

Jet lag ...
16-09-2009 11:28

... I fell squarely above. It is at its max, I did not sleep altogether!
Someone to help me? !
Anyway, here yesterday, we all returned safely to Japan
From Narita, we went directly to work, then transfer to another workplace ... I was quite surprised by the already tight schedule lol.
In Vegas, we saw lots of different shows, in fact we did a sort of training in "Entertainment" overall.
And this time, with regard to the dancers who accompanied me, I received many messages telling me "and Shu chan?" or "and Midoringu?". In fact, we decided that those who come are primarily responsible for the choreography. San Zin, Su san, chan & Maro Kayanocchi, it is of course the dancers, but from my point of view, they came to study with me as choreographers ♪
That is so. When my head is a little more back to the Japanese schedule, I will give you lots of things on this adventure in Las Vegas ☆
Here, I made my report! ! ! ! ! !

From what day we were too demanding
While it would be enough of that either one side to the other ...

17-09-2009 12:10

Jet lag is still there, Chon san is always reached.
I still can not sleep ... (sweat)
So, never mind, let's go to the "Journal of Vegas"! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Here's Part 1.
If it begins with the flight to San Francisco, that must be it ...

Here, the memories come back to me!
Chon san fights with her memory!
Here I am in what I called ...

"egg" ♡.
The poncho is a gift that gave me the boss Kashwere when he came to see me for the concert Yoyogi ♪
It goes well with many other colors, it is super convenient ♡
The computer is of course the masterpiece Satsuki chan ♡

Arriving in San Francisco ... ♪

A surprising encounter with a girl that we like to "Welcome to San Francisco ♡"

Amazing also met with a Japanese man who never stops to play it!

Amazing still meet with Japanese reassembled well!

Here, following the latest ♪ ♪ ♪
Arf, I have to get up in less than 3 hours.
Should I get to sleep ...

17-09-2009 15h06

I got up.
Maron, he went to the beauty parlor, he is cute ♡
That's all.
At tonight. (There's not a good thing on TV ?...)

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story

ViVi Deji Deji Diary vol. 110 November

Creds: Tsubasa2591@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 14/09/2009

14 September 2009 2:37 AM

shall I make my entrance?
Where are we? The correct answer to the riddle!
Before that, sharing photos on my diary.
First~, since coming here, the custom has been everyone going to study♪

Ah, by the way, this is from day before yesterday.

Afterward, we went to the place we love to stay♪
That is, whenever we come here, we sit in the same spot.

Because ...

I just can't give up this nighttime view.
No, "Can't give up no matter what~"* is what it is.
Afterwards, I get closer so I can steadily soak up the night view.

Let's see-----------

Look closer-----------.


The fountain!!!

Break time!
Most recently, when night falls, a rabbit frequently appears.
Or someone trying very hard to imitate one. ↓

I guess he kinda looks like a store manager somewhere. lol
I guess he kinda looks out of place with the bunny ears. lol
Clever. ☆
Well, back to the journaling.
Here's me going to yesterday's study meeting~♪

Afterward, we always go to a different restaurant.
We get this beautiful night view from where we stay☆
We can see nothing but this all the time, it's so incredibly cool~!!!!

With Kayanocchi ♡

With Boy-tachi*** and Yamamoto-kaicho who invited us to this place

I said to Tou-san, "Somehow it's like a store, lol" but I meant it as a compliment.
Moving to the dinner table, everyone drank**** together.

I'm digressing, but during the toast, Su-san was addressing us, but this time the speech was,

"To us, who sparkle more than this million dollar night view!☆"

Such a great MC. His speech was very different.


Oh yeah, where I am right now. I forgot to write that.

But I'm so busy packing now. The answer is at the dancers' and Sou's blogs, so you can check there~. (Depending on other people to do my work for me
Alrighty, I'll be back later!

*"Sokontoko yuzurenai." Lyrics from Rule. Ha ha ha.

**Subaru dressed as a bunny. Subaru plus Bunny equals Subunny. Ayu calls him "Usasuba" (Usagi + Subaru). I dunno why I decided to translate this. lol

***She says "Danshi-zu" here.... Japanese "Danshi" plus english "s" for the plural. So I switched the languages around and said "Boy-tachi".

****Kanpai! haha

Creds: Gaijin Kanpai, Ayu's Story & C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS

Ayu i CDTV - Top 10 vilken artist du vill se live.


10 : YUI
9:コブクロ (Kobukuro)
8 :perfume
3:浜崎あゆみ (Ayumi Hamasaki)
2: 東方神起 (Tohoshinki)
1位:嵐 (Arashi)

Creds: YUIAyuNamieUtada@AHS

TeamAyu MAGAZINE (2009 July) Vol.33

Creds: hidekirby & pchan1986@AHS

2010's kalender snart ute till salu!

Storlek: 72.8 x 51.5 cm

Hos: Yesasia - Pris: ca 208 SEK.

ayu's DIARY 12/09/2009

12-09-2009 08h07

Well, once I open my message with a picture!
The class eh?
That's how I took it.

or so ...

This is the kind.
Yesterday, during our visit, the staff ayu with the dancers have completely monopolized an escalator.
Well, I pass on that which strikes a pose in the foreground.
I do not know why, seeing that, Chon san was a little nervous ↓

Seen from the other side! !
Chon san photography, laughing, and behind, the Prince also all smiles ☆

I do not see myself why this tension.
Well, as I told you, Kayanocchi has arrived has joined us.
You we put the photo Kayanocchi! ! I received lots of messages in that direction, so I made every attempt to satisfy them.
Of course, I've even done too much.
But anyway, I have been able to photograph such beautiful couple too, too rich, too much class, we were the first surprise! lol
This is the result!

I was wrong!
Well I put a good photo!
That ♡

Un .. two ... three ...
Too much class, eh?
It is great as my laptop!
Then to our table, we were given a huge glass of milk.
So that was really not in a mood or a frame to drink milk.
Indeed, in chatting with naked after we realized that, thinking he said "beer", the server has heard of "milk".
So we have to drink to the person who boasts of reading newspapers in English and who can not even order a "beer" lol

Yes, Maroni ...!
Then, by selecting the pictures that I post on this blog, I found it ↓

There's one that's weird, right?
Yes, Maroni ...!
When I saw it, I gasped lol
A photo taken like that, it was just a strange being that she is not trivial at all lol!
A picture of high lol
Me too from today I will ask class!
They form a "class team"! (what I tell myself? lol)
Finally, in full contemplation of the spectacle that night, Chon san and Kanako Miura Bancho san! ♡

Here the sun has almost completely disappeared. And at the same time, as to brighten your day with you, it begins to rise at home.
The strength to survive. 11.
Please remember ...

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story

Bilder på Ayu från Sou's blogg - igen

På sista bilden ser man något som ska vara en takdekoration. Det tros att Ayu m.fl. har alltså farit till Bellagio i Las Vegas.

Creds: labello & truehappiness@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 11/09/2009

More ...
11-09-2009 01h54

the message yesterday ☆
Beginning safely at Narita, we moved to the terminal reserved for private aviation.

Chon Kanako-san ... they believed, when behind, there are a pink Mohican lol.

Maintenance is completed Aboard tooous ♪
In a jet like that ☆
It is the latest model it seems! ! Super claa! ! !

That's why there are some who believe it lol!

And I follow lol!

It's dépaaaart! ! ! ! !

It is stealing without problem, but there has at least one ... eh eh bé bé, he gets excited and anxiety alone. Is not it, SOU chan? lol

Well, we arrived in a flash ☆

Well, more later ...!
Now here is wonderful weather. And from now on I'm going to run ♪
And then today, we will join Kayanocchi ♡

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story

Ayu i en ny internet-undersökning.

Denna handlade om "most alluring eyes" där vanligt folk röstade och de gav Ayu en 4:e placering.

1. Meisa Kuroki
2. Kou Shibasaki
3. Yukie Nakama
4. Ayumi Hamasaki
5. Aoi Miyazaki
6. Karina
7. Yui Aragaki
8. Misaki Ito
9. Maki Horikita
10. Yuri Ebihara


Creds: sakamoko@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 08/09/2009 - 09/09/2009

Arf ...
08-09-2009 03h07

Having learned through all your messages, we could finally leave comments on the blog of Su san, I went on the attack, when ...
Site Maintenance ...
Site Maintenance ...
Site Maintenance ...
(repeat endlessly)
I'm really not in the timing me!
Finally, thank you to all ♡
And thank you to Suba sama ♡
Having been our noble opponent! lol
Good for what is promised photos
for my hair, I can not take a good, yet I tried! !
I n'arrivepas was to highlight the nuances of color, so I'll try one next time you will excuse me, eh?
By cons, as I changed my nails at the same time, that's what I'll present this time ☆
They are short, history does not bother me at golf (I'm kidding lol)

They are unusually red! With a stone in crystal ☆
And the pedicure is also accompanied by red ☆

The sandals are a model khaki x black at YSL ♪
When the carpet is one of my lift. I'm often told that it was hard to trample with shoes lol
Saluuut ♪

08-09-2009 16h20

... I managed to send a comment ♪
You also do not want to ask the full question?
For example.

Uh ...
08-09-2009 23h14

Tomorrow it is expected that I found Su san for work, but what if he has more hair in pink ... I worked it seriously, so here I am back!
Well there will be many photos
No doubt! ☆
Well, Chon san, it's been a long time she did not run, hardly did I realize I'm gone jogging ♪
Approximately 5km perhaps more he's hot, seriously!
Today I'll make a Sports Day ♪
So .. I'm leaving to play sports!
How? My life is painful?
How? My life is not the same as others?

Re ...
09-09-2009 03h07

... tour!
It hurts my arm ...!
That is why ... ↓

Yes, there is back! !
Also today, it was under the direction of the pro Fujishima very cute! ☆

In fact, with the pro Fujishima, we're moving in the same fitness center and it has the same trainer!
It seems she also has a Ameblo ♡
Kanako and SOU, since it gave them over, they rose damn! ! !
They keep most of kicking balls lol

And "Dad", there's no denying he is strong! ☆

Enough for me to say that for that rate, it is always the same thing, holy father is! ! lol

Ah! here are the 3 guys in full concentration!

Seen from the front, it makes ...

But is Zin san ♪
Ah! And if I dared ...

I! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I have the title of this latest photo:
Yeah, I'm very satisfied!

That tomorrow is excellent for all.
Rather it is rather sad or gay, whether or enervating full of emotions,
You know, sometimes you realize this until later ...
I want to laugh ☆
No worries. It is held by the hand!

09-09-2009 17h50

... you all have a passport? ? ?

Finally! ! What I mean ...
This picture is worth a reward? lol

What a glamorous guy!
Go to latest ♡

PS: Also today, the hair Suba sama were very pink!

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story

Bilder på Ayu från Zin's, Subaru's och Maro's bloggar.

Och de håller i sina pass. Påväg någonstans måhända?

Creds: Ayumiko@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 06/09/2009 - 07/09/2009

Photos of the Day
06-09-2009 18h35

I forgot to tell you
I'll post in full!
And no homer!

At noon ...
07-09-2009 04h17

... I'm a little injured her foot, but when I phoned SOU, the conversation was packed in all directions as usual, and he told me that one evening in the "Most a golf practice ♪ (Hey! my wound and then?)
That's how I found myself there almost at the change of date.

It was so great, I had trouble finding SOU ...
On voilàààà! ! ! ! ! !

The person who is right, I've seen ...
Hm? ?
Behind me, a voice I know ...

But it Kanako Bancho aka Miura san! !
And after my gaze, one that laughs at) filled teeth is Gorilla!
Clearly, he is completely drunk! (true story).

Ultimately, the team has found dnc lol
It cares nothing, us? lol
So the lesson Master SOU began
and welcomed because, Chon san feels more, I have not stopped kicking balls! lol

and I made back in my place by the teacher who told me to calm down lol

A Minazô who laughed when he saw me, Gori has reserved the same fate:

before it is his turn to spend lol!

That is what we did until now.
It was very gay ♪ (Forgot my injury lol)
And looking closely my golf glove, that thee that it shines in the ring ☆
They are elegant, gloves golf these days!

Aah yes! !
History not lose vis-à-vis Maro chan, I ordered a lot of fashionable clothes, I will introduce you soon ♡

Ah, why Gori had drunk well, I asked him because he really reeked of alcohol: "Just now, when I wore a Mikoshi (small altar raised to the shoulder) dressed only in a small loincloth, I was too eager to drink sake ... "
The response was so high that have zappée ...!

Back! ! !
07-09-2009 04h45

In fact because I read all your messages ... Huh?
Subasama started a Ameblo (Ameba Blog)? ? ?
But you know how it so quickly, you all? ? ?
Can someone tell me where can I find this pex? lol

I trouvéééé ♡
07-09-2009 05h13

The Subalog.
Members of the TA, you know, eh?
Yeah, because San Suu started a blog ... it must be that the celebration eh?


Me too ...
07-09-2009 18h52

... I wanted to participate in "Operation Subalog.
A bit like Zin san example. Finally the "slightly" is just wrong ...
But in fact the blog Suba sama is ...
I suppose the disappointment of being too large in all members of the "TA" which are not members of Ameblo lol.
Aussiiiii me!
Well, among all those who have read this far, and have guessed more ...
THE AIIIDE! ! ! ! ! !
Friends of "TA" which are also members of Ameblo, please notify Subasama that those who are not members want to leave a comment.
Well, in other words, do so at their place ...
New Attack kind ♡
New Attack kind ♡
New Attack kind ♡
(repeat endlessly ...)
Ah! ! And then, in what I wrote earlier that I'm a little wounded in the leg, and even before that I'm not stuck hand, it seems that everything is a bit mixed and I have caused concern. Sorry! ! !
In fact, when I say that I am not stuck his hand is the car that I have for my trips to the provinces, it has a window that opens a little. But by this very small space, I usually shake hands with all those who greet me or come see me home (actually, I will not wave a few fingers lol)
But ... Sacred Osaka! ! !
The hall of Osaka, at the entrance and exit, I heard a "Ayu chan! She squeezed his hand!" So I responded lol.
"I am not stuck his hand!" lol
But frankly it was so funny, only on the entry and exit, all those who have waited laughed! I've seen!
And Armageddon and me in the car, we had also died of laughter lol
Well, I did not hurt your hand! ♪
For the leg, it's really stupid. No it's not stupid, I'm going to play ...!
Too bad, I tell you anyway.
Minzô Chiharu did san, I did Etsu san, and they danced on the choreographic TRF san. He dances really well, Minazô! !
Good is not the problem lol.
uoi In any case, I put rop spirited, I hurt a tendon Molet lol
Gender too funny and too bad lol
Finally, unepetite injury really stupid.
Aaah je suis libre, je suis heureuse lol
Good! I saw myself changing the colors of autumn ♡
When I finish, I take pictures, I return okiiii?

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story

ayu's DIARY: 05/09/2009

You called me? ? ?
05-09-2009 23h27

One, two, three ...
That is! Here I am!
I tried to appear ... my best lol
Oh la la, I was seriously ill.
Without doubt this is also one of the relaxing of my concentration.
But seriously, I could not even answer the phone.
A pene send an email by making great efforts.
Yeah, I was lying!
But again, I could appreciate how Bancho Miura or big sister is great. Nowadays, in the day, she phoned me, and I had practically crawled to the phone, she declaims:
"Huh?" You're still in bed? "
........ arf lol!
I quit! I take the white flag!
It is too strong, Kanako! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
But not the kind I awake, I am standing in full concentration ...
There's no denying quans I gave him this nickname Bancho (in Japanese, means "gang leader") I am not mistaken, I realize once again! lol
Good! !
For once I got up and I walked around my apartment, these are gifts that I received ♡:
"Ayu chan, as you are constantly bordered to the loving, must you be so surrounded by lots of hearts."
It was from Sato Sensei.
First, cushions for our car tour ♡

And that too, to faireun mats for this car ... ♡:

"And that Ayu chan, because you always lose your accessories and that everyone was terrified lol"
You know me well mdr!

Then, something to make both small objects to hang bags (sorry, I speak very badly!)

The following is crazy!
Sato Sensei, his first and final decoration! ! !
"I am extremely embarrassed, but hey, I really wanted to send you one, so I did my best!!!"
That's ↓

When it opens, even the interior is decorated ♡

It is a world clock ♡
As I pass by d '/ 3 of my time abroad: "Ayu chan, wherever you are, so you can still wake up in good humor ...".
She brings tears to the eyes, this letter (True, it makes me focus Kansai vrament but I feel that these two women have super high fly my bird!!! )
THANK YOU! ♡ ♡ ♡
Well, tomorrow I post photos of the day!
And if I can I start now, even just a little.
And finally, I would like this message.
As Chankuro and Zin san taught me that everyone makes personal the end of summer
there it is, she's gone ...!

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story

Ayu på ett a-nation 2009 Launch Party.

Max Matsuura's Official blog




English translation:

after the live, we have this custom every year

until the opening, we still have time

so at that time we will eat together with the staff

Credit: CUBY428 @ AyuChina & AyUmIXx@AHS
Original source: Max Matsuura's official blog
Translated by Shunchan

ayu's DIARY: 01/09/2009 - 03/09/2009

01.09.09 - 03.09.09
Tonight ...
01-09-2009 20h45

... I intend to post in the "Photos of the Day" photos illustrating the der of summer, I hope you'll enjoy! ♪
As for us, Team Ayu, we radically change our mind in tour mode, and we try to prepare full of projects that I hope will bring you full satisfaction ♡
The first artwork of the next calendar going well too! ! ! ! !
Well, I received my intimate enemy Kuririn these adorable bags Vintage Leather ↓

They are well eh? ♪
I think they'll work well with clothing Autumn ♪
Kuririn thank you very much! (In fact it NAO!)
It can be purchased at Longbeach ♪
In fact the whole shop is Migone, is a Vintage Shop, and I feel that I too will succumb to Vintage, which I can no longer come in recent years ♡
I thought seriously about going there soon and buy lots of things in the colors of autumn! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Regarding the details of this shop, you will find the site at sde STR so I think the blog NAO. ← is vague eh? lol
And while I'm writing to you, now I get an email with this photo Maro. Too much this picture, I post without permission lol

Saluuuuute ♪

A little too ...
02-09-2009 03h50

... things to do and now I am forced to push the "Photos of the Day" tomorrow ...
Sorry! ! ! ! !
That was just to keep you informed.

03-09-2009 20h03

... I'm lying.
me in bed ... it's been a long time as it does me more arrived.
Sorry, but I can not come too post.
I return as soon as I get better! ! ! ! ! ! !

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story

ayu's DIARY: 01/09/2009

Journal of Osaka
01-09-2009 07h39

So to start ... You may remember that "Nagai Stadium hosted the World Championships in Athletics two years ago (I'll get away eh?)
Just that, it would suffice to us to be happy, but again, we have borrowed the track schedule, the same one where Bolt was heated, and we made our own World Championships in us! Too much! lol
Well, we started with this:

And then we started running in earnest! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I wonder how they ran ...
What I felt good! ♡
Of course, the main stage was in full concert, so I could run while listening to songs full of artists ... what luxury! ♡
Then, our Armageddon to us, you know what? It seems he was a true athlete, a sprinter, and in that Nagai Stadium was home! !
In short, we have done things with a lot of professionalism lol.

☆ The result:

Hey! this is a real-time! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
What fun that was! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
What's been harder still is the way to run from Armageddon.
And also (I'm joking!) Gori running super fast!
So too did an attempt, very confident.
But it has been beyond our expectations!
Just two seconds after his departure, he did something kind of unknown spin, fall quite innovative, and he disappeared from beside the hospital lol!
Why have risen to a level so high, Gori? lol
And, of course, we started the second day too.

She looks super happy, Chon san, eh! ♪
From time to time, we headed SOU voice, and it was running on the spot, or abs, or dorsal, short, super kind gymnastics! lol

And then, another tornado sprints!
At the end, I was super happy! ♡

With this, the last two days of a nation, I had the stamina, I could cross them by giving the best of myself! !
Because to tell you, I was like the beginning of a cold, I n'éais not very sure of my throat, but with the encouragement of all, and seeing their smiling faces, the same microbe cold there has not survived, and I could sing until the end!
Really, as always, thank you very much to you.
The depth of the love of you all the "TA" I think I have the nice feel, I feel it enough.
That's why I sing Yes I think that's it.
And then on the Shinkansen back, I watched the video taken carefully by KAZ ... and reviewing this show which was so hard, tears came to my eyes.

Be able to pass and finish this summer with all those I love the TA and all those I love my team Ayu, I'm really happy.


Just time to relax a little, and what are the rehearsals which take the Tour ...
but for a few days, I think I can get the sink a little sweet, what am I going to do ...?
Well I'll start with me relax a little head and heart ...! ♡

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story

TeamAyu 10th Anniversary!


Thanks for english translation to Identity, from the french one from AyuAngel!

"It's 10 years since the opening of the TA! And so it's been 10 years since I have the impression of actually exchanging energy with you and that we have advanced together, it is a huge support, something that is very hot inside, I'm really happy and grateful! So for the future also, I hope we will walk together for a long time!"

Creds: walking.proud+identity@AHS

ayu's DIARY 31/08/2009

The aircraft ...
31-08-2009 19h21

... not safe to fly urgently we decided to return by Shinkansen.
Typhoons. It scares me.
Well, when I've returned to Tokyo, I'll post everything in Osaka, right?

SUMMER 2009 ♡

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story

ayu's DIARY 29/08/2009

Yesterday evening ...
29-08-2009 09h46

I went to bed too early, the result this morning I woke up at 6:30.
In fact, the programmable electric kettle in my room and asked who was starting at that hour, I do not know why.
Because of it I have a raspy voice!
Yeah, it scared me, and in the morning I started to cry lol
But then, a voice rather serious and altered because of the time.
I have been busy for the next room ...
Uh, actually, I realized that the next room was occupied by my managers! lol
I have nothing to do, I wake up? (Stop! Lol)
Right now, I start to feel sleepy.
You know, the usual appearance of things that! lol
But hey, there's no shame in admitting it.
hmm ... I hesitate to go jogging ...
In fact, especially since I hate this weird feeling we experience when we woke up fell back asleep again. Like "damn, I'm back to sleep" lol
But hey, if I stay awake, it'll make me go on stage more than 12 hours after my alarm clock! lol
Bah, okay? ? ?
Yeah, it will go!
Well in the meantime I'll go eat! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Sleep again ...
29-08-2009 11:47

Nope, I'm not asleep again ♪
I was wondering what I could eat, I realized that two hours had elapsed! lol
What I'm free, I then! lol
In addition I have still not decided.
Someone wants to choose for me? lol

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story

ayu's DIARY 28/08/2009

Well then ...
28-08-2009 00h07

... finished the job today ♪
So here I am back home, and I'm filling my bathtub.
But in fact it takes very little water, because that's my dog!
You know what? They love to nap in the bath!
You really are the dogs? ? ? lol
I'll try to photograph them.
Aaaah I want to show you ...
I swear it's worth a look! ! ! ! ! ! ! lol
I'll try.
Oh, about the day "Zzzz zzzz", it ended at 08:30 am.
I confess that I do not remember everything ... lol

28-08-2009 01h10

Because, my doggies, as we pointed a camera at them, they stand on their feet, they are laying staring at the goal lol!
I wanted to photograph them in natural poses more ....

Maron san ... it seems un p'tit father ....
While it is a girl (T_T)

Well I'll try again ♪
I photograph them without their seeing me! ! ! ! !
Chonsan also saw that tomorrow is the last rehearsal of a nation, I think I'll also take me a good bath .... ♨

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story

ayu's DIARY 24/08/2009 - 26/08/2009

24-08-2009 21h51

After our performance, with all musicians and dancers, we met at the usual place and we made a sort of holiday party work.
By including birthday parties Shingo san, born on August 22, Mom & Gomi Akirax one born August 24 ☆.
With all the energy received from the public Aji Sta, we all celebrate until morning!
But Chonsan, within the institution, she made a sacred fall. Enough to remember the legendary Saitama Super Arena! lol My back and my kidneys were toasted! lol
These are Bancho Kanako or mom and mom Aki who have kindly extended a hand to this kind of schoolgirl still four paws in the air, and have treated me suddenly ice and massages!
No actually, I should say Mom and Dad Kanako Aki lol.
Big sister Aki has indeed stood by my side like a real man!
Merciiii ♡
But before this accident happens, we had fun doing things like this:

You have trouble understanding? ? ?
Pictured from the bottom, big sister Aki, Enrique san, Chon san lol
And if I told you what we did ...

Not forgetting the fingers in a V.
Whatever ... ! lol
That's why it was funny! lol
Good! Then I mention ...? You know, the famous thing ...
What Satsuki chan and his staff, without even taking the time to sleep properly manufactured and brought me ...
Well, you be ready? ?
So I go ...

Voilàààààààààààà! ! !
A new computer ♡
it's huge, eh? ? ?
Me at him, seriously, I was so moved that I almost weep with joy.
Even my manager who had received was quite returned.
Ave such a computer, it will be even more fun to publish things here ♡
Do not you think the night wind starts to do some fall?
I still want to do stuff summer ....

As often
25-08-2009 04h10

I'm the one who fights against a strange sense of emptiness. Bonsoir, c'est moi!
What can it be this feeling?
Oh, I want to go somewhere with lots of Nature ...
I want to go do somersaults in the great outdoors.
I would contemplate the vast sky until my tire.
And then the sea or river .. ...
it would siouper.
Uh .. siouper is Shimoko language, it means Super!
Here I am doing a great journey in my head, but in reality I am completely in the polish lol
Does someone ...

26-08-2009 01h37

TLords First, I had something to do with Bancho Kanako & Kayanotchi, then return home, we amused ourselves with big sister Aki to send us photos ZERO! And then, the urge to go sweat a sudden I went running about 1 hour and then when I go to take a shower, that Cocoa san asked me to play with his Koppepan (toy shaped piece of bread).

This toy I can run and throw, the Cocoa always related.
In addition to this toy, it makes a noise: "Biii biiii"
Every morning I am awakened by this "Biiii Biiiii!!" Lol
Ah, Cocoa san decided to rest and take his ease on a pile of blankets piled in every direction.

It has a head ... like "You want something?" lol
Well, I'll take my shower and then I go to work.
I wonder why, in my work, I am more efficient at night ...?

Zzzz ... zzzz
26-08-2009 06h12

Y'se not finish this work.
Perhaps to 07h ...?
We'll try to believe these predictions Prince, go courage! ! ! ! ! !
Zzzz ... zzzzzz

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story

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