TA Message 442+443+444+445

Again ...
No. 442 13-02-2009 21h11

I will try to publish my "video journal"

I'll come back lateeeeer! ♪

vroouuum ..! f (ー;

Aaah ...
No. 443 13-02-2009 21h56

This time, the camera man is Cho-chan. In my opinion it wasn’t quite that ... (ゞ
The next time I'll aim slightly higher.

By the way, Morimoto-san took images of great quality! ! ! !
I would show you aaaaalll !!

But they are so funny, it's almost dangerous (lol)

Well, I feel that I can’t write my sentences correctly. I will turn to the today’s photo ...

Bye !

Not one photo ...
No. 444 14-02-2009 06h48

... but how many photos of the day?

I will post them, ok? ♪

You know, here, today, it rained!

And if I tell you how busy we are every day, well, I remember yesterday night JK-san played the guitar while we couldn't distinguish the white of his eyes! lol

TA Message 561

Long live ...
No. 561 20-06-2009 02h14

... members of the "TA"! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
What a great cohesion in the team! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
What wonderful spirit! (lol)

I love you aaaaaall! \ (^ O ^) / ♪

Well yes, 2-Yan, it's still not back! (explosion)

God that is fuuuuuunny! (> y <) ♪

Well, including top level members of "TA", tomorrow,
after tomorrow we will break eeeverything! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Tomorrow break the floor!

And after tomorrow, it is the roof that will be off!

It is a foregone conclusion!

I look forward (> y <)

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

TA Message 565-567

No.565 2009Wednesday, June 24 0:01

I'll try to be there now.

The! ! ! Broadcast live.

Can or not, it chon-san . . .

Come on, give it to.

No.566 2009 years Wednesday, June 24 0:34

Pole. . .

Peeling! ! ! ! ! ! !

It's just an error or why. . . pas child-san (T.T)

The original server
No.567 2009 years Wednesday, June 24 1:24

is an error. (Laughs)
"Or" the office staff, We are struggling. (Laughs)

After 30 minutes it will be done.

Wait and look forward (^_-)- ☆

What is it, nothing special, so I do not matter much, all the children better tomorrow morning, so it's OK to have someone from happening ♪

Everyone in the adult,,,

Or I'll have to wait. (Laughs)

He asked them to ITADAKITA (^_^) v ♪

Should I ever -? ? ?

Or, depending on both the content and mood of the day? ? ? I ~.

You take, you wait to return to workヾ(^_^)

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

TA Message 564

Today ...
No. 564 22-06-2009 07h27

... this tour will start again, this Tour is going to continue, we still wanted to celebrate a fence, and we made a late dinner meeting with all members of staff, musicians and dancers.

Quat to Chon san, who during those three days (WOOOW?), Alone, and quite unnecessarily, spent his time to be worried or hopeful, to fail to sleep well or eat properly, she was in fact in a quite comatose.

So far, the dinner, perhaps because of relaxation, she sank into a second (-_-)...

And yet quite unnecessarily, I woke up at 5 1 / 2 in the morning.

Just next, Maro san (duck miniature) crushes.

I have nothing to do, trying to annoy in his sleep, but nothing to do, it overwrites.

Fatigue of the scene, perhaps?

Good! ! No time to faignanter, Chon san will get back to work! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I really want because I am surrounded by my staff that I love! (_-)- ☆

In any case, Yoyogi, really, thank you! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Or. ..

Osaka! Prepare toooooooi! ! ! ! ! !

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com & C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story

TA Message 562-563

You know...
No. 562 21-06-2009 03h19

...it's the team of the Tour, whether it be the team Ayu, musicians or dancers, those who gravitate around these concerts repeating: "That's huge! so huuuuge !..."

Seriously, we only heard this word. Huge! lol
What is huge? But Yoyogi, see! !

And compared with Thursday, Saturday night was even greater.
Huge! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

And then I just realized it, that initially, before they added the dates due to cancellation, tomorrow should be the last day of the Tour, isn't it? ? ?

which means...

... that tomorrow at Yoyogi, it will be the appointment of all the super fans! (explosion)

So ...

I can't wait! (> y <)

Chon-san is ready to break!

I am ready to break the floor, pull out the roof and make a space at Yoyogi outdoor!

With you all the "TA", we'll show them that this is our Promised Land, and that this is our Powaaaaaaaaaa! ♪ (^_^) v

Aaah, tomorrow, I think Maro-chan surfaces in my dreams ... lol

A heavy rain...
No. 563 21-06-2009 10:46

when I woke up this morning, made me burst out laughing.

Don't doubt, I have the form! (^_-)- ☆

Yoyogi, 3rd! Here we go! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

TA Message 561

Long live ...
No. 561 20-06-2009 02h14

... members of the "TA"! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
What a great cohesion in the team! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
What wonderful spirit! (lol)

I love you aaaaaall! \ (^ O ^) / ♪

Well yes, 2-Yan, it's still not back! (explosion)

God that is fuuuuuunny! (> y <) ♪

Well, including top level members of "TA", tomorrow,
after tomorrow we will break eeeverything! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Tomorrow break the floor!

And after tomorrow, it is the roof that will be off!

It is a foregone conclusion!

I look forward (> y <)

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

TA Message 559-560

As expected...
No 559 19-062009 01h19

... I am not mistaken, it is our Promised Land.

I can find even more words.

Yoyogi, pure madness! ! ! ! !

Seriously, I am worried about Saturday.
At any blows will break the floor! lol

No 560 19-06-2009 03h04

I just remember, this makes a bit of time I said it was necessary for him to talk about it.
Is small hobby Chonchan times.

"Omame Nii-yan Blog"

Exactly, is the blog of dancing 2-YAN.

It's fun or is not it, the phrases used are at least captivating...

Say, members of the TA, you do not want him to fall back together in a coup? lol

Credit: cy@AyuAngel & Tsubasa2591@AHS

TA Message 558

I was recording today, a terrible member OMOROI, crammed to the vocal booth, and everyone came to sing enthusiastically ♪

A fun mess up ∈ ^ 0 ^ ∋ ♪

But I can not say more yet, and I get nervous everyone.

To complete this summer, I'll give you the best memories, sure.

A PV also, I think the man's planning something interesting, and there's also still more things I can not say, TANOMIN (¿?), please wait the whole schedule? ? ? OK? ? ? ? ?

Fu Fu Fu. . .

Handcuffs! ! ! (¿?)

Tomorrow! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Our holy land, Yoyogi in 3 Days!

Yoyogi, SSHO(¿?) sure.

It is sacred.

Certainly 3 days, I can say that (¿?)BUCHIKAMASHI (^_-)- ☆

Too fun (*^_^*)

For now, formerly heading to the bed and rolling the leek. ← I'm still a cold coffee.

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

TA Message 556-557

Niéééé ... 
No. 556 16-06-2009 04h10

I have too many things to do ... Suba Ringu ... .. 

Ro ... ... Ringu 

Midoringu .... 

Ah! energy back! lol 

Well, I post the photo of the day: the atmosphere of the registration leek! ! 

And for photos of Kobe, please show a little patience ... ok?

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story

We all...
No 557 6/16/2009 18h09

are intimate wounds.

One who seems happy, or one who displays a great indifference, that nothing seems to be reaching...

Behind a smile, there is surely something that is hidden. Something.

I do not want to say that this smile is a lie.
I just want to say that the smile is not everything.

This is valid for all. And for all.

We are all human beings.

We are only human beings.

We are far from perfect.

Fortunately, we are not perfect.

It is because we are not perfect we put our hearts out to move forward.

It is this commitment that is the energy of life.

When I see that my heart trembles, I tell myself that I, too, have to live life with all my strength.

I hope this is not something that is lost where the hand does not reach, the human beings itself is hope.

For that, born in the imperfect, would we ever reach perfection...

It takes all, even in this kind of weather, we darkened the days.


I have so much energy when the weather comes back! (ˆ_-)-☆

It is like that, right?

Or rather, it is because we are like that... no?


Creds: cy@Ayuangel & polka-dot-jewel@AHS

TA Message 554-555

Also Yesterday,
No 544 6-13-2009 11h10

there was a numerous amount of you to accomodate and accompany me, thank you very muuuuuch! (ˆ_ˆ)v

Well, it's true. I was always around my neck leek.
It didn't feel like leek? lol

The pictures of Princess in leek will be worth the look! ♪

Go, first day at Kobe, we will put... theee... fiiiiiiiiiire ヽ(ˆ0ˆ)ノヽ(ˆ0ˆ)ノヽ(ˆ0ˆ)ノヽ(ˆ0ˆ) ノヽ(ˆ0ˆ)ノ♪

No 555 6-14-2009 8h56

Yesterday in Kobe, you were all phenomenal, and I was also phenomenal! (lol)

So, today also, or even later on, we will be in the mood

"Everything is broken", huh?!!!!

Come on, second day, let's go!!!!!!!!!!

Creds: cy@Ayuangel.cocm & polka-dot-jewel@AHS

TA Message 552-553 (Ny singel?)

CMJK san ...
No. 552 12-06-2009 03h09

... has spoken on his blog (*), but his recipe of "Curry Soba Nanban", I admit that I underestimated.
Good evening. Here I am back tonight for the second time.

I have the power to confirm this "Curry Soba Nanban.

JK san, you did!

You really have something terrible!

Too strong, the "a-few-bad-môssieu"! ! !

No, I'm wrong. The "tree-bad-môssieu"! ! ! ! ! !

Well, the "very-bad-princess" leek wrapped around the neck and back in his recording studio ...

(*) (On his blog, said CMJK eat the day after an evening too watered to fight against evil hair ...!)

No. 553 12-06-2009 17h37

The "princess in leek is still recording.

Is it going to end before the last flight?

Yeah, I can do it! \ (--

Attend me, Kobe! ! ! ! ! !

Creds: Incognito@Ayuangel.com & Tsubasa2591@AHS

TA Message 551

At a time ...
No. 551 12-06-2009 01h57

... so important, and where time is so short, a cold choper is my ID ... ID ...

Wooooow, ID .... ID .... wooooooow

Very bad ....(×_×) ID

Creds: Ayuangel.com & indetity@AHS

TA Message 550

And voila!
No 550 6/11/2009 00h10

Already niiiiiight...

I'm tired...


Ah! (・o・) !! Danger, danger.

Let us stop taking my desires for reality!

Go, you have to do what is nessecary!! >Kome ☆ JK san? Nobita?

Aaah! I have something to ask you. Can I?

Here it is. On the day of the announcement of the cancellation of the concerts in Osaka, you all came to Osaka-jo Hall. People spoke on the news, people were crying, people stood there, speechless... each in their own way, they did everything they could to accept, or attempt to digest, all of the forces of this harsh reality, is it not true?

And there, I learned that, instead of me and my team, a youth group who sang and danced was found at the Osaka-jo Hall.

Perhaps it was to help friends get through the situation, but it is also possible that they also wanted to take a portion of our sadness for us (my team and I), who could not do anything for these people during this moment.

Or perhaps for some other reason.

But, I can tell you that I read this information online, and I cried.

But, these kids filmed the moment, they made a DVD, they gave it to the staff in Osaka, and two days later, I received the DVD from them.
I wanted to see it, to view it, so much. But, when I opened the bag, I came across a DVD of a disproportionate size...

I tried everything, but it is impossible to watch! (v_v)

Both my staff and I wondered how we could possibly view this DVD...

I finally understood.

I am not criticizing, but it seems that this DVD is meant for older PCs (you know, the kind where you insert the DVD in a drawer...). Even though we looked everywhere, we could not find one...

That's why I couldn't even see it (v_v)

At the airport, I remember that someone had asked me about it, but because he said so much so quickly, I was overwhelmed by the amount of words, and Chon-san didn't say anything! lol

As much as I would like another copy of the DVD, they gave me the master copy of it, and it cannot be duplicated... it is something that is still troubling me, so please, if this was you that day at Osaka-jo Hall, send me a message! (>_<)ゞ

The memory of that day will never disappear, and I think I would really like to watch this film before I return to Osaka for the replacement concerts.

Hmm, I am sorry to tell you something so personal!!!!!!!!!!

I am doing this because it is perhaps the only way to find a solution to this problem... m(__)m

Well, I will return to work.

And I hope this will make you happy... I will soon post pictures from Hokkaido! (ˆ_-)-☆

Creds: cy@Ayuangel.com & polka-dot-jewel@AHS

TA Message 549

I am ...
No. 549 10-06-2009 04h15

... in super shape!

But ...

supeeeeeeeer busy too!

Damn ............ I did not enough time ...........

Seriously, 24 hours a day, it is not enough.
Say that a day lasts a week. ← For Whom?


Creds: cy@Ayuangel.com & identity@AHS

TA Message 548

Leave me...
No 548 5-6-2009 22h40

...to justify!
What do you mean, is this what takes me? lol

No, it's that today, also, at the Haneda Airport, the numerous fans of Kanto came to accompany me. Thank you very much (*ˆ_ˆ*)

I was not hyper and calm???

Someone who questioned me: "You are sure you are okay (>_<)??"...
Seriously, I am veeerrryyyy well!!!

To tell you how well I am, in the car which led me to the airport, there was a song that I love, so I started to sing and dance!

But this unfortunate incident happened...

I was so excited that I completely forgot that I was sucking a candy close to my throat...

And poof! ヽ(ˆ0ˆ)ノ It was flying, and miserably landed in my hair.

You know, seriously, I think girls will understand me better than anyone, I think, you know how it is... when a sweet or chewing gum sticks in her hair...
On the road from the airport and beyond, I will see you all?
I cannot meet you with candy that hangs in my hair, huh? lol

Poof! Effortlessly...
I ripped it with force lol

But I almost panicked.

Very well...

...enough for my nose bleeds! MDR!

Was it seen? It was??? lol

And in fact, I was so concentrated that only my nose started to bleed more, at Haneda where Chon-san was particularly calm. (When the baggage gate control does not ring, my blood pressure tends to rise. But not today lol)


Sorry to be like this! lol

After hardly being on the plane, I rushed into the toilet, I wet my hair, I removed a few blood stains (lol), but fortunately, upon arriving at the Chitose Airport, Chon-san was ready to go, and I was able to meet all of those who came to greet me!

Whew! It feels super! d(ˆ-ˆ)

It was long, huh? (*ˆ_ˆ*)

Good!! Tomorrow, the first day in Makomania, where Shu-chan, Zin-san, and Rocky are from, I will go to the "Dekkaido" concert!

Let's put out the fiiiiiiiire!(ˆ_-)-☆

Creds: cy@Ayuangel.com & polka-dot-jewel@AHS

TA Message 547

no. 547: Last concert of the tour?
No. 547 04-06-2009 21h32

That is the question I could ask, so the atmosphere was crazy, and I laugh and cry, I am afforded the luxury of being invaded by all these feelings, and only the second concert Nagoya days finished, I changed in haste and I rushed to the station.

Nagoya train station, huge fever!
Arrival at Tokyo Station, a huge ... fever in a big rain!

... and back home, I started checking my services to Nagoya, when I realized that it was morning.
So around noon, when I had the brain that went live, I am left ballotée and I found myself at Narita.

And where I arrived a few hours later ...

In fact it is an island, but on which there was a sense of panic, loss of electrical power.

A light-pen in the mouth, Chon san is walking by bending his face close to the ground and râlant?

A well Ayustaff careless remark that "when there is no light in fact that's all black and really quiet ..." (I have not seen the author of these words, but I look to Gori)

And another Ayustaff to marvel aloud: "The stars are close!" (I have not seen the author of these words, but I think it was EmOC).


Hey! Wait a minute! ! ! ! !

The current problem is serious, you remember? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Even as people of the hotel, they say they do not know for how long any, and they bring an impressive amount of candles? ? ? ? ? ? ? ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

How do you all for being so calm? I admire you! lol

Then finally, the current returned after 2 or 3 hours, and at this moment, Chon san has actually exploded! Laying triumphant winner and cry! lol

But the joy was short-lived: the internet has severable.
And the relay of the mobile phone has disjunction.

And unable to use your PC, here comes Stan disjoncte change too.
Desperately seeking a place to pick up her cell phone, surrounded by cows, Chon san freaks.

And this is how I think I have any concern, but you know, here it was every day a real race for survival ... until I changed a state of mind, and Chon san is in perfect harmony with Mother Nature. And so today, I'm back in Japan in great form
m (__) m

I will bieeeeeeeeen! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Uh ... tomorrow is already transferred to Hokkaido! ! ! ! !

But I can not wait, it's long as I did not go singヽ(0)ノ♪

It is a black Ayu that will come.

Well, I send you photos of the day.
That station Nagoya → Tokyo Station! ! ! ! !

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com & C+R+E+AYUMI @ AHS
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story

TA Message 546

Nagoya 2nd
No 546 05-28-2009 14h10

Let's make this concert even more bigger than yesterday's! (ˆ_ˆ)v
I expect you all to be pumped! ♪

Nagoya, 4th concert.... Let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Creds: cy@AyuAngel.com & polka-dot-jewel@AHS

TA Message 545

No 545 27-05-2009 02h11

Today, the work we had done before leaving was delayed, and because the risk of missing the last Shinkansen was increasing, we urgently asked for our motor-home and left the Aoyama center, we finally arrived here at Nagoya.

Raa, it was long...

But... at the Tokyo station, or that of Nagoya, many of you waited, is it not true... (>_<)

I also wanted to see you... (T.T)

Your letters and gifts were given to me by my staff ☆
I promise to read everything carefully! (ˆ_-)-☆

Good! In this tour, this is the second time in Nagoya!!!!!!!!!!!!

I, too, feel the energy begin to rise ♪

Do not believe that I will be beaten by the public of Nagoya! ♪♪♪

Tomorrow is the big dayl!!!!! ヽ(ˆ0ˆ)ノ

Creds: cy@AyuAngel.com & polka-dot-jewel@AHS

TA Message 544

Goda nyheter efter allt trubbel. ARENA TOUR ska få komma till Osaka trots allt. ^^

Thanks! ! !

No.544 2009 Sunday, May 24 23:35

Osaka performance, an alternative day has been officially decided time ago! ! ! ! ! ! !
The suspension has finished(>_<)! ! ! ! ! ! !

More details tomorrow, and will be announced officially.

As I promised, I'll go to meet you (*^_^*)

And, before that, also Nagoya's next performance is today, I'm running.

Because the day is long from Nagoya. Laughs

Tomorrow, and the day after, I run daily.

Coming power-up (^_-)- ☆

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

TA Messages 541-542-543

No. 541 23-05-2009 11:40

I post the following pictures!
Those concerns my return to the airport to Hiroshima and Haneda

In fact, today it's super beautiful! (*_*)
That's why just now, on the terrace, I played in the swing with my dogs!
Well, be that my body is rust, I'm going to run!
And if you cross me, please, do not "Wooooooooow!!"
It hurts my modesty! lol
Come on, that is also a day full of love! (_-)- ☆

My PC ...
No. 542 23-05-2009 13h25

... does not do well, I can not post ...
Give me a little time siouplaît ... > _ <...

Yeeeeeeah! ! !
No. 543 23-05-2009 19h20

My PC is fully repaired!
Excuse me for the repeated phone calls, I'm really too ignorant! > Dear Apple employee.

Come on, I post photos of jooooour! (_) V ♪

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com & C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS

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