AT09 ~NEXT LEVEL~ Nya bilder och trackliständringar.

Nu är sommaren slut. a-nation är över och det betyder att AT09 har avslutat sitt lilla sommaruppehåll och fortsätter nu för att avsluta tourens fyra sista speldatum. En liten ändring har skett i tracklisten. AUDIENCE har bytts ut mot Sunrise och For My Dear... har bytt ut mot Sunset. Om ni frågar mig så blev båda låtbyterna till det sämre. Men men. Konserten som var den 3/10 så lades en extra låt till i encoren, nämligen Present, förmodligen för att fira Ayu's fördelsedag som var dagen innan. Present var alltså inte med i konserten dagen därpå, 4/10.

00.Pieces of SEVEN
05.Sunrise~LOVE is ALL~
06.Load of the SHUGYO
07.LOVE 'n' HATE
09.In The Corner
17.Bridge to the sky

19.Curtain call
20.Sunset~LOVE is ALL~
21.everywhere nowhere
22.Humming 7/4
23.Boys & Girls

Alla bilder är från konserterna den 3'e och 4'e Oktober.

Creds: AHS

a-nation'09 DVD tracklist.

a-nation har nu alltså fått smeknamnet ayumi-nation med all rätt. På den kommande DVD'n har alla atrister fått ett framträdande var utom Ayu som har fått in alla sina samtliga 8 låtar. Orättvist? Absolut. Roligt för Ayufans? Definitivt.

1. AAA / Break Down
2. 鈴木亜美 /Delightful
3. GIRL NEXT DOOR / Be Your wings
4. DA PUMP / We can't stop the music
5. Do As Infinity / 最後のGAME
6. hitomi / World!Wide!Love!
7. 河村隆一 / Brilliant Stars
8. LINDBERG / 今すぐKiss Me
9. My Little Lover / blue sky
10. 大塚 愛 / バイバイ
11. Every Little Thing / Dear My Friend
12. BoA / 永遠
13. globe / FACE
14. 東方神起 / Survivor
15. 倖田來未 / ecstasy
16. TRF / 寒い夜だから・・・

17. 浜崎あゆみ / Rule
18. 浜崎あゆみ / A Song for ××
19. 浜崎あゆみ / BLUE BIRD
20. 浜崎あゆみ / Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~
21. 浜崎あゆみ / TO BE
22. 浜崎あゆみ / Boys & Girls
23. 浜崎あゆみ / Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~
24. 浜崎あゆみ / July 1st

【a-nation'09 Live Digest】
1. TRIPLANE / アイコトバ
3. moumoon / ハレルヤ
4. J-Min / One
6. May J. / Garden
7. alan / 久遠の河
8. 後藤真希 / Candy
【a-nation'09 Documentary】

Creds: truehappiness@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 9/10/2009 - 10/10/2009

One Year Ago
9 October 2009 4:11 PM

A year ago today, at this time, I wrote and posted this entry.
Everyone please look at the sky for a little while, remember that day, and think of him.

[270] Thank you.
9 October 2008 (Thurs) 3:59 PM
Everyone, for gladly giving me the thing I wished for, I thank you.
And, for sending so many messages to him, thank you.
About one hour ago, his long, long fight ended.
I don't know how to put it into comprehensible words now, but I do think I need to say it to everyone, so here I am.
All of everyone's kind thoughts have been sent to his family.
I'm sure he'll be able to read them up in Heaven.

In Those Days
9 October 2009 4:33 PM

I'm posting what I wrote back then.
Our red bracelets shine on our arms even today.
Right, Tsuriko?

[267] Just now,
8 October 2008 (Wed) 12:16 AM

I recieved contact from a friend of mine who is fighting a battle at the end of his life.
Around this time last year, he suddenly struck ill and learned that he only had a short time to live, but he crossed over from despair to hope and has been constantly fighting since then.
And everyone in his family, just as he has, have changed in the days since, living with patience and strength.

The last day I saw him was April 8th.
There was not a single strand left of his long hair, and his body had become so very thin, but he told the hospital no, and went to Yoyogi together with his mother.
He frantically did his best to be cordial to everyone, all the while taking care of his mother, and when he saw me, he gave me a hug, sobbed loudly, and then said "I'm doing my best," and returned to his usual smiling face.

So much has happened since then.

So, I've fought to "do my best" for the last ten minutes, but everything inside me is so messed up.

I, him, and one other friend, the three of us together all wear red bracelets that are shining on our arms even now, and that third friend has been informed.
She's by his side right now.
As for me... I think it's best for him to be in a peaceful environment, and I'm pretty sure his family wants that for him too, so I'm not there.

In such times, to be completely honest, I become very unpleasant to be around.

But the bracelet I'm wearing right now will shine on my arm for a long time!!!!!

I'm sorry for being like this today...

"Surely I am walking and I am smiling and I am breathing
Even having innocent conversation
Naturally I thought it would continue this way."*

[268] Yesterday
8 October 2008 (Wed) 7:46 PM

After what I posted, ever since, and even now too, messages from everyone have continued to come in.
I think that I'm definitely becoming as strong as him thanks to all of your messages.

But he is still fighting at the moment.
The fact that he's able to is a miracle.
The harshest part is that he's had to show us this miracle with his own body.

I'm thinking very clearly right now. As I am right now, I am an able person.
Because I have been given the gift of existence, there are things I can do.

Please, tonight, pray for a miracle to happen between today and tomorrow.

For thinking of him tomorrow, you have my gratitude.

Thank you all.

[269] Please
9 October 2008 (Thurs) 2:58 AM

I've come back to ask something of all of you.

The amount of messages from everyone is so huge, they're all packed with so much power, I think I'd like to deliver them all to him.
But given the circumstances, everyone has written so much that it's not really possible to make copies.

Would it be a good idea for me to take the messages that we're collecting over to him?
Tomorrow and the day after, keep writing messages as long as you can keep sending your power, as long as he keeps fighting, and I will deliver it.

Please let me know what you think, everyone.

After this, I wrote the entry I posted here earlier.
Everyone was so kind as to send an inumerable amount of messages back then. Right about now, I think he's probably reading them again.
Perhaps he is smiling calmly.

*Lyrics from "Life".

9 October 2009 5:14 PM

These are my last writings from that time.
At the end, there is a new beginning.

[271] Tomorrow
11 October 2008 (Sat) 1:04 AM

In the morning, I'll print out everyone's messages, and I'll carry them to him.
As for me, right now, I'm one with all of you, and I have the same wish, and I'm able to continue praying, and I truly have so much gratitude for all my comrades in TA, and I've cried time and time again.
Although we couldn't possibly explain them well, our feelings can be heard if we use our words.
I think we're definitely all connected.
He is connected to me, to us all, and he's taught us one thing.
Let's all go together, treating each and every moment as a precious gift. Let's walk at the same speed.
Let's live, putting our whole hearts into surviving.

[272] As promised
12 October 2008 (Sun) 5:00 AM

I went to deliver all of your messages!

Once I actually printed them out, it was a huge stack, and I took them to his mother, and she burst into tears the moment she saw them. She said she felt so fortunate.
For saying so many precious things to him, she said she was "truly grateful..." to me and to all of you.

Afterwards, she placed them with him, together with some flowers.

This morning, his mother told me that at the very end, he apparently said to her, "I want to listen to 'Life'." He couldn't breathe properly by then, but he forced off his oxygen mask and said that.
This was so unexpected, I was just a mess hearing it. I don't remember the story clearly, but I was so grateful to hear this.
A song I had made.
It's a song inside me, my own, and there is evidence that he lived, thanks to him saying that.

And then, even while I was sleeping, KAZ printed out everyone in TA's messages, and I truly thank him. It was enormous work, but, in order for me to deliver everyone's thoughts without fail, he kept working until it was finished, and so I was able to tell him, "I'm so relieved!!"...
TA is really the best.

And... all of us here have to keep walking forward, and our thoughts are pointed towards Shanghai.
During this trip to Shanghai, of course we're doing a concert there, and we're filming the PV for the new song I mentioned before, "GREEN."
Peco & Zin are doing the choreography.
Me & my dancers are getting into our fighting spirit, like dancing warriors.
This will be one more extremely wonderful piece of work to remember, so I'm really looking forward to it.

I want to share something with everyone again.

Please look forward to it.

Let's wholeheartedly raise our heads and keep going. Alright!!!

Some time ago...
10 October 2009 3:29 AM

I couldn't stop the outpour of emotion, and I did all those successive updates...
But, unexpectedly, there are alot of people who recently became members of TA, I have discovered, and important things were taught, and "Thank You" was said.
The ring of members of TA has rapidly increased over the course of this year, in a blink of the eye it's grown, and I think we've become connected in a very strong, deep way.
This makes me somehow so happy.
After those posts, some people, worrying about me, sent me messages, but I am completely okay!!!!
I'm smiling with all my heart.
I'm crying with all my heart.
I'm living with all my heart.
You know?
Yesterday, I went to the same place as when I went drinking together with Bacchi for the first time.
I was working for all the time we were friends, and in my private life, we went on trips together, but even after all those years, I never forgot the first place Bacchi and I went to.
Cuz at that time, there was alot of tension, and I didn't really get it at the time, but then when we were talking, facing each other, I was sitting there and that guy threw up on me. lol
I think he said "I like yoooouuu~". No, I'm serious.
Aw man, he just rolled on the floor laughing.
Well, my clothes and shoes were stained with vomit though.
Bacchi, of course, stunk of of vomit and it would not go away.
When I remember this sort of thing, I'm not immersed in sadness, and even yesterday I was smiling quite a bit.
I remember how I envied Bacchi, and I smile.
And Bacchi is smiling too, absolutely.
He's doing fine, I know it. We're doing fine, smiling together.
He's saying stuff like "Look at you, writing this stuff~", even now digging into me like that, I know it. He was always cute & cool like that.
But to everyone in TA who comes here, it wasn't painful. If there's someone out there who wants to escape, who wants to throw it all away, how about thinking of it this way.
The today that YOU feel like you want to abandon is the tomorrow that someone elsewhere didn't give up on.
The today that YOU feel has defeated you is the tomorrow that someone elsewhere fought to defeat.
Keep in mind, these are just my thoughts, so I couldn't tell you if they're correct or incorrect.
But I know this for sure. You are not alone. There's no reason to be afraid. Because I'm here.
Even if all you want is to give up, I'm not letting go of your hand.
And even if all you want is to give up, I'm confident that with courage, you can fix whatever's happened.

It's alright.

Creds: tasking & Deli@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 2/10/2009 - 7/10/2009

Här kommer några meddelanden där Ayu skriver lite om sin födelsedag, visar upp bilder på henne när hon gosar med de nya valparna och hon har även en stor glädjande nyhet precis i slutet. ^__^

Soooooooo many
2 October 2009 1:22 PM

kind messages, I truly truly thank you! <3

I'm going to hold back a bit during performances tomorrow and the day after, my excuse being "birthday." Of course, with my personality being what it is, putting on the best show possible for you guys has top priority, but making too many "waah waah!" noises would be too taxing on my voice really. I wouldn't be able to put on a convincing performance for you, and that wouldn't be cool at all. I stayed with my babies in the house yesterday, and as soon as it hit midnight, everyone started rapidly sending me messages! My cell phone just kept on ringing in real time as they came, but I was still able to read them.~<3

So my new family members were encircled by extremely lively little babies, and Chon-mama passed the time idly as a sumo wrestling official. <3

And today might be my actual birthday, sure, but until tonight, my schedule is packed!!!

But since everyone on ayu's staff, who I love, will be around, I'm happy <3

Of course, there's still more to do, I can't just watch the house all day, so Papico & Pino are coming with me to work! <3

But it seems our work isn't anywhere near over until our last moments in Fukuoka, so I can't meet up with everyone which is really disappointing, but...

Tomorrow at about noon-ish, I'll be going (ah, it's my hometown, so "coming"* maybe?), so tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, for two days, everyone's going to have the best time together!!

We'll be standing up on that stage together, but surely, everyone there will really be one of us, and you'll power us up!!! We won't mess up!!!!! They'll be an unforgettable two days☆

Well, Chon-mama has to head to work with her babies now.

Every year KAZ hands it to me, all the messages from everyone in TA compiled into a big present~<3

When I recieve them, I always read them very carefully.~<3

And no matter what, I still cry "boohoohoo" every year. lol

*The verbs for going somewhere and going back home are different in japanese. I couldn't think of a way to translate that well in english.

6 October 2009 12:53 AM

Yeah, I think that word is the most sufficient to describe my current state.
Alright then, do~mo, konbanwa, I'm a coward.
Since I haven't been able to write anything simple or profound or powerful over the last few days, and looking back would take too much care and time, today, like a coward, I'm going to give you all a course on how to make the distinction between Pino-san and Papico-san!☆
Okay so, first off, here's Pino-san. Ta-da!

Moving on, Papico-san. Ta-da!

Yep, you can already see it, can't you?
That's right - Papico-san's age of 2 months doesn't seem right given his body size.
His body fits in Marron's food dish (the biggest of all of the food dishes) and he has memorized a technique for snatching his food.
Pino, however, fits in my hand~.
Every day, they just walk wherever, having great adventures here in the house.
Of course these two aren't twin sisters, they're twin brothers. <3
Well, I'm working on a new song soon.... actually I should say that I better get started on it very very quickly!!!!!!!
Why do I always put things off till the last minute, I wonder...? lol

7 October 2009 1:20 AM

...Actually, I've been working on the song to the point where today has now become yesterday, maybe, but honestly, I don't really know.
Well, it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing, but the overall image is very concrete now, and usually, I work in a straight shot until everything's all finished. I can't do anything else during that time though.
Today, I took a rest every now and then, but I still made progress.
First, I looked at all the audience POV videos of Fukuoka. Once that was done, I watched the producer POV, looking at fine details for things that can be improved for the shows in Yoyogi. All finished!♪All good!♪
So, after that, I took the time to check out all the presents and letters and messages and everything that sooooo many people gave me over the course of my birthday week.
Afterwards, I got this from KAZ.

All the messages from everyone in TA <3
The back looks like this <3

It's enough to make you cry, huh?
So this & that got done, and here yesterday I said that I had stuff I could write about but I was thinking I wanted to keep the words to myself, but I'm thinking "that's wrong~."
Words can't be laid into a picture frame, right? I thought.
But still, if I can say it, we're coming up to the last city of the tour, and ever since I started planning for this tour, I couldn't have imagined how much these shows would evolve into something so wonderful, and we're bringing the tour to a close with the shows in such perfect form.
So now we turn straight towards the goal of Yoyogi, not lost at all.
I truly thank you.
Once I got home, Papico turned into the most codependent person ever.

At least I thought so, but my kiss was denied! What the hey?

With a side glance from far away, Pino sees this, but he's doing his own thing.

He decided to lie down. Not interesting enough for you, eh?

He looks like that, and I just become so impossibly happy.
As usual, I can't reach something if it's out of my reach, but

This 31 year old is making a crazy good song.☆

7 October 2009 10:27 PM

I got alot of them, so I came by for a sec~.
I wore this when returning home from Fukuoka Airport. It's a hat with gray stars on it that you can get from Toco Pacific*.☆
It comes in different colors, I have a red one too.☆
The T-shirt is a Lafine & Tocopaci collaboration tee.☆

I digress, but most recently I got this really hot strap through my connection to Tocopaci.

I think you can order it from Tocopaci.
Chonsan's appearance has been way too much about cuteness lately, but I just gotta use Pinky here.
That right there, when I couldn't find it when I was looking for it, it was like I beaten down by rain all day. (I'm serious! lol)
I STILL can't find it!!
Anyway, I have to get back to work. Booooo.
When I have time, I'll upload lots more photos & fashion checks for you though~!!!!!!!!

*She abbreviates this as "TOKOPASHI" the whole entry, so I put Tocopaci there for the rest of the entry. :)

Creds: tasking & Deli@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 1/10/2009

Här får vi följa Ayu och hennes dansare och band när de tränar inför de sista fyra kommande showerna. Ni får även se två nya tillskotten i Ayus familj i hennes andra inlägg. ^__^

1 October 2009 5:03 PM

I say it with feeling, cuz as I wrote yesterday, the band & dancers & staff all had rehearsal together, so I'm uploading a bunch of the photos real fast!
First, sensitive concentration. Ward off all the wicked thoughts.

Then, the whole crew gathers in the studio!!!
I love how the air feels just before we begin.

It's called a rehearsal, but we keep flying with the same motivation as if it were a real performance.
Look how serious Shuu-cha is!!

Su-san puts some heat on it too!!

Aki-ane in front of the boys, all flowing together!!

Chi-chan, always that same tiny face!!

Enrique, your legs are too long!! (I'm reminded of Mahone*)

The combo of Yo-chan & Peco-san in full effect!!

And I'm all sweaty!!

I caught a Su-san!!

Zin-san looks all Ganguro!!

Maro-nii with the spirit of a diva!!

I can't lose!

And here is the original diva spirit!!

I can't lose!!

The girls-tachi can't lose either!!

Rocky-san jumps with his ultra-small face!!

And Kazumax, having reached age 26, floats in the air!!

Akirax is doin' his thing!!

Nii-yan's face in profile just kinda looks wrong!!

Mother Go-mi, whose energy level is just as high as always!!

We can't lose!!

Way too sweaty and I need to change clothes!!

Kayanocchi as seen by the camera!!

I thought it was an angel, but it was Midoring!!

But, still, must be serious!!

This is the same person who was having a "One at a Time Meeting" in an alleyway, being all genki!!

This is the same person whose 31st birthday is right under her nose, and I decided something!!
Which is...

As of today, my family has increased by two 2-month-old members!
Their names are Pino and Papico.

Four more shows left, we are one group, again, again
I swear to report to the stage, leveled up and confident!!
Please look forward to it as much as you can!!!

*Alexander Mahone (played by William Fichtner) from Prison Break, which Ayu is a huge fan of, as many of you will remember.

Lying down.
1 October 2009 7:35 PM

They're both two months old, but look how different their face sizes are! <3
Papico is on the right, Pino on the left. <3 They were born in the summer so I named them after ice cream. <3
These guys lie down in symmetry to each other. <3

Creds: tasking & Deli@AHS

Ännu ett nytt goods till AT09

En liten uppimad version av årets TOURtshirt ska säljas under de sista datumen. Lite närmare Ayu's egna encoretröjor med lite glitter och glam på. Går av för ca 1,500 SEK. Dyrt, men ganska snyggt! ^__^

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

Nytt goods till AT09

Inget annat än lite te. Och inte vilket te utan det speciella Momi Tea som Ayu har druckit så mycket och postat så många bilder om i sin DIARY. Nu ska alla minsan få smaka helt enkelt. ;) Eller iaf de som kommer till touren.

MOMI TEA(モミティ)

福岡:マリンメッセ福岡 場外グッズ販売エリア付近

●10/3(土) 14:30(予定) 販売開始致します。
●10/4(日) 12:00(予定) 販売開始致します。


Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 30/09/2009

Today ...
30-09-2009 12:36

... is the anniversary of Kazumax, one of ayu-dancers ☆
Say, if you have time, send a message of congratulations, oki? ♪
I think he will be super happy ... ♪ ♪ ♪
The blog of dancer KAZUMA
Uh .. about, this is not an attack blog eh? ! lol
These days, Chon san uses "Subalog" as book learning to life.
I swear, you should all read it! ! !
If there are those who have not yet read.
The "Subalog"
The diary of daily life and thoughts of the dancer SUBARU
Well, I come back later to post pictures ok? ♡

Love is not an illusion
Dreams come true surely
Keeping the light of hope
If we believe ...

The sky is a little far
but will find the end of the rainbow.

30-09-2009 18h01

I told you yesterday that I'll post pictures, so here's all the ones I left in plan!
To begin, as I've said, here are the members of this nightlife ☟

You can zap through the installation of unspeakable Minazô lol. Where we are is a restaurant supeeeer sale (with all my love ♡), on many levels it's supeeeer anything (with all my love ♡), but supeeeeer good! ♪
And the servers are all Thai, they are all supeeer nice. I adore them ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
Anyway, Chon san, it is rather negative, that the head can not draw it on the photo ☟

Really dark! lol
At my side, big sister Riko-Dalmatian brings us the atmosphere!
After dinner, we went to a bar owned by a friend.

The point of this picture is that Chon sees san walking in the street quite normal! ! But actually not. The real important point is that we see big sister Riko-Dalmatian who never stops talking as a machine gun and balance without even noticing its business on Minazô! lol It flies really high .... ! lol
And after the photo I posted yesterday and the game of paparazzi did with him, we played a game that all girls know, the play "Sex and the City" ☟

Again, with the garbage bins on the left, it flies high!
And Kanako Miura Bancho aka san exclaimed: "I'm Samantha!" lol
ain, the girls, you see how this remark flies high? lol
In general, the level rises instantly, but soon after falls very low, but this evening there, it remained very high ...! ♡ Thanks! ♡

Although there also is garbage on the right lol
Good! Yesterday, during the repeat, I could take lots of pictures, I'll post them soon ♪
In the meantime, I'll post one of them to you which steals very high lol ☆

They are Yocchan & Peco san! mimiiii too! ♪ ♪ ♪

Creds: identity@AHS &

Ayumi 31 år idag!

Stort grattis till födelsedagsbarnet!

ayu's DIARY: 26/09/2009 - 29/09/2009

Sen 26'e skriver Ayu om hur de jobbar hårt inför helgens konserter och Ayu berättar lite om den kommande a-nation'09-DVDn. Den 27e vaknade hon jättetidigt och agerade lite husmor. Hon isar även de första exemplaren av de nya svindyra nyckelringarna. Den 29e berättar hon om hur hennes energi förämdras.

In such a short amount of time,

26 September 2009 9:50 PM

my hard drive has been working awfully hard and it's hurting my lap now, but today, I got to return home ahead of schedule.
I'm home so early, I don't know what to do with the extra time! (be patient?
In all seriousness I'm gonna try to rest and let myself recharge. Don't worry~☆
Well, I got alot of messages from everyone, "Upload photos of the girls too~ <3" So as far as that goes, um, Chon-san is not so bold as to mess around with her big sisters' photos (lol) so I found a cute shot of the full set of 4 cute people, I'm uploading it here♪
Yup, ta-da!!

I think you know them already, but just in case, top right in the photo is Aki-ane, and then on the left is Kayanocchi.
On the bottom row, to the right is (my) Midoring.
To the left side, Chi-chan.☆
Well, my head is slowly getting sorted back out~...
But right now I think there's a demon in there.
"The edit of a-nation for the DVD, please!!!"
Oh, really? Is that how it's gonna be?? lol
I'm workin' on it-------!!!!!!
Alright, I gotta get back to work now. lol

26 September 2009 10:53 PM

As far as the a-nation editing, I can tell you that there'll be off-shot!!
There are tons of extremely rare backstage & behind the scenes shots. I'm worried how much of this it's okay to show you all (lol).
Butbut, it's not a mistake that the DVD will be full of this valuable footage, so look forward to it~☆
Yesterday, Chon-san kinda fell behind a bit cuz she had to buy Kazumasa Oda's best-of.

This early
27 September 2009 9:57 AM

I didn't plan to wake up so early, I woke up at about 6 AM today.
What the heck, getting up such a short time after laying down. lol
I felt like I was having a really scary dream for some reason, and I felt paralyzed and I couldn't even breathe.
Maybe it's not like this for everyone, but for me, when I realize that "Aah! This is a dream!!" I know the technique to forcibly slip out of it, and force myself awake.
So of course this morning, I was really scared, so I went "UNGH!" and forced myself out of the dream so I could wake up.
So I did that, but I wasn't in a dream in the first place.
Paralysis ☞ big fat Marron got on top of my body & fell asleep.
(He could not be moved.)
Labored breathing ☞ Cocoa was sleeping on top of my face.
(Crafty li'l guy.)
So as it turns out, my two little babies were the cause.
So thanks to them I'm completely awake, but I did not enjoy the Tokyo sunrise, so I covered up the window completely and, that done, I started cleaning up the room. 6 AM? Really? lol
I even did the laundry. I apologize, that's not becoming of me. lol
I don't usually do that. (Talking about it, I mean.)
So now that the whole family's got this & that sparkling clean, it's already this time of morning~!!!!!!!!!
Proof that I suck at this. lol
But with cleaning, laundry, cooking, small simple work... I'm usually awesome.
Whether I like it or not. That's the point. lol
And I don't need it, but in my spare time I figured I'd see if I can make spinach.
But officially...
My li'l arfies, they fell right to sleep.
What the hey??? lol


Finally received them~, the first ones!!!!!! ta-da!!!

The accumulation of love and effort and tears and sweat from Satsuki-chan's whole group is here in spades.

Lovely, huh?☆
By the way, everyone in Team Kobe (that's Satsuki-chan and everyone) are immediately starting work on the next TA-exclusive neck strap.
My goodness, all that effort and fortitude, and the ability to concentrate is probably a necessity.
That way they can make a number of them...
After all, they're not just slapping them on, but they're precisely placing the stones all together on there one by one...
I can't help but hang my head.
I can't be defeated either, I have to live through today with all my strength☆
Go for it----------!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Satsuki-chan!! You stick those things on, everyone!!!!!

The Bubble (continued)
27-09-2009 11:49

As I had more time until I left the job, and it was while I pass it to do something, after cleaning and laundry, I decided to make my breakfast. In general I'm not all that.
It prepares me (which, ..?)
Today is exceptional lol
And despite this long intro, I actually cooked anything extraordinary, notice is also what makes my charm lol. Voila! !

Spinach with black sesame sauce and a boiled egg. I did as I could lol.
As a guide, the word "spinach" (in Japanese hôrensô) that I used in my previous message is my habit of language, because it means "make a report (Hokoku in ***.) - Contact (Renraku in *** .) - interview (sodan in ***).. lol
Well, here, nothing to do lol.
The photo, what are the spinach we eat lol (see?)
The dish is a curry tote.
In the curry, I put what I have to this point in my fridge lol.
That's why I can never repeat twice the same lol.
For rice, I do not like white, I put brown rice. And as such bulk rice and curry over in bulk, something that offends my sense of aesthetics, I begin by putting the amount of rice I can eat in a bowl, I tapped with a spoon for example (at this moment it does not crush the grains) and I throw the bowl on a plate. And this brown rice and curry, it reminds me of the colors of Team (lol)
And as color level is a bit sad, I raise the level by a fallen leaf parsley, for example, while it becomes pretty ☆
And as you know, I am a resident of the Star Basilica, I also put the basilica carved ☆
Uh ...
this reminds me ...
This is the blog that already? ?
Finally, as I write this blog, right? lol
Well, I'd better stop here lol
Okay, not deserve all these details is what makes quej'ai my alarm clock.
Come on, over for today's meeting glandouille! ! !

You know ...
29-09-2009 12:36

You all know that I can not lie, eh? lol
I admit without shame, but these days, I have my energy level plummeted. I even have the strength to update my blog.
And seeing me spineless:
"We will not let you rot on the spot!"
Kanako Miura Bancho aka san and Minazô strongly shaken me, and they took me out on the town at night. And "miss Tsuriko" has even joined us, and that is equipped for a battery recharge!
My energy level has risen to the point of taking this kind of photo!

Well, okay, it reached highs not immediately. It will still take some time before reaching the summit, but good as I am only human and it is proof that I am alive, even in this state, I'll do whatever it takes for a good day's work! !
Well, we took lots of pictures, try to bring you more tonight! ! ! ! ! ! !

Creds: identity@AHS, &

Videos på Ayu från a-nation från WOWOW's tvsändning.

1. Rule

2. A Song for XX


4. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~

5. TO BE

6. Boys & Girls

7. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~

8. July 1st

Creds: Spanishfan @ AHS

ayu's DIARY: 25/09/2009

Förutom att fortfarande sova dåligt så tränas det hårt inför sista konserterna av touren vilket Ayu skriver om här. Nu är översättningen gjord med google translations från franska-engelska så det kan vara lite svårtförstått ibland.

There are lots ...

25-09-2009 01h42

Recipe for sleep that you have given me, "that will help me a lot! ☆
I have found many that look good ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ thank you very much
I will try them right away
Or so I thought, but I am not yet entered the action phase. It is me, this (not the best of my side!).
Because ... I have just completed the installation of a 09-nation to be released in two days in WOWOW! ! !
it was just lol
But the result is great. It is a full seamless ☆
I hope you'll enjoy! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Well, I'll disclose, with photos, a little of what happened yesterday at the rehearsal in Makuhari.
So first we check the driver of the duplication between the sheave, Koichi, Ryu and myself.
We are very concentrated!

Here I am trying to sort out in my head!

It will soon start! ! !
I can not reveal what's around, then maybe not great photos, but I will watch anyway, hiding the rest lol

Akirax is still in a place where I can see it, so when my eyes are starting to swim (lol), he informs me forever! ! !
Thank you thank you! ☆

Well I wanted to stay serious, but I just found photos too funny!
First, it is not funny it is, rather, it is super nice (who guessed that this picture is the following?) What is funny is that I managed to capture this moment.

Un ... two .... three!
Yes! Maroniiiii! !
Then, a person rarely seen.
Voila! !

So ....?
Pause sexy eh?
Yes, it Gomi sensei! ♪
Come on, go on!
At first I wondered what could be eating, I think it is rather the moment when he sneezes!
Voila! !

So ....
----- Mimi too! ♡
But what was he really?
Go to next picture! !

I'm hiding ...

I'm here! lol
Go Next!

"It smells a little bad ..."

"it stinks really ...!"
Kazuma Sorry, but you danced seriously lol!
Anyway, it is too nostrils, unless it can be the armpit that are too tight lol
The right thing, rather it was that? ? ?
Go ahead, m'sieurs ladies, you can let go! !

You know it does not look like that, but in truth they're all super concentrated! lol
Even Chon san tending his microphone ... to empty seats lol.

I look happy, eh?
Well, at the foot of the stage, someone even more joyful!

But you doing, what, SOU? lol

Even Megumi gets going! lol
It is unclear, but on the middle leaf is written "Zin" large hand. It's very high lol
Finally repeat Akirax took place Chon san, which started in the face to see what it gave!

And all the Staff and Chon san encourage dancers even put out and gutted, have not really skimp or saved their strength ...

.. and then hatching the eye ...

Thus ran smoothly again this ... not this day again! ♪
It has transpired so that was changed 3 times!
We still have to repeat it in Studio, then, that the musicians, dancers and all the staff can go to the end with smiles and good humor, I thought again it was I begin by showing myself a good example ☆

Creds: AyuAngel & identity@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 22/09/2009 (tredje inlägget)

Detta inlägg kom lite senare i översatt form än det som kom 23/09. Därav lite skutt i ordningen men det är inget farligt. ^^ Här berfinner Ayu sig på hisnande höjder!

True ...
22-09-2009 21h50

... what is more sad fact is abandoned, it is I who said that.
Thank you, it's you who tell me or make me aware of many things.
I still receive a considerable number of messages.
And what moves me most is that all those messages telling me the same thing.
I think it's really huge.
Tens of thousands of people who feel the same way and sending me messages.
I think I'm a huge circle of friends.
I must pull myself together! ! !
I am who takes my southern accent ...!
The impression that perhaps it is more like me ...!
Good! Following your "it looks! ☆" received many, here is the result of my "diary Vegas" ♪
For those who have forgotten the end of the previous episode, please read it before discovering more ☆
It is therefore wandering nonchalantly, and that's where we got ... tataaan! !

The top floor of the Stratosphere Tower
Not only do we not understand what makes it so high, but the more it moves, it moves ...
And suddenly, that the infernal machine in which it was found TATAAAN!

We understand even less what makes it!
It's not a photo montage, eh, it's reality.
Here's another photo where we can better understand tataaan! !

It's not a photo montage, eh, it's reality.
It is completely out of the Tour.
Finally ... I am not rise lol
You know what? Even so, there is one still seeking a "beautiful" pose ..
You can imagine that, huh?
Yes ... Maroni! tataaan! !

But why bother asking in such a situation? lol
Su san and trying without seeming to make the sign of "peace", it is mimi
It should make a book of Subablog and publish ...
Uh, I digress (but I seriously think ...)
Well I'll continue! ! !
The next attraction is that Tataaan! !

When I tell you I know what makes this .. lol
There are even some who are so they are not posing as de ouf Minazô or Gori which is completely frozen lol ↓

Of course, even here, there was always a sham Mr lol
So, he is really too lol
Maroni! ↓

It's huge, eh? How does he manage to locate where the device ui the photograph? lol
You know what? this attraction, Chon san also has tried ...
But the fear was such, and it was so visible on my face that .. Photo censored lol
To tell you how much I was scared, well I am at exit ↓

My legs cotton lol
I walk, half laughing, half crying ↓
The thing to do, is also behind me, the joy of Kanako who applauded with both hands lol

And here I am on all fours ... ↓
The thing to do, is also behind me, the joy of Zin san applauded with both hands lol

I come over to my feet, I can only laugh ... ↓

Those who still wanted more thrills have gone to the next attraction, for me I preferred to play the guards.
Behind Stan chan screaming "Nooooo!!" Is a person with no life ... lol

But then I found a drink that had the shape of the Sttatosphere Tower, and I suddenly found all my energy! ! ! ! ! ! !
What Can I just be me lol

The real trick for tourists! ! We are not all day like that eh? That's why I was happy, but happy! lol
At this point there ↓

I look gay huh? But I was really too lol

Then we left the Tour Infernale, asistir to go to next show.
For all of us time to change clothes ♪

Finished to change! What she is beautiful, Kayanocchi ♡
Hum? There's one that's weird, huh? It zaps? lol

Mr showing off, while complaining that night he did not see much, it does not prevent him from keeping his sunglasses lol
The show ended, we returned to the same restaurant as usual, at our regular table, the fountains are always so great! ☆

But ... between these water games and me, there are those two constantly ↓

Result, I always Gori in my field of vision when I look at the fountains.
Or both.
Anyway, in a gentle world, an image of ... Gross? lol
What did we laugh!
Good going, I stop by the Part 4.
At this time, many people from my staff are working hard to prepare for the Tour again tomorrow.
Because as of tomorrow, no more repeats in the studio but on the real scene.
That's why they work hard.
I'm lucky ... And do not risk wasting this opportunity or the feeling of gratitude I feel for them, I promise you we will give everything in this preparation for Fukuoka! ! !

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story

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