TA photos #626-638!

Photo No. 626: Arrival ...

at Itami Airport (Osaka).
Touuuuus these people, so alignééééés, they all greeted me outside when they should be so hot! (T.T)
Chonchan could see them one by one and talk with everyone.
I vividly remember the face of each! (*^_^*)

Photo No. 627: I got ...

shake hands full! ☆
Full smile! ♪

Photo No. 628: The Tail ...

never ceases to continue! ♪
Look at those smiles gift flourished ☆
C'est magnifique! (*^_^*)
And I know that during concerts, while the public always look at me with those eyes that shine in the same way! ☆ ☆ ☆

Photo No. 629: The girls ...

I remember they were saying be sisters ♪
and the eldest was his birthday,
and the younger ... look! look!
She had her hair braided in the form of "A" (^_-)

Photo No. 630: Together ...

we find ourselves in the slle together, ok? ♪

Photo No. 631: Next ...

Itami but it is always to return. ♪
That day also had a lot of people.
And since the start, then obviously a lot of tears ...
I know everything, even those who have made every effort to retain them.
Do not worry!

Photo No. 632: When I close ...

from the gate, I have a pinch in the heart ...
But seeing your smiles, I too can not help but do the same (*^_^*)

Photo No. 633: In crying too ...

some could even talk.
But you know I have listened carefully!
I heard everything.
I remember even that had given Kitty chan on the day of my arrival! (*^_^*)

Photo No. 634: Hey! all!

I will return soon! ! ! ! ! !

Photo No. 635: Arrival ...

to Haneda!
As you saw from afar all aligned and looking to another exit door, I was soothed hearts ☆

Photo No. 636: The Kanto ...

was also all smiles! (*^_^*)(*^_^*)(*^_^*)

Photo No. 637: Aaaah ...

Release it soon ...
I would stay longer with you! (T.T)

Photo No. 638: Bonus

After the last concert, we went dinner and Chon san puts them full throughout it! Seeing this, Bancho gave me an apron.
I'm a slightly embarrassed ...! Lol

Creds: ayuangel.com & identity@AHS

Today's Photo 615-625

#625 ~ Come now!!!

Kobe Airport ♪

Before going in, and I'm looking for everyone at Haneda ∈^0^∋

#616~ Today...

Everybody's fine ~ ♪

chon-san, as the recording went well

Flights on time, time with your ♪

It's simple. . .

#617~ And so someone thought,

After this, a nightmare...


and wanted to sound.

"Pin Con"

I hate the sound. (-_-)

#618~ Kobe Airport ♪

Everyone, he came to greet us was filled ♪

Thanks (*^_^*)

#619~ Jump to

Getting a nervous tension, chon-san.


I was, surprisingly simplicity. (Laughs)

#620~ Red-chan

Residence is absolute (*^_^*)

nemunemu-chan is kawaii (*^_^*)

#621 What is it,

but Kobe Airport back ♪

People praying for a free minute! ! ! ! ! ! !

And, everyone is lined with beautiful small presents! ! !

I ~ was busy. (Laughs)

#622 Also,

there were a lot of children crying. . .

I appreciate that. . .

Also, I dress quickly (*^_^*)

#623~ All in Kobe

Thaaaaaaaaaanks! ! ! ! ! !

#624~ I'm at

hoooooomeeee♪ ♪ ♪

Kanto team, many, waiting for me at Haneda ∈ ^ 0 ^ ∋

#625~ Everybody's

smiles and tears, and so, from various locations,
can be touched in various forms, and always,
I think it's absolutely natural.

Are all unique, it's an important moment.

Always. Ever.

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

Today's photo 614 [i studion]

Photo No. 614: That's ...

... how was the "Princess leek in a little before going to Kobe!
(Well, I told you that this was not a bit of leek ...!)
I'm so hyper focused!

Creds: cy@Ayuangel.com & identity@AHS

Today's Photo 606-613

Photo No. 606: Arrival ......
Chitose Airport ♪
Ca faisait longtemps, eh! ! !
Thank you expected me (*_*)

Photo No. 607: Just for me ...
.. for me, you look so happy.
I am really lucky!

Photo No. 608: After ...
... about an hour later, we finally we were able to restore.
It's dinner with members usual.
They are all the beer, but that is Chon san tea Woolong joined smoothly in the right mood is on them! lol
Ah! For Bancho Kanako Miura san, it's Shochu, of course! lol

Photo No. 609: The airport ...
Chitose ... the day of departure.
All very well aligned, and more hyper wise, I was bluffée!
Just before the concert, story to motivate us all, Zin san told us that people are shy of Hokkaido in appearance but have a lot of heat in the heart, and I really felt that.
So many things to tell me
but you do not find the words ...
Do not worry, I understand you !(*_*)

Photos No 610: Do not say ...
... all you beautiful faces ☆
Wherever I went, it is always bright smiles and tears of joy, you still stir the heart!

Photo 611: Again and again ...
... I will return, we promise you M'Attende eh? ♪
Uh ...
What are you doing ?????

Photo No. 612: O revouar!
Thank you, Hokkaidô! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Photo No. 613: The der of the day
This baby bear, it is too, eh? > _ <♪
It is Tokobashi.
Ribbon around the neck ∈ ∋ 0
Hybyscus a red on the head (*_*)
At this time of monsoon that we live now is very important this kind of thing that we are already thinking about summer just come after! !

Creds: cy@Ayuangel.com & indetity@AHS

Today's photo 598 - 605

Photos No 598: On the outside

of the concert hall, as I leave and return, here is how I saw everyone! (*ˆ_ˆ*)
I've seen you well! Thank you all! (*ˆ_ˆ*)
The second view is the entrance at the Nagoya Station. Wooooooow!
All well-aligned and behaving well, I'm really proud of everyone in TA!!!!!
Thank you all! (ˆ_ˆ)v

Photos No 599: You all have...

...beautiful, smiling faces!
You shine!
But you know... when I see someone crying, I, too, cannot help but have tears in my eyes.
And by seeing that, Amagedon also has tears in his eyes!
Here, we are like that ♪

Photos No 600: And again and again...

The fans of Nagoya are in great shape!!!!!
The second picture is on the platform. Again, there were a numerous amount of you waiting (*ˆ_ˆ*)

Photo No 601: The Shinkansen...

...could not wait, I could not receive the letters at all...
I am sorry (>_<)
But do not worry, everything was arranged for me to receive everything in Hokkaido!!
I read it all! (ˆ・ˆ)
All of Nagoya, go to the next month ♪♪♪

Photos No 602: Arrived at...

...Tokyo Station.
Because of the rain?
Aah, because I cause the rain, it is my fault?
Stop spinning around me! It made me laugh, too! lol

Photos No 603: Finally...

While this is the last train from Nagoya, and it is already late, but above all, despite the pouring rain, the fans in Kanto came in force! (*ˆ_ˆ*)
Ah! About that, I had plenty of paper bags lol!

Photo No 604: Again, finally...

Therefore, looking for Suba-sama!!!!!!!!

Photo No 605: I found...

Even behind a silhouette, he is recognizable!
Say, both of the MC teams, you do not use such hand signs. You think what?? lol

Creds: cy@Ayuangel.com & polka-dot-jewel@AHS

Today's photo 591-597

Photo No. 591: Hiroshima Airport

All this world come join me! (*_*)
Mercii! ♪

Photo No. 592: Kitty ..

Enoooorme! ! !
For me, it's full of Kitty! Y has an entire room reserved for them!
But each was chosen by you thinking Chon san, so they are all special to me! ☆

Photo No. 593: Woow!

Again! ♪
It will be reviewed soon huh? ♪ ♪ ♪

Photo No. 594: Arrival at Haneda

I talk with the regulars who come regularly!
Well, there were the other passengers on the flight from Hiroshima, huh? ? ?
I still do not know how I deal with these people in such moments.
I'm still a little embarrassed. Why? lol

Photo No. 595: Ca! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

That is something very precious.
Well, this is just a paper bag, but you give me each time so many gifts and letters, I do not know how to wear them.
But I did not want to confide in someone, I would keep myself.
On the other hand, I do not want to risk dropping parterre.
And then I want to shake hands.
But lately, in these times, someone hands me a regular paper bag.
Mercii! (*_*)

Photo No. 596: Bonus 1

This morning, I wrote about my dogs, I received lots of messages saying that you want to see them! ♪
The first photo is Choco kun.
The other is Purin san (blank in Japanese)

Photo No. 597: Bonus 2

Today also very wise, it's Brown.
And the other is Cocoa, which seems to have learned the art of sleeping in the building in its coverage.

Creds: identity @ AHS & Incognito@AyuAngel.com

Today's photo 584-590

Photo No. 584: Uh ...

I think it is difficult to see, but the man with the yellow T-shirt is the owner of the property called "Hakka".
It's been years that Ayu's go Team! ☆
Everything is very good, but I recommend the watercress sea urchins! ♪
So in essence it is not or poorly, there Minazo and Bancho, Chon san SOU Gori, Domo-kun,-chan Okei, Akira and RUSH!
And before, in fact there is also Armageddon, Koichi, Takashi, Kome, and even the team managers! ☆

Photo No. 585: The athlete Minazo

... is so high in the figure of stunned that I chose this picture! It is for that reason.
When suddenly I realized that even in the "village", in another restaurant near us, there were the dancers! !
And then Chon Chan plays with Maro-chan!

Photo No. 586: More ...

San Chon who plays with Maro chan.
Behind, the "Oriental Beauty", I appointed Midoringu. She smiles as if she watched sympathetically as children we are. A true goddess.
The second photo, Maro chan who tries to find the best pose to eat skewered octopus!
That? lol

Photo No. 587: The big sisters ...

... are also here! ♪
Here is big sister and Kayanocchi Aki.
Another photo, from left to right, Takashi, Armageddon, and Koichi Bancho ☆

Photos No 588: With Midoringu ...

... a photo every two 0 ∈ ∋ ♪
Finally it was previously thought. But it seems that in our back, there is a slight effervescence ...
The second picture is when we have again a picture every two only ...

Photos No 589: No maaaaais! ! !

Y en a plein behind us!
They are too funny, everyone! Lol

Photo No. 590: Finally ...

we managed a photo to both! ♪
Well, I stop on this truly joyful smile Chon san! ☆
Next, the views of airports and Haneda Hiroshima! (_) V

Creds: identity @ AHS & Incognito@AyuAngel.com

Today's photo 580-583

Photos No 580: First ...

Haneda Airport (Tokyo).
That day I had the impression that there were more people than usual came to me.
Y a pas à dire, ça fait plaisir ...!
These are precious moment (*_*).

Photo No. 581: So many people ...

that! (*_*)
When they line up as well, it's a hell indeed! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Photo No. 582: At the airport in Hiroshima

Is the arrival ♪
And again, thank you to all those who came to me very many (*_*)
I was so happy to be able to shake hands full!

Photo No. 583: Bonus

SOU and Armageddon
Oh the dirty they head! lol
next is that Gori is pleased to have received a T-shirt from SOU!

Creds: identity @ AHS & Incognito@AyuAngel.com

Today's photo 569-579

No. 569: Getting Started ...

It's arrival at Tokyo Station ♪
Thank you for coming so many of his departure for me! (*_*)
And thank you for all these letters full of emotion.
These are my my little treasures to me ☆

No. 570: A lot ...

... were still present! (*_*)

No. 571: On a...

strolled and talked together! ♪

No. 572: I climb ...

... aboard the Shinkansen.
rooo everyone is aligned so nicely!
Who has the best place? lol

No. 573: Arrival ...

Sendai! ! ! ! !
They were also very likely to me at the station in Sendai! (*_*)
Finally, it was seen !(*_*)

No. 574: I you ...

... everyone loves ...
And of course, all those who can not come to the station or the airport ...
I love you so much! ! (*_*)

No. 575: Dinner with ...

Mama! ♪
And then we went with the "Tour Staff" and the musicians in a place where we go whenever we are in Sendai, from the very first tour! Tight as sardines! ♪
This year, there were the dancers! ♪
Finally, I, as I was with Mom, I was in fashion girl (*_*) laughing all the time!

No. 576: It's not ...

Shu-cha! It Minazo who claims to have made the cut cheveus Shu-cha! lol

No. 577: Back to the Sendai station

I returned to Tokyo! (_-)- ☆
Thank you for coming once again so many! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

No. 578: To all ...

to bientooooooooot (ˆ・ˆ) Bisou

No. 579: Arrival ...

to Tokyo Station.
I am glad I was able to talk much with all those from me! Smile miss!
Between bath and evening crowds with Team Ayu, Ayumi no shortage of good company:

Creds: zoomzoom@AHS

Today's pictures 563-568

Photo No. 563: On arrival ...

... of course, here I come!
At Yama-chan.
I went even when I lived in Fukuoka, you think ...
It's a long story of love!
On the right is the boss!
Ah! can be seen better on the second photo.
Thank you for everything, boss! (*_*)

Photo No. 564: So, first ...

A picture proves that Chon-san is very focused when she eats!
Of course, SOU and Minazô are there.
Gori ... is not there, victim of the "flu Gori!

You know what? Bancho to drink a glass of Shochu (alcohol) on the rocks as big as my glass of tea Woolong! Long live Bancho! ! !

Photos No 565: Next ...

... is the great debate about what we eat! lol
Like: "Go, eat your gingko nuts!"
After that, Minazô and SOU have swallowed 10 or 11 bowls of ramen Tonkotsu "(specialty of Fukuoka), Bancho eat a 3 ...

Are they okayyyyyyyyyyyyy? lol

As we left, shaking hands with the boss: "See you soon! ♪"

Photo No. 566: What is long ..

This table!
That is the sushi restaurant where we all went to the team in full, after the second representation.
It comes every year.
And the second photo, right, you see AKIRA who joined us on this tour as a new member is lining my dance! 23 years ... youuuuuuuung it is! lol

Very courageous, so sweet, if you see it, try talking to him!

Too shy, I am sure he will not answer and run! lol

Photo No. 567: Outside ...

This sushi restaurant on the pier across the river ... the crowd (◎ - ◎! !
Since the door of the restaurant to ... at the end of the river, a world waouuuuuuuuuuuuuh! ! ! ! !
And although they are so far, I have made a show of hands, they all answer me! ♪

Photos No 568: In Return ...

... the airport in Fukuoka is overheating! ! ! ! !
How many hundreds were they?
Seriously, it was greaaaaat!
I'm glad I was able to shake many hands!
See you soon! (*_*)

Creds: PinkShinigami & Ayu_Ready@AHS

Today's Photo 555-562

Objective 3Km

Around, everybody is looking freaking. laughs

Objective 5Km

Except SOU and me, nobody spoke. Laughs

Kouchi felt from the machine. Laughs

Gori is no longer, and is walking. Laughs

Chon Chin, continued running hilariously. Laughs

Me, I'm fine.

This day, were moved to Shizuoke, an end in about 1 hour.

What is mor, upper photo, the sit-up event.

In the middle, Banchou proclaimed herself a cheerleader.

Bottom photo, the back tournement.

Gori in the front.... are you ok??? Laughs

And, moving in Shin-Osaka Station in a hurry ♪

Everyone, finnaly it was possible (*^_^*)


For Shizuoka!!

By the way, Bancho ended up surrounded by lots of people who told her "kawaii, kawaii" (cute, cute), and at that moment, one (older) man who knew nothing exclaimed,

「But who is this person?」. A great moment. Laughs

Like 「Well, she is Bancho!」. Laughs

See you ♪ ~

And, from the bullet train, the last greeting to all ♪ ♪ ♪


thankyoouu ~(*^_^*)(*^_^*)(*^_^*)


that's imitation of my smileys!

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

Today's Photo 549-553

# 549~ Arrival~

at Tokyo Station~.

It was full, so many people wo gathered for the farewell♪

From here, once again, the start or the beginning, what kind of wind I'll go through...?


#550~ Fashion~


One piece from Diane von Furstenberg

Sandals from Sergio Rossi.

Tote bag from Chanel.

Sunglasses from McQUEEN.

#551~ At...~

Nagoya Station~♪

Really it was full of everybody's energy~!! Laughs

Through the way to get into the car, outside I helped with the "No, No, No~"! Laughs

#552~ Day 1~


Family dinner.

Bancho was the hostess of course.

Furtermore, this aspect too...

This Su-chan, is soo cute!! Laughs

#553~ Day 2,~

ended with great energy~~~.

Thank you!!!

Really, it was so funny (^_-)- ☆

See you soon!! Everyoone Nagoya~ ♪

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

Photo No. 548: Music Station Special

What kind of picture will we see today?
To all those who have eagerly anticipated, sorry you have been languishing!
Today, this is the picture of all the dancers who participated with me in the peformence of "RULE" on Music Station.

Creds: PinkShimigami@AHS

Today's Photo No 543 to 547

Ayu presenterar här de kvinnliga dansarna!

På de första bilderna, från höger till vänster i bilden, Kaya, Mido san, Aki och Chii-chan!
Then solo pics, Ayu and Maro looking carefully at them, and Maro showing them the new choregraphy!
Last picture shows the "Son of God" meditating...!^^

Photo 543:

Photo 544:

Photo 545:

Photo 546:

Photo 547:

Creds: Incognito-ayu@AHS

Today's Photo 537-542

I dessa presenterar Ayu de tre nya dansarna som ska medverka i hennes kommande tour.

Photo 537: all together

Photo 538: "Nii-yan"

Photo 539:

Photo 540: ...and "Kazuma", the youngest of all dansers.

Photo 541:

Photo 542:

Creds: Incognito-ayu@AHS

Today's Photo 533-536

Ayu har postat upp bilder på henne och Maro under träningen. Mer eller mindre fnittrigt. Hon förklarar att hon ska berätta senare varför de skrattade så mkt.

Photo 533:

Photo 534:

Photo 535:

Photo 536:

Creds: Incognito-ayu@AHS

Today's Photo 529 to 532

Bilder på Ayumi från Tokyo FM.

Photo 529:

Photo 530:

Photo 531:

Photo 532: Lunch in a french restaurant with "Mama" and "Hige"^^

Creds: Incognito-ayu@AHS

Today's Photo 519-528

No. 519: This is ...

... when, during a break, we all watch the TV.
It may not the truth hum?
No, we check very carefully the images of the dance we just finished.

No. 520: we change of place ...

.. and we are here in the studio which is used for rehearsals of the group.
I sang so much that I have a grandfather voice!
No way, play music together, it's something very great! ♪

No. 521: I’m currently ...

to stretching. It's amazing what I’m without expressiveness!
Well just now I "tune up" my body by a miss massage, today too I will repeat in good health mentally!

Photo No. 522: Chon san

Completely drowned.

Photo No. 523: The son of God

He still has the ease of making humor

Photo No. 524: Something ...

... begins to occur.

Photo No. 525: Oooooh!

And if it was ...! ! !

Photo No. 526: This ...

is "A" logo? ? ?
This is what we wanted to do ...

Photo 527: This is the son of God ...

... who designed very seriously this one on the "white board".
And it is thanks to this plan for san Zin that ...

Photo 528: That’s iiiit!

We managed to achieve this magnificent "A" logo!
I can tell you we have all been very satisfied with the results! Lol

Creds: walking.proud & Linza-mo@AHS

Today's Photo 515-518

No. 515: First,
The front is Chon san & Sou san
The back is Chon san & Sou san
It was during rehearsals for dance ...
but I do not know when! lol
Yesterday? Day before yesterday? Finally in these waters it!

No. 516: During the chores ...
It's Maro chan. The T-shirt he wears is not that a tye-die.
These days, Maro chan, Shu chan and me, we are told that we got our faces swollen.
And when it aligns all three big sister Aki tells us that this gives hot!

No. 517: Chon san
... in the process of explaining something.
And parley with Suba!

Suba sama and all the fans of Suba sama, sorry for this apparition that back! m (__) m

No. 518: For once ...
Schu ... these changes.
It has not changed, it is always great!
As usual, he gestures very class, it annoys me

Just kidding!

Laying Schu chan! ! !
... and I stop for today.

Hmmm you're beautiful, you ...!

Creds: PinkShinigami@AHS

Today's photos 513-514

No. 513: Curtain call PV

Again, I'll do my maximum for showing while not revealing !!
So, peep at the outdoor scenery!
Woooooooooooooooow! (◎ - ◎
Worthy of Hollywood! (◎ - ◎ (◎ - ◎ (◎ - ◎

No. 514: Next

Watch how the details are cared for.
it's crazy, huh?

You know, this PV is... ! ! ! ! ! !
When I saw the images, I cried!
When I returned I was surrounded by aliens ...
Well seriously, for this album, the sound of course, and also images, I can guarantee you is of a high level!
Hmmmmmmmm (*^_^*)
Perhaps the strongest of my albums ∈ ^ 0 ^ ∋ ♪

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

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