Nytt rekord för Ayu med NEXT LEVEL

"アーティスト・浜崎あゆみの通算10枚目のオリジナル・フル・アルバム『NEXT LEVEL』(25日発売)が、発売1週目で24.1万枚を売上げ、4/6付週間アルバムランキングで首位に初登場。浜崎にとっては1stアルバム『A Song for ××』をリリースした1999年以降、10年連続でアルバム首位獲得となり、デビューから11年連続という 前人未到の記録を達成した。"

Because NEXT LEVEL has for it's first week totalized 241.000 albums sold and is No 1 (week 06/04 of Oricon), Ayu become officially the 1rst artist to be ranked No 1 of Oricon first week album's ranking during 11 years (from her "debuts")!


Creds: Incognito-ayu@AHS

NEXT LEVEL's första vecka i siffror.


1st Day
Position: #1
Sales: 99,200

2nd Day
Position: #1
Sales: 48,318
Total Sales: 147,518

3rd Day
Position: #1
Sales: 24,935
Total Sales: 172,453

4th Day
Position: #1
Sales: 17,208
Total Sales: 189,661

5th Day
Position: #1
Sales: 18,089
Total Sales: 207,750

6th Day
Position: #1
Sales: 20,167
Total Sales: 227,917

First Week Position: #1
First Week Official Total Sales: 240,810

Creds: ayumisrael@AHS


Så Ayumi är på framsidan på en av Japans största tidningar och stoltserar med NEXT LEVEL.


Artikel översatt med Google translation (och ja ta den därefter oxå. :P):
Ayumi Hamasaki's latest album, released the NEXT LEVEL. Debut next year of her head and a thriving artistic celebration of the anniversary? Tips that is hidden in this album!

2009 The first single from "Rule / Sparkle", DRAGONBALL Evolution movie's theme song and all the world, with 20 consecutive Oricon debut album made a record of Ayumi Hamasaki. Led a team that consisted of only male dancer "Rule" and the PV Japanesque and aggressive, "Let me break with you in the first Buddhist rules" type of representation in the world of dance and song of the Samurai , was very impressive. Devoted to the creation of momentum as ayu. 10 had completed a full album of original pieces.

NEXT LEVEL's latest album is not made in a bombshell. To talk about the title, but there is a need to reflect on the 2008 activities.

Last year, the album's first New Year's GUILTY released. And April 5引提GE the film from "ayumi hamasaki ASIA TOUR 2008 ~ 10th ayu.pngnniversary ~"銘打TTA started the tour. Recently, a nine-year high of 10 year anniversary of the artist, ayu is exactly 10 years from now, it took them 10 years to the project. Also around here, "like setup" does not like the picture of ayu. Single was released the same day 10 years "Mirrorcle World", the first female artist with 10 single-consecutive year.

September 10 anniversary single collection of ayu.png COMPLETE ~ ALL SINGLES ~, and released, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Taiwan, 10 ahead of the Asia concert tour anniversary. December 44 of the first single "Days / GREEN" out, live any longer in the countdown is really filled with the contents of the special gratitude to the fans that it was not finished the 10 year anniversary.

And from the beginning of the year is completely "following" mode. Rather than cling to past glory, and then abandon it to go. Ayumi Hamasaki has no meaning unless the nerve of them. To the NEXT LEVEL, care should also be prepared?

The above-mentioned "Rule" of "solid start breaking the rules" and, "Sparkle", "try not to spell aggressive in defending" as represented by the lyrics of the album is dark message many songs. Not hesitate to use the expression from a strong showing early in his prepared ayu, however, from the original, per GUILTY, not just my opinion just as shown, words are increasingly trying to encourage listeners to replenish to find.

I like to look back over the 10 year anniversary tour, at the opening, "talkin '2 myself" of "creative destruction is due to the fact that you are born you know," the part that I was to hear a dramatic a cappella, The ending is, "You are the future like what I wanted?" and a warning to modern society "Mirrorcle World" was配SHI. Awareness and the fight for survival in the era of high-risk, and we have one stage and挺促SOU. Well no, this is not it? NEXT LEVEL is urgent, that it's been passed down as well. "Is that right fight, hope and disappointment over the border in speed over a period towards the end" was written and "rollin '" is a prime example.

Still, the title song "I'm KOWAKUNAI" like that, it also is drawing a bright future. Of course, some love songs. And last, when I wrote obediently listen to the voice of the audience in the wing of the stage for encores of "Curtain call" a moving song. This has brought a treasure of the anniversary tour. I would say the fans with songs created to Ayumi Hamasaki. Only the natural expression of how a simple chorus and piano, ayu and almost reached the level of proof is on a stage.

April 8 to 12 years after the storm. Immediately after that, start a new tour and album引提GETA. for ayu, stage right "for the next stage" of the field will find something. Even further towards the stratosphere ayu. While watching your back, we向KAITAI to the next level.

Creds: PinkShimigami@AHS

Photo No. 548: Music Station Special

What kind of picture will we see today?
To all those who have eagerly anticipated, sorry you have been languishing!
Today, this is the picture of all the dancers who participated with me in the peformence of "RULE" on Music Station.

Creds: PinkShimigami@AHS

TA message 490-491

Today ...
No. 490 27-03-2009 05h12

Zin ... san has also written on his blog that tears,
is the anniversary of Subassu! ♪
29 years!

It jeeeeeeune! ! !

Happy birthday Subarun ☆ ☆
Rest well as you are, to whom the pink goes so well! > _ <

Well, today I have the M-Sta, I have sends me to sleep!

But .. but ... with which members will participate therefore I ...?
Patience, patience (_-)- lol ☆

Ah! ! !
They told me that you all enjoyed the Yahoo Live, I am relieved!
Even if I think that was the most fun lol!

For those who might have missed, there is also an issue "on demand", go check ok?

Dodo ...!


No. 491 28-03-2009 04h58

... apparently it was well appreciated by all, I am reassured!

I received lots of messages, thank you very much! (*_*)

You know, I hunted great because I had not sung since recording Rule!

But I also felt like a huge support and great teamwork.

In other words, I am super fun! ! !
All are members of very graaaaaaaaande quality! (_) V

And that promises for the Tour ...! 0 ∈ ∋ ♪

Creds: PinkShinigami@AHS

Today's Photo No 543 to 547

Ayu presenterar här de kvinnliga dansarna!

På de första bilderna, från höger till vänster i bilden, Kaya, Mido san, Aki och Chii-chan!
Then solo pics, Ayu and Maro looking carefully at them, and Maro showing them the new choregraphy!
Last picture shows the "Son of God" meditating...!^^

Photo 543:

Photo 544:

Photo 545:

Photo 546:

Photo 547:

Creds: Incognito-ayu@AHS

Premium Countdown Live 2008-2009 till salu 13.05.2009!




06.End of the World
08.Real me
09.And Then
11.In The Corner


18.too late
24.everywhere nowhere
25.Mirrorcle World
27.For My Dear...
29.flower garden
30.Boys & Girls

description from cdJapan:
Live DVD release form Ayumi Hamasaki featuring footage of her "ayumi hamasaki Premium Countdown Live 2008 - 2009 A." Includes very rare songs and offshots.

Yesasia: 65,75 dollar (~542 svenska kronor) Gratis frakt http://www.yesasia.com/global/ayumi-hamasaki-premium-countdown-live-2008-2009-a-japan-version/1019559051-0-0-0-en/info.html

cdjapan: 58,50 dollar Plus tillkommande frakt http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=AVBD-91716

Creds: Iyreen@AHS

Cawaii Maj Scans!

Cute and simple!

Creds: kiseki89@AHS

Music Station - Rule!

Ett verkligt breathtaking framförande! Hennes röst blir bara bättre och bättre! ^^

Cawaii Maj cover!

Creds: Taki@AHS

Arena Tour 2009's goodies!

Så här är de! Ruskigt coola va?! :D

Creds: Gkone01@AHS

Today's Photo 537-542

I dessa presenterar Ayu de tre nya dansarna som ska medverka i hennes kommande tour.

Photo 537: all together

Photo 538: "Nii-yan"

Photo 539:

Photo 540: ...and "Kazuma", the youngest of all dansers.

Photo 541:

Photo 542:

Creds: Incognito-ayu@AHS

Today's Photo 533-536

Ayu har postat upp bilder på henne och Maro under träningen. Mer eller mindre fnittrigt. Hon förklarar att hon ska berätta senare varför de skrattade så mkt.

Photo 533:

Photo 534:

Photo 535:

Photo 536:

Creds: Incognito-ayu@AHS

Today's Photo 529 to 532

Bilder på Ayumi från Tokyo FM.

Photo 529:

Photo 530:

Photo 531:

Photo 532: Lunch in a french restaurant with "Mama" and "Hige"^^

Creds: Incognito-ayu@AHS

Ayu under Tokyo FM.

NEXT LEVEL credits.

1.Bridge to the sky

Panasonicデジタルカメラ LUMIX FX40 TV-CFソング)
作詞:浜崎あゆみ/作曲:D A I/編曲:HΛL



(Honda ZEST SPARK CMソング)


(Panasonicデジタルカメラ LUMIX FX37 TV-CFソング)

8.Load of the SHUGYO


(映画「DRAGONBALL Evolution」全世界テーマソング)


12.Piece of SEVEN

(『MUSICO(ミュージコ )』TV-CMソング)

14.Curtain call
(music.jp TV-CFソング)

NEXT LEVEL gåvor Bilder!

Ja det är då färgglatt! :P


Äntligen lite promotion! ^^

Beatfreak Mars Cover!

Ja, som 2CD+DVD fast roterad. :P

Ayu @ A-Nation 09

Se där! Ayu kommer nu att vara med i A-Nation och inte bara i 2 dagar som 08 utan hela 5! ^^

2009/6/27(土) 上海国際スタジアム 13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:安室奈美恵・大塚愛ʍ 81;GIRL NEXT DOOR・倖田來未・後藤真希・土屋アンナ・TRF・ ;AAA・Do As Infinity・V6・misono
2009/7/11(土) 台北中山足球場 12:30/14:00
第一弾アーティスト安室奈美恵・大塚愛ᦊ 1;Every Little Thing・GIRL NEXT DOOR・倖田來未・後藤真希・玉木宏・TRF・AAA・Do As Infinity・鈴木亜実・浜崎あゆみ・V6・観月あり 373;
2009/7/18(土) 香港スタジアム 14:00/16:00
第一弾アーティスト:安室奈美恵・大塚愛ʍ 81;Every Little Thing・GIRL NEXT DOOR・倖田來未・後藤真希・TRF・AAA・Do As Infinity・浜崎あゆみ・V6
2009/8/1(土) 韓国オリンピックスタジアム 13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:安室奈美恵・大塚愛ʍ 81;GIRL NEXT DOOR・倖田來未・土屋アンナ・TRF・東方神起・ ;Do As Infinity・鈴木亜美・V6・BoA
2009/8/8(土) 九州石油ドーム 13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:EXILE・Every Little Thing・GIRL NEXT DOOR・倖田來未・後藤真希・TRF・Do As Infinity・鈴木亜美・SPEED・misono
2009/8/15(土) 宮城スタジアム 13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:Every Little Thing・大塚愛・GIRL NEXT DOOR・倖田來未・TRF・AAA・Do As Infinity・鈴木亜美・三浦大知・misono
2009/8/22(土) 大阪長居陸上競技場13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:安室奈美恵・大塚愛ʍ 81;倖田來未・後藤真希・玉木宏・DA PUMP・TRF・AAA・Do As Infinity・鈴木亜美・SPEED・浜崎あゆみ・三浦大知& #65381;misono
2009/8/23(日) 大阪長居陸上競技場13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:安室奈美恵・大塚愛ʍ 81;Every Little Thing・GIRL NEXT DOOR・倖田來未・TRF・AAA・Do As Infinity・鈴木亜美・V6・BoA・三浦大知・misono
2009/8/29(土) 味の素スタジアム 13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:大塚愛・GIRL NEXT DOOR・倖田來未・玉木宏・DA PUMP・TRF・東方神起・AAA・Do As Infinity・浜崎あゆみ・BoA・三浦大知・misono
2009/8/30(日) 味の素スタジアム 13:00/15:00
第一弾アーティスト:安室奈美恵・EXILE・Every Little Thing・倖田來未・DA PUMP・後藤真希・土屋アンナ・TRF・Do As Infinity・鈴木亜美・SPEED・浜崎あゆみ・V6・misono・観& #26376;ありさ

Creds: Negi92@AHS

TA Message 476 - 482

Ayu har gått och fått en rejäl förkylning och berättar en hel del om förberedeöserna inför den kommande touren.

This isn’t half-measure ...

No. 476 13-03-2009 13h36

I have my eyes itch me.
I have the white of the eye irritated.
"It ‘s like me when I'm in my worst state”
That's what told me the daughter of God.

Pfffff ....

This year I told myself, hay fever isn’t so bad ... and then, suddenly, Chon chan goes past all!
Hmmm I ‘m late in my posts ..
Sorry! (>_<)ゞ

I put photos of rehearsal days of dance and orchestra, ok ???

Sorry, this time the pictures are a little bit bad.

This, it’s a between Bancho&SOU&Minazo&me and the way to transmit it is important, and it's very a shame but I can’t find the right words to say ...

I'd like to eat Thai .....

In truth ...
No. 477 14-03-2009 02h49

... I can’t open my eyes.
And it hurts me so I'm itchy.
Today, all day, I have very thin eyes.

It’s with these eyes for that super Chon-chan took pictures of a very high level with a luxury team.

I will post later.

I will send .... a looot .....(> y <) ♪

aaah! it isn’t possible these eyes! See you later! lol

You know ...
No. 478 16-03-2009 03H05

When I had realize, "TA" doesn’t open, I was very surprised.

It seems that the problem was located at the level of Avex in general and not only ours, but these are the sites of all the artists who couldn’t open, it's very frightening.

Well, it took some time, but everything is back in order, I'm very reassured.

We apologize for what happened! m (__) m

And not only is back in order but also I discovered this new hyper loud design, what a surprise! lol

However, this sense of exceeding limits, it give me energy ! lol

Well, the pictures are really accumulated, and I don’t know in what order I can post them ...

Begin to put order in my brain, then it will be for the pictures! (_) V

Ah! ! ! ! ! !
No. 479 16-03-2009 03:30

That's not! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Today at the end of rehearsals, we were able to suceed the form!
The last time we have passed some form imperfect, then, angry, we are really careful!

Today, I will post photos of this little miracle!

The rest I will post a lot tomorrow! !

I even put pictures of pretty girls of all my big sisters! lol ☆

Whatever the time ...
No. 480 17-03-2009 09h01

... when I go to bed, Chon-chan wakes up every morning at 8am. Hello everyone!

I haven’t posted photos of the dancers! ! ! ! !

Yea, I realized that all the girls and me, we have accessories that will reveal everything about the next choreography. ...

So all those waiting for these photos sorrryyyy! (>_<)

Today we also have rehearsal of dance, music and editing, if there are exclusive pictures to take, I will make! Huhuhu! (^X^)

As expected,
No. 481 18-03-2009 09h12

this morning also Chon chan woke up to 8 hours.

"Ohayoo gozaimasu" (Hello!)

I just realized, we have already exceeded the mid-March ...

C'est pas possible! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! lol

Seriously now, we stress.

We can’t really say we are timely (_

Well, that is .. eh? is ... Just do it! !

Let us today as a day without regreeeet!

No. 482 18-03-2009 11:28

I’m preparing, and I go to the repeated the music!

After I go to the dance rehearsal, and as I have many such requests, I try to photograph the new members of the troupe! ♪

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

Today's Photo 519-528

No. 519: This is ...

... when, during a break, we all watch the TV.
It may not the truth hum?
No, we check very carefully the images of the dance we just finished.

No. 520: we change of place ...

.. and we are here in the studio which is used for rehearsals of the group.
I sang so much that I have a grandfather voice!
No way, play music together, it's something very great! ♪

No. 521: I’m currently ...

to stretching. It's amazing what I’m without expressiveness!
Well just now I "tune up" my body by a miss massage, today too I will repeat in good health mentally!

Photo No. 522: Chon san

Completely drowned.

Photo No. 523: The son of God

He still has the ease of making humor

Photo No. 524: Something ...

... begins to occur.

Photo No. 525: Oooooh!

And if it was ...! ! !

Photo No. 526: This ...

is "A" logo? ? ?
This is what we wanted to do ...

Photo 527: This is the son of God ...

... who designed very seriously this one on the "white board".
And it is thanks to this plan for san Zin that ...

Photo 528: That’s iiiit!

We managed to achieve this magnificent "A" logo!
I can tell you we have all been very satisfied with the results! Lol

Creds: walking.proud & Linza-mo@AHS

Något litet roligt.

Hehe. XD

Les plus beaux vibratos d'Ayumi
Uploaded by heat-land


Vem älskar inte det rosa?! ^^

Creds: amegumi/haru@ayuchina & Luna62@AHS

Bilder på USB case!

Stiligt huh? ^^

Från; Max's blog


Curtain Call's lyrics - översättning


kikoeteru kimi no koe ga
atashi no na o yondeiru
utsuruteru kimi no kao ga
watashi ni hohoemikakeru

kikoeteru watashi no koe ga
anata no na o yondeiru
utsuruteru watashi no koe ga
anata ni hohoende iru

imademo ichiban ni ittai kotoba
dake ga mujouzuni
ienai konna watashi dakedo
kono uta wa machigainaku

aisubeki anata e okuru
kokoro kara no ai no uta

kikoeteru kimi no koe ga
atashi no na o yondeiru
utsuruteru kimi no kao ga
watashi ni hohoemikakeru

kikoeteru watashi no koe ga
anata no na o yondeiru
utsuruteru watashi no koe ga
anata ni hohoende iru

aisubeki anata e okuru
kokoro kara no ai no uta


I hear your voice
calling out my name
your face is reflecting
the smiling me

you hear my voice
calling out your name
my face is reflecting
the smiling you

I still just can't say
the most important
word without cruelty
with me like this
this song is certain

I send you love from my heart
in this love song

I hear your voice
calling out my name
your face is reflecting
the smiling me

you hear my voice
calling out your name
my face is reflecting
the smiling you

I send you love from my heart
in this love song

Creds: kiseki@AHS

ViVi Maj Scans

Vem längtar inte till sommaren nu?!

Creds: Babamon@AHS

Curtain Call PV Full!!

Jag älskar det faktum att hon går barfota. ^^

Sparkle PV Full!!


Alla 3 nya PV's kommer att sändas på TV snart!

Next Level
Curtain Call

Sådär ja, då kan vi bara invänta att de börjar sändas. Nån gång under nästa vecka blir det nog. ^^


Sparkle PV preview!

Vissa delar var verkligen inget man förväntade sig. :P

TA website förändrad.

Ny layout med NEXT LEVEL-tema. ^^ Mkt stiligt.


Caaaaaan't wait! ^^

Bea's Up April Scans!

Vackra va? Jag skulle kunna ge miljoner för klänningarna!

Creds: kiseki89@AHS

TA Message 474

You know ...
No 474 09-03_2009 22h31

First, I think it's great that SOU's blog keeps a high quality.

Who is SOU-san? How to find his blog? I receive many questions like this, but well, I don't think it's my place to give the link. I'll give you some explanation.

Mr. SOU is a "Sports Trainer" or sports coach. He is also the owner of a Fitness center called "Tune: up" in the district of Ebisu (Tokyo).
(Yesterday, Chon-san was there!)

And for those who are surprised that for a sports coach, he has a name that sounds like a dancer, I would say just that, simply because the kanji used to write his name are so complicated that it is often mistaken about how to read.

Well, knowing all this, I think it should give you enough to find him on the net...

Well. I changed the subject, but as usual, all my days are very busy!
I'm busy in assembling images of CDL, but it's so long that I think I'll faint!

Tomorrow, because magazine shooting for the promotion of the album are piled up , I'm going all day to take photos or answer interviews for aaaaall these magazines!
That's why I think I will can't be at Budokan (>_<) ...

Well. I once again change the subject, but tomorrow or after tomorrow (even that remains unclear ...!), we will formalize new dates for the Tour!

I'm so grateful ...

Because so many of you tried to get tickets for this Tour, currently we haven't enough ticket to propose, and the staff looking everywhere for concert halls that are available.

But when I see the momentum that you show me ...

I feel that additional dates may also be quickly "sold out" ...

And it really likely to last until the announcement of new "new" dates!

In this context of crisis, they say there is one like that in a century so I really measure my luck.

But conversely, it's also because we live such a time, we want dream and hope.

To see something that shines and dazzles.

And I want to show that it will not be an illusion, but something that really exists.

That's really what I think.

Perhaps the Tour of all attendance records for Ayumi Hamasaki.

Rehearsals happens (for now ...) without any problem! (_-)- ☆

You can expect a show that will be huge ....!!

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

Deji Deji Nikki 100 Kai Kinen! Ayumi Hamasaki Cover!

Fint va?
Bilden ser ut att vara tagen efter hårt arbete (vilket stämmer med 10 år hårt arbete för Ayumi) och hon utstrålar ett vackert lugn. I like it. :)

Bea's up April Cover!

Samma klänning som ett MS-framträdande med part of me? :)

Today's Photo 515-518

No. 515: First,
The front is Chon san & Sou san
The back is Chon san & Sou san
It was during rehearsals for dance ...
but I do not know when! lol
Yesterday? Day before yesterday? Finally in these waters it!

No. 516: During the chores ...
It's Maro chan. The T-shirt he wears is not that a tye-die.
These days, Maro chan, Shu chan and me, we are told that we got our faces swollen.
And when it aligns all three big sister Aki tells us that this gives hot!

No. 517: Chon san
... in the process of explaining something.
And parley with Suba!

Suba sama and all the fans of Suba sama, sorry for this apparition that back! m (__) m

No. 518: For once ...
Schu ... these changes.
It has not changed, it is always great!
As usual, he gestures very class, it annoys me

Just kidding!

Laying Schu chan! ! !
... and I stop for today.

Hmmm you're beautiful, you ...!

Creds: PinkShinigami@AHS

Dragonball Evolution Preview + Backstage

NEXT LEVEL gåvor från TeamAyu och mu-mo

Det kommer alltså att delas ut NEXT LEVEL saker som säljs på sidorna och kanske även delas ut som en liten gåva med skivsläpp. Dessa är dock i begränsade utgåvor, som vanligt då. ;)
Det kommer vara en plastficka, ett anteckningsblock och ett klistermärke.

【リリース情報】2009/3/25(水)発売 NEW ALBUM『NEXT LEVEL』オリジナル特典付予約受付中!

2009/3/25(水)発売『NEXT LEVEL』オリジナル特典付き予約受付中♪


※オリジナル特典は数に限りがあり、最長で2009年3月10日(火)正午までの予約販売となり ます。



Source: Official website

TA Message 470-471-472

For now ...
No. 470 06-03-2009 04h43

... Chon-chan is still alive ...

Sorry, I'm very busy so it looks like "a journal in a word."

(_ _) /

My work ...
No. 471 06-03-2009 09h31

... is never-endiiiiiiiiiiiing! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I'm tiiiiireeeeeed ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! lol

My hair color
No. 472 07-03-2009 03h23

Chon-chan wants it dark, and even though she dyes it, in a few days it's blonde again!

Good evening.

I'm staring at JK-san's blog.

These days, it's feeling down.

My brain... well here I wrote "my prain." The brain goes wrong...!

This is my tiredness.

Ok, I need to pull myself together!

When my brain goes "baaaaaaaaaaaaang" these days, there is one thing I always do.

I look at the article concerning Nobita on the blog by JK-san! lol

"Nobita-kun eating a sweet and doesn't seem to be happy" Here I have a huge smile.
"Nobita-kun eating a sweet with delight, to make you jealous" Here I can't stop myself, I burst out!

It's no good my trying read it several times, each time it's the same reaction!

Well, I'll get back to my work.


Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

Today's photos 513-514

No. 513: Curtain call PV

Again, I'll do my maximum for showing while not revealing !!
So, peep at the outdoor scenery!
Woooooooooooooooow! (◎ - ◎
Worthy of Hollywood! (◎ - ◎ (◎ - ◎ (◎ - ◎

No. 514: Next

Watch how the details are cared for.
it's crazy, huh?

You know, this PV is... ! ! ! ! ! !
When I saw the images, I cried!
When I returned I was surrounded by aliens ...
Well seriously, for this album, the sound of course, and also images, I can guarantee you is of a high level!
Hmmmmmmmm (*^_^*)
Perhaps the strongest of my albums ∈ ^ 0 ^ ∋ ♪

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

Today's Photo 508 - 512

No. 508: The PV of NEXT LEVEL

Some views ... but without revealing everything huh? lol
The car behind is mine, for my travel.
I was wrong.
The desert behind, it's one of the "film sets" of the shooting.
The second picture is the motor home I use whenever I'm shooting in America.
In a sense, this is my dressing room.
On the left you see Stan-chan ... what gives you an indication of the size of the motor home! lol

No. 509: after

What's this red team? Pure coincidence?
Well, why hide it? The directors are two of the team! ! ! ! ! !
This is Stan-chan and Luiz ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Luiz, he did Pride and Beautiful Fighters. He's quite accustomed to our way of working, but with Stan-chan, we had funny days. He was constantly between concentration and excitement! lol
He is unable to speak Japanese! lol
In the second photo is the helicopter used for aerial photography.
The pilot was a real ace.
Placing themselves in incredible angles, or making a mad hedge-hopping. It was great!

No. 510: The Ayu team

The lunch break! ♪
it makes a kind of crowd in black lol
Bah, there is indeed one in red.
He is a person with quite a dark face, but he's very relaxed:
"My windbreaker, don't you think it's cute? I love red!" he said, laughing!
The second photo shows Chon-san beginning to take ice-cream when it's time for lunch!
She looks very happy!
The man on the right, the blond, is a tourist passing through. He was also in Hawaii...

No. 511: Very serious ...

slap-bang view of rushes.
Ahhh, Chon-chan, she has short hair right now! like this!

No. 512: What I thought ...

... and here I am back in the recording!
What is this crazy schedule? lol
Well, "Fashion check"!
Bright pink sweater, leather jacket, scarf, all from McQueen.
The gray wool legging is from Rick Owens.
Gray moccasins from LOUBOUTIN
And my favorite glasses of the time, CUTLER AND GROSS

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

NEXT LEVEL alla covers!





Arena Tour 2009 Logo!

Wehoo  80-90-talet är tillbaka med en smäll! ;P

Today's Photo 501-507

No. 501: It was when it ...

Well for starters, that's when I go to the recording studio between two shoots of PV.
I did not even have time to eat, I'm trying to drink Wieder. "This is a" Pub-reality! "They all said to me! Hold on, yesterday, I have the impression that it was shooting an ad Wieder ...

No. 502: You know,

I was under so much pressure, I wrote a lot of annotations. It happens really often, I should not really be in my heart.
The second photo, I'm trying to adjust the Q-Box to adapt his sound to me. I change depending on the pieces or parts that I sing.
This setting, like the height of the microphone, this is something that is at the very beginning and are super importantes.C 'is when you have finished all that we can start recording.

No. 503: Fashion Check

A Rock and a TI with denim straps at CURRENT.
The shoes are from Balenciaga. Yellow lines are fluorescent effect, huh?

No. 504: Fashion Check 2

Crocodile jacket from Mc Queen. It is gray.
The sunglasses also come from McQueen. Green.
Keep writing "green", it makes me think of Midoring ...

No. 505: This bag ...

Too cute!
I think that distinguishes evil, but it is red and silver.
The belt, there is a golden chain, and there is a silver chain rock. It's Dolce & Gabbana.

No. 506: For the Tour ...

All staff Ayu took advantage of the few free moments to go in search of fabrics for the manufacture of costumes of the dancers, group and mine.
We are in the Downtown.
The second photo, in a fabric store. Not easy to choose, these stores are very many in the Downtown.
On the right of the photo, a customer normal ... no, it's Ms. Miura, the patron saint of Kanako.

No. 507: Next ...

I always buy some magazines to read on the plane.
Well it is rather modest, but we made a little "fashion check".
The wool cap is a gift Okei-chan, I do not know where she is! lol
The she gave me also the scarf. I do not know where she is! lol
The black jacket, it's Balenciaga.
The low, gray, is at Rick Owens

Creds: PinkShinigami@AHS

TA Message 468 + 469

No. 468 03-03-2009 23:15

Mastering NEXT LEVEL barely completed, JK san kindly spoken of his album on his personal blog in a very fair and admirable.

Nobita-kun ...

Her face is asleep ... too cute! lol

Also, I just learned today that I love movies, JK san also like ... humm that is a bit complex! MDR

Apart from the fact that "photos of the day" are not really pictures "of the day, I'll maybe post some ...

Until when will I go back?

The "Photos of the day"
No. 469 04-03-2009 11:27

I completely neglected! !

I'm really sorry ... (T_T)

I'll post more! ♪

You are eager to see?

Creds: PinkShinigami@AHS

NEXT LEVEL cover och tracklist!

2CD/DVD cover:


01.Bridge to the sky
08.Load of the SHUGYO
11.LOVE 'n' HATE
12.Pieces of SEVEN
14.Curtain call

TA Message 465 + 466 + 467

I'm ...
No. 465 26-02-2009 22h55

... back!

Here it's 6 o'clock in the morning.
I just came back after completing a recording session.

Today too, we churned out something gooooood! (_) V

I'm going to take a bath, I'll sleep a little, and I leave for the shooting of the 2nd PV! ♪

Seeing my energy, Stan-chan repeated daily: "Ayu is an Alien ...." ! LOL


Hey, Zin-san, me too! I know very well how to imitate Kasuga-san! lol

Daaaamn it !!
No. 466 28-02-2009 0:33

Today, the 28th, is the anniversary of Maro!

I thought I said this to you so that at midnight, altogether, we could post messages on his blog ...

But it isn't too late, then all of you "TA", if you have time, go on the blog of Maro-chaaaan! (_-)- ☆

No. 467 28-02-2009 20h31

It's amazing the number of messages on the blog of Maro chan! (*_*)

You've all congratulated him ! !
Thaaanks ! (*_*)(*_*)(*_*)

Hmmm, I'm very touched (T_T)

Well done "TA"!

Well, to tell you about Chon-chan, she has safely completed the 2nd PV. The recordings are also finished. All that we have to do now is the mix of 2 songs and everything will be done!!

You know, this time in L.A, I really feel we have injected a lot of news.

I'm really entering in the "Next Level".

It's 03h25 local time, and when day comes, I'll back on the plane.

Yes, that's ...

I'm coming back hoooome ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I am Happppyyyy! ! ! ! ! ! !


Meanwhile, for sure the Ayu staff is really great (*_*)v strong, and

JK-san, Nobita-kun, Morimoto-san ...

Thanks a looot to yooou ! !

It was a super commando mode, but it was really necessary to do it like this. We all really make a pretty delicate album! !

(T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T) (T_T)

I'm a bit weepy;

Ah, more than me, Kome must cry. He is so emotional ... this boy! lol

Really, be full of hope while waiting for the release! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

(_-)- ☆

JK-san, we'll come back in time for the event the 1st, right? lol

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

TA Message 464

No. 464 26-02-2009 15h11

We just finally finished the filming of the first PV ...
Back in my room, I fainted and slept for about 3 hours (lol), and I just wake up.
Soon, I'll go for a recording.
But tomorrow we'll start filming again for another new PV ...

how are you... us? lol
Who? ... one who has designed such a schedule! lol

Aah, by the by, you have written and broadcast your thoughts about Rule / Sparkle, I'm sooo happy! 0 ∈ ∋ ♪
As soon as I have a break, I will read! them 0 ∈ ∋ ∈ ∋ ∈ 0 ∋ ♪ 0

Ah, another thing too! For the ☆500th☆ today's photo, about the body oil, "please tell us moooore!" I received many messages like this. But you know, this is a limited series, and I think it will be difficult to find the same product (>_<)

I got it by chance, and they even told me "This is a limited series. This is the last copy we have." I tried to look for it in other stores, and, with 6 found in NY that were sent to me, that is how I finally managed to get 7. You understand the trick ...!

But, hey, I have offered up 6 of these, so at the end, I have only one for me. You see, I don't keep them jealously lol!

But you know, products that have the same smell, such as perfumes, are sold without problem in Tokyo! (_-)- ☆

OMG! I should go to the studio! ! !
Here, it's precisely 22h10


aaaah ....

Arena Tour's rehearsals began. Without me. lol

To all of the band, dancers, technical staff ... this year, we will do the Beeeest !!!!, huh? (_) V (_) v (_) v ♪

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

Today's photos 496 till och med 500

No. 496: Something ...

... strange in this picture? The solution:
Yes, we're both wearing flannel t-shirts.
Even the sleeves are measured in the same way!
By the by, the real name of Nobita-kun, is Yuta Nakano.
He composes music that is quite different from his image, eh? lol
talkin' and Mirrorcle are signed Nobita-kun, you know!

No 497 Something ...

... strange in this picture? The solution:
Yes, you're right, you start to get used to it.
The Kome's crest is all flattened!
Me? I gaze it!

No. 498 : Then,

I asked Nobita-kun to write for me on a partition, and I will record the chorus.
Well, I should go to the recording today. It is 22:00 here.

No. 499: Smell

...it's very important.
The photo represents all scented candles that cannot be missing at the hotel.
I choose the desired odor depending on the mood.
Candles in the shape of roses that you see on the right, "mama" gave them to me. They come from PJ.
On the left, the candles that we can find on Hanabi. Yea, it's great VOLUSPA!

No. 500: Here ...

this is my fundamental "smell", which doesn't change for eternity.
Sometimes I may want to commit adultery, but in the end I always come back!
Because I don't like fragrances, mostly I choose things like "body cream". This time the picture is a bottle of "body oil"
The skin becomes true satin! ♪

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

Today's photos 485 till och med 495

No. 485: To begin,

some views of the atmosphere at Narita during my departure.
How long have they waited?
The hands of the girls that I greeted were very frozen... Aaaah! (T_T) I almost cried.

No. 486 That day...

there was really a lot of people. It was very lively! (*_*)
In yhe second photo, it seems that our "Prince" burst into laughter alone. That worries me ...!
I ask him why later.

No. 487: Okay, well ...

Let's gooo ! ♪
... and two more seconds later, I was stopped by the "security frame" (that's what it's called?) that detected anything it could and rang!
These things... can someone explain to me why when it rings you are in the most visible place for everyone to see? It's embarrassing isn't it? lol

No. 488: The photo from the Eggshell ...

past. I arrived safely in San Francisco.
We changed terminals, and from there, is the private jet.
Sullen weather.

No. 489: I get in.

We arrived.
Quick, quick! lol

No. 490: Coming to welcome me

... Stan-chan was there, and I had a big smile when I saw him! ♪
That day, I had a mini-trench from Fendi, a navy, fuchsia and pink McQueen scarf, and one that I really enjoy these days: skinny jeans from CURRENT.
You can't really see them, but the sandals are with cork soles from miumiu.

No. 491: In the evening,

... we went to dinner together.
On the right, with a super-warm winter clothing while we are in California, where a t-shirt is enough, is Nobita-kun.
On the left of the photo, the now famous JK-san.
The girls of Ayu team, while dining, don't ever let JK-san out of thir sight, and they don't stop to think "sooo cute, sooo cute!" lol
Second photo, Nobita-kun swaps glasses with sunglasses ...
Woow! Who is he ? ? ? ? ? ? LOL!

No. 492: Beer ...

and cellphone. They're vital for Gyo-chan!

No. 493: The next day,

... by the way, was yesterday.
Pfff, I don't know when it starts or when it ends when!
I go to the recording ! ! !

No. 494: In the beginning,

we recorded separately, because if one of us makes a mistake, everyone would have to start again. But suddenly we decided to do everything together.
Because it seems that concentration and rendering is superb.
After registration, we are veryyyy tired!
But it's healthy tiredness.

No. 495: This is unclear...

... I think, but I'm in this cabin with Nobita-kun. You see me on the right?
Second photo.
For those who found something strange... the solution.
In general, a score is rather long in width.
I realized it later, but it's true that we were in a hurry and we haden't even prepared the score. But Nobita-kun has played with only the transcript of the words in front of him! ! !
soooo stroooooong ! ! !

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

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