ayu's DIARY: 05/09/2009

You called me? ? ?
05-09-2009 23h27

One, two, three ...
That is! Here I am!
I tried to appear ... my best lol
Oh la la, I was seriously ill.
Without doubt this is also one of the relaxing of my concentration.
But seriously, I could not even answer the phone.
A pene send an email by making great efforts.
Yeah, I was lying!
But again, I could appreciate how Bancho Miura or big sister is great. Nowadays, in the day, she phoned me, and I had practically crawled to the phone, she declaims:
"Huh?" You're still in bed? "
........ arf lol!
I quit! I take the white flag!
It is too strong, Kanako! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
But not the kind I awake, I am standing in full concentration ...
There's no denying quans I gave him this nickname Bancho (in Japanese, means "gang leader") I am not mistaken, I realize once again! lol
Good! !
For once I got up and I walked around my apartment, these are gifts that I received ♡:
"Ayu chan, as you are constantly bordered to the loving, must you be so surrounded by lots of hearts."
It was from Sato Sensei.
First, cushions for our car tour ♡

And that too, to faireun mats for this car ... ♡:

"And that Ayu chan, because you always lose your accessories and that everyone was terrified lol"
You know me well mdr!

Then, something to make both small objects to hang bags (sorry, I speak very badly!)

The following is crazy!
Sato Sensei, his first and final decoration! ! !
"I am extremely embarrassed, but hey, I really wanted to send you one, so I did my best!!!"
That's ↓

When it opens, even the interior is decorated ♡

It is a world clock ♡
As I pass by d '/ 3 of my time abroad: "Ayu chan, wherever you are, so you can still wake up in good humor ...".
She brings tears to the eyes, this letter (True, it makes me focus Kansai vrament but I feel that these two women have super high fly my bird!!! )
THANK YOU! ♡ ♡ ♡
Well, tomorrow I post photos of the day!
And if I can I start now, even just a little.
And finally, I would like this message.
As Chankuro and Zin san taught me that everyone makes personal the end of summer
there it is, she's gone ...!

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story


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