Today's photos 416-417-418-419

First My All trophy (4)
N° 416
Incredible! unquestionable victory of Minazô who outdo all her opponents! ! At the bottom left, SOU is sinking! (lol) At right, Bancho, giving everything she has to not lose at the hands of an assistant, however she doesn't succeed in catched up him ...

Second photo: This beautiful writing board of the competitions, we feel right now that has been make by hand (lol), is a hand-crafted work by Tsuriko

First My All trophy (5)
N° 417
Minazô, the triumphant smile of the winner ...

Second photo: affected in his physical trainer's pride , SOU chan really depressed! (lol)

First My All trophy (6)
N° 418
And then ... ! ! ! ! ! !
Resisting to the group of men, Bancho ranks second ! ! !
that's a fact, for will power, she's a real man! (lol)

So then! As for the big favorite Kome ... whereas he had a perfectly confident face (second photo), now he's hang out at miserably lamenting ..
Why? but because it has succeeded ... his worst result of all time! (lol)

First My All trophy (7)
N° 419
I looooove this Ayu team which doing so seriously this ordeal so stupid !!

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS


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