Today's photo N° 413-414-415

Sammanfattning: Som vi ser så är de fortfarande i Hawaii och verkar ha det riktigt trevligt under deras lediga stund.

First "My All Trophy" (1)
N° 413
there!!! you 've been waiting for!
I post photos of the " My All Trophy" held on the last day with the assistance of the entire team Ayu!

First photo: although hyper favorite candidate, here Miss Hamasaki, who renounced to participate but became Chief Referee!

Second image, all the competitors were selected from all over Japan! From right to left: The competitor Honda (DJ), the competitor Sano (Minazô), the competitor Itô (Okei-chan), the competitor Noda (Akira), the competitor Kiyota (Gori), the competitor Komeda (Kome), the competitor Nagasaki (SOU) and the competitor Miura (Bancho) or 8 competitors! The competitor Tsuritani (Tsuriko) had to leave for insufficient fitness.

First "My All Trophy" (2)
N° 414
The first photo, DJ Honda aims to the final victory. During her ordeal, she even used a technique that was quite unkind to hinder the progress of Minazô! (lol)

The second photo, which shows Kome who expose his chest and displays a confident smile! One of the favorites to win, on the evidence the high level of his physical fitness.

First My All Trophy (3)
No. 415
First photo: on water, SOU and Gori which hinder each other!

Second photo: from right, Bancho, Okei-chan, Akira, a departure like a twister together! ! !

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS


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