Today's photo 425-426-427-428

Bilder, bilder, bilder från the making av Rule! De tränar i sanning riktigt hårt. Och vem älskar inte de nedersta bilderna? Samma hår som i Because of You PV!! Aaaah, stunning. ^^

No. 425: During the shooting

When I was going outside the snow fell. These are photos of people who were under a lot of pressure! lol

From left to right: Minazô, Chon-chan, Bancho

Photo on the right: Someone who moves and who is too blurred! lol

No. 426: And then ...

Radical switching. Really serious training of choreography.
I learned from Jin-sensei and Subaru-sensei.
And as a reward for this hard training, all that I received was ... terrible muscle pain lol!

No. 427 How ...

... violent the choreography is. It's a photo that clearly shows this isn't it? lol

The three ones who are blurred and then the hair of Chon-chan testify to that!

you will enjoy the PV ... ♪

No. 428: Finally ...

Photo taken during the casting of the dancers!

Again, I was helped by Jin-sensei and Subaru-sensei!

To all the "Rule dancers" (that is how they were called during the shooting), thank you very much ☆

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS


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