Today's photo 420-421-422-423-424

Ayu visar upp sina fotoskills. ^^ Sista bilden och meddelandet är så fint så!

No. 420: Twilight 1

Here is the sunset that I saw every day in Hawaii
The sun, first above cloud, gradually hiding behind ...

No. 421: Twilight 2
... and no sooner that we could believe that it would show again the tip of his nose under the clouds, that it already went up to the water ...

No. 422: Twilight 3
... and already, it would disappear on the horizon ...
You see as the sky changed color ...

No. 423: Twilight 4

Aaah! It will disappear ...
In wich place in the world shines there, then?

No. 424: Twilight 5

The End.
Every day, I was overcome by the greatness and the incredibble beauty of Nature front of my eyes.
I contemplate the sky which connected me to you.

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS


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