TA Message 417

Plötslig resa och Ayu är helt plötsligt i Hawaii!
Och hon bjuder på en rolig berättelse mot slutet. ^^

It's very sudden ...

No. 417 29-01-2009 09h19

... but I'm in Hawaii.

I'm recording.

How should I say it... in Hawaii at this time, it's very cold.

The story goes back several years. Because of an excessively large crowd of people, a shop became over-flooded and the windows there exploded. Since then, realizing that my presence can cause trouble, I used to not get close to shopping centers like Ala Moana Center or known restaurants restaurants... but because I was told that at that time there weren't too many people, I went.

I found myself in the middle of a crowd in 2 seconds! lol

and moreover, because we are under the very open skies of Hawaii, the excitement of all this is big... so big! lol

Ah! By the way, I changed the subject. When my baggage was being checked at the airport in Honolulu, they asked me: "Why do you travel with so many children's clothes?" No, these aren't children's clothing, but those of a 30-year-old woman! lol

Well, that's all.

Disconnection ...!


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