TA Message 410

Texten till Secret, hon kanske valde att sätta in den för den kanske förklarar hennes humör som bäst nu, vem vet vem vet..


No 410...21-10-2009...7.01 PM

I turned my eyes away from the girls I passed by
Because they looked dazzling to me
They had free wings like an innocent child

Even if I search for a light place over the darkness
Spreading the only wing left for me
I can't reach the truth alone

How am I viewed
In your eyes from your place?
Please laugh away
These days of mine filled with false things
Before it's too late

Even when I get tired of flying, I don't even have courage to rest my wing
If I could have a wish come true
Take me away from here, please

I'm still here and have been searching as before
For a place I can fit in
I heartily wish
This feeling could reach you at least
I want nothing else

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS


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