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Ayu berättar om sina danseres åldrar. Hon verkar ha en liten thing för toy-boys. Mehehe. ;P

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No. 408 21-01-2009 1.06 PM

I forgot to write.

There are many messages asking me about age of the dancers, but ...

it isn't at me to tell you that! lol

That I can say for now is that beside "Mommy Gomi", the whole team of boys is younger than me.

And all the girls team is older.

This is probably because there is a high labor turnover among boys?

Yesterday, all the boys who have managed the cast are all younger! wiiiiin !

And as it's a world that respect social order (*), even during rehearsals of the choreography, men use form of address toward girls!

As for Mom Gomi is "going my way!"

that's all ! lol

(*) women are older than men, so men have to use form of address and not the contrary !

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS


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