TA Message 407

Fröke Ayumi skriver ett tämligen lustigt meddelande om pollen och förklarar lite vidare om den girly girly CM som spelades in.

additional clause

21-01-2009 No. 407 ... ... 00.44 AM

What is this new CM? I received lots of messages asking me this, but I think that everything can't be officially revealed, then please, wait ...!

Otherwise, I also received lots of comments saying "A CM with a girl's team only, I have never seen it, I can't imagine ... suprise and high suspense " But you know, the one who is the more surprised is none other than me! lol

When I received the story board where it said "we want to ask you to make an ad with only girls as dancers and choirs", it was so far from what I could imagine that I have exclaim with a high voice: "REALLYY?!" lol

But it gives a great result! ♪ Great teamwork! (*_*)

And then ...

many of you write ...

This year, there are twice as much pollen than usual ... it's true? (O_O)

Finally ...

The person I quoted yesterday when I wrote "I think there are", in fact I believe that I read someone else who imited him, and for now, the original author is still not aware.

It's always like that with me ... lol

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS


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