TA Message 406

Woho! CM shooting och PV shooting! Ska blir otroligt kul att se sen!! ^^

20-01-2009 No. 406 ... ... 10.39 PM

I thought I have catch it, I feared, when a little while ago, Gori said:
"It's a rhinitis"
Given the diagnosis, so I think it's just rhinitis.

But what I have sneeze !

Yesterday, during the shooting of the new pub, I didn't stopped sneezing!

About it, the new pub is filming with Peko & Puri and 4 dancers ☆ a Girl team! It was joyful! (_) V

And then, during the waiting, as we were only girls, we had only girls' discussions, it was also great! Incidentally,
that was also an opportunity for Kayanotchi to express her natural power! (lol)

In the meantime, I can't forget the exploding discussions I have with "my sister Aki." I have even been afraid it, she told me in one stroke such stuff (lol)

I don't think you know her very well, but this "big sister Aki," she always playing even in private. Among all the dancers, I share crazy email only with her (lol)
In the past, sometimes we drinking during all the night and go directly on the shooting of a PV ...!

aaaah, I'm still off-topic!

Well, I love take advantage of girls who are my elders.

What summary! lol

Then, when the night came, we made a dancers casting for the PV of Rule.

And there, as we need only male dancers, I felt that I was leaving a girls college to be absorbed in a high school boys! lol

With all these dancers really gave everything they had, it was an atmosphere of great concentration. Of course, and unfortunately, there were dancers who were not selected this time, but even after having failed, and heard their "thank you very much!" which seemed to express "I really tried my best!" I was sad at the same time but also amazed, I was in a state of mind really difficult to define.

With all those who have been selected, we will show you the best performance! ! !

Well I come back to my job! ...

atishooo! (> y <; )

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS


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