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Ayu skriver ett riktigt ordentligt inlägg denna gång.
Hon säger ett par sanningens ord oxå. Jag undrar vad som inspirerade henne till detta inlägg dock. ^^

I realize ...

15-01-2009 No. 402 ... ... 00h19

with really lateness, but ...

Congratulations to all those who celebrated the "Celebration of the majority"! ! ! ! !

Don't you have expected it, each of you, with your head full of memories and with a beating heart?

Especially girls, you certainly prepare the event for a long time, asking you what hairstyle, what makeup, what nails and particulary what clothes wearing ...

Bah, actually it's this anxiety wich is happy! ♪

Well, this is only my point of view, you can skip that, it doesn't bother me, but I don't think anything necessarily change because we have reached this twentieth year .

So you are an adult now! ! perhaps people also tell you that , but you know, whether you're a child or an adult, I think it's up to each of you to do assessment oneself and I would say that there are days that you feel adult and others that you feel child, and it's great like that.
It's something wich is common to we all, and me also of course, we aren't robots but human beings of flesh, and therefore it's by definition, impossible to be perfect.
This isn't a negative comment, and I think it's this flaw which is the most characteristic and most beautiful part of human beings.

And what I'm saying is that there is no need to take for reference the age wich is just a simple number, even if it exists since the beginning of the world.

Nobody can make me what I do myself.
But I don't saying this because I'm an artist named "Ayumi Hamasaki".
This is because the human being that I am, there is only one in the world.

You either, no one can replace you.
Yourself are you in this world, the only person to be you.
there is no reason to be compared to another, there isn't any sense to do that.

And we-all can live that moment, not yesterday or tomorrow.
That is why, without spend his time to turn over things of the past or to tremble for the future, we must live every moment to have nothing to regret.
And continue like that because it's important.

Because that's how you can draw behind you a long, very long road on wich you have left the imprint of your footsteps.

Even if the road is tortured or even if there is mud.

The important thing is to trample it with our own feet and and to let our own footstep;

For "we can completely realize ourself, while we are born incomplete".

This sentence, lyrics of a song written to say that we shouldn't fear the days and months wich goes, the accumulated years and the fact that we are aging and deteriorating, but rather we going towards its fulfillment.

Since for we all everything starts with a state when we can not stand up or even speak.

If we think this, don't you feel that nothing is really impossible?

If there are some of you who don't think this ... call me on the phone, I'll explain with more detail! (lol)

I have just hop from one subject to another, I spoke about the "Celebration of the majority" to a serious story, but you know, me, writing so seriously, for just in a moment I lost my mobile phone, I spent a moment to find it and when I have succeed, I hold it tightly in my left hand ... Hey, can you stop with your nonsense..."me"? ? (lol)

You see what I told you, I'm just a human being ...

Uh ... It's not the same thing? (lol)

Well, I'll post "today's photos".**

there are a lot, but I want show them to you, wait a moment ok? (_-)- ☆

Chon greets you!

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS


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