TA Message 399

Ayu verkar lite småtrött efter allt resande. Hon får ta det lite lugnare snart! ^^

Recently ...

13-01-2009 No. 399 ... ... 7.40 PM

... I don't know why, when my alarm clock ring, the time that I need to wake up is really long.

In Hawaii, each morning I get up, I spent my time turning around in the house, and didn't finding the exit door.

And having walked a lot, I manage to find myself the bathroom ...

Anyway, I put this on the account that I was not in my house ... but I must confess that back in Tokyo, I do exactly the same.

Here, the first night after my return I stayed in my room, but I was thirsty during the night, I went to fetch water. And after that, I went back to sleep ... in an other room!
In this piece, the floor is covered with marble, I can assure you that morning the back's pain wasn't half-pain! (lol)

And this morning, convinced that it was a door, I rushed into a wall ...!

I simply scratched the forehead (lol)

If You see me, I look like a real primary schoolgirl! (lol)

You know if there is a way to get a better wake up ...? ? ?

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS


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