TA Message 397

Ayu lider fortfarande av jet-lag och redar ut förvirringen runt hennes staff.
Notera ett ytterst sött kort på henne längst ner. ^^

This is the moment of the miracle ...

No. 397, 12-01-2009, 23:09

... that Chonchan has photographed ! (Go watch SOU's Blog ♪)

Jet lag is in full swing, I am not fixed !

I live here with time of Hawaii!

That's why exchanges by mail or by phone with my friends are very complicated! (lol) I'm sorry for the trouble I cause ... m (__) m

Did you like the "My All Trophy" yesterday? ? ?

Since it appears that some of you don't understand yet who does what in the Ayu 's staff, I will present them one by one.

In what order will I do ...?

Well, in order of age, right? (I think I'm going be given a roasting ... lol)

Ah well! Nevermiiiind!!!!

Okei-chan → The boss of the team of designers. A personality ... very natural!

Akira → Haute Couture designer who designs all the costumes of Ayumi Hamasaki.

Tsuriko → The charismatic "writer", more than anyone else, writes the articles with interviews of Ayumi Hamasaki

Bancho → No need to present her, is the legendary "nailist"

Kome → The director of Ayumi Hamasaki with strong abdoman! He have a crest!

Gory → The makeup artist

SOU → The physical coach

Minazô → First Assistant of Bancho

DJ → First assistant of Okei-chan

All doooone! ♪

Now ....

The daughter of God returns to her work ...

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS


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