TA Message 396

Okej, härligt! PV för Rule är påväg!! ^^ Och Zin fortsätter att brilljera med sin koreografi.

it's got to be done
No 396, 11-01-2009, 19:56

... I will write you before forget! (lol)

So it's what I wanted to write, the names of the authors of the choreography of each song's of the CountDown Live.

There were a lot of questions in this sense, like "You teeeeeell uuuuus ??"

But you know, you are very clever in TA, most of you just guessed! ! ! ! !

Well, let's go ...! (^_^) v

To begin with, the songs of wich the author of the choreography is Zin-chan:
* Real me
* And Then
* Naturally
* In The Corner
* Everywhere nowhere
* And of course, MY ALL

Then, Suba-sama:
* Pre.ANGEL 'S SONG (choré boys)
* ANGEL'S SONG (from the 2nd verse)
* Hana
* Too late

Then Kayanotchi ♪
* Popular
* Pre.ANGEL 'S SONG (choré girls)
* ANGEL'S SONG (until the end of 1st chorus)

Then, Maro-chan:
* Show "Dragon Dance"

And finally, The Grand Master Peco! !
* Will

riiiiight ! You feel better now? (lol)

by the way, the shooting will start very soon, but the choreography of RULE's PV will be the work of master zin!

Hmm, what he will imagine for the first of the year 2009? I can't wait to see it!

... way to put pressure! (lol)

And then tomorrow there is a Live Peco-san! ♪
But it seems that many of you of "TA" will to attend, have fun and engross without reserve in the world of Peco! (^_-)- ☆

So, as soon as I have a minute, I also post "today's photos ", go check out ok ?

PS: Yesterday, at Narita, I was interrogated about the key holder wich still on my bag, but that's my lucky charm wich accompanied me throughout my travels in Japan and even abroad this year as in 2008 when I moved ...!

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS


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