Ayu i Hawaii pt. 2

Ayumi berättar lite mer om sin skada och vistelse i Hawaii. Hon verkar även hoppas att kärleken ska komma upp under år 2009. Sedan får vi en kort redogörelse om hur hon med hjälp av smärtstillande klarade igenom sin stora nyårsnatt med först ett framträdande i Kouhaku och sedan i sin egna PCDL. Längre ner kommer jag även länka till nyhetsklipp från hennes ankomst i Hawaii.

(Bilder från när hon uppträdde i den 59de Kouhaku, bara några timmar innan PCDL)

昨年暮れに右手を負傷して手術を受けた歌手、浜崎あゆみ(30)は4日、成田空港発の航空機でハワイに到着 。芸能リポーター、梨元勝氏の携帯サイト「芸能裏ちゃんねる」などの取材に応じた。  



また、昨年、週刊新潮で取りざたされたハワイのジュエリーデザイナー、ジェイソン氏(38)について梨元 氏が問うと、「ジェイソンさん? アハッ」と軽くいなしたが、別のリポーターに恋人はいるか、と聞かれ「残 念ながら…」と答えるばかりだった。  

浜崎は昨年末、ケガを押して、カウントダウンライブ2daysを敢行し、第59回NHK紅白歌合戦では、 自身初のトップバッターを務め、「Mirrorcle World」を歌い上げた。  

「当初は左手か固定スタンドでマイクを使うのでは? とみれらたが、本番では右手に黒いプロテクターのようなものをして登場。衣装替えなど派手なアクションもみせた。痛み止めを打ち、右手とマイクを固定していたのではないか」(関係者)と、けがの具合が注目されていた。

The singer, Hamasaki Ayumi, who received an injury on her right hand at the end of last year, has arrived on the 4th in Hawaii on an Airplane from Narita Airport. She responded to local reporters, and Nashimoto Masaru's keitai site, "Public Entertainment Channel"

The days she is staying are "The 5th to the 6th", as she said her goal is "Still photography images."

The current status of her wound is bandaged, but, she commented "It's fine. I'm sorry, this appearance is abit dirty/unclean/etc, but.." She revealed, "Thanks God (not God, but, I couldn't find any other expression that fit) that I am facing recovery, so I'm perfectly fine. It's only until 3 weeks (until complete recovery.)" When asked if her fingernails had come unstuck, she said "It's like that."

Last year, there was a rumour being made about her in Shinchou newspaper and magazine about Hawaii Jewelery Designer, Jason-Shi, and when Nashimoto Masaru asked about it, she lightly sidestepped, saying "Jason?? ahahaha", but when another reported asked if she had a lover, she only answered, "I'm sorry to say..."

With her wound, she performed 2 days at Countdown Live, and at the 59th Kouhaku as she performed her duty as top batter, and sang "Mirrorcle World" wholeheartedly. As people observed the state of the injury, "At first she was going to use a stand where the mic was on, but on the day, she used a black protector, and changed her costume so she showed in through flashy action. She took painkillers, and didn't she have her mic fixed to the right hand?"

Source: http://www.zakzak.co.jp/gei/200901/g2009010501_all.html
Creds: maikaru @ AHS

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