ayu's DIARY: 20/08/2009 - 23/08/2009

When & if
20 August 2009 2:31 PM

"No Today's Photo today."
you probably think that, everyone, but I've realized something important.
We have Tokyo Station -> Nagoya Station -> several nights in Nagoya -> Nagoya Station -> Tokyo Station all covered and there are tons of photos that we've collected, but
Ehime is missing!!
I am aware of this. And in a panic, we're adding the pictures.
We're working hard so we can upload them tonight, so just wait a bit longer~!
Ah, but there's more IAAF to be watched tonight. Gotta do both at the same time, I guess.
Today too, we had a lovely day
Because no matter how much we hurt, we feel no pain
Because no matter how much we don't believe, we don't really doubt.
Ah, Sato-sensei recommended this bleach? cream? thingy?
And yeah~, this stuff matches you with some kind of paper-colored person.
I have blond hair, so I responded to Sensei by saying "I wanna match up my hair & eyebrow color!!" so I can get them bleached.
But, no one's allowed to see how the bleached eyebrows look...
About the same as my license photo, I look overly serious...

*These look & feel like lyrics but I can't place them... they might not be. I dunno. :P

20 August 2009 3:05 PM

It's done.
Paper -> X
Hair -> O
Sorry for interrupting~.*

*"Shitsurei shimashita" is hard to translate into english & sound natural. Literally it's "Sorry for doing something rude" so ayu's apologizing for the quick blog update in case it's inconvenienced you to check her blog for something so tiny & so fast after the last blog, basically. In Japan, you'd say this.... hm... as you were leaving your boss' office if you went to go talk to him at work. Or a similar situation.

Ehime Pictures
20 August 2009 4:15 PM

They're uploaded~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!

BE-KE-LE--------------------!!! (Again)
21 August 2009 2:23 AM

It's still just the preliminaries, but again & again this guy was able to enchant me!
That miraculous stamina & will power in the last spurt.
And on top of it, getting to the front when he hit the curve & increasing his lead.
How much energy he must have had to consume in that moment!

Okay, I'm through being a sports maniac saying stuff like that.
Still though, one major contender was Shaheen...
But he had a bad fall...
The World Championships in Athletics are teaching me about life.
It's making me aware of things I've forgotten.
Oda was speaking too, but until I see Bolt's final result, there's no way I can get to sleep!!!!!!!!!!

I'm digressing, but I got my nails done by Bancho.♪
Aren't they charming?
Here's a side view. The gold & silver aurora span lines are glittery.☆

The number of lines changes depending on what finger it is.
So, looking at it from this side, you can see the rainbow colored stones are put on there, one per finger. <3

I do so love French manicures~.
And I'm getting a pedicure tomorrow~ <3 <3 <3

My imitation of Bolt is super-clever, though.

BOLT------------------!!!!!! (Again)
21 August 2009 4:52 AM

Everyone understands this title, right? lol
I was just absurdly nervous~.
That false start the first time, gah, stop already~!!
It was like, my heart couldn't slow down-----------!!!
I was just clinging onto Marron, I was so tense. lol
No, but he took those beautiful curves at such great speed, he set another world record.☆
And he ran like the wind, getting a time of 19'19, no less!!!!!!!!!!
Man, if he actually WAS the wind, that'd be a pretty dangerously fast wind, wouldn't it?
In the interviews after the run was over, all the interviewers that surrounded him had been excitedly dealing out questions, and he asserted very calmly, "My best is good enough for myself"* with a different side of his character than we usually see, and I felt like we could see the real him.
Now the women's run is happening, but do you know that the queen, Blanka Vlašić, is 193 cm tall???!!!
Bolt is 196 cm, so there's only 3cm difference.
I think she must have been destined to reach the summit of this run since before she was even born.
There are things you can't change, joy & fame & wealth....
Whether or not she desires those things, I don't know, but the fact is, she holds them in her hand.
But it's bound to happen, if you have those things, you'll have to give them (and more) up, you'll have to leave things behind, but if you're able to cast those things aside, then you haven't made many mistakes in the first place.
Ah, right now, Vlašić's got the gold!!!!!!!
You can't avoid losing sight of yourself in this world with just skill alone, you need the people who you love, who continue to watch over that "self," and that's really the greatest reward.
(Vlašić is similarly in congrats-ism mode)

As for me, well, I haven't done anything as world-class as these athletes, but on the news they've been reporting about it so, with this single, even as young as I am, I've now got 44 top 10 singles, which I'm honored to say has broken the record set by many of my amazing superiors, putting this solo artist next in the succession of artists in first place... they say...
This thing...
It's... I just can't accept this.
Well, I keep thinking that anyway.
I want to give this honor to every person who's affected Ayumi Hamasaski, and everyone who's continuted to help Ayumi Hamasaki.
POWER UP More & More!!!

*In case anyone's curious, here's the specific interview she's quoting: Clicky! (I looked it up so I could quote Bolt accurately)

With experience,
22 August 2009 2:05 AM

Bolt & Bekele exist.
Today at rehearsal, I had some waiting time, so I got to thinking, Oh hey! I have personal experience with world records right now! <3
I ran only 6 laps around the track~~~ <3
I am in such a great mood! <3 <3 <3
In the middle of running, I found Bolt smiling and giving me a round of applause.
But then I looked closer, and it was Zin.
Then, in the last spurt, Bekele appeared & passed me with great speed.
But then I looked closer, and it was Gori.
Right then, Sou was enthusiastically singing Oda-san's World Championships theme song.
Aren't they the best, these guys? lol
Of course, we've also been taking rehearsal very seriously!
Tomorrow and day after tomorrow, we'll make them the best performances...
Let's do it--!!!
And definitely make absolutely no mistakes at all.
Ah, that's not the recently very popular Gacchi-san* thing.
Not Gacchi, GACHI. Grr. lol
Aah, at noon tomorrow, Satsuki-chan is personally coming here to Tokyo, bringing something (something sparkly, of course!☆) from Kobe~!
I'm really looking forward to it~ <3
And lastly, my nails done by Bancho, here are photos!☆

For this pedicure, my big toe got a heart that I love~~~ <3

Minazo just kept gluing the lines to it.
I think some of his recent attempts have been pretty good work.
He was a pro nail artist after all. lol
Once a pro, always a pro. lol

*She uses the phrase "gachi" in the line before this. This is a pun that I can't translate. She loves these but hasn't done one in awhile, lol :)

Right now,
22 August 2009 2:47 AM

The Championships are on a break due to rain.
I'm not in Berlin.
With that, Today's Photo work continues~☆

Today's Photos are done☆
22 August 2009 4:00 AM

I should say, my dance stand-in has done it. ☆Akira☆, starting from tomorrow's experience, will rise up to become a true dancer on the stage!!
Please give him help!!!
So, on Kaz-max's blog...
the Kaz-ma talk is too cryptic, it's too noisy...
Mora-chan's shirt button opened up in the confusion. lol
There was much laughter~~~~~~~. lol

My toes are long.
23 August 2009 12:43 AM

Lately people are only gossiping about this lately.
I know, my toes really are long, but my feet are surprisingly tiny.
In other words, I have bad balance and bad luck.
Well, today we had our first day-------!!!
First, Ohji came into the green room carrying this, and it really got our spirits up-------------!!!!!!!!

The thing I've been drinking every day, Momi Tea-<3
He brought enough refreshments for 50 people!

From Kua Aina, where I actually went!!!
Thank you thank you soooo much! <3 <3 <3
Thusly, getting such a nice surprise from Kua Aina, Chon-san went to go watch Tohoshinki's performance in very very high spirits.
Due to a mistake in planning, when I went, they were already on their last song.
So there I am, wearing my Tohoshinki t-shirt, wearing a Tohoshinki towel on my neck, holding a Tohoshinki fan, I'm all totally ready, giving Bancho a very loud laugh.
But tomorrow, I shall have my revenge.
In fact, as we get closer & closer to our turn up front, looking forward to the noisy performance, and begin our preparations.☆
This 3-face mirror is a great effort!! Such undefeatable cuteness <3

This tray-base (?) shows Satsuki's love feelings~ <3

But the thing Satsuki-chan brought herself from Kobe is even MORE decorated!
But you can't see it yet~<3 Look forward to it! <3
And then and then, performing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nothing could stop us-----------!!!!!!!!!!!
You guys calling out "Ayu" is always the best, isn't it?
Between everyone's cheering and my own voice, I couldn't hear anything in the first song. Absolutely nothing. lol
I hurried to turn up the volume on my ear monitor. lol
Nah, I'm really grateful to you guys, honestly.
And for all the kind encouragement you sent to the band & all the dancers, thank you!
The Kanto team showed us so much love energy☆
Hey, for tomorrow too, this group of ours is gonna need some fighting spirit!~↑↑↑↑↑ Don't be defeated, alright?~↑↑↑↑↑↑↑

It doesn't really work for me to lump all these various things together, does it?

Oh, by the way...
23 August 2009 12:54 AM

Today, during member introduction time, Bolt came up but...
(fighting with Shuu-chan though, lol) I wonder if anyone noticed. lol

By the way... (again)
23 August 2009 3:00 AM

There were alot of questions regarding the dancers during a certain song, so I'm explaining.
The dancers there alternate, one performance at a time, actually.
Each performance, they do an actress battle☆ moikko.*
And to those asking "Why were you holding a Tohoshinki towel?"...
They have beautiful singing voices, I fell in love with them in Ehime~.

*I dunno.

Can't sleep
23 August 2009 6:11 AM

Chon-san's 5 Frame Comic Theater! YA~Y!!!!
Of course, the joke (not really a joke though) is the most popular request from everyone.
This is Chon-san with

Completely & fully equipped and very energetic♪
And right here, the member whose voice hypnotizes Chon-san the most was singing enthusiastically.♪♪♪
I was feeling way too good, I was shaking. lol
(Taking the photo was hard ^^;; sorry. -KAZ)

Well, this is the last song, and I was a very fired up person.

Coming to visit me with this sort of impression, all of my staff was laughing very loudly at my useless style here. lol

So then, still dressed for the finished Tohoshinki performance, I ran into Kaz-max. Ayu's staff is so impatient. (I was late.)

Doesn't this make an impression~.
Well, I should seriously get to sleep quick.

Creds: tasking & Delirium-ZerO@AHS

ViVI Deji Deji Vol. 109 October 2009

Creds: LacusClyne@AHS


30 sec.:http://ch.panasonic.co.jp/contents/01711/player_2.html
15 sec.:http://ch.panasonic.co.jp/contents/01710/player_2.html

Creds: Tsubasa2591@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 18/08/2009

Continuing on & on...
18 August 2009 1:22 AM

Chon-san is stuck on that world record.
Actually, I really wanted to see Matoba-san (Will they show that? lol
I did that Hey x3 taping, but at that time, even before the world record was broken, it was hard to be patient.
By the way, I got alot of messages saying "that two-shot photo, have you gotten it?" but...
I've decided to get it. lol
Sometime before the day is out. lol
Oh, you people who keep pestering me cuz you want it so much. <3
Anyway, if a world record gets broken again I'm gonna go crazy.
Ah, we plan on putting up a Today's Photo, so look forward to that.♪
Every single one of you is truly reflected in my eyes...<3

18 August 2009 5:26 AM

[Kenenisa] Bekele in the Men's 10k, that last spurt, did you see that????!!!!!
Where was he leaving all that stamina, I wonder?
Man, seriously, "human" is another word for "awesome."
Today I got to see so many miracles of humankind, I'm so proud.
At the moment Bekele suddenly started going impossibly fast, this anxious Chon-san yelled out "Waaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!" and stood up, fists over her head. lol
I SERIOUSLY had goosebumps.
Pole vault queen [Yelena] Isinbayeva... was defeated...
Oh man, the way the stadium was deathly silent in that moment...
Everyone like that, it was not an air of anticipation.
Seeing Isinbayeva's tears, I started crying out of sympathy too.
Because becoming the best can happen naturally, but continuing to be the best for as long as you can is just so... difficult, I guess? No, saying "difficult" doesn't cover it, but with the kinds of burdens & thoughts a woman like her carries, people might think she's cheeky but I felt like I understood her, so.
The appearance of a human being who does something with all their might is such a beautiful thing.
Well then, finally today, all the lady-tachi* woke up early. ↑↑↑ I should take photos with my phone.☆
Okay so these are my doggies' leads.♪ There's alot of them so, these first☆

How about that, huh~? On the handle and the reverse side, there's a heart mark.
Alrighty, these ones next☆

It's made for spoiled princesses~!!! Gimme gimme~~~~~!!!♪♪♪
Okay so, last, these!☆

Nico-chan** and Rainbow Star!!!!!! Seriously the best things ever.☆
Satsuki, thank you always <3
So after this there'll be a Today's Photo, but... there's alot of them so we'll get them up when we can~.
Take it easy in the meantime.♪

*Here she said "Joshiizu", putting the english plural "s" at the end of "joshi," so I translated "joshi" into english and put the japanese plural "-tachi" at the end of it.
**One of several Japanese nicknames for Harvey Ball's famous Smiley face.

Creds: tasking & Delirium-ZerO@AHS

Sunrise/Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ is #1 weekly

Nu är det officiellt.

Sunrise/Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ har nu fått #1 weekly av Oricon med 75'000 expemplar sålda.

ayu has 44 top 10 singles, 33 #1 singles and 21 consecutive #1 singles.
I think it also says that she's on par or has more top 10 singles than SMAP, ZARD and B'z or something of that sort I can't translate that part...


Creds: ayumisrael@AHS

Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ TVperformance 07/08/2009 @ HEY!HEY!HEY!

ayu's DIARY: 17/08/2009

08-17-2009 00h42

Today, there was so much going on, and I almost started sobbing on the dock of the Nagoya Station.
Ah, I tend to the be the strong one.
I really cried on the dock of the Nagoya Station. Such a good evening.
But, there was a meaning to these tears - these were tears of love. Such a grand thing... in such moments like these...
We're all running with all our might!!!!!!!!!!
That is why, when I arrived at the Tokyo Station, I went directly to the fitness center. I ran like crazy. I'm tired.
Ah, today, I received these adorable candies, and I consider these quite a reward due to how sincerely gutted I was ♡

I love you aaaallllllllll!
Thank you all very much.

08-17-2009 3h02

...I should be super tired,
I cannot take my eyes off of the Athletics World Championships.

08-17-2009 4h58

In addition, he improved his own world record. His time was such a scope of reality. I saw such a miracle in this human race!!
100m in 9.58 seconds.
I'm uspet...
I'm shaking...

Creds: Cy@AyuAngel & polka-dot-jewel@AHS

[Pics] LUMIX FX60/ZX1 CM

Ingen CM har hunnit komma ut ännu men ändock vackra bilder och wallpapers.


800 x 600
1024 x 768
1280 x 1024

Creds: babamon@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 15/08/2009 - 16/08/2009

Activity Report
08-15-2009 16h57

Today, all of Ayu's staff ran together, but SOU and I, the teams stronger members, split up from everyone else!
I stopped at 5km.
And, when we looked around us...
After 5km:
→ Bancho was completely absorbed by the TV.
→ Rushes face was blue and white.
→ Dômo-kun had a funny grin on his lips.
→ Minazô's eyes were completely glassy.
Gori → missing.
Each, with the exception of Gori, were in an advanced state of decomposition, and each were very different. lol
Come on, we will soon arrive at the concert! ♪

I'm still...
08-16-2009 16h34

...at the hotel in Nagoya.
Because of the O-bon festival and the amount of people attending the festival, I was asked to take a train once night falls. Huh? Though, they kindly told me to intend to board a train? lol
I guess this is okay.
I expect to do that and wear nails by Bancho ♪
In fact, I saw the video KAZ took during the show yesterday during my song, and the energy was truly high, Nagoya! lol
Even on stage, I felt that energy, but it was confirmed by looking at the video, and the Nagoya atmosphere was amazing!!
Thank you, for all the good times ♡
I left knowing my voice did not. I left knowing it was a dream.
Whereas, before my eyes, it was really you who was there...
Is it not?

Creds: Cy@AyuAngel & polka-dot-jewel@AHS

Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ TVperformance 14/08/2009 @ MUSIC FIGHTER

Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ & Sunset ~LOVE is ALL ~TVperformance 15/08/2009 @ MUSIC FAIR

Sunrise + Boys & Girls


Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ TVperformance 14/08/2009 @ Music Station

Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ TVperformance 09/08/2009 @ Music Japan

(T)浜崎あゆみ M J_Ayumi Hamasaki Sunrise さんらいず
Uploaded by ayutokyo1002. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ TVperformance 08/08/2009 @ CDTV

Sunrise och Sunset [PV]

Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~

Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~

Engelsk översättning av Sunrise och Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~

Sunrise ~ LOVE is ALL ~

Motto soba ni kite
Motto shinjite mite

Mujaki ni warau boku no daisuki na
Sono egao ni tsui sakki made

Namida ga kimi no hoo de hikatte ita koto o
Shitte iru yo

Arinomama o misete toka
Nante kantan ni iwanai kedo
Donna kimi o mi chatte mo
Uketomete ikeru jishin ga aru shi

* Nee motto ookina koe de
Motto ookina ai o kimi ni todoke tai
Sono mune ni hibikase tai

** Motto ookina koe de
Motto ookina ai o sakenda ra
Chotto wa tsutawaru kana

*** Toomawari suru kurai ga ii
Wakari aeru koto o wakatte ru kara

(Motto ookina koe de)
(Motto ookina ai o)
(Motto ookina koe de)
(Motto ookina ai o)

Kimi no ii tai koto wa nantonaku
Daitai ne souzou tsuku

Boku wa muki au tsumori ni natte iru
Dake de nigete ru yo ne

Kowaku nai toka itta ra
Shoujiki uso ni naru kedo ne
Sonna konna hikkurumete
Zenbu kakugo dekita kara

Nee motto soba ni kite
Motto shinjite mite
Boku no kono furueru mune no kodou
Kikoete ru kara

Motto soba ni kite
Motto shinjite mite hoshii
Kokoro no mimi sumasete

Tashikame au no wa mou owari
Omoi atte iru tte shitte ru kara

Bokura wa kanpeki nanka ja
Nai yo datte ningen nanda mono
Dakedo sore de ii to omou n da yo ne
Sonna toko ga itoshii n dakara

(Motto ookina koe de)
(Motto ookina ai o)
(Motto ookina koe de)
(Motto ookina ai o)

* (repeat)
** (repeat)
*** (repeat)

English translation

Come closer to me
Try to trust me more

You are laughing innocently
I adore your smile

But I know that tears were shining
On your cheeks until a while ago

I don't say easily, "Show me your true colors"
Or something like that
But I'm confident about accepting you
Whatever color I may see in you

* I want to send bigger love to you
In a louder voice
I want to get to your heart

** If I shout bigger love
In a louder voice
I wonder if it will reach you just a little

*** It's even better to take a roundabout way
I know we'll be able to understand each other

(In a louder voice)
(Bigger love)
(In a louder voice)
(Bigger love)

I can almost imagine for some reason
What you want to say

I just have a mind to face you
But actually I'm running away, don't you think so?

If I said I was not afraid
I'd be lying, to be honest
But I'm all prepared
All taken together

Hey, come closer to me
Try to trust me more
Do you hear the heartbeat
In my trembling chest?

Come closer to me
I want you to listen carefully in your heart
And try to trust me more

The time of confirming each other's mind is over now
I know we are thinking of each other

We are not at all perfect
Because we are human
But I think it's OK
Because I love such a point

(In a louder voice)
(Bigger love)
(In a louder voice)
(Bigger love)

* (repeat)
** (repeat)
*** (repeat)

Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~

Motto soba ni ite
Motto shinji sasete

Chotto mushinkei te ka bukiyou na
Sonna anata no tokoro ga suki

Demo tokidoki de ii kara sukoshi otomegokoro
Ki ni kakete ne

Tsuyo gari yamete sunao ni
Nante kantan ni nare nai kedo
Anata ja nakya ikenai no
Sore dake wa tashika de kawara nai

Sotto sasayaite ru yo
Sotto tsuyoi ai o
Anata ni todoku kana
Sono mune ni hibiite ru kana

* Sotto sasayaite ru yo
Sotto tsuyoi ai o itsuka wa
Chanto tsutawaru kana

** Toomawari suru kurai ga ii
Wakariaeru koto o wakatte ru kara

Anata no ii tai koto wa nan to naku
Daitai ne souzou tsuku

Watashi wa itsumo kanjin na tokoro de
Hanashi sorasu n da yo ne

Omoikiri fumidase nai
Datte kowaku nai wake ga nai
Sonna konna hikkurumeta
Watashi no mama ja dame kana

Motto soba ni ite
Motto shinji sasete
Watashi wa hontou ni sono hitomi ni
Utsutte iru no ?

Motto soba ni ite
Motto shinji sasete hoshii
Nante amae sugi kana ?

Tashikame au no wa mou owari
Omoi atte iru tte shitte ru kara

Anata o kaeru ki wa nai shi
Watashi datte aikawarazu na n da kedo
Sonna futari de ii to omou n da yo ne
Sonna futari ga ii to omowa nai ?

Zutto soba ni ite
Zutto shinjite ite

Nee sotto sasayaite ru yo
Sotto tsuyoi ai o
Anata ni todoku kana
Sono mune ni hibiite ru kana

* (repeat)
** (repeat)
Be closer to me
Let me trust you more

You are a little insensitive, or should I say clumsy
I like that about you

But please care about my girlish mind a little
Just sometimes

Though it's not easy for me to be meek
And stop pretending to be strong
It's no one but you that I need
That alone is certain and unchangeable

I'm whispering softly
A strong love, softly
I wonder if it will reach you
And echo in your heart

* I'm whispering softly
A strong love, softly
I wonder if it will reach you clearly some day

** It's even better to take a roundabout way
I know we'll be able to understand each other

I can almost imagine for some reason
What you want to say

I always change subject at important times
Don't you think so?

I can't step forward decisively
Because it can't be that I'm not afraid
Don't you accept what I am
All taken together?

Be closer to me
Let me trust you more
Am I really
In your eyes?

Be closer to me
I want you to let me trust you more
Am I depending on you too much?

I don't have a mind to change you
And I'm still the same
But I think we are OK as we are
Don't you think so?

Be by my side forever
Trust me forever

You see? I'm whispering softly
A strong love, softly
I wonder if it will reach you
And echo in your heart

* (repeat)
** (repeat)

Creds: masa @ AHS

Ayumi Hamasaki Kalender 2010 snart till salu!

Den 24'e Oktober så kommer alltså nya kalendern att börja säljas enligt YesAsia's site.
För cirka 200 SEK så är den din!

Beställ den här!

ayu's DIARY: 11/08/2009 - 15/08/2009

Morneeeeen' ♪
11 August 2009 11:43 AM

As one would expect, the earthquake yesterday shook everyone awake~.
I got alot of messages saying stuff like "WELL I'M CERTAINLY AWAKE NOW!!!!"
So yeah, everyone in the area was feeling pretty scared, it seems.
This morning, I am updating my blog, so please read it!
As for me, this morning, I woke up to write here, and took care of all the doggies (THE most important thiiinng!!!!)
No one had any injuries, so it's all good! (^_-)
The CD's street date is being broken today!☆

It's been awhile!!!
14 August 2009 3:57 AM

Um well you see, my Compy* was broken, so I hurried and ordered an atarashii** compy, but I had to do alot of customizing so it took along time for it to come, but a little while ago it finally arrived so now I can finally get around to all the comments you guys left...
I'm baaaa-aaaaack!!
Finally, right? ♪
So, okay, cuz of this & that & the other thing, I couldn't come here, but there's really no reason why I didn't, I just didn't.
Tomorrow is M-Sta-----☆***
And as usual, everyone in TA will be at the live with their towels☆
Sooooo--------- much fun. Teehee. Teeheeheehee.
Everyone who's coming, keep the energy up in place of everyone in TA who can't make it.♪
Ah, of course, everyone who can help cheer from home while watching on TV,
Please stand by with your towel in your right hand--!☆
So, tomorrow, I wonder if I'll be on time for the last train bound for Nagoya...
Oh no, what if I don't make it!
Everyone, please wish for my warping to succeed!
Still, with my M-Sta outfit, the shape of me leaping onto the bullet train at Tokyo Station, even if I somehow floated, people would be like, "No way that's Hamasaki Ayumi that we're seeing there!!"..
They wouldn't be smiling. lol
SO. This computer's new, so it's not decorated yeeeetttt~.
Oh, Satsuki-chaaa~~~~~nn, I need your decorating heee~~eeelllppp~~~ <3
Lastly. I got alot of requests for photos of the chandelier that you all heard Chonmama was desperately protecting the doggies from falling on them.
Even after things calmed down, I was holding on to everyone no matter what so they couldn't escape, I mean look at the size of this thing.↓

Whoooaaa. lol
By the way, all the doorknobs here are sparkly crystal now. ☆Isn't it pretty???↓

In these tiny little ways, Chon-san's house is like, open to the public.

*She said "PASO-ko" here... the "PASO" from "PASOCON" or Personal Computer, and "ko" meaning child. So I just called it "compy" here.

**She said "NEW" in english, so I put "atarashii" in japanese here.

***M-Sta is short for Music Station.

In a Yellow Bikini
15 August 2009 2:50 PM

I traverse the distance between TV Asahi and my friend's place in Nagoya.
Hello. Lo.
After M-Sta ended, I flew out of the studio, not much to say about the ride in the car.

On my journey to Tokyo Station.

I was cut off from everyone though, so even with such a huge team there to see me off, I had to make a mad dash for the escalator.
Having already gotten the whole way up, Bancho (Kanako Miura-san) took a photo on her phone.

So, here again we had to make a dash to get onto the bullet train successfully-----------.

The staff & I, not hampered but all sweaty, face the window.
Everyone who came to see me off were running together too, so I was able to see you guys all sweating too. lol
We all did our best. lol
So, at Nagoya Station as usual, after getting jostled with a big fever, we arrived at my friend's place.
Having seen M-Station, my friend said "You came without changing?! Wow!!!" and smiled alot.
With that, I finally was able to change clothes, and I just kinda watched from there as everyone celebrated, since it was the Takami Clinic director's birthday yesterday.

"You, I guess welcome~<3!" my friend said, but as far as a compliment, I should be able to handle that because it's good, right? Sensei.
Anyway, after that, the moment it became midnight, it was officially that person's birthday.

And Sou-chan officially turned thirty!~☆ Happy birthday!♪

I'm digressing, but, the flowers that Bancho has in her hair, she said "You dropped this," to an average Salaryman guy at Tokyo Station, and she very suspensfully handed them to him, and instinctively I throw out a "Thank you very much," but it's all suspenseful again as I take them, and then realize that they are flowers I don't actually recognized upon seeing them.
I was certain, but even though it's good to have a head full of flowers, even though the situation did totally confuse me, the fact is, the flowers did not fall from my head.
Okay, I'm done now.

Seriously, I will always love this three-item set from Takami Clinic. Let me introduce you to it~.
First, the lip balm.
I always have about 30 of these stocked up. (Is that alot?
I'm useless without this stuff. You'd do the same if you were me.

Next, Takami Sapuli!!!!!!! This also is very powerful stuff that my life depends on, and I love it.
There hasn't been a single day I've forgotten to drink it~♪

And then last up, this!!!!!!!
This is the skin primer I mentioned awhile ago, that makes my skin all ni~ice.
It really is shocking!
Bancho & the older girl dancers, everyone uses it now.♪

With the addition of those three items above, this summer, we'll become more & more shiny~!!☆Teeheehee...
Actually, you can see the Takami Clinic home page... I think.
I'm just about at the end now, sorry. lol
So yeah, I'm going to the gym now~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I must be in peak shape---------!!
Let's make memories of the best summer ever! <3

Creds: Delirium-ZerO & tasking @AHS

Sunrise och Sunset smoothies på a-nation.

Just det. Det säljs detta år några specialsmoothies på a-nation i år. Sunset-smoothien och Sunrise-smoothien. Dessa kommer jag absolut att inköpa när jag far på a-nation den 23/08. ^^

a-nation'09 名古屋會場「A Smoothie」開張!!

a-nation'09 名古屋会場に「A スムージー」がオープン
NEW Single『Sunrise/Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~』の発売を記念して

a-nation'09 愛知県:ポートメッセなごや野外特設会場にスムージー・ショップ「A スムージー」がオープン!
「A スムージー」では、それぞれの曲をイメージしたスムージーを数量限定で販売!中国滨崎步联


(yogurt + mango smoothie)

(yogurt + mixed berries)

Sweet September Scans

ayu's DIARY: 08/08/2009 - 11/08/2009

From the moment my fingers touched it,
8 August 2009 1:49 PM

feelings flowed forth, yesterday, in Japan, in Ehime, the weather was beautiful.

And I'm sending everyone in Ehime the undefeatable power of being under this sun. I gotta!!!

Today's Sparkly☆ is my hairbrush.
Man, I dunno how many years I've used this, so it's always in my "kaban"*.♪
Of course this is also Satsuki-chan's work.♪

When I am surrounded by sparkly things, somehow, even during times when my heart feels broken, it's true, I can still send sparkly dreams to everyone!!!!!
It's possible to think so.
And I'll even be sending them today----------☆
I'll be sending these feelings to you, too...

*Okay, fun way to tackle this. She said "BAG" in english, so I put "kaban" which is Japanese for bag! haha!

9 August 2009 4:28 PM

Here, having done what needs to be done,
I can calm down, and I can smile.
Everyone in Ehime, for so much love & courage & hope,
And for everlasting dreams, I thank you.
Because you came to see me again.
Ah, Sou uploaded "News Time 13". ♪

Haneda Airport
10 August 2009 2:02 AM Holy crap, there were so many people! I was shocked~!!!!
I was in deep thought, so that's why I was walking without paying attention, and I had to go through an exit it seemed, so I was surprised at the moment I saw that insane crowd! I was making a face like, (・o・)?
After that, it got taken over by my usual smiling face.
Then it turned into this kind of face (/_;).
I'm being rude.
Thank you.
Just that one phrase covers it all.
To everyone at the Matsuyama Airport in Ehime also, the place was so full of everyone coming to see me off and I didn't have enough time in all the commotion, that's not an excuse, but really I was so glad to see you all there.
For coming there just to see me,
Thank you.
And at Matsuyama Airport today, there was this portable shrine/festival setup thingy, full of guys wearing headbands, and I was the last to board the plane so I was in the airport when I saw their little festival end, but it seems the headband guys had been waiting too so when I entered the gate, I heard "THANK YOU FOR COMING TO EHIME-----!!!" and them banging on their drums, so it was like the festival had started up again.
Until I got in the plane, this sound was continuously playing, I think I cried. It was so perfect.
So, to those guys in headbands also,
Thank you.
Today, I'm enveloped in so much gratitude for just one single day.
I truly am a fortunate person.
Yesterday, before performing, I was running on a machine at the gym inside the venue.
Thinking that being restrained is no good.
At a reckless speed, I silently kept running, but in the middle of it, I noticed that I could see the audience's seats.
I could see the place overflowing with guests, so many smiling faces.
While I was sweating like a pig, I saw everyone enjoying themselves with all their hearts, and the thought entered my mind that "I'm not trying my best here!!!" and it really entered my mind too much. So by the time I noticed, I'd run 7 kilometers. lol
That's probably too much, running 7 kilometers before any actual performing. lol
But you know what, I faced it with full power.
Today too, from Haneda, I went to the gym like that~.
It's like, I want to become pure.
Briskly running up an incredibly steep hill on the running machine, silently doing my machine training, I went outside when I was done and the wind was so nice.
So, to whatever it was I faced,
Thank you!!
I think I should say.
I am an alien from planet Thank You, I guess.

The Sparkly series is popular, so once again today I've uploaded something.♪
Today's decorated thing is.... a Frisk Case☆.*
This is another thing where I dunno how many years I've been using it. I don't usually eat Frisks, actually, but just before shows I have two of them.
For ages, it's been like, a ritual to do this right before performances.
Usually, I take two at the same time. Dunno how long that's been the rule, anyway. lol
But every now & then, I'll take three, or if it's been a really bad day, I'll take like 10 out of the case. lol
Times like that, I eat the whole case full.♪

Satsuki-chan drew up an image of this for ayu ♪ and then gave it to me as a gift.
Since then, this li'l guy has gone all kinds of places with me♪
Ah, now I'm thinking about something Sato-sensei uploaded about Blueberry Juice-.
My entry today was really long... Please tell that person
"No matter how far away, no matter how close by, I'm always next to you."**

*Frisks are a specific brand of mints. Decorative cases for them are apparently fashionable right now?
**Lyrics from "WHATEVER".

Lantern Festival
10 August 2009 10:45 PM

What a time-.
That said, we're total workaholics, and there's no such thing as too much with us, so maybe saying something like that isn't very "us".
Laying down at 7:30, getting up at 9:30, that absurd routine is normal lately. We're paying alot of attention to details in the simpler work. (<-- didn't expect to enjoy it. lol)
I thought that today I found good timing to go running, but the weather...
Well there was at least something I was glad to obtain today!!!!!!
First, this↓

☆Water Bottle Caps☆
Cuz I drink a boatload of water.
And Satsuki-chan knows that Ayu drinks so much water, so~♪
She was nice enough to make these for me.(*^_^*)
And one other thing, this here↓

☆Neck Straps☆
Someone could put this on their phone too if they want. lol
It's very popular to do that.
Ayu's staff & dancers & everyone, all those kids are doing it with their phones~(*^_^*)
Now, the one I've put on my phone is one with a pink base & a blue A-logo. ♪
By the way, right now I'm waiting for a cell phone photo of a Kitty-ko ferris wheel.♪
Then, there are eyedrops introduced to me by Sato-sensei, I've been using them and they're really good~.
My eyes are sparkly~☆
But it's strange, everyone's always laughing at me when I put my eyedrops in. NAZE???*

I truly love you, so
It's best if I disappear...**

*Again, she said "WHY" here in english, so I put "NAZE" in the translation.
**Lyrics from "LOVE 'n' HATE"

11 August 2009 6:55 AM

Is everyone okay???!!!
Things shook alot, huh~? It was scary (>_<).
For one thing, in the entryway there's a huge chandelier, so I was thinking, omg DANGEROUS! It stayed in place, but it's heavy so it was swaying back & forth, and I thought, omg, if it ends up breaking, what am I gonna doooooo???
If my little doggies get hurt, what am I gonna dooooo???
Chon-mama's heart was thumping. And my phone rang.
It was a message from Aki-ane that said:
"Ayu-chan, that earthquake! Are you okay???
My furniture was shaking, I had to hold it in place!!!"
Thanks for your concerned update, Aki-ane. It was very amusing. lol
With all the characters & sounds, it probably seems like I'm joking around.
It seems like, wow, I'm being awfully flexible!!! lol
I'm optimistic, as you might expect. <(_ _)>
So, everyone, I trust you're not injured at all???
This quake felt so dangerous all of a sudden...
Maybe the earth is angry...
Even though I always think like that, like, instead I thought maybe even in these moments, we can't go on living without any regrets.
The night naturally goes on, the sun naturally rises, I felt that there was no time when I really thought about that.
Today too, with all my heart, I'll be living.
I will definitely let the ones I love know that I love them.

Creds: Delirium-ZerO & tasking @AHS

SCawaii September Scans + översättning till engelska

S Cawaii Magazine September 2009 issue translation

---Previously you said that when you wake up, you have the daily routine to drink water that cleanses the inside of your body. Do you still have that routine?
“Yes. I don’t drink water though, I drink aojiru*. I mix the aojiru with collagen in 600cc of hydrogen water. Lately, drinking that has become my daily routine.”

---So it’s a special Ayu drink. On that subject; hydrogen water is drunk a lot lately, isn’t it?
“I guess. Takahashi-san* told me about how it seems very good for one’s body. Actually, I feel my body’s condition has improved since I’ve started drinking it . . . .”

---It’s for the benefit of the body, not just a trend.
“I thought about this when I looked at my friends; if your emotions are all right, your character will sparkle too. The emotions you feel at any time express your current character, don’t they? When I think about it, I find that emotions have no restrictions. At emotionally painful times, when you’re no longer able to eat or sleep and you’re only thinking about bad things and feel down, in the end, it won’t be good for your body either. That’s because, of course, the body and the heart are connected. If your interior is happy, your days will be spent cheerfully, and your nature to worry about outward appearances will also be improved.
I find it hard to acknowledge it, but I’m also the same. At the times when my character is in bad condition, I can’t paint anything. Looking into my heart and to what’s inside my head, just one time, might be easier.”

---Certainly! By the way, when you find the source of your sadness, how do you cope with it?
In that instant I can be very depressed, but I’ll also quickly get back to my feet. I feel that letting a depressed feeling drag on is very scary. That’s why I consciously keep stepping forward. Even if there are unpleasant things, I won’t run away or turn my back. If I tell myself, “it might not hurt”, I can clearly face it, cope with it, react to it or throw it away; depending on whatever kind of problem it is. I can quickly judge the situation and decide what to do. If it’s always trailing along, you’ll just keep thinking, “what should I do..”, right?”

---So, that’s the root of Ayu’s beauty regime.
“Maybe. The aftercare for dry skin also feels as if it cleanses straight to the basis (laugh).”

---Now that you mention it, even though there was a boom of people liking the scent, you don’t often hear about people being hooked to those cosmetics.
“Yeah. But lately there have been cosmetics I’m addicted to; care-goods for the forehead (laugh).”

---That’s also a very important body part. . . . (laugh)
“This probably sounds ridiculous, but, people focus on the parts below the forehead and spend money on them. Yet they don’t care about what’s above those parts, do they? I also asked Takahashi-san about this; he said you can understand a person’s physical and mental condition by the colour of one’s scalp. In my case, it becomes bright red when I’m tired. When I was searching, wondering if there was some way to soothe it, I was referred to a brush that cleanses the scalp. And when I tried it out, it felt very good~♪ It’s a handy machine that washes and massages. Whether I am on tour, overseas or just here, that machine is a must.”

---Aojiru and scalp-care… has the importance of health increased to you for some reason?
I got injured at the end of last year, and because of that I realised the importance of being in good health. Until then I was only going strong, always recklessly moving forward, but with that injury I impatiently read about health. In the end, I realized a sense of unease in my body. At that time I couldn’t cope with it quickly and time wouldn’t stop for me. Particularly at this year’s tour, since there were lives at two days intervals, I thought, for just a little bit, that I could do it in my own special way.”

---What answer did you obtain from that?
“Food is very important. This is my own special knowledge, collected from different books, so this might not apply to everyone but, lately, I try to be conscious of what I eat; like tomato’s, blue-back* and avocado. I disliked tomato’s, but whatever book I read, there was always something written about their positive effect. I feel that tomato’s are like highly influential people (laugh). Blue-back and avocado have an oil called omega 3 that is good for dry skin and a dry throat. I try to take in as much as possible of it from different foods.”

---How was the result?
“OK. Having fun, creating things while using all my power---because I can do those things, first of all, due to the existence of my body, it’s not okay for it to be damaged. My skin becomes worn out because of make-up, even if I smear the most high class crème on it. I guess that differs with something that regains beauty.”

---A healthy spirit dwells in a healthy body, right?
“Coming to this point, I’ve realised the importance of a basis, or should I say, interestingly, while trying to execute this, my body is responding. Moreover, lately, except for when I’m at work, I spend the days without wearing any make-up. It makes me feel better. When I’m conscious of my daily health, I feel that everything is OK.”

“This year, without just blindly following the rules, I want to break out together with everyone!”, with this, Ayu chose to play at a-nation for the summer again. Standing on stage with complete devotion, she, while singing the NEXT LEVEL, released a new summer single for the first time in two years. Moreover, with Sunrise/Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~, she completed a new experiment by making two similar tunes that differ completely in taste. Ayu made these works by using her subtle power of expression.

“At first there were no plans to make Sunset, I had prepared a completely separate ballad, but when I started working on Sunrise, I unexpectedly started ‘fighting’ with the song. Midway I thought, “I hate this song, I can’t sing it”, but as I kept working, in contrast, a song that I loved was completed. I started thinking about how I wanted to create that child’s other self*. Originally, Sunrise was very energetic but because the melody was very pretty, I felt I could try to turn it into a ballad. That became the plan (laugh). But, when I was finishing them, right for the start, they became each other’s ‘answer song’. Because Sunrise exists, Sunset is very painful. Because Sunset exists, the brightness of Sunrise is painful. In that way, they became songs which couldn’t be sung unless they both exist. Even to me it’s mysterious how it became like that.”

The passage of time, the change of feelings, the colours of sceneries; Sunrise/Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ synchronizes with those kind of various factors. Furthermore, what’s most surprising are the subtle differences in expression of the lyrics as they release their dramatic colours. The evidence isn’t a word that can express the summer. But, that what’s overflowing out of these songs is definitely the aura of summer.

“Japanese is a beautiful language, but it’s also difficult. If you change a sentence just a little bit, the nuance changes completely. For example, should I use ‘ga’, ‘ni’ or ‘wo* here? Each one is different. Which one expresses best what I want to say? The difference between ‘kara’ and ‘ka na’ doesn’t really exist in English. Those nuances are very important to me, I like men who can understand such delicate subtleties of Japanese (laugh). My songs can also be interpreted in various ways. Surely, there are times where I can energetically shout Sunrise, but today I’m also keeping things only to myself, and there are also days where I’m firmly holding my breath….. There’s only one thing I can say; the feeling that I wanted to convey was an universal love, not just a romantic love*. As for Scawaii’s generation; if one of the songs is sung to you by someone, you could sing the other one in response. If you receive that sort of fun, it’s nice, isn’t it!? (laugh)”

Though it definitely has the shape of new duet love-song, Ayu humbly says, “This might be new, but it’s more an unexpected result than a new challenge.” But, because she came to cherish words more than anything, she could creature a single miracle. Different from a summer love, these songs are, without a doubt, forever engraved in the heart together with precious memories.


(par. 01) Aojiru is vegetable juice drink. It’s very healthy and quite popular in Japan. You can google it.
(par. 02) Mr. Takahashi is Ayu’s hair stylist. He works for ZACC.
(par. 09) Blue-black is a type of fish.
(par. 13) I’m not sure what she means with “child’s other self” >.>; The original words are: この子の分身.
(par. 15) ‘ga, ni, wo’ are particles, they have a grammatical function in Japanese.
(par. 15) “an universal love, not just a romantic love”; she uses 愛(ai) and 恋(koi). Both mean ‘love’ but ‘koi’ usually means the love between a couple, not love within families, friendships etc, which ‘ai’ does include. ‘Koi’ can also be interpreted as more selfish than ‘ai’.

Creds: tenshi no hane @ AHS Forum

ayu's DIARY: 03/08/2009 - 07/08/2009

3 August 2009 12:31 AM

Since the long trip from Osaka to Kumamoto, I've safely returned home.
It took me awhile to plan out today's entry.
Alrighty, the first day of this long trip.
On the way to Haneda Airport, I found a rainbow☆

It squeezed through & could only be seen in the spaces between buildings.
Naturally, it put me in very high spirits.↓

So simple.
After the first night's performance in Osaka, I went to go eat with my friends in Osaka, decorationist Satsuki-chan (she does my phone decorations & stuff ^^), and Sato-sensei and Yuuki-sensei, beauty teachers.

For them, posture & making an effort to beautify yourself are wonderful (as you'd expect), so they did beauty work & showed off their skills. And I'm so open all year round, unless I'm working, I don't wear any makeup (lol), so they gave me two recommendations, skin toner and a CO2 pack which, when used properly, make the skin niiiice & smooth~!ヽ(^0^)ノ

What makeup? I didn't even use any for the picture!
As for those three, since it seems they're using ameblo, shall I go peek at them?

Hm? Why do all the Osakans put their sunglasses on their heads???
Well. You from Tokyo who make the tour T's, or who, I should say, have been a bad friend for 10 years already (lol). Alias: Kuririn.
& Nori-chan came too~oo. Those two drink & drink, they hold more than a
bottomless swamp. Well, that's normal so I can't be surprised at this point.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo. lol
Those two do the STR blog~♪
Your blog is interesting.... I mean, I support it.☆
Here, how about we take a look at their leisure time?(^_^)v
Everyone's messing around, so.

Inside, the boys look for where the pretty light is hitting and they find it↓

Maro... you.... are leveling up. lol
Opposite that, one person is wanting to sing something and is seriously worried↓

Surprisingly, this guy actually loves singing.
But every time, he sings the same exact song. But which song is a secret.☆
After day 2 in Osaka was over, the band & dancers, who all now had the a-nation fighting spirit, ate yakiniku with all our might!
Yes, I forgot to take photos here too.
But by the time I noticed, we had to warp to Kumamoto!!!!!!!!!
Starting in the evening, until the date had changed, we rehearsed like crazy.

Ah, my hair grew. lol

We're dealing with alot here, here's the back, lol
I look forward to your approval of it, I guess....?
I want to go to Minami Island.
Well that came outta nowhere.
Incidentally, Kaz took a buch of photos of the whole Haneda Airport -> Itami Airport -> Itami Airport -> Kumamoto Airport -> Haneda Airport deal, so Today he's gonna upload stuff to Today's Photo (^_-)-☆
Still.... there's way too many of them so please be patient~.
I should say,
I want to go to Minami Island-----
Shall I?

3 August 2009 5:49 AM

I got alot of messages from people saying they couldn't find the blogs of my 3 friends in Osaka, so I'm posting them~!

First, decorationist Satsuki-chan's blog. I've only just looked at it, but it seems enjoyable! The photos of sparkly merchandise made me happy~!

Decodenist Hiraoka Satsuki's Decochen Way

Next up is the Chairman's blog. (Sato sensei.) I've used them alot, the skin toner & pack, etc etc, looootts of beauty items & health goods that I've been able to get samples of.♪ Sato-sensei was originally a very famous engraver.

Fine Make, the Chairman's Blog And lastly, Yuuki-sensei's blog.
Here too, you can get plenty of beauty information.♪
Everything from eyelash extension to hair care. It's awesome-☆

Full-Speed on the Road To Beauty☆Beautician Yuuki's Blog

All you girls can definitely enjoy this~.
You know as far as makeup & things go, I really am very...............uninterested. lol
Because my face without makeup is something I liiiiiiike. lol.

Today's Photo
3 August 2009 7:36 PM

...is being uploaded I think!!!!!

More Today's Photos
3 August 2009 9:11 PM

are being uploaded!!!!!
All that's left are the ones of me returning to Haneda Airport.
Ummmm.... Kumamoto Airport, on the return trip, there was a conducting wire in
the background and they said "please move along"...
So, there's no photo of Kumamoto's return trip... (T_T)
Ah, but um, there's, ummm. What was I gonna say there....?
I think it was something to do with seeing me off at the airport.
There, everyone in Kumamoto, waving your fans, opening your towels, I saw you from inside the plane.
Until takeoff, the whooooooolle time, I was waving my hands. Maybe you could see me???
I was able to see you no problem.(*^_^*)

4 August 2009 5:18 AM

My friend said that when I sent her an e-mail for the first time and she saw my way of writing "konbanwa."*
But no, but, seriouslyy~, somehow it seemed like I was being attacked~!
Even if I concerned myself with it, the reply was sent out, so I shouldn't worry, right? WRONG.
I'm still thinking about it no matter what, the response is already settled upon, I had to stop worrying about it....

but I can't stop and now I can't sleep!!!!!!

and so it seems I have broken myself.
I'm in the middle of a negative campaign.

Sosososo down.

If I manage to wake up tomorrow, then I'll switch to a positive campaign.☆

Ah, P.S.:
Appearing in Sato-sensei's updated blog is the CO2 Pack--.
Bancho & Okei were the very first to test it out, but after getting small-faced & lifting it up to see the result, they yelled "gyaa gyaa" they were so pleased.
Seriously, their pores disappeared~.
Gori did it too but didn't become small-faced...
Personally~, I did it for the first 7 days consecutively and I knew it was the best recommendation.
Who needs foundation, Chon-san's skin was reborn!

*"Konbanwa" is written incorrectly here, but it's a spelling mistake ALOT of people make, sorta like how english speakers write "alot" instead of "a lot" like I just did. :)

As for me,
5 August 2009 12:21 PM

The person I believed in, The person I love
On this path that I chose above all others,
I will defend only them.
To what extent will I continue to do so?
So far, I've kept it that way, and I will after this.
It swells in my heart...

I changed to a positive campaign.

This fresh new day is valuable.

6 August 2009 7:09 PM

I'm tired of denying
It seems I've lost sight of myself
Have faith in me
I'll be here for always
If there is proof of your existence
Then it is that you exist in me.

It's always
7 August 2009 7:22 AM

so painful I could cry, but I want to smile
I want your love*

Back then, what was my teenage self thinking when writing those lyrics?
I think I must have been genuinely starving for love.
Now that I've turned 30, those times echo differently for me.
Of course, I cry and dismiss it, feeling that it's easier to turn tail and run away, but that doesn't change anything.
However, as the time I've lived has increased, I've learned too much about these things, and I think my fear of it grows more & more.
Basically, because I expect the the things that have been thrown out, that I've run away from, to come back to what remains of me someday.
Still, it was only the things I think it was good to part with.
On the other hand, while worrying, while hesitating, while struggling, things are good, so I don't care even if I'm being clumsy, so one way or another I stick out my chest, lift up my head, not forgetting to keep my confidence and pride, desperately trying to keep progressing in my way, and that's all well & good, but the most important thing is courage, in the whole world there's nothing more important than that.
So that's what I wish I had.
If only getting it was as simple as wanting it.
But I'll will myself to be brave until the end of the end. I'll measure it on my own scale.
Today, a too-weak me was scolded by someone, and it woke me up quick. Too quick, so I couldn't sleep after that. (differently significant?

Well then,

Sorta cute, the way I put that.

Tomorrow (today?), wish this group luck on our first trip.
What do I mean by first trip...?

Let our strong battle cries pile up----!!!
Don't shrink that sort of high spirit, Ehime!
Don't let me down---!!!

Prepare for the not-letting-down as best as you can.

By the way, I used the skin primer on Sato-sensei's blog (it says it's out of stock right now, maybe my fault for buying in bulk? >sensei), spraying it on my face.
After I've washed my face, I put it over my make-up. Pyaaaa~~~~~~.
It moisturizes. Prevents wrinkles.
Then, I believe in applying kiwi juice, but that one I taught to Sato-sensei even, so I'm into that.
I especially recommend this to the young ladies.♪
I'm too into it, I taught the shop their recipe, so it's homemade now. lol
Then, a quick photo right after waking up, girls.

Of course, this is Satsuki's work. Everything has the A-logo on it!♪ I like the neck strap most♪♪

The sun is rising
I have to get going
I can't stay in one place for a long time...

*Lyrics from "poker face"
**Lyrics from "A Song for XX"

Creds: Delirium-ZerO & tasking @AHS

a-nation 09 (new outfits & tracklist)

Den röda outfiten är nu istället för den svarta och den vita klänningen är nu istället för den tvådelade blå kreationen. Även den blåa klänningen har fått lite ändring på formen.

02.A Song for XX
04.TO BE
05.Sunset~LOVE is ALL~ (istället för Greatful Days)
07.Sunrise~LOVE is ALL~
08.July 1st

Ayu @ a-nation 09 (outfits & tracklist)

Så sommarens a-nation började den 1/8 och härmed avslöjades Ayu's outfits och tracklist! Personligen älskar jag att hon tog in BLUE BIRD! ^^

02.A Song for XX
04.TO BE
05.Greatful days
07.Sunrise~LOVE is ALL~
08.July 1st

ayu's DIARY: 01/08/2009

It is answered!!!!!
8-1-2009 3h13

Our prayers have been answered!!!!!!!!!!
You see, there should not be a time where one of us is missing.
Thank you, to all of TA who were there.
I really think...
Thank you all for this communion.
And a really big thank you to KAZ who, as the representative of TA, has not let down on his efforts.
Yesterday evening, at the rehersal, there was a problem during the setup as I was already going forward, when this problem occurred to this TA member, and we could not think of a solution, with the dawn rising, and then noon came around...
With my heart ready at the end of the day, I arrived at the place of the concert. Seeing the faces of all who were waiting for me caused to to sit in my car and cry. Perhaps they were worried for me? But, that's when KAZ brought me the wonderful news. I cried with relief. Generally, usually a friend is the one who provides me with the most beautiful, greatest benefits. Because of all the emotion I was feeling, I continued to cry.
A-nation is beginning tomorrow.
It will start in the most beautiful way.
Because, I am never alone!

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French-English translation by polka-dot-jewel@AHS

ayu's DIARY: 31/07/2009

An emergency...
7-31-2009 3h17

...which caused me to write this message.
Tomorrow, we will have a general meeting for a-nation, and even though I will admit that the stay in Kumamoto is not easy, I will not scorn, and I am apologizing because I am about to write a very personal message. Anyway, it involves a TA member, like you all are. So, forgive me. Or, rather, please join me in my message.
We must not abandon living!!!!!!!!!!
Stop wanting to go, and go home to your home!!!!!!
Me, and the members of TA, who are your friends, are by your side!!!
You are not alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are not leaving you alone!!!!!
So, I must say, please stay alive.
Continue to live.
Yes, there may be in obstacles in life more difficult than others, but do not have it otherwise.
But, I will not let you down.
And, you know, there are many messages that have arrived, TA friends!!!!!!!!!!
All will pray for you...
All will support you...


To all of you
7-31-2009 12h24

...really, really, thank you all for the messages.
I trust that all of our prayers will be answered.
Because, it is to believe that it is the substance of our hope.
Today, I will go to the general meeting, full of hope, with the treasures of my heart vibrating.
A-nation starts tomorrow, and even though some of you cannot participate, there will be those of who will be able to, and together, we will create our best summer memories together.
I am pleased with the TA who will be able to be there.

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ayu's DIARY: 30/07/2009

7-30-2009 9h41

The last concert in Osaka, the 6th one, was one in which I was very happy!
I thank you all very much (*^_^*)
I can be kind while crying lol
You know, Chon-chan is still in Osaka ♪
And, tomorrow morning, I will go to Kumamoto ♪
What could I do today...? ヽ(^ 0 ^)ノ
We will start by... eating takoyaki?


Change of plans!!!
7-30-2009 17h00

Actually, we decided to go to Kumamoto tonight! ☆
Here, I show you Su-san, who was very tired and did not look so good after the concert last night ↓

I was wrong.
It was Gachapin!
This is the real Su-san... with Kazumax.


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