ayu's DIARY: 01/08/2009

It is answered!!!!!
8-1-2009 3h13

Our prayers have been answered!!!!!!!!!!
You see, there should not be a time where one of us is missing.
Thank you, to all of TA who were there.
I really think...
Thank you all for this communion.
And a really big thank you to KAZ who, as the representative of TA, has not let down on his efforts.
Yesterday evening, at the rehersal, there was a problem during the setup as I was already going forward, when this problem occurred to this TA member, and we could not think of a solution, with the dawn rising, and then noon came around...
With my heart ready at the end of the day, I arrived at the place of the concert. Seeing the faces of all who were waiting for me caused to to sit in my car and cry. Perhaps they were worried for me? But, that's when KAZ brought me the wonderful news. I cried with relief. Generally, usually a friend is the one who provides me with the most beautiful, greatest benefits. Because of all the emotion I was feeling, I continued to cry.
A-nation is beginning tomorrow.
It will start in the most beautiful way.
Because, I am never alone!

Japanese-French translation by cy@AyuAngel.com
French-English translation by polka-dot-jewel@AHS


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