ayu's DIARY: 18/08/2009

Continuing on & on...
18 August 2009 1:22 AM

Chon-san is stuck on that world record.
Actually, I really wanted to see Matoba-san (Will they show that? lol
I did that Hey x3 taping, but at that time, even before the world record was broken, it was hard to be patient.
By the way, I got alot of messages saying "that two-shot photo, have you gotten it?" but...
I've decided to get it. lol
Sometime before the day is out. lol
Oh, you people who keep pestering me cuz you want it so much. <3
Anyway, if a world record gets broken again I'm gonna go crazy.
Ah, we plan on putting up a Today's Photo, so look forward to that.♪
Every single one of you is truly reflected in my eyes...<3

18 August 2009 5:26 AM

[Kenenisa] Bekele in the Men's 10k, that last spurt, did you see that????!!!!!
Where was he leaving all that stamina, I wonder?
Man, seriously, "human" is another word for "awesome."
Today I got to see so many miracles of humankind, I'm so proud.
At the moment Bekele suddenly started going impossibly fast, this anxious Chon-san yelled out "Waaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!" and stood up, fists over her head. lol
I SERIOUSLY had goosebumps.
Pole vault queen [Yelena] Isinbayeva... was defeated...
Oh man, the way the stadium was deathly silent in that moment...
Everyone like that, it was not an air of anticipation.
Seeing Isinbayeva's tears, I started crying out of sympathy too.
Because becoming the best can happen naturally, but continuing to be the best for as long as you can is just so... difficult, I guess? No, saying "difficult" doesn't cover it, but with the kinds of burdens & thoughts a woman like her carries, people might think she's cheeky but I felt like I understood her, so.
The appearance of a human being who does something with all their might is such a beautiful thing.
Well then, finally today, all the lady-tachi* woke up early. ↑↑↑ I should take photos with my phone.☆
Okay so these are my doggies' leads.♪ There's alot of them so, these first☆

How about that, huh~? On the handle and the reverse side, there's a heart mark.
Alrighty, these ones next☆

It's made for spoiled princesses~!!! Gimme gimme~~~~~!!!♪♪♪
Okay so, last, these!☆

Nico-chan** and Rainbow Star!!!!!! Seriously the best things ever.☆
Satsuki, thank you always <3
So after this there'll be a Today's Photo, but... there's alot of them so we'll get them up when we can~.
Take it easy in the meantime.♪

*Here she said "Joshiizu", putting the english plural "s" at the end of "joshi," so I translated "joshi" into english and put the japanese plural "-tachi" at the end of it.
**One of several Japanese nicknames for Harvey Ball's famous Smiley face.

Creds: tasking & Delirium-ZerO@AHS


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