ayu's DIARY: 31/07/2009

An emergency...
7-31-2009 3h17

...which caused me to write this message.
Tomorrow, we will have a general meeting for a-nation, and even though I will admit that the stay in Kumamoto is not easy, I will not scorn, and I am apologizing because I am about to write a very personal message. Anyway, it involves a TA member, like you all are. So, forgive me. Or, rather, please join me in my message.
We must not abandon living!!!!!!!!!!
Stop wanting to go, and go home to your home!!!!!!
Me, and the members of TA, who are your friends, are by your side!!!
You are not alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are not leaving you alone!!!!!
So, I must say, please stay alive.
Continue to live.
Yes, there may be in obstacles in life more difficult than others, but do not have it otherwise.
But, I will not let you down.
And, you know, there are many messages that have arrived, TA friends!!!!!!!!!!
All will pray for you...
All will support you...


To all of you
7-31-2009 12h24

...really, really, thank you all for the messages.
I trust that all of our prayers will be answered.
Because, it is to believe that it is the substance of our hope.
Today, I will go to the general meeting, full of hope, with the treasures of my heart vibrating.
A-nation starts tomorrow, and even though some of you cannot participate, there will be those of who will be able to, and together, we will create our best summer memories together.
I am pleased with the TA who will be able to be there.

Japanese-French translation by cy@AyuAngel.com
French-English translation by polka-dot-jewel@AHS


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