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Friday, 24 April 2009
[TA Message] no. 508: The Osaka Castle
The Osaka Castle
No. 508 24-04-2009 13h32

I'm really happy, because the second day too, we all shared a very strong. Really thank you for all your calls of encouragement that came from your heart and unrestrained applause.

I do not know ... but I feel you all to "TA", compared to last year, you have increased energy. No, it's not an impression, it's reality.

It's really crazy. And in all rooms. I can not say specifically how it was crazy, but crazy! ! ! ! ! ! !

No mistake, you are all moved to a NEXT LEVEL.

I, too, as it was I who started to say, I must continue to go.

And in addition, I take you there all.

Promised (*_*)

All of you in Shizuoka, you can expect with great enthusiasm! ! ! ! !

And then, as today is the day of transfer from Osaka to Shizuoka (yes, I am still in Osaka), if you see the rain appear, you can say: "It happens!"

But before this trip, I'm going to the gym work out. Because I want to be able to meet with all my strength to your energy (_-)- ☆

Oh, about, yesterday I went to a gym.

And you know, theoretically, when I'm training, I'm going there with SOU. But yesterday, Bancho, Gori, Minazô any management team with me.

You know what? It died laughing at the lack of training of all! lol

Y a pas à dire, c'est bien le Ayu Staff! ♪

Just now, I publish this in the atmosphere of the day Photos ♪ ♪ ♪

I would like to continue to live in never forgetting that the word "freedom", there are shades of "responsibility" and "self-renunciation."

[TA Photo+Message] no. 554 & no. 509
Photo 554: This is a bit ...

hard to see? but, from left to right on the photo, Bancho, Minazô, SOU Chon-chan, Gori and Gyo-chan.

The other photo, they watch us, it's Armageddon and Koichi.
Today, even these two women have come to training! ♪



No. 509 24-04-2009 17:25

I forgot just now to answer the many messages very worried that you sent me by noting that, since the second day of Nagoya, on stage, I was wearing a bandage on the knee and a band keeping the elbow.

You know, it's really not a serious injury. Really!

Rather, it is psychological, although I do not put it would not affect my performance, really, I wear a simple precaution.

The evidence, I am fairly fit for train to go to the gym!

Thank you worry, and forgive me worry (T_T)

You hear? my voice
It calls your name
You see? my face
You smiled tenderly.

Saturday, 25 April 2009
[TA Message] no. 510 - 511
Smoothly ...
No. 510 24-04-2009 23h42

... I am arriving in Shizuoka! ♪

To all those who came to me at the station of Shin-Osaka, to all those who came to greet me at the station in Shizuoka, thank you for all your smiling faces if! (*_*)

Well, tomorrow we'll set fire! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I will not lose against Japanese cedar *! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! lol

A peluche! (_-)- ☆

(* I think it is a local specialty ... without conviction)

Another thing! ! !
No. 511 25-04-2009 02h58

There is something that I wanted to write, I hesitate to take the pen, but hey, I like a character that can not lie, I'm new.

You know, I understand you, all.

Just as you, you understand me.

I know many, many things about you.
Normal, right? When you love people, we want to know. We want to understand them.

And there, even if there is a difference between ideal and reality, I always say that we should not abandoning.

We are all human beings, it is certain that we do not always communicate well.
That is why it is sometimes misunderstanding, or that is said ... what is happening.

But I think that is good.

Not seek relationships beautiful, perfect, without any lag, even if they are a bit clumsy, even if they are not very bright, even if you suffer from doubts and more doubts, even if we feel a distance because the hearts are not exactly on the same wavelength, where he must not reject it, not close, we need a relationship where we continue to look at all of its forces.

I continue to be, someone truly human.

Good as usual, I'm not able to speak at length, and then I think I've written enough, plus it's a little blurry ...

But I feel you understand me.

The wind that blows is so sweet,
A tear that I can remember running down my cheek.
Tomorrow at the same time, I love you.

We share the same dreams, eh?

[TA Message] no. 512: You know,
You know,
No. 512 26-04-2009 03h09

I love you.
I love you.
I love you.

Me, whether I am not one to say words like that ... am I?

But let me tell you.

I love you.

(T_T ),,,(*_*)(*_*)(*_*)

Today. I go oooooooooooooooooooooooooooon! ! ! ! ! ! !


You know,

I love you.
I love you.
I love you.

Me, whether I am not one to say words like that ... am I?
But let me tell you.

I love you.

(T_T ),,,(*_*)(*_*)(*_*)

Today. I go ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon! ! ! ! ! ! !

Monday, 27 April 2009
[TA Message] no. 513: Aaaaaaaah
No. 513 27-04-2009 01h40

I managed somehow to sing through (>_<)(>_<)(>_<)

There have been several places audible, but the bottom of my heart, with all my body, I sang with all my strength. Thinking: "My wishes! (>_<) Get them up!"

You know, with these Lives, which followed one after the other, my voice has gradually deteriorated ...

Despite that, she held on, barely.

Yesterday, in the second half of the first day in Shizuoka, my vocal chords were affected ...
I was really worried about the Live today. I spent the night without success to regain confidence in me ...

And since the rehearsal today, which was disastrous, I had more doubts and more doubts ... In fact, I really very scared.

But when Live started, of course it was not the usual form but, incredibly, as if everything that preceded it was a lie, my voice worked. I thought it was a miracle.

To say that just a few seconds before I could even talk ...

When I climb on stage for the first song, all these faces full of smiles and tears, with the same expectations as usual ... I really felt all clearly distinguishable, really everything.
"We, too, we love you ..." (/_

So ...
I'm not! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
I have no right to abandon! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Until the end, I will make this dream that never dies, that never stops! ! ! ! ! !
I was able to straighten the head. And keep it high.

Today it was a Live whines ...

But it was not sadness, it was not that.

I'm really lucky. This feeling was too strong. They were tears that wanted to say that.

It is very soon the concert Fukui.
But thanks to the strength and the love that you gave me, I'll make a great Live.

Really, thank you for everything.

Thank you.

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com & Ayu_Ready@AHS
Rough google english translation by Ayu's Story


ViVi Deji Deji vol.105

Ayumi #4 i poll

En poll som Oricon hade om största kändisen som inspirerar skoltjejers klädval. Ayumi kom på 4'e plats och Namie Amuro kom på första plats! Grattis till dem båda. ^^

Today's Photo 549-553

# 549~ Arrival~

at Tokyo Station~.

It was full, so many people wo gathered for the farewell♪

From here, once again, the start or the beginning, what kind of wind I'll go through...?


#550~ Fashion~


One piece from Diane von Furstenberg

Sandals from Sergio Rossi.

Tote bag from Chanel.

Sunglasses from McQUEEN.

#551~ At...~

Nagoya Station~♪

Really it was full of everybody's energy~!! Laughs

Through the way to get into the car, outside I helped with the "No, No, No~"! Laughs

#552~ Day 1~


Family dinner.

Bancho was the hostess of course.

Furtermore, this aspect too...

This Su-chan, is soo cute!! Laughs

#553~ Day 2,~

ended with great energy~~~.

Thank you!!!

Really, it was so funny (^_-)- ☆

See you soon!! Everyoone Nagoya~ ♪

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

Ayumi 5'a på en lista över debutsånger folk vill se igen.

20 L'Arc~en~Ciel - Blurry Eyes
19 Perfume - Linear Motor Girl
18 ikimono-gakari - SAKURA
17 Kanjani8 - Naniwa Iroha Bushi
16 Remioromen - Ameagari
15 KinKi Kids - Garasu no Shounen
14 aiko - Ashita
13 UVERworld - D-technoLife
12 Janne Da Arc - RED ZONE
11 Porno Graffitti - Apollo
10 YUI - feel my soul
09 Hikawa Kiyoshi - Hakone Hachiri no Hanjirou
07 w-inds. Forever Memories
06 NEWS - Kibou ~Yell~
05 Hamasaki Ayumi - poker face
04 EXILE - Your eyes only ~Aimai na Boku no Katachi~
03 Tohoshinki - Stay With Me Tonight
02 KAT-TUN - Real Face
01 Arashi - A・RA・SHI


Creds: KarenPang@AHS

Kostym-modifieringar i AT09

Ayu har gjort lite kostymförändringar! Hurra!

TA Message 501-502

According to the weather, 
No. 501 15-04-2009 09h12

it was raining today, but it looks like he is nice ...! 
It seems that the sky is not aware that my trip to Nagoya was postponed until today lol! 
If time is covered in clouds, you know that I started to move lol! 

Well. I wonder if today ausi I can see lots of smiling faces (*_*) 
I want to see you (*_*) 

Today, as I wrote yesterday, this is the first in the province, we have modified it a lot which was not well during the two days at Sai-Ari (Saitama Arena), it was already gained power! ! ! 

Pffff, busy, with a repeat before the show. 
I wonder how many hours it will take me ... 

Certainly much longer than the real show lol! 

I just take me a good breakfast and go do some joggiiiiing ♪ 

Well, later! (_-)- ☆

Credit:   Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Shared by Ayu's Story

Because of my stomach screaming famine ... 
No. 502 16-04-2009 10:29

... I woke up at 9:00. 

A real kid! 

Yesterday evening, after Live, I went to spend some time in a bar that a friend has just opened in Nagoya. 

Well, I saute the chicken in the ass, but ... 

Nagoya is really énoooooooooormeヽ(0)ノ 

Yesterday, the first song, I thought that I would be sucked up by the public! lol 
But I held out, I think! lol 

Suu-san also took the time (> y <) huhuhu ...  Well today, we are left with the highest voltage! ! ! ! ! ! ! !  (_-)- ☆

Credit: walking.proud @ AHS Forum + Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Shared & rough google english translation by Ayu's Story

Premium Countdown Live 2008-2009 DVD cover!

I all sin NEXT LEVEL-hetts verkade Ayu glömma bort att PCDL firade hennes 10 år i branchen med temat grått, rosa och olika kollage...?

Team Ayu Magazine vol.32

Lite bilder från det nya numret.

Bilder på skrivomslagen.

Och bilder från Bea's Up's photoshoot.

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

Bilder från Mika Noguchi's blogg

Lite stuff från touren! ^^


TA Message 497-498-499-500

The train
No.497 2009 Saturday, April 11 10:10


Finally begin.

Our next level.
No more talk.

Let's go! ! The first daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! ! ! ! !

No.498 2009 Monday, April 13 11:10

to everyone, the first day, the second day, both, the greatest start that can be made!!!!!

Thank you.

Now in this stage, there's various challenges, everybody understood well their duties, I feel I'm moving to the next stage together, it's like we are going along bravely.

A lot a lot, really rasp problems continued, until just before, change change again... it was continuous...

Beginning the performance,

introduceeeeeeeeeeeeeeed (T_T) (T_T) (T_T)

The moment I experienced, were (uruuru?=Rule?) stars.

Always, for courage, confidence and love, thank you.

Now, the day begins.
Tomorrow first, go to Nagoya. I'm so busy. Laughs

Noo Noo Noo~~~~~~~~~♪

I say

No.499 2009 Tuesday, April 14 9:46

to myself???

Be bolder Until you seem forward

You can't communicate your feelings with a half-hearted attitude You don't know what it is, if you don't touch it

Until when are you going To be scared there like that? (*)

Noo Noo Noo~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Noo Noo Noo~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Noo Noo Noo~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(below, an infinite loop)

No.500 2009 Tuesday, April 14 23:44

at Tokyo station & Nagoya station many people were waiting for me, I’m sorry.

I made worry.

But, until tomorrow, for the medical revival, Nagoya goes filled with energy!!!!!

Two days in Nagoya, from the looooocal to the first day of live, waiting to bring in the fighting spirit!!!!!!!!!

If I find an important thing I won't tell anyone.
I'm very strong when I have something I must protect. (**)


Ok!! Well first, in message 498 the "Noo Noo Noo" are from Sparkle as we can see at message 499 that, except the first and last sentence, all is Sparkle lyrics(*). And (**) are [b]And Then[/b lyrics (thanks for saying me which was ^^U)

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

a-nation 09

Nu börjar faktan komma upp. Ayu har ju paus i sin tour under den perioden så hon lär vara med! :)

8/1 Kumamoto
8/8 Ehime
8/15 Aichi (Nagoya)
8/22 Tokyo
8/23 Tokyo
8/29 Osaka
8/30 Osaka


ARENA TOUR 2009 11/4 - första konserten!

1.ピーシーズ Pieces of SEVEN
2.るる Rule
3.ゆないと UNITE!
-costume change-
4.でいすこ Disco-munication
5.えな EnergizE
-costume change-
7.修業 Load of the SHUGYO
8.らぶん LOVE 'n' HATE
9.あいでん identity
10.いんざこ In The Corner
-costume change?
11.ほーぷおあ HOPE or PAIN
12.ぐりん GREEN
13.でいず Days
-costume change?-
14.えぼ evolution
15.しぐなる SIGNAL
16.ろーりん rollin'
17.すぱこ Sparkle
18.ブリッジ Bridge to the sky
-costume change?-
19.ねくれべ NEXT LEVEL

20.カーテン Curtain call
21.ふぉーまい For My Dear..
22.えぶりうぇあ everywhere nowhere
23.ぼいが Boys & Girls
24.まいおーる MY ALL

Det är ännu lite osäkert om vilken outfit som var till vilken låt, men det visar sig senare. ^^ Här är ändå lite bilder. Väldigt mycket liknande de under PCDL precis som setlisten.


ARENA TOUR 2009 startar!

Precis nu har första konserten startat i japan!
Nu inväntar vi setlist och flera bilder på outfitsen, scenen, m.m.
Hittills har det pratats om att GREEN kan ha öppnat showen. Och Rule och Vouge är uppe som diskussioner. Även walking proud och Curtain Call (med regn och paraply) är upptaget. Vi får se hur pass detta stämmer när showen är slut!

Scenen ska hittills vara vit säger de. En riktigt kass bild men ändå en bild. ^^ En hel del trappor och ett paraply som ligger ensamt på scenen...?

Creds: truehappiness@AHS

Sweet Maj Scans!

Creds: pchan1986@AHS

AT 2009 Scenutseende!

Riktigt cool va? Väldigt AT03-04! ^^

TA Message 496

No.496 2009 Thursday, April 9 12:09

are important things.

Yesterday after the dress rehearsal at Saitama, without being
all finished (sweat) we continued the PCDL editing, following things because
I'm approaching the deadline. I'm doing each, it took me until now...(-_-)

I'll sleep a bit now, and then come back to Saitama.

Still incomplete, so with a high spirit, looking at yesterday's meeting
with the rehearsal recording, I feel to study hard and go towards.

Today again, face to the next level.

Everyone together, languishment arrives. Laughs

Say it's all right and nod your head No problem even if you have no basis

That's really my courage ☆ (*)

*EnergizE lyrics

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

TA Message 495

11 years
No.495 2009 Wednesday, April 8 12:24


Everyone, you have send me many congratulations comments indeed, thankyou.
Maybe are not theeeeey(.) "kandoo" (*)

And, also thank you for yesterday.

I lured everyone's panic, I also panic I bit. Laughs

But, from eeeeeeveryone's smailing faces (*), I recived full power (*^_^*)

From today I'll get mad because of 5 continuous days of unrest before going to the areena!!

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

TA Message 494

Once again,
No.494 2009 Tuesday, April 7 10:45

it was a long time.

I have body pain,,, (muscle pain)

I have sore throat,,, (I sing too)

The reason is, the combination of two days of rehearsal, successfully (???) finished.

Today I'll see all of youu.

I'm waiting in Shibuyaaaaa (*^_^*) ♪

I have to say, I overslept. Laughs
All right! Let's go back! ! !

I'll speak, but afteer~ ~ ♪ ♪ ♪

Things like facing a speech, I get nervous. Laughs

Creds: walking.proud@AHS

Ayu i SBY!

För att visa upp den nya boken som släpps idag. ^^

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

Sweet Maj Cover!

Nykläckt kyckling anyone?

SCawaii Maj bilder!

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

TA Message 493

Well !
No. 493 04-04-2009 13h09

Before the rehearsal, I would go to the studio before the band and dancers, I go for a solo rehearsal !

focusing, focusing !!

I look right in front of me, and move forward!

So, See ya' ! ♪

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

TA Message 492

For long time ...

No. 492 04-04-2009 07h11

... I have neglected my journal, sorry ...
soorrryy (>_<)! ! ! ! ! ! !

Physically, as Stan chan says, I'm an alien, everything goes very well. But it's true that I have the impression that it's the mind which wasn't always good...(/_

But, but! !
Already tomorrow, after tomorrow, we will make the dress rehearsal with the band, the dancers, the Ayu staff, the staff of the tour, we get all the team together!

The last rehearsals ... pfffff (×_×)(×_×)(×_×)I have stage fright.

And no time to breathe, I teleport myself at Saitama Super Arena and it will be the first ...

Otherwise ..

already the last time, for Rule / Sparkle, I have succeeded thanks to all of you to establish a new record for a female artist ...
And then, incredibly, with "next level" is 11 years in a row at the 1st place and new record! ! I couldn't believe it, again you gave me the surprise of this gift...

And as if that were not enough, there aren't enough DejiDeji of ViVi photobook even if we're the pre-orders, they decided to get out more, and then as we couldn't come up to requests for tickets, we add dates for the tour, the numbers of dates is also a record, thanks a lot, I can find the words ...

In these moments, what I must do.
Or rather what I should be.

Not severable.

I don't like to say "good cheer !" in general, but today I say it to me.

Seriously, I will give everything.

7th ...

I will "hijack" the district of Shibuya.
I would be happy that you come see me (*_*)

"Even my old scars, now I like them" ... m (__) m THANKS!

I have just come back home, and I lit candles throughout the house. In one second I unpacked and all my strength leave me ...

I took pictures, tomorrow I will post.
Finally I think ... lol

Creds: Linza-mo@AHS

NEXT LEVEL nummer 1 på United World Charts

Creds: TriStar@AHS

Ayu no Deji Deji Nikki 2000-2009

Coverbild och en extrabild.

Finns att köpa hos yesasia.

Weider Power-in Jelly nytt CM

Power-in Jelly CM

SCawaii! Maj Cover!


Creds: Tabibito@AHS

April april...?

Inatt (som var idag enligt japansk tid) la Avex upp ett officiellt meddelande på Ayu's hemsida. I det stod det om ett nytt DVD-släpp. A COMPLETE ~ALL CLIPS~ DVD BOX som skulle innehålla alla Ayumis klipp, alltså CV's och hela 75 CM's! Men efter några timmar försvann meddelandet. Ett April-skämt måhända? ;)

Den påstådda tracklisten:

<DISC-1>1998~2002 (110min.)
01. poker face
02. YOU
03. Trust
04. For My Dear...
05. Depend on you
06. A Song for ×× (Promotional clip)
07. POWDER SNOW (Promotional clip)
09. LOVE ~Destiny~
10. TO BE
11. Boys & Girls
12. appears
13. kanariya
14. Fly high
15. vogue Far away SEASONS
17. M
18. evolution
19. NEVER EVER (Promotional clip)
20. Endless sorrow
21. UNITE! (Promotional clip)
22. Dearest"
23. Dearest (Acoustic Piano version)
24. M (Above & Beyond remix)
25. Connected

<DISC-2>2002~2005 (140min.)
01. Daybreak
02. Free & Easy
03. Voyage
04. Real me
06. ourselves
07. Greatful days
08. HANABI ~episode Ⅱ~
09. forgiveness
10. No way to say
12. Because of You
13. Moments
15. GAME
17. About You
18. walking proud
20. my name's WOMEN
21. STEP you
22. is this LOVE?
23. fairyland
24. alterna

<DISC-3>2005~2009 (130min.)
01. Bold & Delicious
02. Pride
03. rainy day
04. Ladies Night
05. Startin'
06. Born To Be...
08. Beautiful Fighters
10. 1 LOVE
11. momentum
12. part of Me
13. 距愛 ~Distance Love~ (glitter / fated)
14. talkin' 2 myself
15. decision
16. Together When...
17. Marionette
18. (don't) Leave me alone
19. Mirrorcle World
20. Days
22. Rule
23. Sparkle
25. Curtain call

<DISC-4>TV-CM (50min.)
01. poker face
02. YOU
03. Trust
04. For My Dear...
05. Depend on you
06. A Song for ××
08. ayu-mi-x
09. LOVE ~Destiny~
10. TO BE
11. Boys & Girls
12. A
13. A Film for ××
14. appears
15. LOVEppears
16. kanariya
17. Fly high
18. SUPER EUROBEAT presents ayu-ro mix
19. A clips
20. ayu-mi-x Ⅱ
21. vogue
22. Far away
24. Duty
26. M
27. evolution
28. ayu-mi-x III
30. A BEST
31. Endless sorrow
32. UNITE!
33. Dearest
34. SUPER EUROBEAT presents ayu-ro mix 2
35. Cyber TRANCE presents ayu trance
37. I am...
38. Daybreak
39. ayu-mi-x 4 + selection
40. Free & Easy
41. H
43. Voyage
46. &
47. forgiveness
49. No way to say
50. Memorial address
51. A museum ~30th single collection live~
52. Moments
56. MY STORY Classical
57. STEP you / is this LOVE?
58. fairyland
61. Bold & Delicious / Pride
62. (miss)understood
63. Startin' / Born To Be...
65. Secret
66. A BEST 2
67. glitter / fated
68. talkin' 2 myself
70. ASIA TOUR 2007 A ~Tour of Secret~ "LIVE + DOCUMENTARY"
71. Mirrorcle World
73. Days / GREEN
74. Rule / Sparkle

Creds: dez0424@AHS

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