ayu's DIARY: 15/08/2009 - 16/08/2009

Activity Report
08-15-2009 16h57

Today, all of Ayu's staff ran together, but SOU and I, the teams stronger members, split up from everyone else!
I stopped at 5km.
And, when we looked around us...
After 5km:
→ Bancho was completely absorbed by the TV.
→ Rushes face was blue and white.
→ Dômo-kun had a funny grin on his lips.
→ Minazô's eyes were completely glassy.
Gori → missing.
Each, with the exception of Gori, were in an advanced state of decomposition, and each were very different. lol
Come on, we will soon arrive at the concert! ♪

I'm still...
08-16-2009 16h34

...at the hotel in Nagoya.
Because of the O-bon festival and the amount of people attending the festival, I was asked to take a train once night falls. Huh? Though, they kindly told me to intend to board a train? lol
I guess this is okay.
I expect to do that and wear nails by Bancho ♪
In fact, I saw the video KAZ took during the show yesterday during my song, and the energy was truly high, Nagoya! lol
Even on stage, I felt that energy, but it was confirmed by looking at the video, and the Nagoya atmosphere was amazing!!
Thank you, for all the good times ♡
I left knowing my voice did not. I left knowing it was a dream.
Whereas, before my eyes, it was really you who was there...
Is it not?

Creds: Cy@AyuAngel & polka-dot-jewel@AHS


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