TA Message 442+443+444+445

Again ...
No. 442 13-02-2009 21h11

I will try to publish my "video journal"

I'll come back lateeeeer! ♪

vroouuum ..! f (ー;

Aaah ...
No. 443 13-02-2009 21h56

This time, the camera man is Cho-chan. In my opinion it wasn’t quite that ... (ゞ
The next time I'll aim slightly higher.

By the way, Morimoto-san took images of great quality! ! ! !
I would show you aaaaalll !!

But they are so funny, it's almost dangerous (lol)

Well, I feel that I can’t write my sentences correctly. I will turn to the today’s photo ...

Bye !

Not one photo ...
No. 444 14-02-2009 06h48

... but how many photos of the day?

I will post them, ok? ♪

You know, here, today, it rained!

And if I tell you how busy we are every day, well, I remember yesterday night JK-san played the guitar while we couldn't distinguish the white of his eyes! lol


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