ayu's DIARY 28/08/2009

Well then ...
28-08-2009 00h07

... finished the job today ♪
So here I am back home, and I'm filling my bathtub.
But in fact it takes very little water, because that's my dog!
You know what? They love to nap in the bath!
You really are the dogs? ? ? lol
I'll try to photograph them.
Aaaah I want to show you ...
I swear it's worth a look! ! ! ! ! ! ! lol
I'll try.
Oh, about the day "Zzzz zzzz", it ended at 08:30 am.
I confess that I do not remember everything ... lol

28-08-2009 01h10

Because, my doggies, as we pointed a camera at them, they stand on their feet, they are laying staring at the goal lol!
I wanted to photograph them in natural poses more ....

Maron san ... it seems un p'tit father ....
While it is a girl (T_T)

Well I'll try again ♪
I photograph them without their seeing me! ! ! ! !
Chonsan also saw that tomorrow is the last rehearsal of a nation, I think I'll also take me a good bath .... ♨

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story


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