ayu's DIARY 24/08/2009 - 26/08/2009

24-08-2009 21h51

After our performance, with all musicians and dancers, we met at the usual place and we made a sort of holiday party work.
By including birthday parties Shingo san, born on August 22, Mom & Gomi Akirax one born August 24 ☆.
With all the energy received from the public Aji Sta, we all celebrate until morning!
But Chonsan, within the institution, she made a sacred fall. Enough to remember the legendary Saitama Super Arena! lol My back and my kidneys were toasted! lol
These are Bancho Kanako or mom and mom Aki who have kindly extended a hand to this kind of schoolgirl still four paws in the air, and have treated me suddenly ice and massages!
No actually, I should say Mom and Dad Kanako Aki lol.
Big sister Aki has indeed stood by my side like a real man!
Merciiii ♡
But before this accident happens, we had fun doing things like this:

You have trouble understanding? ? ?
Pictured from the bottom, big sister Aki, Enrique san, Chon san lol
And if I told you what we did ...

Not forgetting the fingers in a V.
Whatever ... ! lol
That's why it was funny! lol
Good! Then I mention ...? You know, the famous thing ...
What Satsuki chan and his staff, without even taking the time to sleep properly manufactured and brought me ...
Well, you be ready? ?
So I go ...

Voilàààààààààààà! ! !
A new computer ♡
it's huge, eh? ? ?
Me at him, seriously, I was so moved that I almost weep with joy.
Even my manager who had received was quite returned.
Ave such a computer, it will be even more fun to publish things here ♡
Do not you think the night wind starts to do some fall?
I still want to do stuff summer ....

As often
25-08-2009 04h10

I'm the one who fights against a strange sense of emptiness. Bonsoir, c'est moi!
What can it be this feeling?
Oh, I want to go somewhere with lots of Nature ...
I want to go do somersaults in the great outdoors.
I would contemplate the vast sky until my tire.
And then the sea or river .. ...
it would siouper.
Uh .. siouper is Shimoko language, it means Super!
Here I am doing a great journey in my head, but in reality I am completely in the polish lol
Does someone ...

26-08-2009 01h37

TLords First, I had something to do with Bancho Kanako & Kayanotchi, then return home, we amused ourselves with big sister Aki to send us photos ZERO! And then, the urge to go sweat a sudden I went running about 1 hour and then when I go to take a shower, that Cocoa san asked me to play with his Koppepan (toy shaped piece of bread).

This toy I can run and throw, the Cocoa always related.
In addition to this toy, it makes a noise: "Biii biiii"
Every morning I am awakened by this "Biiii Biiiii!!" Lol
Ah, Cocoa san decided to rest and take his ease on a pile of blankets piled in every direction.

It has a head ... like "You want something?" lol
Well, I'll take my shower and then I go to work.
I wonder why, in my work, I am more efficient at night ...?

Zzzz ... zzzz
26-08-2009 06h12

Y'se not finish this work.
Perhaps to 07h ...?
We'll try to believe these predictions Prince, go courage! ! ! ! ! !
Zzzz ... zzzzzz

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story


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