ayu's DIARY: 22/09/2009

Snabbt meddelande: Jag håller på att göra om bloggen lite och detta medför lite störningar i systemet tydligen. 3 stycken blogginlägg som skrevs för över ett halvår sen har hamnat längst upp på sidan av någon anledning. Men men hoppas det inte stör alltför mycket. :)

Ayu har en överaskning på G!I det andra inlägget lägger hon av en mer deppig ton men avslutar med hopp i orden! ^^

By super-express mail ...
22-09-2009 01h47

Here is what I come! ! ! ! ! ! !
Yes, from Satsuki chan ♡

Here is the side facing ♡

She changed the face of my phone, which had been release in autumn-winter version ♡
I was a little upset these days with something very private, Satsuki chan, in perfect timing, sent me this hope that shines with all its lights!
And little zoom on the message that accompanied ...

"Go go until Fukuoka!"
By the end of the Silver Week (succession of holidays in Japan in September), something that was kept secret will be officially announced, so I can not say too much until then ...
Sarsuki chan, you and all of its staff, which you have worked for me without even count your work hours and taking on your sleep ... ♡
You can be you too hopeful! ! ! ! ! !

Say, you can forget you dream a little
You know, you know that miracles do not exist ...

Since long
22-09-2009 06h43

... good or bad, I really was not my own, the weight of what I wore, namely the importance of what I wore, my own freedom coming only second, the consequences of this and my responsibility, I am aware of that, I have chosen, and walked straight ahead.
So I have 11 years of road behind me. I was young, I was ignorantly afraid of nothing, and today I realize that I am 31 years old. But it's obvious I know, I am not God, I'm not perfect, I'm ultimately a simple woman, and if as "Ayumi Hamasaki" I'm the one who all its treasures she wants to defend that which is right and strong, without fear, come what may, in private, I have often thought of wanting to be just a normal young woman.
But I realize I've become someone who can not even cry when she is sad.
Look strong, that I know how to do better than anyone.
But it makes me sad.
"The miracle will happen!" You sent me lots of messages and written, I suppose it's following words I wrote at the end of my previous message.
Thank you!
Thank you for understanding me, since I do not always find the right words to express myself. It is not my work, it does not concern the "TA". But it is true that, even if it's extremely private, I sometimes face a real wall. There are times when I do not know how to get out of the darkness.
Yes, it's about love.
But it's like all of you, like everyone else, is it not ...?
Hmmm, if I read it when I woke up in the morning, do I not regret it?
Anyway, we are here with you all the "TA", so it's good, right?
It's me, as I am really at this moment, not very pretty ... you accept me anyway?
Surely, if I sleep and when I woke up, I again want to laugh.
And I will continue to write my "Journal of Vegas"!
I met you ... I understand what it meant to love someone ...
But yes, I know better than anyone that happy ending does not suit me well
I am too negative lol
Go, sleep, sleep! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Creds: AyuAngel & identity@AHS


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