ayu's DIARY: 20/09/2009 - 21/09/2009

Vad god notera att detta är en översättning med google translations så ibland blir det en aning svårt att förstå men men. Bättre än inget!

Intended WOWOW ...
20-09-2009 08h51

... assembling images of a Direct 09-nation announcing, or rather through him, not knowing if I still have jet lag or if I'm back to my usual life, I l impression that I regained my normal pace (well, normal for me ...!).
I always fit! ! ! ! ! ! !
Yeah, because all the songs will be released ☆ ♪ ♪ ♪
Well, I change the subject, but here I went to watch the live Peco Sensei! ! ! ! ! !
At first I was very moved to the kindness of Peco Sensei who has made entry bouquet of flowers I sent him for the occasion ♡ I selected both thinking the image Peco theme at its Live this time.

And at the entrance, there was this ... ☆

If we approach ... ☆

Seeing the name of Peco Sensei head, and seeing all the glorious names of my elders in the world of music, I confess that I was very excited and raises my blood.
And when I'm sitting, and that songs and music reached my ears and my eyes, I could not hold back my tears.
I can not explain why, but the chest swollen with emotion, feeling so much from Peco Sensei, I could even move.

Tell Minazô between the camera and me, there is an arm holding a glass ...
In this regard, what Minazô drink is a delicious cocktail in limited quantities Peco san! ! !

In return, we were so excited, we took a few pictures ...
In addition, Zin san joined us along the way with Princess at the end of his rehearsals, but I do not know why Princess is not on the picture ... As boss what! lol

Just after our youth shouted famine were all embedded in my car to go eat lol. And now the delighted faces of Gori and SOU to their glass of beer if they are big fans lol.

Then Minazô has shown its great capacity devourer of food, but sorry, I was so surprised that I forgot to take pictures lol
Come on, wait until the next! ☆
Well, I go back to editing ♪
And I have not forgot to continue my "diary Vegas, a little patience! ♡
The saddest thing is to give up.
Because I know how hard it is painful to try to renew hands that are remote.
That is why I will never stop believing.
I have perhaps done wrong. I have perhaps lost all hope.
Perhaps you do not want to see my face.
But if our hands are not united, I have no meaning or value.
It is you who give me strength to live.
Someone taught me it was better to live believing rather than doubting.
If it is that you did never fear, I will be transformed into what you want.
I cried while reading the blog of Su san ...

This morning ...
20-09-2009 22h08

... I told you, so I continue my "diary Vegas, en route to the Part 3 ☆
I'm really motivated because I received lots of messages from you telling me you wanted to know more.
So come to our homes, everyone was saved and joined his room, and above all, change of clothes ♪
Because punishment has arrived, is the sight that awaited us ↓

Yes, after so many years, and many times you've seen a show that is always on top: it's "O"! ! ! ! ! !
Go, depart for the theater!
Well, it does not forget to take a family picture!

With Kanako in the limo ... ♪

In fact, we started d "ja at the time of being prone to jet lag, we took what the bear.
But to me ho do not support much caffeine, it has an effect of thunder lol.
Put through it, while all the eyes that were beginning to be vague, I have fully enjoyed the show until the end! ☆
Super happy! ☆ Super emotions! ☆ And now the team that went asleep dinner ...

Actually, I do not remember too much from this dinner ... lol
I think we did not even talk too much lol
Then! ! !
End of day! And sleep.
The second day, return to a more normal face, and lunch!
Of course, lunch Japanese (miso soup came so fast, I drank a ton lol) ( "fast" ... to appreciate this aspect of things, "this proves is that many Japanese, us. ..)

Even in a japanese restaurant, he orders the meat is well Stan Chan ♡ Y no, he is American!

Then, as we had a little time to show, we wondered what we could do ...
Well, we had to have strong emotions! ! ! It is all gone here ↓

This tower, where the top floor, pile of sacred machines ...!
Kanako and Chon without air strolling naive.
Without knowing the terror that awaited us later ...

Following the next episode! ☆

Thank you all for your messages full of warmth! !
And to those I have annoyed ... sorry! !
But also thank you.



Thank you for looking and right in the eye! !
Although it will take time, I will never abandon you until we understand completely! !

Hello! ♪

I put these words I have received, and good morning made me upset the heart ...

There was beautiful scenery.
From what perspective is it the best
my eyes? I tried ...
But it was not that
What mattered was not what place
but that ...

Creds: AyuAngel & identity@AHS


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