ayu's DIARY: 18/09/2009

Again and again ...
18-09-2009 07h12

... Chon-san is disrupted by jet lag, ☆ so why not continue the "newspaper of Vegas"? As before Part 2 ☆
Then, the terminal reserved for private jets, here we boarded our plane, the voltage is high enough! Then the flight was uneventful, in a joyful atmosphere ♪
Hmm? ! ? ! ? !
Found a person who is a little pale lol
It is in the foreground of this picture, it does not move lol.

Yes, SOU chan, he suffers from vertigo ...! And each time the plane looks or moves it a little, it emits a sound we had never heard until now lol.
For his part, Chon san has acquired a new camera, I spend my time filming and photographing everything and anything.

For example, I even photographed it ↓

And why deal with and the flight seemed to us particularly short ♪
Reunion with Stan Chan ♡

pui, with the camcorder to Maroni, when I was concentrated to these photos, now that Kanako Bancho said:
"It looks like the mother of Maro. A load rule lol.

Yes, it's not fake lol
Then, at the initiative of Stan chan, we took a souvenir photo of the group.
Maroni, it was a bit off lol

From there, transfer to hotel ♪
It is, as always, the Bellagio.
Below are a boy who moved into the limo! ! !

Other boys are in another limo! ! !

And you, which do you prefer? ♡
and then by dropping suddenly to "kyaa!" and "kyooo!" seeing the city, we have arrived at the hotel.
Forced march down long hallways!

I found the apartment you will occupy ♪

Paspourquoi I know, we went right on the terrace where pool and Jacuzzi. Super sunny.

That is, if it turns, you see our apartment. wait a minute ...
Oh on the left, there Mr. class lol ↓

In fact, the apartment just to Chon san and Kanako ♡ No doubt the conversations between girls will be animated!
Meanwhile, Parkway Drive ♪ ♪

Well, more later. Z'êtes impatient eh? ☆
I will treat my jet lag with Prison Break!
Scofiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiield ♡
Uh ... Mahone looks like Enrique san ..
I knew the only one thinking that? ? ?

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story


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