ayu's DIARY: 16/09/2009 - 17/09/2009

Jet lag ...
16-09-2009 11:28

... I fell squarely above. It is at its max, I did not sleep altogether!
Someone to help me? !
Anyway, here yesterday, we all returned safely to Japan
From Narita, we went directly to work, then transfer to another workplace ... I was quite surprised by the already tight schedule lol.
In Vegas, we saw lots of different shows, in fact we did a sort of training in "Entertainment" overall.
And this time, with regard to the dancers who accompanied me, I received many messages telling me "and Shu chan?" or "and Midoringu?". In fact, we decided that those who come are primarily responsible for the choreography. San Zin, Su san, chan & Maro Kayanocchi, it is of course the dancers, but from my point of view, they came to study with me as choreographers ♪
That is so. When my head is a little more back to the Japanese schedule, I will give you lots of things on this adventure in Las Vegas ☆
Here, I made my report! ! ! ! ! !

From what day we were too demanding
While it would be enough of that either one side to the other ...

17-09-2009 12:10

Jet lag is still there, Chon san is always reached.
I still can not sleep ... (sweat)
So, never mind, let's go to the "Journal of Vegas"! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Here's Part 1.
If it begins with the flight to San Francisco, that must be it ...

Here, the memories come back to me!
Chon san fights with her memory!
Here I am in what I called ...

"egg" ♡.
The poncho is a gift that gave me the boss Kashwere when he came to see me for the concert Yoyogi ♪
It goes well with many other colors, it is super convenient ♡
The computer is of course the masterpiece Satsuki chan ♡

Arriving in San Francisco ... ♪

A surprising encounter with a girl that we like to "Welcome to San Francisco ♡"

Amazing also met with a Japanese man who never stops to play it!

Amazing still meet with Japanese reassembled well!

Here, following the latest ♪ ♪ ♪
Arf, I have to get up in less than 3 hours.
Should I get to sleep ...

17-09-2009 15h06

I got up.
Maron, he went to the beauty parlor, he is cute ♡
That's all.
At tonight. (There's not a good thing on TV ?...)

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story

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