ayu's DIARY: 14/09/2009

14 September 2009 2:37 AM

shall I make my entrance?
Where are we? The correct answer to the riddle!
Before that, sharing photos on my diary.
First~, since coming here, the custom has been everyone going to study♪

Ah, by the way, this is from day before yesterday.

Afterward, we went to the place we love to stay♪
That is, whenever we come here, we sit in the same spot.

Because ...

I just can't give up this nighttime view.
No, "Can't give up no matter what~"* is what it is.
Afterwards, I get closer so I can steadily soak up the night view.

Let's see-----------

Look closer-----------.


The fountain!!!

Break time!
Most recently, when night falls, a rabbit frequently appears.
Or someone trying very hard to imitate one. ↓

I guess he kinda looks like a store manager somewhere. lol
I guess he kinda looks out of place with the bunny ears. lol
Clever. ☆
Well, back to the journaling.
Here's me going to yesterday's study meeting~♪

Afterward, we always go to a different restaurant.
We get this beautiful night view from where we stay☆
We can see nothing but this all the time, it's so incredibly cool~!!!!

With Kayanocchi ♡

With Boy-tachi*** and Yamamoto-kaicho who invited us to this place

I said to Tou-san, "Somehow it's like a store, lol" but I meant it as a compliment.
Moving to the dinner table, everyone drank**** together.

I'm digressing, but during the toast, Su-san was addressing us, but this time the speech was,

"To us, who sparkle more than this million dollar night view!☆"

Such a great MC. His speech was very different.


Oh yeah, where I am right now. I forgot to write that.

But I'm so busy packing now. The answer is at the dancers' and Sou's blogs, so you can check there~. (Depending on other people to do my work for me
Alrighty, I'll be back later!

*"Sokontoko yuzurenai." Lyrics from Rule. Ha ha ha.

**Subaru dressed as a bunny. Subaru plus Bunny equals Subunny. Ayu calls him "Usasuba" (Usagi + Subaru). I dunno why I decided to translate this. lol

***She says "Danshi-zu" here.... Japanese "Danshi" plus english "s" for the plural. So I switched the languages around and said "Boy-tachi".

****Kanpai! haha

Creds: Gaijin Kanpai, Ayu's Story & C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS


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