ayu's DIARY: 11/09/2009

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11-09-2009 01h54

the message yesterday ☆
Beginning safely at Narita, we moved to the terminal reserved for private aviation.

Chon Kanako-san ... they believed, when behind, there are a pink Mohican lol.

Maintenance is completed Aboard tooous ♪
In a jet like that ☆
It is the latest model it seems! ! Super claa! ! !

That's why there are some who believe it lol!

And I follow lol!

It's dépaaaart! ! ! ! !

It is stealing without problem, but there has at least one ... eh eh bé bé, he gets excited and anxiety alone. Is not it, SOU chan? lol

Well, we arrived in a flash ☆

Well, more later ...!
Now here is wonderful weather. And from now on I'm going to run ♪
And then today, we will join Kayanocchi ♡

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story


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