ayu's DIARY: 06/09/2009 - 07/09/2009

Photos of the Day
06-09-2009 18h35

I forgot to tell you
I'll post in full!
And no homer!

At noon ...
07-09-2009 04h17

... I'm a little injured her foot, but when I phoned SOU, the conversation was packed in all directions as usual, and he told me that one evening in the "Most a golf practice ♪ (Hey! my wound and then?)
That's how I found myself there almost at the change of date.

It was so great, I had trouble finding SOU ...
On voilàààà! ! ! ! ! !

The person who is right, I've seen ...
Hm? ?
Behind me, a voice I know ...

But it Kanako Bancho aka Miura san! !
And after my gaze, one that laughs at) filled teeth is Gorilla!
Clearly, he is completely drunk! (true story).

Ultimately, the team has found dnc lol
It cares nothing, us? lol
So the lesson Master SOU began
and welcomed because, Chon san feels more, I have not stopped kicking balls! lol

and I made back in my place by the teacher who told me to calm down lol

A Minazô who laughed when he saw me, Gori has reserved the same fate:

before it is his turn to spend lol!

That is what we did until now.
It was very gay ♪ (Forgot my injury lol)
And looking closely my golf glove, that thee that it shines in the ring ☆
They are elegant, gloves golf these days!

Aah yes! !
History not lose vis-à-vis Maro chan, I ordered a lot of fashionable clothes, I will introduce you soon ♡

Ah, why Gori had drunk well, I asked him because he really reeked of alcohol: "Just now, when I wore a Mikoshi (small altar raised to the shoulder) dressed only in a small loincloth, I was too eager to drink sake ... "
The response was so high that have zappée ...!

Back! ! !
07-09-2009 04h45

In fact because I read all your messages ... Huh?
Subasama started a Ameblo (Ameba Blog)? ? ?
But you know how it so quickly, you all? ? ?
Can someone tell me where can I find this pex? lol

I trouvéééé ♡
07-09-2009 05h13

The Subalog.
Members of the TA, you know, eh?
Yeah, because San Suu started a blog ... it must be that the celebration eh?


Me too ...
07-09-2009 18h52

... I wanted to participate in "Operation Subalog.
A bit like Zin san example. Finally the "slightly" is just wrong ...
But in fact the blog Suba sama is ...
I suppose the disappointment of being too large in all members of the "TA" which are not members of Ameblo lol.
Aussiiiii me!
Well, among all those who have read this far, and have guessed more ...
THE AIIIDE! ! ! ! ! !
Friends of "TA" which are also members of Ameblo, please notify Subasama that those who are not members want to leave a comment.
Well, in other words, do so at their place ...
New Attack kind ♡
New Attack kind ♡
New Attack kind ♡
(repeat endlessly ...)
Ah! ! And then, in what I wrote earlier that I'm a little wounded in the leg, and even before that I'm not stuck hand, it seems that everything is a bit mixed and I have caused concern. Sorry! ! !
In fact, when I say that I am not stuck his hand is the car that I have for my trips to the provinces, it has a window that opens a little. But by this very small space, I usually shake hands with all those who greet me or come see me home (actually, I will not wave a few fingers lol)
But ... Sacred Osaka! ! !
The hall of Osaka, at the entrance and exit, I heard a "Ayu chan! She squeezed his hand!" So I responded lol.
"I am not stuck his hand!" lol
But frankly it was so funny, only on the entry and exit, all those who have waited laughed! I've seen!
And Armageddon and me in the car, we had also died of laughter lol
Well, I did not hurt your hand! ♪
For the leg, it's really stupid. No it's not stupid, I'm going to play ...!
Too bad, I tell you anyway.
Minzô Chiharu did san, I did Etsu san, and they danced on the choreographic TRF san. He dances really well, Minazô! !
Good is not the problem lol.
uoi In any case, I put rop spirited, I hurt a tendon Molet lol
Gender too funny and too bad lol
Finally, unepetite injury really stupid.
Aaah je suis libre, je suis heureuse lol
Good! I saw myself changing the colors of autumn ♡
When I finish, I take pictures, I return okiiii?

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story


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