ayu's DIARY: 01/09/2009

Journal of Osaka
01-09-2009 07h39

So to start ... You may remember that "Nagai Stadium hosted the World Championships in Athletics two years ago (I'll get away eh?)
Just that, it would suffice to us to be happy, but again, we have borrowed the track schedule, the same one where Bolt was heated, and we made our own World Championships in us! Too much! lol
Well, we started with this:

And then we started running in earnest! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I wonder how they ran ...
What I felt good! ♡
Of course, the main stage was in full concert, so I could run while listening to songs full of artists ... what luxury! ♡
Then, our Armageddon to us, you know what? It seems he was a true athlete, a sprinter, and in that Nagai Stadium was home! !
In short, we have done things with a lot of professionalism lol.

☆ The result:

Hey! this is a real-time! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
What fun that was! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
What's been harder still is the way to run from Armageddon.
And also (I'm joking!) Gori running super fast!
So too did an attempt, very confident.
But it has been beyond our expectations!
Just two seconds after his departure, he did something kind of unknown spin, fall quite innovative, and he disappeared from beside the hospital lol!
Why have risen to a level so high, Gori? lol
And, of course, we started the second day too.

She looks super happy, Chon san, eh! ♪
From time to time, we headed SOU voice, and it was running on the spot, or abs, or dorsal, short, super kind gymnastics! lol

And then, another tornado sprints!
At the end, I was super happy! ♡

With this, the last two days of a nation, I had the stamina, I could cross them by giving the best of myself! !
Because to tell you, I was like the beginning of a cold, I n'éais not very sure of my throat, but with the encouragement of all, and seeing their smiling faces, the same microbe cold there has not survived, and I could sing until the end!
Really, as always, thank you very much to you.
The depth of the love of you all the "TA" I think I have the nice feel, I feel it enough.
That's why I sing Yes I think that's it.
And then on the Shinkansen back, I watched the video taken carefully by KAZ ... and reviewing this show which was so hard, tears came to my eyes.

Be able to pass and finish this summer with all those I love the TA and all those I love my team Ayu, I'm really happy.


Just time to relax a little, and what are the rehearsals which take the Tour ...
but for a few days, I think I can get the sink a little sweet, what am I going to do ...?
Well I'll start with me relax a little head and heart ...! ♡

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story


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