ayu's DIARY: 30/09/2009

Today ...
30-09-2009 12:36

... is the anniversary of Kazumax, one of ayu-dancers ☆
Say, if you have time, send a message of congratulations, oki? ♪
I think he will be super happy ... ♪ ♪ ♪
The blog of dancer KAZUMA
Uh .. about, this is not an attack blog eh? ! lol
These days, Chon san uses "Subalog" as book learning to life.
I swear, you should all read it! ! !
If there are those who have not yet read.
The "Subalog"
The diary of daily life and thoughts of the dancer SUBARU
Well, I come back later to post pictures ok? ♡

Love is not an illusion
Dreams come true surely
Keeping the light of hope
If we believe ...

The sky is a little far
but will find the end of the rainbow.

30-09-2009 18h01

I told you yesterday that I'll post pictures, so here's all the ones I left in plan!
To begin, as I've said, here are the members of this nightlife ☟

You can zap through the installation of unspeakable Minazô lol. Where we are is a restaurant supeeeer sale (with all my love ♡), on many levels it's supeeeer anything (with all my love ♡), but supeeeeer good! ♪
And the servers are all Thai, they are all supeeer nice. I adore them ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
Anyway, Chon san, it is rather negative, that the head can not draw it on the photo ☟

Really dark! lol
At my side, big sister Riko-Dalmatian brings us the atmosphere!
After dinner, we went to a bar owned by a friend.

The point of this picture is that Chon sees san walking in the street quite normal! ! But actually not. The real important point is that we see big sister Riko-Dalmatian who never stops talking as a machine gun and balance without even noticing its business on Minazô! lol It flies really high .... ! lol
And after the photo I posted yesterday and the game of paparazzi did with him, we played a game that all girls know, the play "Sex and the City" ☟

Again, with the garbage bins on the left, it flies high!
And Kanako Miura Bancho aka san exclaimed: "I'm Samantha!" lol
ain, the girls, you see how this remark flies high? lol
In general, the level rises instantly, but soon after falls very low, but this evening there, it remained very high ...! ♡ Thanks! ♡

Although there also is garbage on the right lol
Good! Yesterday, during the repeat, I could take lots of pictures, I'll post them soon ♪
In the meantime, I'll post one of them to you which steals very high lol ☆

They are Yocchan & Peco san! mimiiii too! ♪ ♪ ♪

Creds: identity@AHS & Ayuangel.com


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