ayu's DIARY: 25/09/2009

Förutom att fortfarande sova dåligt så tränas det hårt inför sista konserterna av touren vilket Ayu skriver om här. Nu är översättningen gjord med google translations från franska-engelska så det kan vara lite svårtförstått ibland.

There are lots ...

25-09-2009 01h42

Recipe for sleep that you have given me, "that will help me a lot! ☆
I have found many that look good ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ thank you very much
I will try them right away
Or so I thought, but I am not yet entered the action phase. It is me, this (not the best of my side!).
Because ... I have just completed the installation of a 09-nation to be released in two days in WOWOW! ! !
it was just lol
But the result is great. It is a full seamless ☆
I hope you'll enjoy! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Well, I'll disclose, with photos, a little of what happened yesterday at the rehearsal in Makuhari.
So first we check the driver of the duplication between the sheave, Koichi, Ryu and myself.
We are very concentrated!

Here I am trying to sort out in my head!

It will soon start! ! !
I can not reveal what's around, then maybe not great photos, but I will watch anyway, hiding the rest lol

Akirax is still in a place where I can see it, so when my eyes are starting to swim (lol), he informs me forever! ! !
Thank you thank you! ☆

Well I wanted to stay serious, but I just found photos too funny!
First, it is not funny it is, rather, it is super nice (who guessed that this picture is the following?) What is funny is that I managed to capture this moment.

Un ... two .... three!
Yes! Maroniiiii! !
Then, a person rarely seen.
Voila! !

So ....?
Pause sexy eh?
Yes, it Gomi sensei! ♪
Come on, go on!
At first I wondered what could be eating, I think it is rather the moment when he sneezes!
Voila! !

So ....
----- Mimi too! ♡
But what was he really?
Go to next picture! !

I'm hiding ...

I'm here! lol
Go Next!

"It smells a little bad ..."

"it stinks really ...!"
Kazuma Sorry, but you danced seriously lol!
Anyway, it is too nostrils, unless it can be the armpit that are too tight lol
The right thing, rather it was that? ? ?
Go ahead, m'sieurs ladies, you can let go! !

You know it does not look like that, but in truth they're all super concentrated! lol
Even Chon san tending his microphone ... to empty seats lol.

I look happy, eh?
Well, at the foot of the stage, someone even more joyful!

But you doing, what, SOU? lol

Even Megumi gets going! lol
It is unclear, but on the middle leaf is written "Zin" large hand. It's very high lol
Finally repeat Akirax took place Chon san, which started in the face to see what it gave!

And all the Staff and Chon san encourage dancers even put out and gutted, have not really skimp or saved their strength ...

.. and then hatching the eye ...

Thus ran smoothly again this ... not this day again! ♪
It has transpired so that was changed 3 times!
We still have to repeat it in Studio, then, that the musicians, dancers and all the staff can go to the end with smiles and good humor, I thought again it was I begin by showing myself a good example ☆

Creds: AyuAngel & identity@AHS


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