ayu's DIARY: 22/09/2009 (tredje inlägget)

Detta inlägg kom lite senare i översatt form än det som kom 23/09. Därav lite skutt i ordningen men det är inget farligt. ^^ Här berfinner Ayu sig på hisnande höjder!

True ...
22-09-2009 21h50

... what is more sad fact is abandoned, it is I who said that.
Thank you, it's you who tell me or make me aware of many things.
I still receive a considerable number of messages.
And what moves me most is that all those messages telling me the same thing.
I think it's really huge.
Tens of thousands of people who feel the same way and sending me messages.
I think I'm a huge circle of friends.
I must pull myself together! ! !
I am who takes my southern accent ...!
The impression that perhaps it is more like me ...!
Good! Following your "it looks! ☆" received many, here is the result of my "diary Vegas" ♪
For those who have forgotten the end of the previous episode, please read it before discovering more ☆
It is therefore wandering nonchalantly, and that's where we got ... tataaan! !

The top floor of the Stratosphere Tower
Not only do we not understand what makes it so high, but the more it moves, it moves ...
And suddenly, that the infernal machine in which it was found TATAAAN!

We understand even less what makes it!
It's not a photo montage, eh, it's reality.
Here's another photo where we can better understand tataaan! !

It's not a photo montage, eh, it's reality.
It is completely out of the Tour.
Finally ... I am not rise lol
You know what? Even so, there is one still seeking a "beautiful" pose ..
You can imagine that, huh?
Yes ... Maroni! tataaan! !

But why bother asking in such a situation? lol
Su san and trying without seeming to make the sign of "peace", it is mimi
It should make a book of Subablog and publish ...
Uh, I digress (but I seriously think ...)
Well I'll continue! ! !
The next attraction is that Tataaan! !

When I tell you I know what makes this .. lol
There are even some who are so they are not posing as de ouf Minazô or Gori which is completely frozen lol ↓

Of course, even here, there was always a sham Mr lol
So, he is really too lol
Maroni! ↓

It's huge, eh? How does he manage to locate where the device ui the photograph? lol
You know what? this attraction, Chon san also has tried ...
But the fear was such, and it was so visible on my face that .. Photo censored lol
To tell you how much I was scared, well I am at exit ↓

My legs cotton lol
I walk, half laughing, half crying ↓
The thing to do, is also behind me, the joy of Kanako who applauded with both hands lol

And here I am on all fours ... ↓
The thing to do, is also behind me, the joy of Zin san applauded with both hands lol

I come over to my feet, I can only laugh ... ↓

Those who still wanted more thrills have gone to the next attraction, for me I preferred to play the guards.
Behind Stan chan screaming "Nooooo!!" Is a person with no life ... lol

But then I found a drink that had the shape of the Sttatosphere Tower, and I suddenly found all my energy! ! ! ! ! ! !
What Can I just be me lol

The real trick for tourists! ! We are not all day like that eh? That's why I was happy, but happy! lol
At this point there ↓

I look gay huh? But I was really too lol

Then we left the Tour Infernale, asistir to go to next show.
For all of us time to change clothes ♪

Finished to change! What she is beautiful, Kayanocchi ♡
Hum? There's one that's weird, huh? It zaps? lol

Mr showing off, while complaining that night he did not see much, it does not prevent him from keeping his sunglasses lol
The show ended, we returned to the same restaurant as usual, at our regular table, the fountains are always so great! ☆

But ... between these water games and me, there are those two constantly ↓

Result, I always Gori in my field of vision when I look at the fountains.
Or both.
Anyway, in a gentle world, an image of ... Gross? lol
What did we laugh!
Good going, I stop by the Part 4.
At this time, many people from my staff are working hard to prepare for the Tour again tomorrow.
Because as of tomorrow, no more repeats in the studio but on the real scene.
That's why they work hard.
I'm lucky ... And do not risk wasting this opportunity or the feeling of gratitude I feel for them, I promise you we will give everything in this preparation for Fukuoka! ! !

Credit: cy @ AyuAngel C+R+E+AYUMI@AHS + Ayu's Story


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