ayu's DIARY: 1/10/2009

Här får vi följa Ayu och hennes dansare och band när de tränar inför de sista fyra kommande showerna. Ni får även se två nya tillskotten i Ayus familj i hennes andra inlägg. ^__^

1 October 2009 5:03 PM

I say it with feeling, cuz as I wrote yesterday, the band & dancers & staff all had rehearsal together, so I'm uploading a bunch of the photos real fast!
First, sensitive concentration. Ward off all the wicked thoughts.

Then, the whole crew gathers in the studio!!!
I love how the air feels just before we begin.

It's called a rehearsal, but we keep flying with the same motivation as if it were a real performance.
Look how serious Shuu-cha is!!

Su-san puts some heat on it too!!

Aki-ane in front of the boys, all flowing together!!

Chi-chan, always that same tiny face!!

Enrique, your legs are too long!! (I'm reminded of Mahone*)

The combo of Yo-chan & Peco-san in full effect!!

And I'm all sweaty!!

I caught a Su-san!!

Zin-san looks all Ganguro!!

Maro-nii with the spirit of a diva!!

I can't lose!

And here is the original diva spirit!!

I can't lose!!

The girls-tachi can't lose either!!

Rocky-san jumps with his ultra-small face!!

And Kazumax, having reached age 26, floats in the air!!

Akirax is doin' his thing!!

Nii-yan's face in profile just kinda looks wrong!!

Mother Go-mi, whose energy level is just as high as always!!

We can't lose!!

Way too sweaty and I need to change clothes!!

Kayanocchi as seen by the camera!!

I thought it was an angel, but it was Midoring!!

But, still, must be serious!!

This is the same person who was having a "One at a Time Meeting" in an alleyway, being all genki!!

This is the same person whose 31st birthday is right under her nose, and I decided something!!
Which is...

As of today, my family has increased by two 2-month-old members!
Their names are Pino and Papico.

Four more shows left, we are one group, again, again
I swear to report to the stage, leveled up and confident!!
Please look forward to it as much as you can!!!

*Alexander Mahone (played by William Fichtner) from Prison Break, which Ayu is a huge fan of, as many of you will remember.

Lying down.
1 October 2009 7:35 PM

They're both two months old, but look how different their face sizes are! <3
Papico is on the right, Pino on the left. <3 They were born in the summer so I named them after ice cream. <3
These guys lie down in symmetry to each other. <3

Creds: tasking & Deli@AHS


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