ayu's DIARY: 8/11/2009

Detta inlägg är översatt först av Ayuangel till franska och sedan av Neffiline från AHS till engelska. Hon talar kanadensisk franska så hon berättar att det var småjobbigt att översätta vid vissa delar. Jag tycker att översättningen blev lyckad hur som helst. Håll till godo, Ayu berättar om kommande CDL. Spännande!

Alone and discret...

08-11-2009 06h14

…Chon-san is doing her office work, good evening. Hmm? Or rather, good day? ? ?
It's been hours already that we’ve been watching ourselves with the screen of my computer and my TV. On top of that, my laptop in free hands, I doing briefings with members of my staff at the same time.
I feel that I suffered an attack of high waves lol **
And why all this ...?
Because ...
I am preparing for the Setlist of Countdown Live!
The God of Setlist (I'm not talking about Zin-san, am I? ***) came down on me!
And it’s starting to look pretty good! ♪
It seems that it’s already been 10 years since I started doing CDL at Yoyogi.
It's been 10 years since I have the chance to spend time from the end to the new year in our Holy Land!
Yet every year, every year, I was told the lack of seats, it's really something that warms my heart.
This year, while thinking back to all that, it's bound to be something very special because it will be the 10th anniversary! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
You can expect something really big! ♪
Oh, about today, I had something to see with Maro-chan, we were on the phone, when I remembered that Michael song he put in his blog title, I didn’t know what it was anymore, it worried me, I asked him, and he started singing loudly! lol
I thought of asking him the title of a song, but it's the whole song that came back to me lol
Okay, I must start writing the script for the show.
But, you know, today I re-watched old DVDs, I am always so impressed by Marionette. I have goosebumps.

**This I'm not sure how to translate, I've never heard of this saying in french**

*** She's playing with the words here, in japanese the kanji for god is also read "shin" or "jin". Even though Zin writes his name with a Z, they will pronounce it "Jin"

Creds: Neffiline@AHS


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