ayu's DIARY: 22/10/2009 - 28/10/2009

22 October 2009 12:04 PM

Yesterday, we were able to do our concert, and the greatness of the sacred ground Yoyogi was REALLY vividly shown to us!!!!!!!
Everyone the whole time was applauding for the band members and dancers and me, and continued cheering until they were hoarse during the seeing off at the end.
This all directly resonated in the hearts of all of us who were there. I truly thank you!!!!!!!!
That is to say,
How did such a Reaction King* session gather, Yoyogi? lol
I'm saying that with alot of power, you see. lol
Gah! Today's the last day so I keep crying and laughing!!!!!!
Anyhow, I'm forgiving myself of all of that, I'm going to the NEXT LEVEL with all of you!!!
We'll all see the scenery there together☆
I needed to get some fighting spirit in me after how I was last night.
This was really surprising so I instinctively had to take a photo with my phone.

So, this got me into a substantial fighting spirit---------!!!!
Is everybody ready-------???!!!!!**
Let's go! Last day---------!!!!!!!!!
We're gonna blow the roof off Yoyogi Stadium.

*Reaction-Oh is a game where you're given a topic or situation and you have to sorta pantomime it. Whoever does best wins. It's sorta like a Whose Line improv comedy game.
**"Minna, junbi wa ii ka?!?" is an exact thing that Ayu says at just about every concert.

Well then
24 October 2009 7:31

My shell has come off, and there's someone else underneath it, and now it's hard to fall asleep. So Chonsan has come online.
Wonder why I feel like this...?
Although Suu-san wrote about the end of the tour, and although Nii-yan wrote about it too, it feels lonely, like I've been pierced with a gaping hole in my heart, and in order to be satiated, I need to feel things like a sense of achievement or accomplishment.
This year's tour, at any rate, became a tour where every facet was specially posed.
It's like.... man, I'm still no good at using my words well.
Oh well, I won't even try for now.
Instead, maybe I'll show you the tour's choreographers in a set list.
Truthfully, we all worked on this with alot of trial and error, so.
Every scene turned out very lovely. I love it.
Alrighty, here we gooo!!!!!!!

01. Pieces of SEVEN
02. RULE -> ZIN
03. UNITE! -> ZIN
04. Disco-munication -> Kayanocchi
05. EnergizE -> Kayanocchi
06. Sunrise -> ZIN (Kayanocchi did the Audience choreography)

07. Load of the SHUGYO -> Maro
08. LOVE 'n' HATE -> Maro
09. identity -> ZIN & Suu-san collaboration
10. In The Corner -> ZIN-san
11. HOPE or PAIN -> Maro
12. GREEN -> Maro
13. Days -> Maro
14. evolution -> ZIN
15. SIGNAL -> Suu-san
16. rollin' -> Suu-san
17. Sparkle -> Suu-san
18. Bridge to the sky -> ZIN
20. Curtain call

21. Sunset

22. everywhere nowhere -> ZIN
23. Humming 7/4 -> ZIN
24. Boys & Girls -> ZIN
25. MY ALL -> ZIN

That's how it looks <3
Perhaps it's about what you all expected~???
Alrighty, in conclusion, today's Pino & Papico.

They're lying down in the exact same position. lol
It's seriously WAY too identical, I even whistled to myself. lol
But am I the only person who feels like I'm looking at the inside of an oyster, watching this? lol

26 October 2009 9:10 AM

I have to go on a shoot now though.
But nooo, it's cold... Ooowwwww...

27 October 2009 6:13 AM

I got home just now.
I feel like running laps around the place!!!!!!!
But I'm already going unreasonably fast, really.
I'm badass!!!!!!!! lol
Well anyway, before I change into a tired Chon-mama in this entry, I'm gonna pass it onto my angels.

Princess Cocoa <3 Isn't she adorable? <3
It looks like she's saying,
"I helped Mama out in the studio too, ya know!♪"
And now the next little angel.

It's Pino-san <3
And he seems like he's saying,
"I'm still like a little baby, always sleepy. Ain't that something?"
Next little angel.

It's Papico-san <3
Who appears to say,
"The thing I'm really into right now is sitting around. Ain't that something?"
But in the end, this is now it turns out.☟

It seems they're dreaming of doing the rollin' dance.
After I left them alone, it turned into this☟

They're all coiled up.
It reminds me of Cirque du Soleil. (And that reminds me, the bathroom is full of burning candles, so I get sleepy going in there since it's such an ultra-soothing space now~♪
O <3 Ya <3 Su <3 Mi <3 (Read that "Sparkle" style)

The sun is already rising.*

*"Mou hi ga noboru ne" -> short lyric from "A Song for XX"

28 October 2009 7:12 AM

look what time of day it is~.
We're looking towards the new single release right now, once again very busy days, but... Suu-san found the time to update his blog, and Kanako and Minazo are just as energetic as he is, saying things like "That seems like the thing to do-------♪".
It's very typically Chon-san to go to Suu-san's blog and pinpoint things like that. But in addition to "Subalog." he really should write a book on food or something, right----?
The girls know this well. They go there even if they don't want to, you know that???
"Subalog. ~Writings On Philosophy~"
"Subalog. ~Writings On the Bare Necessities~"
It seems it could cover either of those two things. lol
Nice to meet you, I'm this sort of Chon-san.
I've stocked up with tons of candles for the season!!!!!!!!
I got a bunch of Pink Magnolia ones at hanabi* today. <3
It's a basic part of having this job that Chon-san commonly receives numerous gifts from people at well-known brands, and of course this does result in a luxurious feeling, so I truly want to express my gratitude <3
But, as you might expect, to get things I've earned myself, that's also exceptional☆
So, when I'm getting the Pink Magnolia things, even though it's my Mommy's store, you might find this unusual for Chon-san, but I'm just a plain old normal customer, and I make a regular paying purchase. <3
Tomorrow an order is coming to add to these, but this is how many I have today...

I could open a shop. lol
For size comparison, something everyone's showing on their blogs recently.
Chon-san is next in line to use it~!


*hanabi is the gift shop that Ayu's mother Mariko owns.

Creds: tasking & Deli@AHS


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