ayu's DIARY: 16/10/2009 - 21/10/2009

Regarding the new songs,
16 October 2009 4:33 AM

There's all kinds of clamor about it, but...
As you might expect, right now, we have to finish work on the two days in Yoyogi, you know?
Our heads are really in THAT right now.
Since we're trying to put on the perfect show, we can't think of anything else. It's not necessary.
But up until the moment you're on your deathbed, dammit, you'll have said "Wooooowww!!!" and you'll remember how awesome this show turned out!!
It's best that you're able to really experience that sort of show.
One more thing today, we had an interesting rehearsal for this probably wonderful looking show.
For the 11 years that I've had the ability to sing, I've been on my first long, long tour.
Rehearsals began as soon as 2009 started, and there have been inumerable barriers. Sometimes I climb those walls, sometimes I destroy them, and sometimes I just hang my head, but I always gradually move upwards...
Eventually, after the struggle, I get there. The final stop, Yoyogi.
And before I know it, 2009 is already almost over...
This year's tour kept getting additions, too.
This year's tour, I got special offers from overseas, too.
(As for the details there, I gotta wait for the ban to be lifted on talking about it, and then it'll get announced.?)
At any rate, for the time being, I'm focusing on Yoyogi.
I say things like that sometimes, my personality is pretty awkward, but I'm honest even when my brain's not working right. And as long as I have a place I can come home to, the fact is, I know I can work hard & do my best.
Pino & Papico are getting along well again today, snuggling up together.
And my heart is snuggling up with all of you today too.

When they wake up, I'm gonna be smiling. <3

Smooch! <3

20 October 2009 3:59 AM

Good evening, Chonsan here, who made her approach to Yoyogi, feeling like a complete chicken who's going through growing pains.
It's been awhile since I updated~!!!!!!!
The day before Yoyogi, I took things slow & steady, because I wanted to give my mind and body (and of course my voice!!) a rest, but from Fukuoka to here I kept really busy, doing my best on other work~☆
As such, I'm going forward from Fukuoka as gently as possible~.
First of all, I've gotten so many requests for this photo!!
(For everyone who couldn't come to the venue that day, the explanation: everyone gave me surprise congratulations on my birthday, the whole crew together did this commemorative photo~)
Alrighty, Ta-da!!!

Yeah, the photo's been enlarged (Click the thumbnail for full size. --Deli).
Isn't it coooool---------<3 Thank you so much! <3
By the way, if you zoom in, it looks like this.
Alrighty, Ta-da!!

By the way, for some reason my haute couture designer Akira-uji measured the size of the cake backstage.

Chonsan's costumes are always entirely handmade by Akira-uji~<3
So anyway, when you guys see what I recieved for my birthday as a present, you're gonna be all like "You did not seriously get that, did you???"
Actually, Chonsan just said "Whooooooaaa~!!"
Alrighty, Ta-da!!

And now opened up...

Yep!! It's an "ayu ready? COMPLETE BOX" set!!!
Isn't it awesome???
Episode stills are sprinkled all around the outside of it.☆

But I'm too shy to watch even one episode of it.
Someone come watch it with me!!! Give me the courage!!!!!! lol
Well, I'm talking too much, so it's time for today's Fashion! <3 (too much of a jump?)

Chonsan loves leather jackets, I don't even know how many various colors and styles I get every year, but I do get several every year, but this jacket right here is the hottest this season!!!!!!!
It's from BALMAIN.
Not only am I gonna buy ALL my clothes from BALMAIN this season, but ALL my shoes and bags too. BALMAIN ROCKS!!!!!!!
But I got my T-shirt and leggings from Tocopaci.
This T-shirt has cute sleeves that balloon out, but you can't see it in the photo.
The leggings have stars attached to them~. Pretty spiffy <3

I've been wearing this hat alot recently too.

The pendant & chain I'm holding in my hand here...

I took the photo myself but it still got blurry. lol
That's because it's a cell phone photo. The LUMIX wouldn't do that, ya know.
Alright, let's try it again and get it right this time, Alrighty, Ta-da!!!

You can't really see it that well, but it's a perfume bottle <3
This is from Tocopaci. I fell in love as soon as I saw it. <3
Well it looks as though my time allowance has died, and my Fashion Check must now dissolve, but I can honestly say that I already feel excitement about the show in Yoyogi!
Even better, starting tonight, no matter what, I wanna be able to stay in Yoyogi. lol
If that's impossible...
Someone please hold onto Chonsan and put her to bed <3
Ah, but recently, during bedtime, Papico-san (who doesn't understand the definition of "relaxing time,") will aim at a person's face, jump, and attack it, so it'd have to be someone who can endure that. <3
Yesterday Chonsan got a hard Papico-bungee* to the face, and it gave me a nosebleed. lol
And today, thank you for all of your loving messages!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow, the TA home page is getting a renewal, so look forward to that!☆
And then~... what else...
Day after tomorrow, on Yoyogi's first day, the mobile site is opening!!!!!!!!!
So look forward to that too~!☆
I'm getting closer and closer to seeing you guys, huh?

*She said "bungee jump" rather than "jump" to describe Papico's face attack, so "Papico-bungee" is apparently what she calls this behavior.

Here at TA
21 October 2009 3:58 AM

Chonsan here, who's updating after having suddenly burst into tears, due to a surprise attack of excessively beautiful messages from all my friends. Good evening.
I can't use my words very well today, so I'm gonna leave this entry to my babies. They can fix it. <3
Here's Pino-san, happy to be held.

Just past Pino-san, Papico-san.

After awhile, they fall asleep hugging each other. <3

They have such a great relationship~ <3

Tomorrow, in Yoyogi, I'll be smiling the whole time you see me <3

I know my feelings are reaching you.

Creds: tasking & Deli@AHS


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