Så Ayumi är på framsidan på en av Japans största tidningar och stoltserar med NEXT LEVEL.


Artikel översatt med Google translation (och ja ta den därefter oxå. :P):
Ayumi Hamasaki's latest album, released the NEXT LEVEL. Debut next year of her head and a thriving artistic celebration of the anniversary? Tips that is hidden in this album!

2009 The first single from "Rule / Sparkle", DRAGONBALL Evolution movie's theme song and all the world, with 20 consecutive Oricon debut album made a record of Ayumi Hamasaki. Led a team that consisted of only male dancer "Rule" and the PV Japanesque and aggressive, "Let me break with you in the first Buddhist rules" type of representation in the world of dance and song of the Samurai , was very impressive. Devoted to the creation of momentum as ayu. 10 had completed a full album of original pieces.

NEXT LEVEL's latest album is not made in a bombshell. To talk about the title, but there is a need to reflect on the 2008 activities.

Last year, the album's first New Year's GUILTY released. And April 5引提GE the film from "ayumi hamasaki ASIA TOUR 2008 ~ 10th ayu.pngnniversary ~"銘打TTA started the tour. Recently, a nine-year high of 10 year anniversary of the artist, ayu is exactly 10 years from now, it took them 10 years to the project. Also around here, "like setup" does not like the picture of ayu. Single was released the same day 10 years "Mirrorcle World", the first female artist with 10 single-consecutive year.

September 10 anniversary single collection of ayu.png COMPLETE ~ ALL SINGLES ~, and released, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Taiwan, 10 ahead of the Asia concert tour anniversary. December 44 of the first single "Days / GREEN" out, live any longer in the countdown is really filled with the contents of the special gratitude to the fans that it was not finished the 10 year anniversary.

And from the beginning of the year is completely "following" mode. Rather than cling to past glory, and then abandon it to go. Ayumi Hamasaki has no meaning unless the nerve of them. To the NEXT LEVEL, care should also be prepared?

The above-mentioned "Rule" of "solid start breaking the rules" and, "Sparkle", "try not to spell aggressive in defending" as represented by the lyrics of the album is dark message many songs. Not hesitate to use the expression from a strong showing early in his prepared ayu, however, from the original, per GUILTY, not just my opinion just as shown, words are increasingly trying to encourage listeners to replenish to find.

I like to look back over the 10 year anniversary tour, at the opening, "talkin '2 myself" of "creative destruction is due to the fact that you are born you know," the part that I was to hear a dramatic a cappella, The ending is, "You are the future like what I wanted?" and a warning to modern society "Mirrorcle World" was配SHI. Awareness and the fight for survival in the era of high-risk, and we have one stage and挺促SOU. Well no, this is not it? NEXT LEVEL is urgent, that it's been passed down as well. "Is that right fight, hope and disappointment over the border in speed over a period towards the end" was written and "rollin '" is a prime example.

Still, the title song "I'm KOWAKUNAI" like that, it also is drawing a bright future. Of course, some love songs. And last, when I wrote obediently listen to the voice of the audience in the wing of the stage for encores of "Curtain call" a moving song. This has brought a treasure of the anniversary tour. I would say the fans with songs created to Ayumi Hamasaki. Only the natural expression of how a simple chorus and piano, ayu and almost reached the level of proof is on a stage.

April 8 to 12 years after the storm. Immediately after that, start a new tour and album引提GETA. for ayu, stage right "for the next stage" of the field will find something. Even further towards the stratosphere ayu. While watching your back, we向KAITAI to the next level.

Creds: PinkShimigami@AHS


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