Today's Photo 606-613

Photo No. 606: Arrival ......
Chitose Airport ♪
Ca faisait longtemps, eh! ! !
Thank you expected me (*_*)

Photo No. 607: Just for me ...
.. for me, you look so happy.
I am really lucky!

Photo No. 608: After ...
... about an hour later, we finally we were able to restore.
It's dinner with members usual.
They are all the beer, but that is Chon san tea Woolong joined smoothly in the right mood is on them! lol
Ah! For Bancho Kanako Miura san, it's Shochu, of course! lol

Photo No. 609: The airport ...
Chitose ... the day of departure.
All very well aligned, and more hyper wise, I was bluffée!
Just before the concert, story to motivate us all, Zin san told us that people are shy of Hokkaido in appearance but have a lot of heat in the heart, and I really felt that.
So many things to tell me
but you do not find the words ...
Do not worry, I understand you !(*_*)

Photos No 610: Do not say ...
... all you beautiful faces ☆
Wherever I went, it is always bright smiles and tears of joy, you still stir the heart!

Photo 611: Again and again ...
... I will return, we promise you M'Attende eh? ♪
Uh ...
What are you doing ?????

Photo No. 612: O revouar!
Thank you, Hokkaidô! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Photo No. 613: The der of the day
This baby bear, it is too, eh? > _ <♪
It is Tokobashi.
Ribbon around the neck ∈ ∋ 0
Hybyscus a red on the head (*_*)
At this time of monsoon that we live now is very important this kind of thing that we are already thinking about summer just come after! !

Creds: & indetity@AHS


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