TA Message 562-563

You know...
No. 562 21-06-2009 03h19

...it's the team of the Tour, whether it be the team Ayu, musicians or dancers, those who gravitate around these concerts repeating: "That's huge! so huuuuge !..."

Seriously, we only heard this word. Huge! lol
What is huge? But Yoyogi, see! !

And compared with Thursday, Saturday night was even greater.
Huge! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

And then I just realized it, that initially, before they added the dates due to cancellation, tomorrow should be the last day of the Tour, isn't it? ? ?

which means...

... that tomorrow at Yoyogi, it will be the appointment of all the super fans! (explosion)

So ...

I can't wait! (> y <)

Chon-san is ready to break!

I am ready to break the floor, pull out the roof and make a space at Yoyogi outdoor!

With you all the "TA", we'll show them that this is our Promised Land, and that this is our Powaaaaaaaaaa! ♪ (^_^) v

Aaah, tomorrow, I think Maro-chan surfaces in my dreams ... lol

A heavy rain...
No. 563 21-06-2009 10:46

when I woke up this morning, made me burst out laughing.

Don't doubt, I have the form! (^_-)- ☆

Yoyogi, 3rd! Here we go! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Creds: walking.proud@AHS


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